Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Guru Maharaj Ji is freely giving that experience for which men have always yearned – the experience of merging with the infinite all-pervading consciousness of life, called God. Knowing this at first hand, through meditation on the Divine Light within, we transcend the world of duality, opposition and finiteness and find ourselves in a place of Light, unity, infinite love and understanding. Time stands still – it is the all-present eternity of all things. It is the Godhead from whom poured the world of diversity, for no other reason than that it should return to Him when the individual soul finally enters a human body and prepares itself for the great enlightenment, the great homecoming.

The disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji held a great festival in His honour in November 1973, in the world's largest indoor stadium, the Houston Astrodome, Texas. They flew in from all corners of the world for three days of praise to the Giver of Knowledge and His Holy Family. In this magazine we print some of the satsang given there, and include a satsang given in 1953 by Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the Perfect Master of His time.

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974


Houston Astrodome, 9th November 1973.

Dear premies and most respected ladies and gentlemen, we are again assembled here today at the Astrodome to talk about something called peace. It might just sound like another word to you, but not to us. The word peace is something that this whole world wants to realise, and we appreciate that we have all assembled here to understand what that peace is.

In this world, many people have promised to bring peace, not even promised, they even tried to bring peace, but for some unfortunate reason, they weren't able to do it.

So we have to understand what peace really is. What truth really is, that's what we have to understand, because there is something within our hearts that tells us to understand it, to recognise it, to realise it. So this is what I am doing. I am just preaching peace to all humanity so that we can bring real harmony into this world and so that everybody can be in perfect perfection, so that everybody can be in perfect tune with that love, with that beautiful, beautiful harmony that everybody desires to be in.

Now, when we come into this world, because we are little kids we probably don't understand this world a lot, we don't recognise this world a lot. But anyway, we are little children, so we are happy. Maybe sometimes we cry for milk, or maybe we are hungry, or maybe we just want to see our mum; then we cry. But as time grad ually goes on, and we grow older, we understand more of this world. And then there comes a point in our lifetime when we suddenly start recognising this world more and more. And that's the point when we really start being confused. We begin to ask, "What is this world anyway?" Many people give us different kinds of definitions and still we are confused. And so more and more confusion comes into us. The older we grow, the more the confusion comes in. And then suddenly we reach that point which this world is existing in right now, where we really are confused. We really are! Because the thing we are really looking for, the thing we really want to understand, the thing we really want to recognise in this world, is missing. There is a little something missing between us and perfection, and this is what we have to find.

There are many people in India who read the Ramayana, which is about Lord Ram, who read the Bhagavad Gita, which is about Lord Krishna, and there are many people who read the Bible, which is about Lord Christ. They read all these scriptures, but still there is something missing, there is something they lack. And no wonder, because what they have in front of them is just a scripture, just a book. And what we have to understand is not a book but the practical realisation and the practical feeling of that Perfect Knowledge, so that we can be one with perfect harmony. This is what we have to understand, this is what we have to get into. This is the one point that every man wants to get to, but how to get there: this is the hitch.

We come into this lifetime and first there is a stage when we are little children. Then there is a stage when we are a little bit grown up, and we go to school. Then there is a stage where we are young, and we get married. Then there is a stage where we are considered to be middle-aged; possibly we do some business but probably we don't. Then suddenly there's a stage when we are old and then there's a stage when we are dead. But what happens when we are dead? What really happens to this body in what we call death? Of course, we can understand that there's something within inside of us that is making this body survive, like the electricity which makes these microphones run. But we have to recognise it, we have to realise it. In this century what we really need is to recognise that truth, to recognise that perfection. But how? That's the problem. That's a really big problem, because there are many people who think they should recognise this truth, recognise this Knowledge, but how to recognise it? You have to go to the Perfect Master.

And now I would really like to put some light on the question of what a Perfect Master really is. You see, when we go to school, we have all the books, and we have to read from them, but still we go to the master. And this master is the person who really teaches


From his birth, a man gets involved in illusion

Scriptures alone are not enough

us how to get along with the books. The books are there, but we really do not understand them, so he tells us all about those things, and then once we start to understand, this is when we keep progressing in science, keep progressing in maths, keep progressing in algebra. This is exactly the same thing with our lives. We have all these scriptures, the Bible and all these scriptures, but still we have to go to the priest. Why? And the priest has to go to a bigger priest, and then finally there is the Pope. And even the Pope is said to be connected with some higher authority, some higher power, and what is that higher power? That is the power which we have to actually and practically realise within ourselves – and that power is called God.

Now we can say G-O-D, God, G for generator, O for operator and D for destroyer. The one who generates us, operates us and destroys us. When we are generated, we are born. When we are living, we are being operated and when we are destroyed, we are dead. What is that power behind it all which is enabling us to do all this, which is great enough to be called God? This is what we have to understand and this is what we have to recognise in this lifetime. In the Ramayana it says that this lifetime is even precious to gods, not G capital but small g – gods. Because in this human life we can recognise this peace, this truth, we can understand the meaning of perfect love, and then we can approach the Feet of the Perfect Master, because He's perfect. He's not perfect in His body, but He has understood and He can teach us that perfectness that we want to understand, that perfectness that we want to recognise in this life. And this is why He is called Perfect Master. So understand who is the Perfect Master. This is what we have to recognise today, in this lifetime.

There are many organisations that say, "Well, we are the Perfect Master," or, "We've got the Perfect Master, we've got perfect peace," but, ladies and gentlemen, there are these little glasses which have a red colour in them, but really they're just little toys, they are fake glasses and if somebody tries to throw that glass over you, it just looks as if he's throwing water on you but really he's not. And that's a funny glass, it's a really really funny glass. And this is what many organisations are; they are just glasses with a kind of colour in them and they try to throw it on you. Sometimes you are scared because you think that there's going to be coloured water over you, but in fact there's nothing in the glass – it's all colouring! And then finally you understand, finally you recognise, and you laugh about it.

So what is the truth and who is the Perfect Master? That is what we have to recognise in this lifetime, because nobody knows what we are going to be in the next – maybe a pig, maybe

"Many people read the scriptures, but still there is something missing, there is something they lack. And no wonder, because what they have in front of them is just a scripture, just a book. And what we have to understand is not a book but the practical realisation and the practical feeling of that Perfect Knowledge, so that we can be one with perfect harmony."

a donkey, maybe a dog, or maybe a snake. Whatever you are, you won't be able to recognise the Perfect Master, because if a snake just walks in here, forget it, everybody's going to jump and scream and probably the police are going to come with guns and try to shoot that snake, or somebody courageous could try to take it in his hand and throw it away from the Astrodome. Whatever happens, it would be really incredible. We'd be really afraid of that snake.

But you know, that snake really doesn't have any intention to bite anybody, it just wants to listen to the satsang, to listen to what I'm talking about. But still you won't believe it, you'll try to throw it away. So in what life are you going to actually receive and understand this Knowledge? In which lifetime? Americans have a saying, take it easy. They have that saying, take it easy. But, man, I'll tell you one thing. You shouldn't take it easy in getting the Knowledge; you should really go ahead and receive it. Because you do not know when you are going to be dead; this you just do not know, you just don't. Maybe you're alive one minute, but maybe you'll be dead the next. One moment you are riding in an aeroplane, you are fine, and the next thing you know is you are out of your body, you're dead. This is the one thing we are not sure about, so we have to understand, we have to recognise this Knowledge now, in this lifetime.

And it's quite possible. It's quite, quite possible to understand this Knowledge, to be one with that perfect harmony and to be one with infinity in this lifetime; it's quite possible. And this is where we've got to be, this is where we are supposed to be. Undoubtedly we are supposed to be here. One with that perfect harmony.

But ladies and gentlemen, we come into this world and first we are a little child, crying, and mummy shows us a little toy, a little ball, and if we like it we start laughing. Then she shows us a bigger one, and we start laughing some more. Then she shows us a bigger one and we start laughing even more. The more we get into it, the more we laugh. And then there comes a point where we get completely involved in this illusion. Because what we are in is really an illusion. All we think about is money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money. But there is something more than that, there is still something more superior, something more fantastic than this illusion which the world is in today. And that's this Knowledge, that's the perfect harmony that we ought to be in. That's that perfect peace that all the saints have talked about, no matter who they are – Christ, Mohammed, Krishna whoever it has been, they have always talked about this perfection, they have always talked about this Knowledge.


Love is everywhere, but people are blind

Guru Maharaj Ji challenges the intellectuals

And it's an individual experience. If I eat food and I say, "Well, I'm going to eat some food for Henry and I'm going to eat some food for Jack and I'm going to eat some food for so-and-so", and so on, I can forget it. It's never going to work because those people are still going to be hungry. If they don't want to feel hungry, they've got to eat it for themselves. In the same way, if we want to feel that peace and be one with it, we must understand it ourselves. It's a practical realisation, it's an individual experience that we've got to experience for ourselves.

And who must we go to to get the experience of this Knowledge? The Perfect Master. One who teaches us maths, we call him a maths master, one who teaches us science, we call him a science master, and the one who can teach us perfection, we'd better call Him Perfect Master. We've got to because that's the way it is He is the Perfect Master. Many people get confused about this and say, "Oh, how come He's the Perfect Master?" It's because He can teach us perfection, that's all. He can really make us understand what perfection is in this life because He has perfected the subject. This is what we have to understand and recognise in this world today.

And if we can understand that little point – that really this is all that humanity is missing, this perfection oh boy, I'll tell you something, there is going to be perfect harmony in this world. I can bet you that there's going to be perfect harmony. It's going to be beautiful. And people will just understand what this Knowledge is, I can bet you that. Know why? Because I know what's going to happen if everybody realises this Knowledge, and if you meditate some, if you realise this Knowledge more and more, then you will understand this too.

I can challenge all the intellectuals of this world, I can challenge all the scientists of this world, to comprehend with their finite brains what this Knowledge is. I challenge them, because they can't. It's an individual experience which they've got to realise for themselves. No matter who they are, they have to understand it for themselves. And then, no matter who they are, they'll see it's just fantastic, it's just far out, this thing that I'm talking about. That Light which shines without the sun, that Light which is self-effulgent within inside of us, that primordial vibration that's sustaining us in this human body; what is it? To understand it, to comprehend it, I challenge all the people of this world, except premies, because they have already understood. They have recognised it, so I can't challenge them. They'll answer me back and I'll lose my bet. But the people who haven't, I can bet them because they don't know what I'm talking about. It's just too far out for them. Those people say, "Wow, ain't that fantastic. But

"If I eat food and I say, 'Well, I'm going to eat some food for Henry and I'm going to eat some food for Jack,' and so on, I can forget it. It's never going to work, If they don't want to feel hungry, they've got to eat it for themselves. In the same way, if we want to feel that peace and he one with it, we must understand it ourselves. It's a practical realisation. It's an individual experience."

I guess it's too far out for me."

But listen, if it is, why don't you give me a chance, huh? Why don't you realise it, why don't you feel it within, inside your hearts? There is love all over the world and you are missing it. Can you just believe that? I think it's incredible. Because that love is right there, and those eight million people who have understood this Knowledge can really feel it within, inside their hearts, they can really dig it. But people who haven't, forget it. For them it's a dash, dash, dash and a big question mark. "What's going on? What love?" That's what they say, it really is, I'm not joking. You go and talk to them; dash, dash, dash and a big question mark. But listen, there shouldn't be a question mark, because the answer, that love, is right there. The love that you want to feel is right there for everybody, but we've got to open it up. How? By meditating, by being one with that perfect harmony.

See this microphone? If this microphone was facing towards those people, it wouldn't be able to catch me so clearly, it wouldn't be able to amplify this voice so clearly. But because it's facing directly towards me, it can do a beautiful job. It's the same thing right here. Because our minds are just completely scattered into this world, we just can't comprehend, we just cannot focus onto that perfect love and perfect harmony. But when they are focused onto it, oh boy, it's really beautiful! It just is, I can't describe it, it's really gorgeous. It's incredible. And because it is, people who have recognised it, people who have understood it, they understand more and more of it, until they reach to a point where there is just complete and perfect harmony. And then their tongues just stop, they go back; their ears just stop, they get blocked; their eyes are just completely shut off. And you know what happens after that? Premies know what happens after that! They are completely in harmony with that perfect, perfect vibration.

Well, I told you something very important right now and premies understood it, but the rest of you have to take this Knowledge to know what I was talking about. It's far out, it's beautiful, and it's inside of you now. Understand this, because if you happen to look towards your future for peace, I can assure you of one thing forget it; you ain't going to get it there. The future is somewhere else. Our future is within our hearts, it is with the Perfect Master who can guide us into the most beautiful place in the world. That person can do it. Now, I'm not telling you who He is, but let me just tell you one thing. If you haven't got Knowledge, come to me and I can give it to you. I'm not saying that I'm a Perfect Master, but you come to me – I'm your godfather. If you come to me, I'll give you the Knowledge that you need. Come to me if you want to understand; I can


The anti-Christ would be more professional

Smuggling the perfect currency

give it to you.

I can make you the richest possible man in this world. You want to become rich? It sounds pretty funny but do you want to become rich? If you do, I can make you the richest possible man in the world because I am the richest possible man. Mind you, I don't have any dollars or pounds. I have the perfect currency and it is called Knowledge. I'm rich in that and that's all that matters to me, because that's going to last for ever and ever. And it's going to grow and grow. Pounds go down, dollars go down, and all currencies go down, but this currency that I deal in never goes down! People think I am a smuggler. Well, you bet I am a smuggler alright! I smuggle peace and truth from one country to another. Because the currency I am talking about – oh boy – it's, it's too big. It's really rich, and I smuggle it. I'm a smuggler. And if you think I'm really a smuggler, then Lord Krishna was a smuggler too, Jesus Christ was a smuggler too, and Lord Rama was a smuggler too, because they were smuggling the same Knowledge. And maybe I'm a bigger smuggler because I carry it from one part of the world to another. So I don't say I'm a Perfect Master, I say I'm a smuggler.

When this press release came out saying "Fifteen-year-old guru, a smuggler", I really laughed, because they didn't know what was going on. I really was a smuggler! They said it because of something else, but they just didn't know what was really going on behind the scenes. I was really smuggling! And this is what smuggling is all about. It's about this Knowledge, this fantastic and perfect Knowledge. Who charges me customs duty on it? Nobody does. Ain't that beautiful smuggling! I've been to Italy, Copenhagen, Germany, France and all these countries. I've been to America so many times, and always I carry this Knowledge with me and still nobody charges me anything! That's beautiful – it's a good job! (Applause) And, thank you, it's a good jot) because it can't be banned, it just can't be banned because it's within inside of me. One saint said, you cannot burn it, a thief cannot steal it, the wind cannot blow it. This Knowledge is beautiful, it's fantastic, and you know something? You'd better receive it, you'd better get hold of it, and as soon as possible. I'm telling you this for your own good, you see? For your own personal good. It's going to help you, it's going to make you rich. If you want to become really rich, rich in everything, this is going to do it, this is going to make you rich. It's going to make you fantastic, it's going to make you lovely, it's going to make you blissful, it's going to make you just perfect. It's going to make you just everything you want to be and even more than that, even more than you can comprehend. It's beautiful! So understand, this is what you have to

"Let me just tell you one thing. If you haven't got Knowledge, come to me and I can give it to you. I'm not saying that I'm a Perfect Master, but you come to me – I'm your godfather. If you come to me, I'll give you the Knowledge that you need. Come to me if you want to understand; I can give it to you."

receive personally, for yourself, and then you'll know what it is I'm talking about.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the time. Just imagine me as a cowboy with guns pulled up on you and telling you to receive Knowledge. And you'd better! Imagine me like that, OK? Or any way you want to. Because one day you will really realise Knowledge. So, try it! Just try it! We're not going to take a red stamp, and make it damn hot and say, "Well, you have received the Knowledge from Divine Light Mission and Guru Maharaj Ji so that's it for you," and put it on your forehead! We're not going to do that. So try it!

Many people say, "You are a fake, you are the anti-Christ." You know what I do? I give 'em a big smile, because they don't know what they are talking about. They are probably drunk or something. Because when the anti-Christ comes, they just won't know about it. It's going to be too professional, too professional. It'll be right on top of their heads, and they won't know if it's there or not. And this is the very thing which has stopped them from being really open to everybody and from understanding just what I'm saying.

All I'm saying is try it, give it a try. What's wrong with that? If you like it, carry on. If you don't like it, leave it. What's the problem in that? I can't understand the difficulty. If you like it, if it's beautfiul, carry on, and if you don't like it, leave it. So simple! Lots of people think, "Oh, I don't know what He's talking about. What is He saying? Oh, He's going to give me Knowledge, so yes, He must be the anti-Christ."

You know when a real thief comes, he steals, he does his robbery, and the police never know. But if he's caught because of what he did the police then know he isn't a real thief. And it's exactly the same with the anti-Christ. All the people who say that I'm a fake, don't bother about me. Maybe I am a fake, so forget about me. But talk about Knowledge, huh? Take this Knowledge, understand it. It's beautiful. Why do you have to consider me? Many people say, "Oh, you are a fake!" And the only thing I can do is to just give 'em a big smile. That's all I can do. I can't do more than that, I just can't, because what I'm talking about, they don't know. Listen, here I am, talking about it, I'm not even considering myself to be any part of the subject, and still they say, "You are a fake."

It's as if a cloth merchant is showing me all the cloths for my new suit and I say to him, Oh, I like you as a cloth." He won't give me a big smile. More like, "I think I'd better call an ambulance and send you to the mad hospital. I am not a cloth, I'm only showing them to you. So please don't call me anything." And that's the exact condition here.


Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Jesus gave the same Knowledge

Guru Maharaj Ji asks to be treated like a brother

What am I saying? What have I got to say? I just want you to realise God, I just want you to know who God is. I just want you to be in perfect harmony_ If you are, well and good, continue. Why look at me? If you are looking at me, it's as if a wife is not satisfied with her husband; she is definitely going to find another husband or something. But if a wife is satisfied, why is she going to look around? And that's the exact condition here. If a man is satisfied with what he has, I mean really satisfied, he is not even going to look around for anything. But if he is not satisfied, then he's going to pass comments like, "You are a fake," or "You are the truth." Because he's looking through the whole 360 degrees now. He's not satisfied with what he has got, he's not contented there, and he's looking for something else.

It's what I am saying that matters. What anybody says about me, that doesn't matter. It's what I am saying that matters, and I'm telling you the facts. Just presume I ain't a Perfect Master. But if you want to see the truth, if you want to recognise the truth, if you haven't recognised the truth and you do wantto, come to me and I can show you. And I can establish peace in this world. I can! It's very possible. In fact, it's just too easy to accomplish peace. Just give Knowledge to everybody and do it! But just look at your mind, just think about it. People are saying, "You are anti-Christ, you are this and you are that." What shall I tell them, yes or no? The only thing I can tell them is, "Brother, you can look for yourself who is anti-Christ and who is not, if you like. But I think you'd better treat me as a human, not as anti-Christ" Because I am a human. You can see that with your own two eyes. And if you are human too, if you are human, and if you are a brother, please have some love for me and consider, as a brother, what I'm talking toyou about. Because a brother should %ten to a brother.

And that's it, that's all the deal is about And if you want to know this Knowledge, if you want to recognise Knowledge, you are most welcome, ladies and gentlemen, you are most, most, most, most, most welcome. You can recognise this Knowledge, you can realise this perfection and have this peace in your life, in this lifetime, in this very lifetime. You can.

And if you realise it once, and you get into it, I don't even want to say what's going to happen to you next because you'd better figure it out for yourself what's going to happen to you next. It's just fantastic, it's just so blissful. Because you are suddenly there. You wanted to go to your destination, and you are right there. It's like taking a ride from LA to Houston in a seven-forty-seven; man, it's really a drag because it's such a long flight. But imagine it's an electronic device that you just go into, like a

"I tell you something. I'm not graduated at all I only went up to the ninth grade and I can't talk good English. But even if the most intellectual man in this world receives this Knowledge and tries to tell you in his own words, he wouldn't cover more than me, he would probably say the same words I spoke."

little telephone booth. You take your luggage in there with you and there are all these switches. You put your American Express card into it, it checks out your credit and if it's okay the green light comes on, you press the button for wherever you want to go, suddenly this electronic device comes on and transforms you into electronic rays, and there you are, flipping off into the wires! You are dematerialised then materialised again. And it's like that. Really, it's like that!

So understand, premies, what I am talking about. Understand, ladies and gentlemen, what I am talking about. If you think I am a fake, why? Because I take money from you? I don't. Don't give it, because I don't want it. What else? I'm not asking for anything else, except for you to just try this Knowledge out. And if you are too scared to do it yourself, then you are chicken. There's no doubt about it. You'd better call yourself a chicken. Because there is nothing to it; it is already within inside of you and still you are too scared to try it! What else can you be other than a chicken?

I don't mean any disrespect to you, ladies and gentlemen. I just want to make you realise one point and you can take it anyway you want to. It is just that there are some funny people here who like to be called chicken. There are!

And then there are many ladies and gentlemen here who are most respectable – I don't mean any disrespect to them – and then there are some people here who want to really understand this. In the same way, there are some people in the world to whom you only have to beckon and they'll come walking straight towards you. Then there are other people to whom you have to say, "Hey, Jack! Please will you come to me?", and they will probably come to you. And then the next type of people are those to whom you have to say, "Hey, Jack! Will you put your left foot in front and then your right and then your left and then your right, and keep your nose level towards me, and will you please continue the process?" And when they are before you, you tell them, "Stop!"

There are these three types of people, and I figure that if you are really respectable, you'll just follow my beckoning and you'll just understand what I'm talking about! It's beautiful. Try it! You'll like it! It's beautiful. What else can I say to you, what else can I tell you? There is nothing else to tell you. It's just gorgeous! It's just beautiful!

All the Perfect Masters came, but for what purpose? Jesus came. Why? To tell us to take this Knowledge, to recognise this Knowledge, to open us up to this Knowledge. This is why they took a human life. But when Jesus came and He was standing right there amongst people, though many said, "Oh, I figure He, is the Perfect


The Knowledge will bring peace on the earth

If God is omnipresent, where is anti_Christ?

Master," many others said, "1 don't know about Him," and still others said, "Oh, no. He just can't be the Perfect Master." And now we are trying to understand who He was when He isn't even in His body! Even John had to see that body before he could say, "Am I going to baptise you or are you going to baptise me?"

So ladies and gentlemen, I would very much like you to receive this Knowledge, and people who think I am a fake, please take it back, because all that means to me is that you are a fake because you are not understanding who or what I am talking about. And people who are saying I am anti-Christ, please take it back, because all that means to me is that you are anti-Christ! If I am a man and if God is omnipresent, He is within me, so how can I be anti-Christ? Tell me. And if I am anti-Christ and God is not within me, forget it, don't call Him omnipresent. And don't call Him omnipotent and don't call Him omniscient either, because it would mean He really can't take care of me.

So, please come and receive this Knowledge. It's beautiful, it's fantastic! I'm not committing you to anything. If I were, then you may say I'm a fake. But I'm just offering you this beautiful gift, I'm placing it right before you. It's there within you, and the only process needed is to reveal it to you, to give you the Knowledge, to make you understand this Knowledge. And it's just completely beautiful. When we meditate upon it, oh, it's just beautiful. More than beautiful, because we just go into that perfect harmony where everything is just completely synchronised, more than what we expected; it's just gorgeous, just beautiful! The point of perfection is just all lighted up and waiting for us. We just go in there, peek our heads in there, and see it. It's just light and light and light and light and light and light and light. It's more than that…I can't talk to you about it. Even my words…I tell you something. I'm not graduated at all, I only went up to the ninth grade and I can't talk good English. But even if the most intellectual man in this world receives this Knowledge and tries to tell you in his own words, he wouldn't cover more than me, he would probably say the same words I spoke. Because after that there is just one mark which comes, and that's the mark of infinity, that's all. That's all we can draw on the boards and that's all we can say about it; it's just beautiful and that's what we have to realise now! In this lifetime! Now! Otherwise when? When we'll be pigs and people will be trying to take pork out of us? When we'll be going into all the sewers trying to get some food? Then? I'm not saying you'll be pigs. With all due respect to you, I'm just saying one thing. What if you do become pigs in your next lifetime? So realise it now and be one with that perfect harmony, because no matter

"The point of perfection is just all lighted up and waiting for us. We just go in there, peek our heads in there, and see it. It's just light and light and light and light and light and light and light."

what you have done till now, even the greatest sin, it'll all be taken away. Because you will be one with your Lord Christ, you will be one with your Lord Mohammed, you will be one with your Lord Krishna, you'll be one with that perfect, perfect harmony, you'll be one with it. And then, if you are one with it, what matters?

And I guess that's all, that's as far as I can go in explaining to you about this Knowledge. The rest is up to you. It's up to you to understand it. So just try it, please. That's all I say, just try it once, please. A fifteen-year-old kid who's going to be sixteen this December is just asking you to do one thing, just one thing: for the sake of this whole world, receive Knowledge. Not for my sake. I'm fine, I've got it, I'm meditating on it and I'm beautiful, so everything's fine with me. All that matters is you. I am requestingyou to understand and meditate on it, and once you try it, I can bet you nine hundred thousand per cent you are going to like it. You are just going to like it. There's no way out of it; if you really meditate on it, you're going to like it; it's beautiful!

So I really request you, and really, I'm not only requesting you American people, I'm requesting this whole world, to understand and to recognise this Knowledge. What I'm talking about is that real peace that we've all got to find one day. Please understand it. Try it once, just once, and I bet you will like it. You really will. You have got no way out of it. It's beautiful so try it. Please understand. Try it once, you'll like it. It's fun! Even if you have reached the point of realisation, of perfection, and just start sailing on it, even this gliding is going to be so fantastic. And once you start gliding the engine will start up again and it will take you even higher, until you reach a point where the engine just goes continuously, and you go higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher until you're there. Where? A big question mark. Realise it yourself, where it is, what I'm talking about.

And that's it. This is all I can tell you, really. It is fantastic and beautiful, and the people who have understood my Knowledge…it's not my Knowledge really, it's our Almighty Lord's Knowledge…and people who have understood it, they know. It's like a little joke for them, because what I'm saying to you now, I said to them before they received it, and that's the little joke I'm playing. For them it's like a joke because I'm talking about the same thing that I once talked to them about and they realised it, and now they know how fantastic it is. But you also have to know and realise this. So, for my sake, for your sake, for the sake of the Almighty Lord and for the sake of peace on this earth, please will you realise this Knowledge?

Thank you very much and God bless you.


Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

We are the first fruits

Satsang of Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, November 8th. 1973, Houston Astrodome

Dear premies, I'll just take a few minutes, and in those minutes I'll explain the reason for this Millennium programme. God, who created this earth, created it in seven days as the Bible tells us. And before He made all those other people on this earth, He made Adam and Eve – the first man and woman to be born, to be created by God. And we are the children, we are the later generations, but they are our first father and mother – the cause.

In the same manner, we are the Adam and Eve of the Millennium, of the age of peace. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us birth, has created us at the beginning of this age of peace, of this Millennium, and we have to expand, evolve, and magnify the experience that He has given us.

So all the premies participating in this event must realise the importance of it. There were not two men, there were not three men, there was only one man who was created at the beginning. In the same manner Millennium '73 heralds this entire world to peace. We are not many people – we are only a few. And it is because we are few that we will expand into multitudes. We will grow from a small gathering into a big gathering, and from a big gathering into a big nation, and from a big nation into a whole world.

We are the first fruits, we are the seeds who have been sown in this world, and it depends upon us either to grow or not to grow. If we grow, we blossom, and if we do not grow, we destroy ourselves. There is no choice; either man has to achieve peace, or by war he will be destroyed. There is no choice now left. It is surprising that where many people have failed – longhaired people, people with great intelligence, the United Nations, makers of peace treaties, politicians, great leaders – where all these people have failed, a child of fifteen, a Guru of fifteen, a boy of fifteen comes up and says, "I can establish peace in the world. I can give you peace if you only ask." This is a very strong message. It is a message that guarantees us peace.

It is not Utopia. It is only a promise. But when He gives the Knowledge then the promise becomes a reality wonderful beyond words, because it is an experience.

So dear premies, all of you who are participating in this great event, it is you who have to convey this message, who have to be a mouthpiece for the message of Guru Maharaj Ji. You have to explain to other people who are ignorant, who do not know, who do not understand, who do not have peace, that this Knowledge can give us peace.

I'll tell you one thing: when I was studying chemistry I was taught that if you take two test tubes and put chemicals in them, then you will see the reaction for yourself, and be able to test it. For example, if in one test tube I have hydrochloric acid and in the other I have silver nitrate, and I mix them together, I'll see a white precipitate, and that will be silver chloride. Because hydrochloric acid plus silver nitrate will give you silver chloride. I can believe it for myself, because before my eyes I can see the reality – it is silver chloride, and if it can be done on a small scale, then I know it could also be done on a large scale.

In the same way, if Guru Maharaj Ji can give us peace, if Guru Maharaj Ji can give two, three, a bunch of people, a group of people, even a mass of people peace, then there is no doubt that the same experience can be given to the whole world. There is no doubt about it. And I think all the people who have been working with us, who have been working to construct this stage, will say, "We have got peace," because they have received the Knowledge. Many people work in the world, and while they work they fight, they quarrel. But the premies in the Divine Light Mission, the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, they did all this with love. Not even a single man spoke a harsh word to his brother. This whole stage, this whole event, has been prepared with love. It was not done with war, it was done with peace. It was done with that loving care with which our mother gives us birth and with which God controls us, cherishes us, operates us.

So dear premies, now is the time. Remember, the Bible tells us, in Revelations, "Behold, the lamb of God will be seated on a high throne. He shall wear white robes. He shall have a river of crystals before Him." And all this is now happening before our very eyes. We are not having revelations, but we are seeing the reality, so fortunate are we to be here in this Astrodome. And not only you people are participating in this event. There are others also, because the whole universe was made by God to serve the Perfect One.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I am a Perfect Master." Many people have doubts. They ask, "How can He be a Perfect Master?" But think: a man who teaches English, you call him an English master. But you do not look for a, b, c, d – the whole alphabet – stamped across his body. The man who teaches you mathematics, you do not look for numbers, division signs, multiplication signs, addition signs on his body, do you? No! In the same manner, the man who gives us perfection, we do not look at His body for perfection. The reason He is perfect is because He reveals perfection to us. He gives us that experience of perfection which is within us. Jesus Christ said, "Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you." And if anybody wants to enter the Kingdom of God, then Christ is telling you to look within, to look inside, and there you will find it.

So now we have started having this beautiful programme, and there are two days to go, so we can have lots of satsang, lots of Bhole Ji's music, and I think it's going to be great. There is no doubt about it. The whole world is going to know about this programme. Not just the whole world, but the universe is going to know! Soon everybody will learn that if they want to have peace, the solution is right before them. People have to make the choice; either they want peace or they want war. People must choose. So thank you very much, and goodnight.


Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Father of Guru Maharaj Ji

Indestructible, Ambrosial, Holy and True

Discourse by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
in Gitabhavan, Karnla Nagar, Delhi, 8th February 1953

Dear premies, behold the innumerable beauties of God's creation. Here is a garland of marigold flowers. How beautiful is their colour. In what large quantities are they produced every year. Ages have passed but neither the flowers nor their colour have ceased. There is no limit to the creation of God. Look at the ocean. From time immemorial rivers have flowed to join the ocean. But the sea never gets filled to the brim. How wonderful is the creation of the Lord!

When Ravana was on his death-bed, Rama sent His brother Lakshman to him to learn the art of politics. Lakshman went to Ravana and stood by his head, but Ravana did not speak, so he became angry and returned to Rama, telling Him that the rope had been burnt to ashes yet the twist was still in it. Rama asked him at which end of Ravana he had taken his stand, and Lakshman replied that he had stood by his head. Rama then said, "Go back and stand by his feet." Lakshman did so, whereupon Ravana spoke, telling him that if a good thing is to be done it should not be left for tomorrow, and if the thing is bad, then it should be postponed until the next day.

Just now you heard a song of Mirabai, which said that while others were engaged in collecting gold, silver, pearls and diamonds, she was the most fortunate, for she had obtained the priceless Name of God. All this wealth which people are collecting will not be of any avail to them during their last moments. People may consider it to be real, but Mirabai considered the Name of God to be the only real wealth, the most unique treasure. All the eight siddhis (occult powers) and all the nine nidhis (the nine gems of Kuvera, the God of Wealth) are ready to serve one who has the Word in his heart. The Word is very important.

You can adopt any name by which men call God, but that Name mentioned here is not known to the people of the world. It was this Name that Hanu man showed by opening his heart. The sages of today say that Name is Rama. But Hanuman showed it within his heart. Did he not have any intelligence? What was the necessity of opening his heart? Could he not have spoken Rama through his mouth? Behold, you have a watch. I can see it only if you show it to me. By your speaking the word watch, I do not see it. In the same way, everybody has got the Lord within his heart, but by speaking a worldly name for Him, He does not appear. His True Name is with Him in the heart and that is why Hanuman showed it there.

You must be aware of the fact that there are four types of vibrations producing sound, para, pashyanti, madhyama, and baikhari. You know of baikhari vani, which constitutes the words we use in our speech. But nobody discusses para vani, which is the Primordial Vibration. Read the Gita. In chapter 15 verse 6, Lord Krishna says, "Where there is no light of sun, nor of moon, nor of fire, that is my abode; reaching there the soul returns not." I ask, do you know that abode? No, you do not know it, although you have read about it.

Suppose I have a choice of two persons to teach me English. One among them knows English, the other does not. Who will I choose? Only he who knows English can teach me. Similarly, how can one who does not know that abode make others know it? People do not understand this. They never think about it. Yet until one attends satsang and asks about it, one cannot get the Knowledge. If you leave this body without knowing that abode, then tell me, what benefit do you derive from having this precious gift of human life? Such a life is wasted.

Muslims and Christians do not believe in transmigration while the Hindus do believe in it. If transmigration takes place, it cannot be stopped by the former's disbelief, and if it does not take place, it cannot be caused to happen because of the latter's belief in it. The sun will continue to rise and set whether you believe it or not. A Christian believes that your soul is judged, and if you have performed good deeds you will attain heaven and if you have performed bad actions you will have to go to hell, while according to the Hindu doctrine, when transmigration takes place, you will become an elephant, a pig, a dog, or any of 8.4 million species.

But whatever happens to you, will you then see that abode where there is no light of sun nor of moon nor even of fire? In that supreme abode there is self-effulgent Light and the spirit does not return from there. I mean to say that if, by doing whatever you are doing – praying, reading scriptures, sacrificing, leading a virtuous life, fasting, going on pilgrimages or doing charitable work – you have not yet seen the Divine Light, how can you see it tomorrow? Many people think that it is not visible to men because their bad actions do not allow them to see it. But if it cannot be seen, what is the use of reading scriptures? It is written in the Ramayana that devotion is unconditional and the source of all happiness, but it cannot be attained by people without satsang. You may not like my language. If I were reciting scriptures and speaking in an interesting tone, then you would have said that He recites the Ramayana very well and He is a great scholar. But never mind that: what about what the Ramayana says?

Devotion is unconditional, and exists as Divine Light, for which lamp, fuel or wick is not required. One in whose heart such devotion exists never feels unhappy even during a dream. If you are performing devotion, then why are you unhappy? Has Saint Tulsidas written wrongly? No, he has written correctly but the actions in which you are engaged are not devotion.

Devotion to God is the Divine Light. It is within everybody but people do not know how to untie the knot, for


External practices cannot purify the heart

Listening to satsang gives instant results

the knot cannot be untied without sat-sang. Therefore you should attend sat-sang. Lord Rama says that one who obtains this human body is very fortunate because he can then attend satsang, receive Knowledge and acquire devotion. This human body is very difficult to obtain, but what are we doing after getting it? We are spending it in the service of pleasure.

People pray for health and wealth, or jobs or the return of their departed sons, yet it is not written anywhere that this is devotion. It is written that devotion is unconditional but is not available without satsang. Therefore one should attend satsang and attentively listen to it. One should ask questions to the saints about it. One should also serve the Guru who will give the Knowledge of that devotion. You might read the Gita and listen to satsang but why don't you get devotion as a result? Because to get devotion is not a matter of merely reading and listening.

The reward for good and bad actions will be available to you after death. For instance, one horse pulls a cart throughout the day and continuously gets severe beatings. Yet another horse is tied up in a stable, with several servants at its service; not even mosquitoes can bite it. Similarly, there is a dog who is hit by everybody and another dog sits on the throne of a king, gets good food and man serves it. This is the result of their actions in previous lives but satsang is an act which gives instant results.

Saint Tulsidas says that if a person with a crow's nature listens to satsang attentively, he will be changed into a man with a cuckoo's nature. Nobody likes crowing but everybody likes the calling of the cuckoo. In other words, one who does not listen to satsang attentively talks like a crow, without understanding. But if he listens to it attentively, and understands the Knowledge, he gets rid of crow-like talking and begins to speak sweetly like a cuckoo. A man with a heron's nature is concerted into a man with a swan's nature. If you put milk mixed with water in a vessel, a heron will either drink it or leave it, but a swan will drink the milk only and leave the water. Similarly after listening to satsang attentively a man with a heron's nature receives the essence-like milk and leaves an insubstantial thing like water. Nobody should be surprised to hear this because the glory of satsang is not hidden.

Behold what a great sinner Valmiki previously was. How wicked were his acts. He used to kill a traveller first then search his body for plunder afterwards. But when he received satsang, he was completely changed. He meditated and merged with God.

Today, there are many saints, seers and great scholars, but when they are asked, "When satsang gives an instant result and God exists within everybody, why is He not visible?" they reply that due to sin, confusion and obstruction, our mind is engrossed in different desires, so He is not visible.

"One who does not listen to satsang attentively talks like a crow, without understanding. But if he listens to it attentively, and understands the Knowledge, he gets rid of crow-like talking and begins to speak sweetly like a cuckoo."

But you should think over this, that when human life is the only life in which we can perform deliberative actions as well as enjoy pleasures, while all other beings are merely able to enjoy, what is that action which can purify our minds so that we can see God and realise Him?

Name any pleasure in which the world is engrossed today which is not available in the animal kingdom. Behold, an article which is available with much difficulty now can be obtained very easily as an animal. For instance, if milk is required, you have to keep a cow and feed it. Then only can you get milk. But if you keep that milk in a pot, a cat may come and drink it. The cat need not bother about keeping a cow; it still gets an article which is difficult for a man to obtain. Similarly a dog can easily obtain curd. Behold, these pleasures which are not available to us comfortably are very easily available to animals, but then deliberative actions cannot be performed. So sat-sang is available in this human life only, and only in this human life can you discover that action by which the mind can be purified and God realised. Saint Tulsidas says that however good your life may be, if you have not seen God in spite of His existence in your heart, it is worthless.

The world has developed a cataract. When one gets a cataract, one goes to a doctor, undergoes an operation and then one is able to see again, but Saint Tulsidas says that the world has developed a cataract. How can that be removed, and who will operate upon it?

People talk of purifying the heart but they go to Hardwar to bathe; they have to purify the heart but instead they are cleansing the body. Many advise the performance of different kinds of sacrifice but will these purify the heart? Or will the heart be purified by going into the temple and worshipping?

Lord Krishna says in the Gita, "I am present in all beings like the thread in a garland of flowers." Behold, the same thread runs through a small flower as well as a big flower in the same garland. Similarly, God is present in all, as much in an elephant as in an ant, but He is not visible because the heart is covered. It is not pure. So the heart has to be purified. You approach some people who are supposed to be able to purify your heart but they only advise you to shave the head. Others will give you a string of beads to wear. Others will give you a saffron cloth and others will advise you to sacrifice something. Others will tell you to utter certain words. But none of this will purify the heart. Devotion is unconditional and the source of all pleasures, but it is not available without satsang. Lord Krishna says, "One who dies remembering my Name comes to me." Can we remember God by doing these other things?

When one is paralysed, he cannot count beads or do any of these things. It is very difficult also to do so at the time of death because, you might have observed, at that time the hands and the tongue get cramped and all the or-


Without Knowledge, devotion is a show

Practising rituals, and watching others do so, brings the same result

gans become senseless. If we cannot go anywhere nor count beads then where does our devotion go at that time? When it is subject to the tongue or hands or feet, how can it be unconditional? Have you ever searched for unconditional devotion? No! Then how will it be available? Lord Krishna has said in the Gita, chapter 18, "one who propagates my devotion is most dear to me."

Behold, many of you have come from Pakistan. You might have had a hundred times more wealth there than what you have now, but did you get rid of transmigration by that? Although you left all your wealth behind because of the disorder there, after coming here, now you have started acquiring it again. It is quite possible that disorder may prevail again and your wealth will again be lost, because it is not lasting. The lasting wealth is the precious Name for which you have not searched.

You may erect a stand today to provide water for travellers. But after travelling a short distance, the travellers will feel thirsty again. You may arrange a free kitchen but people who eat today will feel hungry again tomorrow. You may provide clothes for the poor this winter but next year winter will come again. A man may be provided with all the necessities for his present life but when he is reborn will there be no necessity? No. All these things are transitory and they will be required again. Lord Krishna says that Knowledge of God is such that after knowing it, nothing remains to be known. After attaining it one merges with supreme bliss. One may be donated the wealth of the whole world but it is of no use without Knowledge. All actions are useless without Knowledge.

You should think about that devotion which cannot be known without satsang. You may consider devotion as chanting mantras or visiting or building churches, mosques and temples, or observing fasts, or reading scriptures or performing rituals and worship, or visiting shrines. Well, the same amount of devotion obtained from these practices can also be obtained by watching other people perform them.

But what is that devotion which can not be attained without satsang? Lord Krishna instructs us to know that in the Gita, chapter 4, verse 34. He says, "You should go to a realised saint, serve Him, prostrate before Him and ask Him with humility. When His soul will be pleased, that realised saint will baptise you with the Holy Knowledge." Saint Kabir said that while turning the rosary with your hand and uttering Rama, Rama with your mouth,your mind just roams here and there. Chanting mantras to concentrate the mind is not meditation. So you should think about that mantra by which the mind can really be concentrated. By chanting the Gaytri Mantra or Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay or Rama, Rama how is the mind concentrated? Tell me, when you chant your tantras and mantras, where does your mind fix itself? Even at this time your mind roams about like a finger on the typewriter or like a

"Behold, the same thread runs through a small flower as well as a big flower in the same garland. Similarly, God is present in all, as much in an elephant as in an ant, but He is not visible because the heart is covered. It is not pure. So the heart has to be purified."

neon sign which blinks off and on. How is the mind concentrated? Consciousness is blind without the Word. Until you know that True Name, that Golden Word, until you have its gate opened to you, your mind will remain wandering.

If the mind cannot even be concentrated while chanting mantras, how will it be concentrated when you are not chanting mantras? Therefore, it is said that an age can pass in counting rosary beads but the doubts of the mind do not vanish; the mind still remains engrossed in pleasures. So count the beads of the mind, the True Name of God, which alone can divert the mind. Although the mind is happy counting beads on a rosary, it does no good. But when the rosary of the mind is counted, then the heart will be illuminated. Without that True Name and true devotion in the form of Divine

Light, however pious you may be, however learned people call you, devotion will not come to you. There will be no benefit. Instead the false pride of learning and the show of devotion is bound to drown you in the ocean of the world.

Many people say, "We follow Rama. We regard Him as the best among men who maintained propriety of conduct." But when they do not comply with what He said then how do they follow Him? They simply deceive other people and their own souls. Lord Rama said, "I say humbly to all that True Knowledge is a secret doctrine and man cannot get my devotion without it." Do you not count yourself among all? If you do, and you follow Lord Rama, then you should comply with His sayings also.

Until you know and take True Knowledge, as Lord Rama has said, you cannot be His devotee. Many think that offering water to Shiva or reciting the mantra Om Namo Shiva is True Knowledge, but this is not it. True Knowledge is that which is described as even greater than Brahman, the divine source of the universe. It was realised by Lord Shiva in his heart out of a thousand million mantras. True Knowledge is that Name which Lord Shiva Himself used to remember. It is also called the mahamantra. Today, many say that Rama is the mahamantra, but it is written in the Ramayana that the mahamantra is even greater than Rama. Tell me how can that name be Rama? Tell me any verse where it is written that Rama is that mahamantra which was remembered by Lord Shiva Himself and preached in Benares as the way to liberation? Any mantra you repeat, irrespective of it being a Christian or a Mohammedan or a Buddhist mantra, has got a beginning and an end, but the mahamantra has no beginning and no end, has neither commencement nor extinction. It is described as indestructible, ambrosial, holy and true.

The Name of Rama is a lamp-like gem, which shines day and night. Neither fire, sun, moon, oil or wick is required for that Light. Saint Tulsidas says, "That man who wishes to have


Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Besides knowing God, all actions are for pleasure or reputation

The True Name of God cannot be spoken

Light within as well as outside should hold to that Name," but today people take that Name to be Rama. This is not so. That Name is in the form of Divine Light.

Dhruva repeated the Name of Hari (God) by which he reached the unprecedented stationary stage from where the spirit does not return. By remembering the same Holy Name, Hanuman tamed Rama. So did Dhruva utter Hari, Hari and did Hanuman utter Holy, Holy? While praising the same Name, Saint Tulsidas called it Ram Nam, Param Nam and Hari Nam, so why do you who chant Ram Ram not chant Hari Hari, Holy Holy or any of those other names by which that Supreme Name has been called? No. The Name has been denominated by various words but it is the Name itself which should be known.

By knowing the glory of the Name, Ganesh was worshipped as first among the gods and poison turned into nectar for Lord Shiva. That Name can transform poison into nectar, it can liberate one from transmigration and can make one immortal.

Although you may have enough wealth to buy all things in the world, priceless is the Name, and the most excellent wealth. Mira has said. "I have the wealth of that precious Name. This priceless thing has been given to me by my Satguru who kindly accepted me."

You might have heard about Rana, the husband of Mira, who gave her a cup of poison which turned into nectar. This is the influence of that Name which is known as the mahamantra and which is beyond alphabets. That Name is not subject to the three attributes or the five elements. Nor is it a subject of the mind and intellect. Why is it not visible? Saint Kabir says because all are busy earning their living. All actions which you are doing are for the sake of the stomach. Therefore, Saint Surdas says, "Who is as ungrateful, crooked, lustful and wicked as I would bc, if I were to forget God who has given me such a beautiful body?" God protected us in our mother's womb, arranged food there, brought us out of that darkness and provided milk in our mother's breast, when we had no teeth. What an affection He gave to our mother that she was not repulsed by our excretion. When our teeth grew, we found four types of food: bread and the like for chewing; sauce and the like for licking; sugarcane and the like for sucking; and milk and the like for drinking. Behold how beautifully the body is made. If He had not made the leg and had not provided a joint in it, then how could we sit or stand? Many use spectacles but if the eyes were not there, how could we see at all? Similarly, if this world was not created, what could we see? If our nose was not made, how could we smell fragrances?

Being engrossed in occupations, we have forgotten Him who has created such a beautiful creation. Even though we can now fly in the sky, how much more comfortably will we be able to

"Although one may be a king, or whatever one is doing, all is meant for the belly. Like swine all are roaming here and there for pleasure and have forgotten God."

fly when we become a crow or an eagle after transmigration into the 8.4 million species. Neither passport nor petrol will be required there. All the scriptures, including the Gita, and all the saints and seers say that the last wish of a dying person is his fate. Guru Nanak says that one who dies remembering money is bound to become a snake. Similarly, if you wish for an aeroplane at the time of your death, you will become a crow or an eagle. Is this the only substance of human life? We are spending it on pleasures which are also available in the 8.4 million bodies as well.

Saint Surdas says that when a swine goes out in the morning, is it for a walk? No, it goes out to eat excrement. Similarly whatever occupation one is carrying on is all for enjoying pleasures and making excreta. You might have observed that a juggler makes a monkey dance and afterwards asks it, "For what have you done all this?" Then the monkey puts its hand on its stomach to say, "For my stomach."

Once I saw a policeman on the road, signalling with his hands. After some time he came off duty, so I asked him "Why were you moving your hands here and there?" He said, "It is my duty." I asked "For what do you perform your duty?" Then he said, "Thereby I get pay which is used for feeding my family." Similarly, although one may be a king, or whatever one is doing, all is meant for the belly. Like swine all are roaming here and there for pleasure and have forgotten God. Even if God is remembered, then in what way is He remembered? A small chamber is made in the house. An idol and all items required for worship are kept therein. The owner takes a rosary and sits inside for two hours so that he becomes famous as a great devotee. Is that meditation? Guru Nanak says that those who remember the Name while sitting, standing, sleeping, walking and at all times, all their desires are fulfilled. So says Lord Krishna, "Remember me at all times and fight."

Now, you should ask yourself, "However many mantras I may have, can I repeat them while sleeping or performing all other actions?" When you are not conscious during sleep and the senses are not active, then how can you remember your mantras? Lord Krishna says, "One who shall remember me at the last moment will attain my real form." So, Guru Nanak says, "Remember the One who dwells within everybody's heart, in water, on earth and everywhere. Why should you remember any other which originates and subsides?"

When all the saints and seers have instructed mankind that liberation cannot be attained by all these mantras of yours, you should not remain in doubt. You should know the Word which was in the beginning and which can be remembered secretly. Only a rare person tries to know it. This is the mahamantra which was remembered by Lord Shiva and preached by Him at Benares and it was the one which


The story of Vishnu and the seth

Leaders today do no care about God

Hanuman showed by opening his heart.

Today, many people chant the Gaytri Mantra, which says, "We meditate on your Light. Please put our intellect on the virtuous path." Is meditation on the Light performed by simply saying that we meditate on the Light? When sweetness does not come to your taste by chanting candy, candy, then can your intellect be put on the right path by merely saying so?

After getting such a grand human body, if you do not know the True Name of God and His form of Divine Light, and continue to read the scriptures throughout your life, when will you meditate on Him? And when will you know that Light, which has been described by Guru Nanak as having the brightness of a hundred thousand suns, yet there is darkness without a Guru? One who has not found the Satguru cannot attain the supreme abode which is in the form of Divine Light. The same Param Prakash is termed as Elahi Noor in the Koran and Divine Light in the Bible, where four types of light are mentioned; sunlight, moonlight and firelight. All see these three types of light but people do not try to see the fourth one, the Divine Light.

Premies, you are listening very attentively. I wish to tell you more but time is short. Behold, Saint Tulsidas says, "I salute the lotus feet of Satgurudev who is the ocean of compassion and God in human form. His Word destroys the darkness of ignorance and allurement as the night vanishes on the rising of the sun." The Satguru's Word is that which is called satnam, mahamantra, sarshabd, and the gurumantra. Lord Rama says that one who does not liberate himself after getting a human body is a dunce is who meets the fate of a suicide. Saint Surdas calls him ungrateful and compares him to a swine.

Saint Tulsidas says that you may acquire wealth worth millions and Whom and rule an empire which ex-tends from where the sun rises to where it sets; but of what use are these transitory possessions?

Behold, how much wealth Alexander the Great acquired, but in the end he went empty-handed from the world.

Previously, kings used to be appreciators of merits. They used to remove the difficulties of the public. They used to be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of religion. They used to follow advice and accept the guidance of one who talked about their welfare and interest. They used to respect them. They used to serve the learned saints and seers. But today, they say something but act differently. They do not even know religion or what to say to the people about saints and seers. Even if God were to manifest, and however beneficially He might talk to them for the benefit of their welfare, they would not have time to listen to Him.

Today the whole world is trying day and night to collect wealth. But Samartha Ramdas, the Guru of Shiva, says that wealth is a shadow. As long as you run after a shadow, it will run

"You may acquire wealth worth millions and billions and rule an empire which extends from where the sun, rises to where it sets; but of what use are these transitory possessions?"

ahead of you. When you turn back from the shadow and run towards the light, then the shadow will follow you.

Once Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, was serving Lord Vishnu, massaging His lotus feet. Lord Vishnu closed His eyes and Lakshmi asked, "0 Lord, about whom are you thinking?" The Lord replied that He was thinking about His devotees. Hearing this, Lakshmi laughed. Observing this, the Lord asked, "Tell me frankly, why did you laugh?" Then Lakshmi apologised and said, "I got such an idea into my mind that is not worth mentioning." When the Lord insisted very much and said, "I will pardon you if you are found guilty in it, so speak frankly," Lakshmi said, "You think of your devotees but they are all mine. There is no devotee of yours at all, so about whom do you think?" Lord Vishnu said, "Let us go, I will show you whose devotees they are." So they set off.

Lord Vishnu, disguised as a sadhu brahmin, sat on the bank of the River Jamuna, and Lakshmi, disguised as an ascetic lady, sat nearby. In the meanwhile, a seth (a wealthy person), returning from bathing, saw the aged brahmin and thought that he could live at his place and perform his worship in the temple in his house. Thereby he would get a watchman and he could earn fame as a great philanthropic devotee. Thinking this, the seth asked the brahmin, "Maharaj, why are you sitting here? Please come to my place. It is very beautiful. You can stay there and perform worship and get food."

Hearing this, the old brahmin said, "No. It is okay here. After some time you may say, 'leave this place', then where shall I go? So it is okay here." The seth said, "Throughout life, I will never ask you to go. I shall consider myself very fortunate to have an opportunity to serve you. I will serve you very much." So the sadhu brahmin accompanied the seth and on the way they met Lakshmi. The seth told her, "It is time to eat. Please come to my place and take food there." So she accompanied him also.

The seth served food for them both in the porch, but the ascetic lady said that she did not take food in such vessels, and bringing out from her bag golden vessels, asked him to serve food into them. After she had eaten her food, she asked him to throw her golden vessels away because she could create a new set of vessels daily, and liked to take her food once only in each new set of vessels. The seth took the used set of golden vessels to his wife. Both were pleased and started serving very good food to her. One day Lakshmi said, "I will go today. I feel hurt because you serve me better food than that brahmin in your house. So as long as he stays here, I cannot take food." Hearing this, the seth immediately went to the brahmin and said, "Maharaj, flowing water and a travelling ascetic are good; so please go and stay elsewhere." The brahmin said, "a seth, on that day you promised me that you would never ask me to go, so

Guru Maharaj Ji during press conference at the Astroworld Hotel, Houston


Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 5 February 1974

Life without satsang leads to complication and death

The story of the blind man in the castle

why are you saying so now?" The seth was greedy for gold. He could not resist the temptation offered by the miracle of Lakshmi and he said, "No, you cannot stay here. You go of your own accord or else I shall ask the servants to send you out."

So the Brahmin went and he was followed by Lakshmi because where there is God, the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, also goes. Behold, except meditation, all other things disincline one from God. Therefore Samartha Ramdas says that if you want wealth, you should remember God and perform devotion to Him.

It is written in the Ramayana that maya (wealth) and bhakti (devotion) are both feminine. All know this. But devotion is dear to God, so wealth is afraid lest devotion complains against her and she may be punished. Where there is devotion, wealth works as a servant, and where there is no devotion, it becomes a master.

Today people read the Srimat Bhagwat, where it is written that a seer cursed a king, saying that a snake will sting him on the seventh day. The king left his kingdom and went to meditate so that he could get salvation and so that his human life may not go astray. But people these days do not think that a snake in the form of death will sting us too on the seventh day. A new eighth day will not emerge for anybody. Therefore we should also meditate. We should not spend this human life in vain. First of all, it is difficult to get a human life again, and if it is available, when we do not meditate now, then that life will also be wasted. To get rid of transmigration in this world, this human body is the only gate.

There was a very big castle, where there was only one gate. One blind man entered through it into the courtyard. It was summer and the sand on the Bound was very hot. Soon the blind man wished to leave that place but he could not find the gate. After some time a kind gentleman came. He saw that the blind man wished to go out and he told him that he should go along keeping his hand on the wall of the castle, and when the wall ended he would know that was the gate, and he would be able to go out.

The blind man did accordingly but he had an itch on his head. When he had almost reached the gate, he took his hand from the wall and started scratching his head and in this way crossed by the gate without realising it. I mean to say that 8.4 million species is a very huge wall. This world is a castle. And to get out of it, in other words to get liberation, this human body is the only gate. As this gate approaches, one gets the itch of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. For instance, one thinks himself a very great scholar or a beautiful person or a very rich man or a very great king, or a prime minister or a dictator or a minister or a president or the owner of a huge business. This is all attachment and ego because when the gate in the form of human body is missed then there is nothing. Then there is the same cycle of transmigration in 8.4 million species. There is only one way to get out of this. The Word of God should be remembered.

Lord Rama while instructing Bhilani said, "I am only interested in devotion. The first devotion is to keep the company of saints, the second is to meditate on God and the third is to become egoless and serve the Guru." But how much ego people have today! They think that because they have obtained great degrees, there is nobody equal to them. Will these degrees liberate them? No. By being involved in worldly affairs all have forgotten God.

Mahatma Ghandi used to say that non-attached action should be performed, but did he ever think what non-attached action was? Many claim that all their actions are surrendered to Lord Krishna. But are actions surrendered merely by speaking, "I surrender all my actions to Lord Krishna"? If it is so, when one feels thirsty and hungry, one would say, "I surrender my thirst and hunger to Lord Krishna," and one should not feel thirsty or hungry. Surrender does not take place by merely speaking. Similarly non-attached action does not take place by merely mouthing words. When an action is not performed without desire, how can we think that it is taking place without attachment? When even the Word of

God, which exists in the heart, is not remembered without desire, how can worldly affairs like government service or administration be non-attached? To explain this point, Lord Krishna, in the Gita, chapter 4, verse 17, explains what action and inaction is. Even great intellectuals do not understand it. Instead they think that they have made great progress on their own, like an oilman's bull, who thinks that he has walked a distance of fifteen miles in one day but finds himself on the same spot when he is untied and his blindfold removed. The same is the fate of all.

He who sees inaction in action and action in inaction understands the secret of action. It is not a matter that can be understood by merely reading the scriptures; this cannot be understood without a Guru. Therefore that supreme abode in the form of Light from where the spirit does not return should be known. You can know that only during this life, otherwise this human life is wasted. You think that you do not have to go from here, but you are wrong. Saint Kabir says that a man who does not even come to listen to satsang complicates himself in whatever he does. One who involves himself in worldly enjoyments has to die. The world is a forest of illusion, and the Name of the Satguru is the only way out.

Premies, after listening to satsang at Gandhi Grounds, a few people asked why I do not tell everyone the Name which is called the mahamantra? Now, I tell this before all of you. Behold, there are six madras (postures). Among these this is the posture of Knowledge, (he demonstrates). In this, consciousness and the Word are harmonised, soul and God are united. In this way, by keeping the body firm, this Name should be meditated upon in the heart. (For some time He demonstrates how to meditate).

You may ask me to speak the Word by mouth but if I speak with my mouth then words will be uttered, and that Name is beyond alphabets. The whole world is roaming in alphabets. So I ask you to know the Holy Name which is beyond alphabets and to meditate upon it in your heart.


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother Mata Ji Who Later Disowned Him

United we will do it

Satsang of Shri Mata Ji, 10th November 1973, Houston Astrodome.

Dear premies, I have heard the speeches of so many people. Though I did not know the languages, still I have tried to know the vibrations and the feelings of the people who were speaking. Such festivals are necessary to fulfil the aim of the Mission, which is to disseminate Spiritual Knowledge so that people can know their own self, their own soul. Man has built hospitals to cure his physical body, but so far man has not been able to create for himself a spiritual hospital. But this is what we are doing. Many of you have come from different countries and from different religions, but Guru Maharaj Ji has shown you that Spiritual Knowledge which is the Truth behind your own religion, and which is written of in your scriptures.

Raja Ji just said how nice it would have been if this entire hall had been filled. But man has many difficulties. He has so many involvements and because of them, he could not come to us. But whoever comes, they will receive the Spiritual Knowledge. Once, in the last century, Paramahansa Ramakrishna, whose disciple was Vivekananda, spread this Knowledge, but now, after His passing away, there are only hospitals left in His Name. The Spiritual Knowledge which He gave in His lifetime has disappeared. So you must all understand that the Divine Light Mission was founded only to spread Spiritual Knowledge. This is the basic thing. Other auxiliary movements may


The story of Hanah's devotion

The miracle at Talkatora Gardens

be started, but we must not be forgetful of our sole aim. We must focus our attention on this one aim – we have to spread the Spiritual Knowledge. This is our calling, the calling of this Mission.

I know about some of the difficulties which came in organising this big function. But if some of you attended the 1970 Hans Jayanti festival held in Delhi, at India Gate, you must know that the same difficulties always come, but in spite of them, because of the devotion and the dedication of the devotees, these festivals are always a great success. You have better ways and means than the Indian premies had at that time, but even then, such a great number from all over India assembled at India Gate, and their only desire was to have the darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji, and to see the miracle that took place.

They saw Guru Maharaj Ji wherever they were sitting, even in the trees and in the leaves of the trees. In every place they could see Guru Maharaj J they could have Divine darshan, as you have had it here. The police officer in charge of the festival was wonder-struck when he heard about the miracle. The premies were seeing Guru Maharaj Ji in all the leaves of the trees, and on almost every blade of grass. He said to Mata Ji, "All the premies have entered a state of ecstacy. They are seeing Guru Maharaj Ji everywhere." He could not understand it, because he could not see it for himself, and he explained to Mata Ji that it might be happening because many tourists came there to Talkatora Gardens and they might have written the names of Ram or other incarnations on the leaves and stones. Mata j i answered, "Mysterious are the ways of God, and it is only true devotees who are experiencing this miracle. This miracle has happened to them because of their sheer devotion for Guru Maharaj Ji!"

This news had a wide circulation, and many residents of Delhi, just to satisfy their curiosity, rushed to Talk-amnia Gardens. To control this mob was a difficult problem for even the police. Therefore we were requested to try to stop this news spreading, other wise there would have been a big problem.

So only the devotees know these things, because only the devotion of the devotee can bring about such miracles. The ordinary man with his commonsense fails to understand the miracles which are experienced by the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji. Some people approached Mata Ji and fell unconscious with ecstasy, saying, "What a wonderful thing! We saw the whole Divine Family, we had the darshan of the entire Divine Family in the leaves of the trees!" Such a miraculous thing happened to them. Mata Ji said, "It is okay. If such a thing has happened to you, you are lucky. You had the darshan of that unmanifested and all-permeating Divinity, but the bodily form of Guru Maharaj Ji is also here, and, if you like, you can have His darshan too." Devo-

"The heads of the institutionalised religions have wrong conceptions about Guru Maharaj Ji. But even history stands as a witness that heads of institutionalised religions have always been an obstruction in the recognition of the Great Master of the time."

tees can see Guru Maharaj Ji everywhere. It is not a big thing for them. Whatever they desire, that happens.

Don't think that this is the last big function which we will hold. The prachar, the propagation, is spreading like wild-fire, and we will have still bigger functions, even bigger than this one.

There was once a devotee in India, in the Punjab, whose name was Hanah. All the time he used to sing the glory of God.

Now, the marriage of that devotee's daughter was to take place. According to the traditional Indian marriage system, Indians give a dowry as a part of the marriage ceremony, and the night before the marriage takes place the father of the bride goes to the groom's family to discuss everything. But when Hanah went to represent his daughter at the house of his daughter's prospective in-laws, they thought he looked very poor and could not afford a dowry. Therefore they told him to sleep in the stable. But when both families joined together early in the morning for the wedding party, Hanah was represented by God Himself. And God the all-plentiful took jewellery and diamonds with Him. And from that, Hanah's daughter's side presented a fine dowry to the in-laws of the daughter. All were wonderstruck and they felt ashamed, thinking, "We did not give proper regard to Hanah."

And when Hanah, who was oblivious in God's meditation, realised that everything had started and ran into the in-law's house, he found that someone had already come and given many donations of jewellery and diamonds in his name. Tears of gratitude fell from his eyes and he thanked God, and God, seeing the strength of Hanah's devotion, did even more. He caused a rain of gold to fall for one hour, so that people could come to know that Hanah was no ordinary devotee. But when the rain of gold took place, one greedy washerman thought he would collect as much gold as possible. Therefore instead of collecting that which fell into his own courtyard, he thought he would collect it from the riverbank where he used to go and wash his clothes. But by the time he reached there, some other people had already collected all the gold. So quickly he ran back to his own house, but by that time his neighbours had taken even the gold which had fallen in his own yard. Therefore in spite of such a fall of gold, a greedy man found none.

So you see, the task of serving God is not to be postponed until tomorrow. It is to be started immediately. And if we postpone it for tomorrow, thinking, "I will start serving Guru Maharaj Ji tomorrow," then that day will come when our life itself will not be there with us.

The heads of the institutionalised religions have wrong conceptions about Guru Maharaj Ji. But even history stands as a witness that heads of institutionalised religions have always been an obstruction in the recognition of the Great Master of the time. They have


Do not be interested in position

Devotees thrive on criticism

never been able to recognise His greatness. And it is they who keep the masses away from the path of life.

The more gold is burned, the more it glitters. But the smoke from the fire just goes into the mouth and nose of the person who is burning the gold, and causes him a lot of trouble. The more you fire it, the more glitter you will find in the gold. And afterwards that same gold looks more beautiful and becomes a shining object of decoration. It is even used in the crowns of kings. It is the same with devotees. Devotees are criticised by the people, they are given a lot of suffering, they are given a lot of abuse, they are given a lot of firing and burning by the people, but the devotees glitter all the more. The devotion in them glows. And they become a great crown for humanity. They become the shining jewels of humanity. But what does that man who gives the devotees trouble and suffering get? Nothing but the dust of his own abuses later on. Therefore, the Perfect Master brings a great transformation in our personalities. He performs a great miracle with people. He makes them altogether Divine by the power of His Knowledge. But still the world's religious leaders never understand His greatness. And a time comes when He disappears from this world, and then it is the religious leaders who start appreciating His work.

So now you must disseminate this Knowledge and do not find fault with others, do not see evil in others. Because it is a natural tendency for those who see evil in others to slowly and gradually imbibe that evil in themselves. One of the greatest qualities of the devotee is that he seldom sees evil in others, and so he only collects goodness in his life.

Take, for example, this microphone. Now what came first – the maker of the microphone or the microphone itself? The maker, naturally. Otherwise how could he have made it? In the same way, the one who created this world was earlier than the world. What was the name of that creator? No matter where you came from, you have brought your name with you. The identity of your name and your per-

sonality is one; you cannot separate your name from your personality. And just as your name is with your personality, similarly, the Name of God is inseparable from God. God is all-permeating, He is seated within our hearts, and the Name of God is also within our hearts. That very Holy Name is the eternal spirit within man which cannot be cut by any weapon, which cannot be dried by air and which cannot be moistened by water. It is eternal. It is only the body which can be destroyed by outer things. The inner spirit cannot even be destroyed by hydrogen bombs.

Scriptures are only there to tell us to know that Name, that Holy Word within us. Whenever we write a letter, the moment we put our pen on the paper, the first thing that happens is a point appears. And from this point you

Devotees are criticised by the people, they are given a lot of suffering, but the devotees glitter all the more. The devotion in them glows. And they become the shining jewels of humanity."

will write the whole letter, and it will end again with a point. Similarly, this whole world started from the Holy Word, the Holy Name, it just evolved from that, and again it will end in the Holy Name. So Holy Name is that Divine point which we should focus our attention on. It is that which is real, from which the world came and to which the world will again go when it ends.

Therefore, do not fight. More especially, do not fight for office, just to be able to say, "I am so-and-so, officer", or "I am so-and-so, WPC commander," and so on. Just as Raja Ji gave the example of the blind men meeting the elephant and giving different descriptions of the elephant, and then finding that their descriptions were wrong when a doctor removed their blindness and showed the real entity of the elephant, similarly, whatever duty is being given to you, the main aim is service to Guru Maharaj Ji. Let us not forget our sole aim, and that is to propagate this Knowledge.

In a democracy different political parties contest elections and they give promises to serve the people. But if every political party is interested in the service and the goodness of the people, if they really want to serve, then why are they different? Why don't they unite together and work together for the service of humanity? In unity is great power, and if they really wanted to serve, they would have already united together.

Therefore, all the premies must understand the spirit behind this Divine Light Mission. And that spirit is service to Guru Maharaj Ji for the propagation of the Knowledge, and not to seek any office or any honour or any favour. If this aim is kept in mind, if this spirit is maintained, only then will you understand the real aim of this Mission. Therefore, I am very pleased by the service which you all have rendered in this function, and I am now hopeful that we will soon be in a position to kindle the Divine Light in every family. If we stand united, we will do it.

Two days ago, when the Holy Family arrived here, we heard news of the shortages of certain things in America. And in spite of being the most prosperous country in the world, the American President made an announcement that where earlier every individual used to go in his own car, now four people should be going by one car, and the same with all vehicles and means of transport. So this outer prosperity is all in flux. It may or it may not be there tomorrow. So also, the happiness that we get from these outer things is not a living, permanent happiness. But the bliss and the happiness that Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge gives is eternal. It is immune to the outer political, social, and economic conditions; and once a person gets it, then whether he lives in a house, whether he lives in a palace, or whether he lives under a tree, it makes no difference to him. He attains a state of inner peace and there he enjoys eternal bliss.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1973


"And I will disclose to them abounding Peace with righteousness, and they shall be for a blessing and not a curse, and they shall be the head and not the tail. And I will build My Sanctuary in their midst, and I will dwell with them, and I will be their God and they shall be My people in TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS. And I will not forsake them nor fail them - for I am the Lord their God.

And their Souls will cleave to Me, and to all My commandments, and I will be their Father and they shall be My children.

And they shall be called the children of the living God.

And the Lord shall appear to the eyes of all."


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1973



Prem Rawat's Divine Light Mission Ashrams' in 1974