Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 4 January 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 4 January 1974

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 4 January 1974

Divine Light

Containing the discourses of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and His Holy Family

Guru Maharaj Ji's message is very simple. It is that if man doesn't quickly lose his selfishness and aggressive instincts, he's going to destroy himself, and the only way to lose them is by becoming one with God

Otherwise one is constantly accumulating attachments in the world, and attachment to something that others might also desire, but cannot possess, brings out selfish and aggressive instincts. Only oneness with God brings such complete satisfaction that a person is equally happy with everything or with nothing.

Oneness with God is obtained in the same way that anything else is obtained. By searching, finding and holding. God is as real as any tangible object. He can be felt, tasted, seen and heard. There are three differences, though, between God and any worldly thing. (1) There is enough God for everyone. (2) God is completely free. (3) God lasts forever.

Guru Maharaj Ji reveals God. If you want God, go to Him and ask.

In this issue of Divine Light we are happy to publish more of the Holy Discourses that were delivered by Shri Guru Maharaj Ji at the Millennium Festival, held last November in the largest auditorium in the world, the Astrodome in Houston.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

There must be peace

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

at the Houston Astrodome, 8th November 1973

Most respected ladies and gentlemen, we have all assembled here today not to discuss the problems of Watergate, but to try and find a solution to them. Because I think there are more than enough problems in this world and less than enough solutions to them. And that's why there is so much crisis in this world.

And what we have to understand is that there is an energy, there is a thing existing, within inside of all of us – no matter who we are, it just matters that we are living – which is making us survive. It is that pure and constant vibrating energy that is sustaining us at every moment, that is sustaining every leaf in this world, that makes the sun come up and go down, as we see it – or the other way round, with the earth rotating, as scientists see it – and the stars shine. The whole of nature, which is so beautiful, is all going, is all running because of something.

It's such a practical thing. We all drive cars, and if we run out of fuel, that's it. We've got to stop, hang around somewhere, and try to get some fuel. If a battery goes dead, that's it. If something goes wrong with the engine, that's it. It seems everything depends on something. One thing is guiding something else, and another thing is guiding something else – there just seems to be a series of things in this world that are each making the next thing go. But the question that comes is, what is that thing that is making the whole world survive?

Because this is the one thing that man has never been able to approach.

He has tried almost everything in this world, but still he has not received peace, still he has not received satisfaction of mind. Because everything he tries, after a certain point, just seems to be imperfect: it just seems to be unsatisfactory – just completely unsatisfactory. But there must be something which is absolutely perfect. And if we can completely put ourselves into the harmony of that perfect thing, then undoubtedly we will be in perfect harmony, unquestionably we will be satisfied. Because we will be in a stage, we will be in a condition, where everything is completely perfect.

We can see that all the world leaders come up, they also take a microphone like me and start shouting, "Well, we got to bring peace, and we got to do that and we got to do this." They do a certain part of the job, but the main part of it is still left. And that's making peace, actually bringing peace into this world. They put new roads in: that's very kind of them, it's very considerate of them. Maybe they make new airports: that's very considerate of them. But still it just seems to me that all these new airports and roads and cars and devices only take us up to a point, and then there is a full stop. It's like, we are riding in a car – and we are driving the car – and somebody is giving us the instructions on where to go. And we ask him, "Are you sure of the place?" And he says, "Yeah, I think I am pretty sure of it," And we are driving and then apparently he just blows the whole thing. He just can't get us there, you know. He takes us to about a hundred different places, and then he just completely blows it, he just can't take us where we really want to go. And then what he does is just turn around with a big smile on his face, and says, "Sorry, I couldn't take you there."

And that's just the exact condition with this world; we are trying all these different things, and they take us into about a hundred different positions, and then finally when it comes to a certain point when we ask, "Now what?" they look at us, give us a big beautiful smile, and say, "Brother, that's it. This is how far I go, and this is how far you go with me."

If you want to go somewhere else, you've got to find another way. And there is somewhere else. We all know it. Maybe some people deny it because they just don't even want to try to comprehend it, because they know they won't be able to. Maybe some


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival people just don't even want to think about it. They just think, "Oh well, I figure there is something important, there is something great, but this is the way my religion has told it, and this is the way my mother has told it, and this is the way my father has told it, so I guess I'd just better keep it on this way." And they just put a full stop on it right there.

But ladies and gentlemen and premies, that's just not it. Because we've got to find peace, we've got to understand what peace is. And now it's just about the time when we'd better find peace. Because I think the time has come when, if we don't understand peace and accomplish peace in this world, well … don't ask me what's going to happen. Because you already know what's going to happen if there is no peace in this world.

So there must be peace. And to accomplish peace in this world is not impossible. It's not hard. It can be accomplished. You see, it's just like this. For a person who does not know how to operate a camera, if we give him a camera, he'll say, "It's impossible for me to operate this thing." But for a person who does know how to operate the camera to say, "It's impossible for me to operate the camera," will just not be true. You won't believe it. You'll say, "Oh, come on, you are kidding. You know how to operate it. You probably designed it."

Here is a little difference of course. We didn't design peace or anything like that, but still it's possible, through the proper channel, to get peace. Because peace is right there. Peace is within inside of us all. Peace is at every angle. Peace is in every place, peace is everywhere. That perfect love and harmony we are looking for is everywhere.

So what's the problem? Well, if you are ill, and you go to a first-class doctor, he'll figure out, "Well, you got this problem, and you got this problem, and you got this problem." And he gives you some medicine. Then after a month you go again and say, "Doctor, I am still not feeling very good. I'm still feeling the same way I was before. So what's up now?" And he says, "Okay. Well, let me do it again." So he goes, and he takes some X-rays, and checks them. Then he says, "Well, everything just seems to be the way it was before. Have you been taking the medicine?" And then you just scratch your head and say, "Well, I thought it was kind of a drag, so I didn't take it." So what will the doctor say? He'll say, "Well, if it's a drag for you, it's a drag for me too. I can't cure you otherwise. You've just got to take the medicine."

And this is exactly what my position is. I am a doctor. Not a physician. I haven't got an M.D. degree or anything like that. I have got a greater degree. Because there seem to be so many M.D.s, but still there seems to be something missing. So I am trying to accomplish it by the grace of Almighty Lord, and I very much hope to succeed in it. And I think I am doing pretty well. It just seems that way, anyway. (Audience cheers) Thank you. And it just seems that it's not impossible after all. I think we will make it. I think we will do it. And it's like, (audience cheers again) – thank you – it's like now is the time to do it.

Many people come to me, and they say – well I'll just tell you in their own language – "Guru, it's very far out to see you, it's very good to see you, and you speak beautiful words, but see, the only thing is, we cannot understand this Knowledge because the religion we are following does not allow us to." And I say, "Right on." What else can I say? Then I give them this story of the owls and the swan.

There was this swan, and he was flying one day, and he came to this big tree. And he landed there, sat on a branch and looked around. And there was a little nest of owls who were living there. So the swan started talking to them, and they finally got into a conversation. And all those little owls just started wondering what was going on – from where this swan had come, and how come he looks so gorgeous,


and how come he is just so white and beautiful, and how come he could fly in the daytime. And then he just started talking about the sun, and they really got into that conversation. And then the owls, these little owls, asked, "By the way, can we see this sun that you are talking about?" He said, "Well, I don't think I have given you enough explanation about it yet. It's beautiful, it's like a round ball, and it gives energy to all of this earth, and it's just perfect, it's just gorgeous looking, and it's beautiful. It's so beautiful I can't even describe it."

And these little owls really got excited about seeing the sun. So the swan said, "Well, if you are really excited about it, I can do you a favour. I can take you to a place where you will be able to see a sunrise, and you will be able to see the sun." So they really became happy about it, because they were so excited about seeing the sun. But then they said, "Well, there is only one problem. We've got to have our parents' consent." And the swan said, "Okay, go right ahead and get it." They said, " But they are not here," so the swan asked, "When are they going to come back?" They said, "Well, we don't know when they are going to come back, so it's better if you can come tomorrow morning and take us." He said, "Okay, I'll come tomorrow morning. So be ready, and I'll take you to where you can see the beautiful, beautiful sun."

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival Later, the parents come back home, and these little owls go crawling up to them, and say, "Dada, we want to see the sun. There is a swan who can take us, and everything is perfect, everything is A-Okay." And they started describing it, because they were pretty excited about it.

But the parents said, "Come on! Who told you about that? He must be just kidding. There ain't anything like this sun, so forget it. Don't trouble us. There ain't anything like that." Well, they were pretty disappointed. But they really had this eagerness, they really had this, this thing going inside them to really see the sun. So they asked again and again, and their parents got really mad and said, "Okay! Now will you just stop that?! We'll go and have a meeting with our ancestors, and we will ask them about this sun, because they should know. If there is anything like that, maybe then you can go and see it. And if there isn't anything like that, forget it! Just forget it." So the little owls said, "Okay, we'll wait."

So there was a big meeting, and all these wise owls came, and they sat down, and they started discussing this beautiful, beautiful sun, and the greatest wise owl said, "Well, / have never heard about it, and I have never seen it, and I am just about ready to die now, so I don't think there is anything like it." So everybody presumed, "Well, if he hasn't seen it, then it just doesn't exist." So they really presumed that, and they thought, "Okay. That's that."

So the parents came back and told their kids, "Listen, there ain't anything like the sun." So then the kids said, 'Okay, if there isn't any such thing as the sun, at least let us go and see what ever he has. Let's give it a try." There is a little saying, "Try it, you'll like it." And that's the exact situation that happened there. These owls flew away with the swan, and when that beautiful sun came up, it just blew their minds right off, because they had never seen anything so gorgeous and so beautiful.

And this is the exact condition with some people. You tell them, "Listen, there is a way out. There is a way to this peace, there is a way to this Knowledge, there is a way to perfection." So, they just go consulting, and come back and say, "Aw, come on! You must be kidding. There ain't anything like that." But when we really understand it, when we really try …

Of course, you are not going to see it just poppin' out of this Astrodome, or anything like that. And it's not going to slip in and come flying to you from those speakers. And it's not that you pick up your phone and the whole



Prem Rawat at the MIllenium '73 Festival


thing just starts buzzing on your phone: it's not like that. It's within inside of us, and we are searching for it externally. That is why we just can't get hold of peace – because God is right here. We say that God is omnipresent. If God is omnipresent, tell me, is He missing from here? And if He isn't here, forget it, don't call Him omnipresent, because in that case He isn't omnipresent. But He is. He is omnipresent, and He is right within our hearts, too. But we've got to go to somebody …

Now, I'm making it easy for you. Because if somebody would have been speaking the same sentence on the stage, he probably would have said, "You've got to go to a guru." As a matter of fact, you have got to go to a guru anyway, but I am just taking it easy and I'm not saying that, because many people do not really understand, and the word guru has really become like a flying saucer or something like that these days. And if somebody sees it, they say, "Wow! A guru came, uh?" So instead I'll say you have got to go to somebody who knows how to reveal to you this Knowledge from within inside of yourself, who knows, who has understood, who has perfected the method of revealing to you this inner Knowledge, this inner peace. And this is the definition of the word guru: a person who has perfected – a person, not a flying saucer, a person – who has perfected the technique to reveal the True Knowledge within inside of us. That's the definition – that's it. Perfectly. We can call Him Perfect Master, too. Because He can teach us perfectness, that's why we call Him Perfect Master. And this is who we have to go to. If we have a toothache, we won't go to the electrician and say, "Listen electrician, I have a toothache." He'll say, "What can I do? Go to a doctor, go to a dentist." What do you do? When you have a toothache, you go running to a dentist. If you are a little kid you go to Mom. And if Mom can't help you, she takes you to the dentist. And that's the solution. You know it. You know that you have to go to a person specialised in it. If you are feeling ill, you won't go to a motor mechanic and say, "Listen buddy, I'm feeling ill. Can you cure me?" He'll say, "Well, listen, I deal with motors. I can't deal with human beings. Why don't you go to a physician and consult him?"

And that's it. It is the same way here – we've got to go to a Perfect Master. We've got to go to somebody who can reveal to us perfectness within inside of our hearts. And then we can really understand, then we can really recognise what this peace is.

Hearing us talking about this peace, I bet many people are laughing out there. It's something with a bit of a difference, so they are laughing. To them it's a joke. But for me it's no joke. For eight million people who have recognised it, it's no joke. Because they have practically felt and recognised the understanding of Truth, they have practically seen the True Light within inside of them, and they have felt perfect harmony. They have understood it. And that ain't any joke. (Cheers) Thank you. So no wonder people who haven't recognised it are laughing. No wonder. People who have not recognised it are just thinking, "What's going on? What is He talking about?" / know what I am talking about. I am talking about that thing that you need today.

America is first in the production of cars. America was one country where cars were discussed like anything. But now what's happening? There was a time – and still now there is a time – when everybody was trying to get his own car. They say, "Oh, I've got to have my own car. I've got to go to the office in my own car." This was really happening, and everybody was kind of talking about this thing all over the world; "Wow! In America so many people have a car! In one family two people have a car, three people have a car, everyone has his own car."

Now today that situation has reached a point where the President of the United States of America is urging all citizens to share their cars till the gas problem is solved. It's right before you. Switch on your televisions and you might hear about it. Of course, that's a very fantastic idea. I'm not criticising it. If you have no gas you'd better do that, you know. Otherwise, you'll be going to the office and sticking right in the middle of the road, and you won't like that. But if this is how it is today, just think what'sgoing to happen! If you don't think about it now, think about it in a minute. If not in a minute, in an hour. If not in an hour, in a couple of days. But please think about it, what I am talking about.

Because there is this Truth. And


Prem Rawat at the MIllenium '73 Festival

until and unless – with everything, but especially with Truth – until and unless a person has had the individual experience of it, friends, he cannot comprehend what I am talking about. You've got to have the practical experience of this Knowledge, of this Truth, of this perfection first. And you can have it, by all means. It's meant for you, it's within inside of you, and it's shining perfectly.

It's like this: a man is travelling in a desert and he has never seen his face in a mirror for about maybe two or three years, and he has a big long beard. And it's like he has been always travelling and travelling and travelling and travelling, and then somebody comes and says, "Oh, Mr So-and-so, you got a big beard on your face." He says, "What?" So he shows him a mirror and then he says, "Yeah, I guess you are right. I've really got a big beard on my face."

And this is the thing. There is a beard on your face, and maybe you do not know it. But if somebody can come and tell you, and if somebody can practically give you a mirror so that you can see it for yourself, then you'd better believe it! There is no way out of it. You've got to believe it, because then you know it, then you understand it.

So dear friends, I have only one urge for you. I can't urge you about anything else because there is just nothing else in this whole world worth being urged about. Because, to tell you the truth, everything is a self-destructor. Everything is self-destructing. You can do anything, and after some time it'll just destroy itself. If you don't destroy it, it'll destroy itself. Probably it'll be called junk or something, and you'll get rid of it yourself. But I do urge you to do one thing, and that is to take this peace, to have this peace with you.

I am going to give you a little example. It's funny, but if I came with American Express cards to all of these people – I mean you people – and started distributing them to you – I mean valid American Express cards you would all take them. Right? But now I'm talking to you about peace, and nobody is ready to take it … well, not nobody, but only a few are. Do you see the difference? If I come out with American Express cards far out! Right on! Why not take one? But what about peace? Peace, see? If you have an American Express card, maybe your bank account can go blank, maybe you can use up all your credit, and that ain't peace. Peace has got to be always infinite and continuous. Not only in this lifetime, but in any amount and any number of lifetimes you have. Any amount, any number of lifetimes that you might have.

So dear friends, I just want you to realise this. This is perfect, it's beautiful. And that is why Krishna said to Arjuna, "I am going to give you this Knowledge." When? When did Krishna say that? When Arjuna approached Him with a guileless heart, with a heart full of love, not full of confusions. Of course you have confusions, of course you have doubts. So you can come, ask questions, get rid of 'em, and then come to receive this Knowledge.

But again, you have got to practically understand this Knowledge, practically receive this Knowledge, practically feel this Knowledge, and then you can believe this Knowledge. Because that's the way it goes. You know, there are just no short cuts to it. That's the way it is, and that's the way it goes.

So dear friends, I am not asking you to leave your religions. You can continue your religions. Whatever you are – a Christian or Hindu, a Muslim or Sikh – whatever you are, please go ahead. But you still need peace. Many people have come and followed many, many religions. And these religions have been existing in this world for a number of years. Maybe even before our ancestors came: even then. And so now they are there, but things just seem to be getting worse and worse and worse. And sometimes these religions create problems where they have religious wars, religious fights. They just don't seem to bring things together. So now what we need is a practical experience.

It's like water. No matter if you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian . No matter what you eat, you still drink water. Water is common for both – a non-vegetarian and a vegetarian. In exactly the same way, no matter what religion you are following, no matter whom you believe in – maybe you pray to God this way, or this way, or this way – but still practical energy,

"Until and unless a person has had the individual experience of Truth he cannot comprehend what I am talking about. You've got to have the practical experience of this Knowledge, of this Truth, of this perfection first. And you can have it by all means. It's meant for you, it's within inside of you, it's shining perfectly."


Prem Rawat at the MIllenium '73 Festival this practical realisation, has got to be there, this practical energy has got to be felt, before you can have a full understanding, before you can be one with God in perfect harmony.

Now please understand, I am not saying that you are not happy: maybe you are. But let me point out that many people say, "I am happy." And I say, "Very good, congratulations." And then they just start saying, "I have a car, and I have two kids, I have a beautiful wife, and everything just seems to be fine. I have a beautiful, lovely home, and my business is beautiful, so I'm happy." And then I start talking to them, and I say, "Listen. What if your car is accidented? I don't want it to, but suppose it is. What if something happens to your kids? What if they freak out on you? What if they just leave you? I hope they don't, but what if they do? What if, supposedly, you get ill? Then what's left? Where is your happiness then?"

And then they start thinking, and they realise and they say, "Well, I guess that'll be the end of my happiness if all that happens." And I say, "Then you are not happy, because in that case your happiness is so limited. It's as if you are called rich because you have two cents in your pocket. When the two cents go away from you, you are not rich any more. Or it's like friendship. If you call your friend a friend because he is rich, but when he has no money he is not your friend, that's not real friendship."

So in the same way, that's not real happiness. Because suppose what you rely on today, what you think is the source of your happiness today, what if tomorrow it skids away from under you? Then what? Where is your happiness then? So that's the kind of happiness you don't want, and all these materialistic objects that we are actually trying to base ourselves on aren't going to do us any good anyway because they are self-destructible, they will destroy themselves.

What we need is a happiness that lasts for ever and ever. And mind you, it's not impossible: it's quite, quite possible. So, a point has now come where we have to practically come and realise. If you're a practical person, you know you have to understand it and see it practically.

There was a saint, and he said, "I nave seen a great wonder. I have seen this big, beautiful palace adorned with completely beautiful diamonds and jewels, just shining and glittering all over. But a lame man, a man who is physically disabled, walks up to this, climbs up to this heaven, where he finds a well full of nectar, full of beautiful, beautiful nectar, and he goes in there. He climbs up all these stairs a lame man, a man who is lame – goes up there without any stick or anything. He goes there and he drinks and he enjoys the beautiful nectar."

That saint said, "I have seen with my own eyes that a blind man is looking at this beautiful, beautiful palace of light and describing it, and just getting one with it, and just getting completely blissed out on it."

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a question you might ask yourself one day: "What was that kid talking about in the Houston Astrodome when He spoke about those wonders? They sure were wonders, but what was He talking about?" Well, it's no wonder for us now, because we have seen it and we have done it. So it's no wonder for us. But it's still a wonder for you, because you still have to practically experience it. But then again that saint points out, "The theme to my whole song will be only understood by those people who have realised this Perfect Knowledge. Only they can understand what I am talking about. Otherwise, it's just something very hopeless for other people." And this is exactly true.

So dear premies and ladies and gentlemen, with all my respects to you all, I would very much like you to receive this Knowledge. And it is within inside of you. I've got to give you nothing out of my pockets, nothing at all. I can't, because they are very little pockets and I can't put anything in them. But it's all within inside of you. And I think it's amazing and beautiful that all that I am talking about, all that Millennium '73, a thousand years of peace, means, and the answer to it all, always has been, and is, within inside of you. The solution to all the miseries of this world is right there. But because a man cannot find this satisfaction within himself, that's why he is just trying to conquer the


whole world. That's why there are so many wars, that is why there are so many riots, that's why there is so much dissatisfaction going on around this world. But the solution is right there.

So now I guess it's just about time when we'd better get ready and understand this Knowledge, and I mean we'd better, you know! Really, we'd better! Because if not, then I just don't have to tell you what's going to happen next: you know it. Be frank, face up to it. Be frank with yourself and face up to it. I'm not asking you to give up your religions or anything. I am telling you one thing: understand this Knowledge. It's fantastic, it's beautiful. And no matter what way I try to tell you, it's

still going to come out at the same point. Because this Word, this perfect Word, has been described, this perfect harmony has been described, in the Bible: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." It's been spoken of in the Ramayana also as Nam. In the Gita it's been spoken of as Shabd, as the Word. In the Koran it's been called Pak Nam. And it all just means Holy Name, the Word, the Perfect Word.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival But what is that Perfect Word? It's not words, it's not w-o-r-d-s. It's w-o-r-d, it's a word. "In the beginning was the Word." One word. What is it? One word – not two. One. And again, it's been said in the Gita, as I have told you before, that you cannot speak it with your tongue. That's why the word Word has been used. Otherwise, whatever the Word was, they would have written it right there, saying – if, suppose, the Word was flower – "In the beginning was the flower, and the flower was with God, and the flower was God." But they just couldn't write it in alphabets – they couldn't! It was unalphabetical, and if they could write it in alphabets, and they did not write it in alphabets, and they did not describe the Word where they were supposed to describe it, I think that was pretty inconsiderate of them. Because they should have said it clearly right out there, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with

God," and whatever the Word was, that's it: they should have written it.

So what is that Word? I can reveal to you that Word practically within inside of yourself. I am not going to argue with you about this thing, because I am talking about something that I know. A car has four tyres, I know it because I can see that car running on four tyres. There are cars that run on three tyres, of course – in England they do. People who have come from England might have seen those cars; they're very common – but I am talking about a regular car. It's standing on four wheels, not five or six. There is a fifth wheel, but the car is not running on it: it's in the trunk. So that is a basic fact that I have understood, that I have realised, and fact is fact. Facts need no proofs.

And now I am just telling you the fact, the fact of life, the real fact of life – that this Knowledge that you should understand, this peace that you should realise, is here now. Because that Kingdom of Heaven we are dreaming of is right here. What's going to happen? Is God going to pull up a purple sky on top of us and then it's going to be the Kingdom of Heaven? Or is He going to put cotton carpets all over the earth and then it's going to be the Kingdom of Heaven? Or is He going to make the ocean disappear, and then it's going to be the Kingdom of Heaven? Or is He going to put four arms on us, and then it's going to be the Kingdom of Heaven? When is there going to be the Kingdom of Heaven? When everybody is in peace.

But the funny thing is, peace is with everybody already and they don't realise it. I think that's really funny. Because they are expecting somebody to come, and that person is right behind their backs, just right behind their backs. And they are calling that person, "Will you come here, will you come here?" … Well, it's just like an example I can give you right here. I shout from my room, "Hey, Ron Coletta, will you come here?" And then when Ron Coletta comes to me, I just say, "Will you please call Ron Coletta?" I'm telling Ron Coletta to call Ron Coletta! And there is only one Ron Coletta – around that house, at least!

So premies and ladies and gentlemen, this is all I have to say to you. Maybe I'll tell you a little bit more and in a more descriptive manner tomorrow, because we expect many more people, and other premies who are arriving from different countries, they'll be also here. But this is the solution. When you switch on your televisions, you will always see people talking about problems. Here we talk about solutions to the problems. Not the problem but the solution. And the solution to all the problems is right within inside of you, the perfect solution we are all looking for.

So think about it, think about what


I want to tell you, think about what I want to say to you. I can offer you this. It's a little gift. In fact, it's not even a little gift, because how can I give you something that you already have? How can I just … it's like, sometimes my relatives do this joke on me. There is this car we have in India, a Chevrolet Concourse, and sometimes I am sitting in it, and they come to me and say, "Oh, we are very happy to see you in this car because this is a little gift from us to you." And I really laugh at 'em! I say, "What are you talking about? This car is already with me, so how can you give it to me?" And it's like a little joke between us.

So, how can I, how can I give you anything? The only thing I can give you is the practical realisation of what's already inside you. And if you want to call it a gift, call it a gift. It's a little gift from me. And this little gift has been given to me by our Almighty Father to spread around. And if I'd wanted to, I could have just sat in one corner of the world and said, "Oh man, let's take it easy!" But here I am trying to spread this Knowledge to everyone, trying to talk of this peace to everyone, shouting and everything – because I've got something to give you, and it's something beautiful. If you have ever understood the meaning of the word beautiful – ever did? – you will really know what I mean. And I mean beautiful! It's more beautiful than the word beautiful even means. It's more than that. But at least if you can understand the meaning of the word beautiful, you will know what I am talking about. It's just gorgeous, it's just beautifu I. Because beauty derives from there. Beauty derives from this Knowledge. Nature is beautiful, but when nature is dead, it's not so beautiful. When nature is alive, then it's beautiful, and this Knowledge is what is making everything alive.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival So now, other people are going to also talk to you, and I would not like to take much of your time, because I'll only say the same thing again – you've got to realise this Perfect Knowledge. And I might just tell you this other story. Once there was a toad, a little frog, who came out of the ocean. And he walked and walked and walked into the land, and then it came nighttime, and he wanted to take some rest. So he met this other frog who was from a well, and this frog from the ocean said, "Well, now I am here, and the ocean is too far, I can't go back tonight. Will you please let me into your well for the night? And then tomorrow morning I'll go." And the frog from the well said, "Why not? You are most welcome." So, they were both there, in the well, and they started talking. The frog from the well asked, "From where have you come?" And the frog from the ocean said, "Oh well, I come from the ocean. It's really beautiful there, and it's just huge!" The frog from the

well said, "Oh, it's really huge, is it? How huge?" He said, "Oh, really, really big." So this frog from the well got up and made a little circle. He said, "That big?" The other frog said, "No, it's bigger than that." So he made a bigger circle and asked, "That big?" The ocean frog said, "No, it's bigger than that." And a little bigger one. "Is it that big?" "No! It's bigger than that." And finally that frog from the well was going round and round and round and round, until he reached the border of the well. And then he said, "That big?" The frog from the ocean said, "It's bigger than that." And the other one said, "Come on, don't be ridiculous. How can your ocean be bigger than my

well? What are you talking about? It's just impossible." The frog from the ocean said, "Well, I can't argue with you. Tomorrow we can go and see it." He said, "Yeah, that'll be a good idea!"

So the next morning they got up and they went. When this little frog from the well went into the ocean, it blew him right apart, because he just couldn't find an end to that ocean. He just kept on going and going and going and going and going. It was something he had to go and see for himself before he could realise it.

So that story, again, complies with us. There is something, something of a high realisation that Jesus taught. Because you see, John was a follower, John the Baptist was a follower of

Christ. But when John saw Him, and Christ was going to be baptised, John said, "Wait. Answer this question: are you going to baptise me or am I going to baptise you?" It means, "Who is going to baptise who?" Well, John was doing all the baptism, but there was still one baptism left that John had still to take. So who was going to baptise who? And when John really got baptised into that Holy Spirit, into that Holy Knowledge, when this Knowledge was revealed to him, then everything was just beautiful; everything was just perfect. See?

And this is that actual baptism that we have to understand. And this is why we have to go to a Perfect Master.


"When we talk about God, we put books in front of us and we make them a link between us and God. We really don't need them, because there were people once who understood God before the books were made. And finally they wrote all the books down. But God existed before any book was made. God existed before any a, b, c, d, e, f, was made. And that's the original form you have to realise Him in."

If a bucket is full, and you take it under the tap, it can't fill any more. All the water will just start coming out. But if a bucket is empty, and you put it under the tap, it'll fill. And if our hearts are full of all the confusions, all the craziness of this world – of course, they've got to be, because there is nothing that has really been put there to take them out -- when we hear this thing called satsang, which means company of truth, and which just means talking about that factual thing, talking about that truth – this is what it's called – and when we go to a Perfect Master, when we go to a Perfect Master and we hear more and more about the Knowledge, the more our curiosity grows, and the more our confusion and craziness is cleared away, until we are ready to receive it.

When I was in L.A. – no, in Denver as a matter of fact – many people told me about this Houston Astrodome. And everybody was just saying that it's really huge, it's really fantastic, and it can hold so many people in it, and that's the way it's shaped, and this is the way it is, and so on. So I figured out a picture about this Astrodome which wasn't exactly like it really is at all. And then they described the Astrohall, and that really, really big parking space, so I thought that's really neat, that sounds good. And so naturally when I came to Houston – my curiosity of course started from that point when I was told about this Astrodome, because I never knew about it before, and then somebody started telling me – I wanted to see it very much. When I arrived, everybody just kept on telling me, telling me more and more and more and more and more about it, and the more I was being told about it, the more my curiosity grew to see it.

Finally there came that point when I said," Let'sgo to the Astrodome now." We piled in the cars, came and saw it. But when I saw it, I didn't need all the drawings I had in my brain, all the pictures I had created of the Astrodome in my head. I didn't need them anymore; because whatever pictures I was creating of it, the real practical form of it was right in front of me. And the only thing left for me to do was to enjoy seeing it, to just feel how it is, and to see and understand it. And I did that. And then all the ideas that I was imagining about before weren't any good any more.

So it's like all the different, different, different concepts we have of God. When we can realise God, when we understand God in His practical form, when we can realise God in the practical form, then we don't need all those other things. Then it's just God and us. That's it. God and us. Because there is that little gap that always exists between a human being and God until he realises Him.

Because people know, they have been told since birth, that God is great, that God has made this whole world, that God has a big beard, and He has a very high-backed chair, a red chair with gold in it, and big beautiful armrests on it, and that's where He sits. And He's got a little table in front, and on this table is like a register, and He's got a big beautiful pen which is of course made from a feather, and that's what He writes everybody's future with. And there are clouds all around Him, of course.

Or to some people God is just like … because they can comprehend light better when they think about the sun, so they just think, "Oh, God is a big circle, He has two eyes and a nose, and a beautiful big smile. That's what God is." So when anybody talks about God, that's what they think, that's what God is for them. But when we can see God face to face, when we can realise Him practically within our hearts, then we don't need all those concepts. We don't need them any more. Because that's it, right over there. We can see Him.

There is a book called Who Is Guru Maharaji? And many people have read it. Charles Cameron, who kind of wrote that book, he didn't need a book to write that book. And in the same way, you can get to a point where you can investigate all those things written in that book by yourself, and then you won't need that book either because you already know everything which is written in it.

It's exactly the same in this world. When we talk about God, we put books in front of us and we make them a link between us and God. We really don't need them, because there were people once who understood God before the books were made. And finally they wrote all the books down. But God existed before any book was made. God existed before any a, b, c, d, e, f was made. And that's the original form you have to realise Him in. The inconceivable form, the form that we


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival cannot conceive of, the form that we cannot presume – that form is the form that we have to get hold of. Because He existed before this world was made, before the sun was created, before the moon was created, before light was created, before darkness was created. Before anything was there, He was there. In which form? What was His form? A body? I don't think so. In fact, I guess I'm pretty sure about it. It wasn't that. But what form then? Imagine. People weren't even born when He was in this form we are talking about. We are talking about a time where God probably had never even thought of making us. He probably said, "Okay, I'll make a puppet for myself." Then we came in.

So what is that form? And the same form as He was in at that time, He is in now. And that's why it's just so hard to conceive of Him, just so hard to presume what His form is. But the thing is, we don't need to. Because we can practically realise it. See, suppose there is a hot plate. Somebody can tell you it's hot, but still you don't know for yourself. Now if you can see it's red hot, that's fine. You don't even want to touch it then, because you can practically see it's red hot. But if you can't see it, you have to just go and feel it to find out if it's hot. It might have reached a point where it can definitely burn your hand, even though it's not red hot, but you've still got to touch that hot plate to know it is hot.

In the same way, God is there. God is always there, but we have to understand Him, we have to get that practical realisation. That is like knowing and understanding and believing all in one. Everything in one. And this is what I have to tell you. This practical realisation is all there is. It's just marvellous, it's just beautiful, it's just fantastic.

Maybe you think, "This is my happiness," so you stick to that, whatever it is. But maybe it's not. Maybe perfect happiness is a little bit further. And this is where you've got to get. And when you are in perfect happiness, then you are in perfect harmony also. And this is what you've got to tune yourself into, this is where you've got to completely merge yourself, so that you are one with God.

I was talking to one brother in Italy … I was just sitting in the car, and he came and he handed a leaflet to me. So I just started talking back to him. And well, our conversation continued and he was talking about God. He said, "I have realised God," so I said, "That's really far out." And then he said, "Yes, I have a relationship with God, and we all want to form a relationship with God, don't we?" And I said, "No, we don't." He said, "What do you mean? Why don't you?" And I said, "Listen, I want to be one with Him, not to be two separate things having a relationship.' Because you can't make a relationship with yourself. If there are two people, one me and one somebody else, then I can say, "Okay, I am a brother and he's a brother." Then they are like two things. But I can't say, "Oh, I am my own brother." That just doesn't make sense. If we are separate from God, and God is there, then, yes, you'd better have a relationship with Him. But we don't want to do that, we want to be one with. Him. In complete and perfect harmony, we just want to be with Him completely. This is what we want to do. Even nearer- than a relationship. Even more than a relationship can be – just completely one with God. This is where we want to be. And believe me, it's not impossible: it's very possible.

So now there are other people who are going to talk to you about this Knowledge, but please, try it, you'll like it! It's beautiful. Of course, eight million people like it, and soon it's going to be sixteen, and then thirty-two, and then it'll just keep on multiplying. So many people have realised it, and they are just in perfect harmony with it, and you can also be in perfect harmony with it. It doesn't take a dime and it doesn't take a penny – it's free of charge. That's beautiful, isn't it? It doesn't cost anything. It's right with you, and you can meditate on it, you can concentrate on it, while you are walking, driving, talking; doing anything. I am not even using the words almost anything, because you can do it with anything you are doing, no matter what it is. You are still one with the harmony, you are still with peace. So now, thank you very much for coming here and listening to me, and I hope you will come again tomorrow because we have more programmes for you to enjoy. We are just trying to convey to you this same thing in different, different methods so that you can get the best perspective possible from any angle. Thank you very much, and may God bless you.


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

Prem Rawat's Hand at the Millenium '73 Festival

The most beautiful thing in the world

Satsang of SHRI GURU MAHARAJ JI at the Houston Astrodome, 10th November 1973

Dear premies, ladiesand gentlemen. Today we have all assembled here for the last day of this Hans Jayanti festival in honour of my Father, who was my Guru and who founded the Divine Light Mission. In His honour on this occasion of His birthday, we celebrate this programme every year, and all the devotees from all over the world assemble at one point to honour Him, to respect Him, and to realise and understand that beautiful perfection which has been revealed within inside of them. Now, today will be our goodbye day because after this people who have come from different corners of the world are going to go back, and I'm also going back, and later on we'll probably meet again at an even bigger festival than this.

The thing I would like to say is that this life is a big car, it's a huge car, and inside this car there is a big, big engine, and in the engine there is a carburettor. And from the carburettor runs a line called the fuel line which supplies fuel to the carburettor. In some cars, before the fuel-line reaches the carburettor itself, there is a thing called a filter, and you know what this filter does? If there is any dirt in that fuel, it'll filter it right out, so that the fuel going into that carburettor is pure, it won't cause any disturbance in the running of the car, in the operating of the car. And in this life, within our brains, within our minds, there is the same thing. There is this little line running along, and we need a filter to clear that line out. And this filter is called Knowledge.

Because we are not being filtered properly, there are so many dirty particles coming in the fuel line – our imagination, our thinking, our desires – that when they eventually get inside the carburettor and go insidethe engine, they destroy the whole thing. They just ruin the whole engine so that the car doesn't run properly. And then you think, "What's going on? Why isn't the car running properly?"

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are big cars and into our lives runs a little line of love, of perfect vibration. But when there is no filter in that line, when we are not properly understanding, when that perfection is just not coming through to us perfectly but is coming to us mixed with all these other crazy things – our thoughts, our imaginations, what we have understood of this life – then we do not run properly. And that's causing the energy crisis and all the crises in this world today. And that is why so many people are dissatisfied.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival It is said that a poor man thinks, "A rich man must be satisfied," but the rich man thinks, "Maybe the king is satisfied." And the king thinks, "Oh, God must be satisfied." But who does God say is really satisfied? He says that those people who have understood Knowledge, who have understood this perfection, are the only ones who are really satisfied. Because satisfaction is the goal of our life, and we are proceeding towards it with every second which passes, because we have so many desires which are causing dissatisfaction in our hearts, and just to get rid of those desires will be satisfaction for us. For example, suppose I want a camera, I have a desire for a camera. Until and unless I get that camera, I will not be satisfied, and only at that point when the camera is with me will I be satisfied.

But if we can eliminate that problem of desire within us, if we can stop creating those desires – I'm speaking to you on a very basic level now: we are talking about eliminating a problem and the problem is that we are not satisfied in this world – if we can eliminate, if we can get rid of that little problem within us that is making us dissatisfied, then, naturally, what will be left? Satisfaction. If from ten you take out the zero, what's left? One. And that is exactly the same thing. There is a little zero which has divided us into ten parts, and we have to go out to all these ten parts of our life which we have scattered around. But if we take that zero – which means nothing, nothing at all – away, if we take out that zero, then one will be left, and that one is this One that we want to be with. Then there won't be two things, there will be only one thing, and we will be completely merged. There will be nothing else. We and our Father will be one, and this is the way to do it. I have done it. This Knowledge was revealed to me. I have done it, so you can also do it.

Because there was a point in my life also when I had not understood Knowledge. I was just a little kid, going to school and studying, but I had so many, many opportunities to go with my Father when He used to go to give spiritual discourses that something completely shattered the idea into me that there must be something, there must be something superior, there must be something more beautiful than what I think there is. I didn't think I was sad at that time. In fact I thought that I was very, very happy, until a point came when I realised there was a greater happiness than what I was thinking about. And then I really wanted to get


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

to that happiness, because it is man's nature to always reach for the highest thing.

Of course, sometimes a man is facing towards the lowest, but thinking that it's the highest, he aims at it, he dives into it. He thinks that's the highest point he can reach in his life, but actually it's a lower point. And that's the time when a man gets into difficulties. Otherwise, I don't think anything is a problem in this world, I really don't think so, because the way this whole creation has been made is perfect from tip to toe. It's just perfect, it's just beautiful.

If you've been to different places and have seen the beauties of nature, you'll agree – it's completely gorgeous, it's completely beautiful. When the sun comes out, everything just comes completely alive. And on a full moon … well, many people might be scared of werewolves, but I guess there is no werewolf really. The werewolf is our mind, which comes out on a full moon because it is like the sun for him but actually it is the moon. Our mind gets hallucinated, gets affected by it, and it turns into a werewolf and starts eating us up. That's just our mind. The full moon is really very beautiful. Just imagine the ocean with the full moon shining right on top of it, the whole ocean just being completely flooded in moonlight, with all the rays of the moon just shining right onto the dancing waves … it's beautiful, isn't it?

But then there is that beauty from which all this beauty that we see came from. Now that is the real beauty, and that is what we all need, that is what we all have to aim for. This is the aim of our lives and until and unless we know this proper aim of our lives … I will tell you something. It's very hard to proceed towards our main goal without knowing what it is and how to get there. First, we have to understand what it is, first we have to recognise, first we have to feel that, yes, this is our destination. And how can we do this? We must go to people who can tell us about it. Now, there are some people who have Known that place, who have recognised it, who have taken it as their destination and who have reached there and seen that, "Yes, everything is A-OK." Well, those are the people you must go to, and such people are called Perfect Masters. They tell you about the perfectness that they have experienced, that they are one with, and then they show you how to reach it.

And this is the place where that perfect beauty resides that is creating this whole world at every moment, and making it so beautiful. Imagine how beautiful that God must be who created all this beauty. When we say "Wow!" for this beauty, what are we going to say for Him when we see Him? We can't say the same word "Wow!" because that's just what we say when we see this beauty. But what about when we see that beauty! What will we say to

"Imagine how beautiful that God must be, who created all this beauty. When we say 'Wow!' for this beauty, what are we going to say for Him when we see Him?"

Him? Well, you don't have to bother about it, because when you see Him, you won't have to say anything, because that's a place where there's just no speaking. There's just no speaking there because everything is just completely in a flow and there's just perfectness left. There's nothing more to say, just nothing more to do. When you're driving, you keep driving till you come to your house but when you get there you leave the car and just walk right in and then there is no more driving. We just go right into the house.

And that's exactly the situation here. We can use our imagination, our minds, we can write our books, our scriptures about it, or we can give talks, give our spiritual discourses about it, to make you understand that there is something like that, and you must get it. But finally, when you realise, when you get here, all of these things stop because they just all go into one point.

It's as if you are driving on a highway. The signs are all saying Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, but when you are in Los Angeles, they don't just say Los Angeles: a sign then says "Los Angeles – city limits", and then you are there, your destination is zero, because when you are there, what is the counting for? If you start from maybe ten miles away, you go ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, but once you have reached there, there is no more counting required because you are right there. How can you even count it? So all those steps that we are taking to realise God are just different mile-markers we pass as we are trying to approach and trying to understand God. But when we reach that point, when we hit the point when God is with us and when we are one with God, there are no more steps – it's just completely perfect and just completely beautiful. See?

So this is what we have to understand. People are becoming too attached to this materialistic world. But in this materialistic world we have to be detached like a lotus flower which is born in the dirty water, which is sustained by dirty water, but which still does not touch the dirty water. It's beautiful, and it always stays much higher than that dirty water beneath it. And this is how we have got to live in this world. Yes, to have food and everything, but to still be like a lotus flower, still be away from the world, far, far away from it, because you can be. You can be like a lotus flower, and isn't a lotus flower beautiful? I think it is. I think it's very beautiful. And this is what we have to be.

There are so many different ways of explaining that one perfection that all these scriptures have described. It has been said in different words by different saints, but they say the same thing realise this perfectness, because it is


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival within inside of us all, and we only have to realise it. We only have to see within inside of ourselves, and then once we see it, it's like I just told you, there's no question about it, then you are with it, that beautiful perfection which is within inside of you.

It's as if you have a mark here, on your face, a black mark, a black spot. Maybe it's just because of oil or something, but you don't notice it because you can't see it. So your friend tells you, "Buddy, you've got a spot up there." So now you know either there is something wrong or he is kidding you. Twee things. So then you say, "Okay, I'm gonna check it for myself," and you go before a mirror and when you see it – it doesn't take you a split of a second to see it when you are before the mirror – you just wipe it off. It's gone and that's that.

And this Knowledge is that mirror and the Guru is your friend, the Perfect Master is your friend, and He comes to you and tells you, "Sir, you've got a black spot," and you say "Okay, I'll check it for myself." So you take one more step, you stand in front of the mirror and you see it practically for yourself, and when you see it practically for yourself, there is nothing left to it – you just wipe it right off and everything is okay. This is how it is!

Now, I can assure you of one thing, and that is that I can establish peace in this world. I can assure you of that because the power of the Knowledge is incredible, and when people understand it, when people realise it, that's it for them. They have found peace, and this is the way we can establish peace on this earth. On this very planet, in this very century, we can do it. It's no problem. It's no big mystery. The only thing is, how to go about doing it. That's the only thing. Otherwise it's very possible. That word peace, that Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, is very possible.

But remember, as I was telling you the other day, God is not going to come with a purple screen and put it up on the blue sky, and say, "There's

"Now I can assure you of one thing, and that is that I can establish peace in this world. I can assure you of that because the power of the Knowledge is incredible, and when people understand it, when people realise it, that's it for them. They have found peace, and this is the way we can establish peace on this earth. On this very planet, in this very century, we can do it."

"Now I can assure you of one thing, and that is that I can establish peace in this world. I can assure you of that because the power of the Knowledge is incredible, and when people understand it, when people realise it, that's it for them. They have found peace, and this is the way we can establish peace on this earth. On this very planet, in this very century, we can do it."

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festivalthe Kingdom of Heaven!" And He's not going to bring a white sheet and pull it over the earth and say, "That's the Kingdom of Heaven!" So what is He going to do? The trouble is, because our imagination has just been computered since we were born to think of God as being a man, that's what we have always thought – God's going to come like a man, with two legs and two hands, walking along a road shouting, "Here I am – the Kingdom of Heaven. Are you ready for it?" and all the people go, "Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir," and probably the police come blowing their siren, and someone tells them, "There's the mad man. Take him to hospital." See? This is how it is. This is what people think.

But no. We have to realise God practically, we have to practically understand God, and when we understand, then we'll really see that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here. It's just right here. It's got to come from nowhere, it's just that we have to change, it's just that we have to realise it's here and feel it and be one with it.

Because whatever Jesus revealed to His disciples has not disappeared. It's still here, because at that time people were alive because of the same Knowledge, and people are alive now because of the same Knowledge, and if people are going to stay alive in the future, it's going to be because of that same Knowledge. And the same Knowledge Jesus revealed, I have got it here. But you have to understand it. You have to realise it.

I'm not claiming anything on top of this. I cannot promise you anything except one thing. I can't make promises saying, "I'll do this for you," or "I'll do that for you." I can promise you one thing. I can promise you world peace. I can promise you peace of mind. These are the things I can promise you, because I have them to give. There's no objection about it, there's no problem, there's no doubt in my mind about it. I have peace and I can establish peace.

Maybe you are asking, "But how? How are you going to do it?" But let me do it and then I'll tell you how. The only thing is, you've got to co-operate with me, then it'll be simple. It's as if


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festivalyou come to me and I bring out a dress and say, "I'll get you dressed up," and you say, "How?" So I say, "Let me get you dressed up, then you'll know how." But if you start struggling and not wearing the dress, then that's going to be pretty hard for me, isn't it? I'll just have to tie you down and then put the dress on you. And that's just not a gentleman's way of doing it. A gentleman walks into the shop, picks something and then he just stands and relaxes. Then the tailor comes and puts the suit on him and that's it, he's wearing the suit. It looks just fine and it was no trouble for the tailor. And that's how it is, but you've got to cooperate with me.

You know, many, many people in this world say many, many things about me. They are saying, "You are this," and, "You are that." But we're not even talking about me. We're talking about that Knowledge, that thing that's within inside of us. That's what we are talking about. Nobody is talking about me here. I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about that Knowledge that has to be perfectly understood by the people of this world, that has to be put into practice in this world, because it's the way to peace. We all want peace, we all are trying to work for peace, many different people are trying to come up with new ideas for peace. But do you really want peace? Then give me a try. Let me have a try and I'll establish peace for you. It's a simple deal. It's like infinity to zero. I want nothing out of you and in return I'll give you infinite peace, I'll give you infinite Knowledge, I'll give you the infinite perfection.

In this world we are all looking for a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing. But that thing is within us and we do not know it, until somebody comes and shows us. Sometimes we make a mistake: we are searching for a ring but we do not realise it is on our own hand. We say, "Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?" and then there comes a point when you are tired, really tired, you are sweating all over and you don't know what to do, and you are angry too. Suddenly you go like this and the ring

"Then give me a try. Let me have a try and I'll establish peace for you. It's a simple deal. It's like infinity to zero. I want nothing out of you and in return I'll give you infinite peace, I'll give you infinite Knowledge, I'll give you the infinite perfection."

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival scratches you and you say, "Oh, look at that! Hey! What a fool I was! It was right on my finger and I was looking for it everywhere!"

And this is what many people say when they receive the Knowledge. Really they do, because that's exactly the way it is! They were searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and searching. They got sweating tired! They got so they felt, "I don't want it any more even if it comes running to me, so forget it!" They are doing all this and suddenly it's like … there is a better story I can tell you, there is a better example I can give you which I have given many times before but because maybe many people haven't heard it, I'm going to give it again. Suppose you are in Houston looking for a Superman comic. You go searching all round Houston. You search the whole Astrodome, you search the bookshops – every place – but you can't get a Superman comic. You even go to every house, just every place possible in Houston in fact, searching for a Superman comic: even in the litter boxes. But everyone says, "Sorry, we don't have one." So you get tired and it's humid in Houston and you're sweating all over and it's really miserable for you, so in the end you just go and sit under a tree, thinking, "I can't find one anywhere." And then, you're sitting there with your eyesclosed, and suddenly a little guy, only four or five years old, comes up with something under his shirt, shakes you and says, " 'Scuse me." Immediately, you'll say, "What's up? What do you want?" You're frustrated, you know, you've completely lost your cool by now, so you say, "What do you want? Get out of here! I don't want you! Don't disturb me! Let me have some peace of mind! Can't you see I'm sitting here relaxing."

And then this kid says, "Oh, I'm sorry but I thought you wanted a Superman comic." And you say, "What do you mean, I wanted one? I was looking for one all over the place, but I couldn't get one." Then the kid says, "Oh no? I can give you one." It's like, he's a really cool boy, he is just


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

smiling, he is cool and you're all screwed up 'n just ready to burst open. You just don't like that cool boy at all because he is too cool for you, just too cool. Of course, I'm not blaming you for that because it's just the state of frustration you are in, and you just don't like guys fooling around with you like that. But then that kid opens the first button of his shirt and you see the comic. "Hey man! I don't believe it. What's going on?" And then that kid takes out a Superman comic and gives it to you.

Well, your mouth is wide open. You just can't believe it. One moment ago it wasn't there, and the next moment it is right in your hands. You didn't even have to do anything about it. That boy just came up and gave it to you. And for five minutes maybe you'll be a bit flipped out because you won't understand what's going on. This peace you were thinking about and searching for is suddenly right in front of you, it's right there. There's no question about it, and afterwards everything is just beautiful, everything is just cool. In fact, the only thing you want to do then is just to take that boy and start hugging him because what he did for you was just so beautiful, because you were looking for something and he gave it to you.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival And that's the exact situation here. I don't mean any disrespect to you, of course. I was just acting for you. Maybe you wouldn't be like that, maybe you are cool. But still there would be a little bit of frustration, and this is what happens with all people. I have dealt with millions and millions and millions and millions of people, really I have. I've even gone to people's houses and talked to them about this peace and you know what they say? "Come on, will you please leave me alone? Just don't talk about that thing. I know that thing doesn't even exist." They're so sure about it. Because they couldn't find it, they're certain it doesn't exist.

It's as if they've been looking for a person all over the house and suddenly he pops out of a room. They'll say, "Hey! Where have you been? I was looking for you all over the place."

And then he just gives a big smile and says, "If you were looking for me all over the place, why didn't you look here? That's where I was." They said they had been looking for him all over the place but really they hadn't. They searched three rooms and thought, "That's all over the place, and still I can't find him." But he was probably in the fourth room, and when he pops up and they say, "Oh, where have you been? We've been looking for you all over the place," he'll just smile and say, "Why didn't you look in the fourth room, 'cos that's where I was!"

And that's the exact condition with us. We're looking for God all over the place and suddenly we get a little feeling of Him, suddenly we feel Him and we say, "Hey, where have you been? I was looking for you all over the place." And God will say, "Why didn't you look within inside of your heart? That's where I was."

So you all shouldn't go anywhere, because it's right there. These are just different ways of explaining the one meaning that I want to relate. It's the Knowledge that we are all searching for. No matter if we don't call it Knowledge. Maybe we call it peace. If we don't call it peace, maybe we call it satisfaction of mind. If we don't call it satisfaction of mind, maybe we call it something else. Maybe we call it a dove with a little green thing in its beak. Maybe we call it two fingers straight up, because some people call that peace.

But whatever we call it, that's what we are all looking for. It's something we are all looking for, everybody is, no matter in which way they are looking for it. The ways are different. Maybe they are looking for it in money, maybe they are just looking in materialism, maybe they are looking for it in different things, but we are all looking for it and we all want it. And the day, the second, the moment we approach the proper person, the very second we approach the right person who can give it to us, He gives it to us, and when He does give it to us, it's all there is to our

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festivallives. But we must find that person and be ready to receive from Him. You see, there is a saying in Sanksrit which says (He speaks Sanskrit) I'll translate it for you, because I bet you didn't understand it – it means if you give pearls to birds, they won't eat them (He speaks Sanskrit again). If you give Cadbury's chocolates or some beautiful sweets to a donkey, he won't eat them.

Now I think when Blue Aquarius was playing and all that light was being shone on them, they looked pretty beautiful. But if there was a blind person sitting there, for him that didn't mean anything. No matter how much beautiful light you shine on them, it just wouldn't mean anything to him. And I think the band also did a very good job playing the music, playing all the instruments. But if there was a deaf person here, it didn't mean anything to him. It was all blank. So in the same way, it is said if you try to talk about God in front of a man who has isolated himself from the search for

Truth, it's going to do him no good because he has isolated himself, he has trapped himself, he has closed himself in. No matter what there is inside him, you can't reach it. If there is poison inside a bottle, you can lick that bottle as many times as you like, and that won't do anything for you. But as soon as you open the bottle, then lick it, that's it. If the poison is inside the bottle, you can just keep on licking the outside, and as long as no drops have dropped down onto the outside of the bottle, there can be potassium cyanide in it: it won't do any harm to you. But as soon as you reach inside and that poison's on your tongue, that's it. You are flat on your back.

And this is something we all have to understand, that no matter how much we look at this outside world, we will not find that inner Truth. Because what this outside world is, is just a reflection. It's just a reflection, and reflections are not real. They never last. There is a time when spring comes and everything is beautiful and green, and then fall

comes and everything is gone. All those beautiful leaves are gone, they are just mud now. All that's left is just rotten leaves – you don't even want them. At one point to just see them on the tree, you didn't even want to pick them because they looked so beautiful, and the same thing you are now ready to throw away. You go into your garden, you pick some beautiful flowers, you put them in your room and they look gorgeous, they look beautiful, but one day a point comes where you just take those same flowers and throw them in the garbage can. There was once a time when you went out, you gardened your garden, you took your scissors, and you grew all these beautiful, beautiful roses and other flowers. Then you had them placed in your room, in your living room, and you probably liked them very much. And now, with the same hands, the same person takes the same flowers from the same vase in the same room, and throws them outside into the litter box.

So what we must search for has to be more, much, much, much, more, than this beauty around us. It has to be a beauty which will never destroy itself. It'll be something that'sjustcontinuous, and this is what we have to find and be in, this is what we really have to get into. We have to find it, realise it, and understand it. Because there really is something beautiful behind this beautiful nature which is making it beautiful, and this is what we have to understand, this is what we have to realise. And if we can realise that perfection, if we can realise that beauty, then we will really understand how beautiful this whole world is, because then that barrier which is stopping us being in love with everybody, which is stopping us feeling brotherhood for everybody, will be lifted away. And then it will be just beautiful.

Many premies sing the song "We are one in the spirit" because they have really got there, and understood what they are. They are liked ifferent different flowers which have been threaded onto one thread. This is how we really are, and this is how we really have to understand ourselves as being. And when we can understand this, then we'll be able


to recognise that perfection, that beauty that we are all looking for.

Then there won't be any riots. Everything will be self-controlled: it'll be more automatic than you have ever seen. Human beings whom the police have to chase will stop running at that time, because they will know what they should be doing. Right now they are just running and running and running and running, but when that time comes, they'll have run as much as possible, they will have reached their final destination and everything will be just cooled off and it'll be just beautiful. They won't have to run for anything. They'll just completely cool down. You just won't believe it! It's as if you have some boiling hot water, so hot that if you put your finger into it, it'll just burn your skin right away. But if somebody comes and pours a little bit of a certain medicine in it, in a split of a second, the water is cooled down, and you'll be able to put both your hands into it and it won't do you any harm. That's exactly the way it will be. All this deception and all these problems – just problems, problems, problems are going on inside of people and as soon as that Word is dropped into us, as soon as that Knowledge, that perfection, that nectar, is dropped into us, it just makes it beautiful, it just makes us absolutely calm, it just makes everything gorgeous.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 FestivalThat nectar is within inside of us, as I was describing yesterday, and a saint has also described it, saying that there's a well in the middle of heaven and all the lame people can go to it and they drink and they drink and they drink from that well. They climb up to that well without stairs, and they are lame. They don't take rockets, they don't take choppers, they don't take hel icoptors. It's such a high point and still they walk, they walk to it, but how do they walk to it? That's a little mystery, isn't it? Well, really that's a very big little mystery – very big for the world but little for us. Because now it's not a mystery for us. But for the world, this is the big mystery that we have to solve.

We are all Sherlock Holmes. We are all trying to find this little thing that we are missing. And Sherlock Holmes always had an assistant with him who kind of keeps asking him questions and making the whole thing just so funny, because he does all these silly things and he's … well, he's so big, but still he just looks silly because he does all these silly things.

And that's just how it is with us. This mind is our assistant and we are Sherlock Holmes, trying to solve a mystery. And we are all searching and searching and searching and searching just to solve this little mystery, and this little funny man within is always doing little funny things and just blows the whole thingoff sometimes. But one day, we meet someone who opens up the whole thing, who opens up the whole case, and He is called Satguru. He is called Perfect Master and He opens the whole case right up. And there is your little mystery solved. And you are very pleased, you are very happy, because that's when you really understand, that's when you really experience real happiness. And until that happens, until that mystery is solved, you really cannot understand how happiness could even come to you.

Because I don't think if it's hot and you switch on air-conditioning it's happiness, it's peace of mind, it's satisfaction. If you are feeling thirsty and you drink a glass of water, you can say, "Ah, that's peace. I like it." But when you are finished with the water, the peace has gone, you know, the peace has gone because now you are no longer thirsty, and that nice feeling when the water came into you has gone. It is really funny. Some people have been standing for three hours and when they get to sit down, they say, "Oh, that's fantastic. That's peace of mind." But it's not!

What really is peace of mind? That's what you have to understand. What does perfection really mean? That's what you have to understand. And it's not in switching on air-conditioning, it's not in sitting on chairs. Those things are not peace. Peace is something else, peace is beyond those things which

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

we think of as peace. It is only a practical realisation, it is only practical and individual experience of peace, that can really make us understand what it really is. Because if I eat and I say, "Okay, I am eating for my brother today. My brother can go ahead with the Blue Aquarius band practice and I'll eat it for Him," I can eat as much as I like, but still that won't do any good for my brother, because He'll still be hungry. He'll be like playing and He'll be thinking, "I wonder if Maharaj J i has eaten His lunch yet because I'm still feeling hungry." And there I'll be eating away and packing up my stomach, and I'll finish and He'll still be thinking, "I wonder if Maharaj J i has eaten or not because I am still feeling hungry, and He's supposed to be eating for me." I'll have eaten the food and still He'll be hungry, because it's an individual experience. If He wants to stop feeling hungry, He has got to eat for Himself. And this is what Knowledge is. No matter how much I talk about it, until and unless you realise it practically, it's not going to do you any good.

Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival So now I would like to thank you very much, and I would like to thank all the people who have been working hard for this festival – Bal Bhagwan J i and all those other associates who have been working very hard for this programme to bring about this really strong vibration for people to feel. You know, it's almost been like a movie, where you can see people moving and talking. But a movie is not a perfect example, because a movie is just an illusion, and this is the practical thing we are talking about. This is practical. We are really telling you to understand this Knowledge, urging you, requesting you, to understand this Knowledge because it is just beautiful, and we want to tell you for a good reason.

We're not … well, maybe we are a little bit crazy, but I don't know why. We just want to tell you about this Knowledge. We can't help ourselves, we just can't help ourselves shouting about it. You know, even if we sit down and make up our minds not to tell you about it, we'll still tell you and, once we have told you about it, we are still going to hang around and wait until you really get it, you know, because we want you to have it. It's beautiful. It's perfect.

It's just as if your mother goes to see something and likes it. So she says, "Oh, you should really go and see that. Oh, it's beautiful, you should really go and see it." For some reason, she really wants you to go and see that thing and she waits for you to go and see it. It's the same thing. We have realised it, we can meditate upon it, whether we are walking or talking or sitting or driving or flying – you name it – we can still meditate on it because it's always right there within inside of us.

So, I think it's been really beautiful seeing all the premies up here, it's really been good, and I hope when they go back they will propagate this Knowledge more and more because, you know, I just told you, we can't help it. At least I can't help it, telling people about this Knowledge, and I think the same condition should be with you because you have also understood it and you have also realised it, and now that you have to go back, it's your duty to tell other people about this Knowledge.

So premies and ladies and gentlemen, we feel really pleased that you have come here to listen to us, to hear what we have to say, and I hope you will understand us. What we talk is just about this Knowledge and nothing else. We don't ask your money, we don't ask anything else, we just want you to have this Knowledge, free of charge. This is all, all we want.

It's really been beautiful here, and I'd like to say thank you very much to all the premies, and to Blue Aquarius and the choir. They've been really doing beautiful performances out here and I think all the people who have watched them and listened to them have also enjoyed it. And now I think it's time I should say goodbye to you, so may God bless you all and, premies, keep on doing meditation. It's going to be more beautiful.

Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat at the Millenium '73 Festival

"And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forrth across an arc of heaven: the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky. The wise will lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near. For as the morning light comes from the east and shines into the west, so shall be the coming of the age and son of man."-"

Aquarian Gospel CLVII: 29-35

Divine Light Magazine Vol 3 No 4 January 1974



Prem Rawat's Divine Light Mission Ashrams' in 1974