Don't Miss This Chance!
A Letter from Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji

Blessings and peace to you. It fills my heart to announce that our Mission is expanding, knowing no bounds. As you all know, in the United States of America, a great celebration is to take place on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of November. Every year we have been celebrating this important festival in India as the anniversary of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj he who is the root of the tree of which you have been given the fruit. He was the harbinger of peace and the father of the Mission, Divine Light. This unique festival did not only bring the Indian devotees, but also brought the West to the East. Even to this day, his soul works unceasingly as an inspiration to all of us who preach the Knowledge of the Holy Name. In this year, 1973, we together pledge to commemorate this celebration in the West in Houston. It is an opportunity for all of you to come and join with your brothers and sisters descending from all diversities to attend this meet.

Complete the task

In this world of contradiction where even Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and Rama were born, there still remains darkness, ignorance and the terror of war hovering over our minds. Their task is to be completed and it is to be completed by those who understand them. As a lighted candle kindles the unlit ones, so we devotees have also to go into the world to enlighten others.

When Jesus Christ of Nazareth came in this world, he was not recognized by his own people. They did not value his teachings, nor did they take pains to understand him. They even used the Old Testament to prove that he was wrong. What a surprising contrast that the scripture was used against the one who was a Messiah; the scripture was used to prove that the Master of the Piscean Age was wrong. Behold and be aware – do not repeat that brutal, ignorant history. If a man says that someone is Anti-Christ and even to prove his statement he opens the Bible and quotes it, by doing so, it does not

"Peace and ultimate wisdom can only come from one source: the Perfect Master. He is always the giver."

mean that that person is Anti-Christ. We can only know a man by his fruits. Can man gather figs from olives, or grapes from thorns? The answer is no. Peace and transcendental wisdom can only come from the source; from the one who is the Perfect Master. He bestows his spiritual gift on everyone. He is always the giver, but one has to become the receiver to beget his gift. If a beggar, who is being given some money out of charity, refuses to take it, then on such a beggar that money will have no effect. It will not make him rich. A dying man who does not take medicine goes on dying until all his breaths are exhausted. So, we who are being given this wonderful gift of Holy Knowledge must be a receiver. Even a Perfect Master cannot help those who do not want to he helped. Let us open our hearts; let us he a receiver, and let us take a firm pledge to experience this Knowledge.

A treasure which is hidden does not make a man rich unless it is dug, so thus, the treasure of Knowledge is in vain unless it is experienced and tested by a disciple. He who is a disciple must have a spiritual discipline. Understand that a disciple must be disciplined. See this nature in which the sun rises without fail; time repeats its cycle; seasons come and go; day and night recycle themselves in turn; the course of this earth is unaltered; the whole universe seems to be timed with punctuality. To a human mind, this mysterious, gigantic mechanism is nothing but the only example of discipline. This nature has surrendered itself to God, for it is existing as God wanted it to be. We hit a fruit tree with a stone, but, in turn, it does not hurt us back. Instead, it presents us with its sweet fruits. Do we pay a cow for the milk she gives? We do not give royaties to the bees for honey. We are for nature and nature is for us. This unique example of selfless devotion must be practiced in the life of a disciple. Life cannot be happy unless it is in harmony with nature. Mind can= not be at peace unless it is in unison with God. And this body cannot be at rest unless it is serving the One who is the Word made into flesh.

It is difficult to pay our own mother for her love and care, but even if one wants to, it cannot be with money but only with love. It is philosophized that God is love and love is God and that is all. The air that we take in, the water that we drink, the earth that we tread, and all the benefits that we take could

"Mind cannot be at peace unless it is in union with God. And this body cannot be at rest unless it is serving God."

only be repaid by love. A young calf which is born goes by instinct towards the udder and the mother licks her baby with love. This phenomenon is so universal that one sees it among men and animals and begins to wonder. And it is this force which will draw a mammoth crowd to the. Astrodome. Be a partaker of that blissful moment. Take one of the charter flights from your area and come and join your brothers and sisters in Houston. What use has this life if it is abstained from the holy darshans and sermons of Guru Maharaj Ji? What meaning has it if it cannot encompass itself into the evergreen bond of love? Do not dismiss that opportunity which the Apostles. Arjuna, and Ananda had. For nothing will remain for you afterwards but to repent and-regret for evermore.

We are being criticized by ignorance. Let us all together unite and confuse confusion. Let us overcome this mind that has made us a slave. Be masters and not slaves. He who defiles his vices defiles sin, for his is the Kingdom of Heaven. If you look upon your body and see its virtues, you shall not find one in it. All men are born equal for they are born in ignorance. Do good with this mortal body. Bestow this good deed on your life. Blessed is that mouth that eulogizes the glory; blessed is that ear that hears satsang; blessed are the eyes that see the Holy One; blessed are the hands that touch his feet; and, above all, blessed is he who understands the Holy One in time.

Do not waste this precious time and opportunity, for few are chosen of the lost sheep. Be present to see this historic event, as seeing is believing.

To sum up, remember from the ancient wisdom that opportunity knocks only once, and, as you are well aware, youth never returns. Life is speeding towards its end, and before it can meet it, let us collect the joy of living with the Lord.

May His Grace abide with you.

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