Mata Ji and Bhole Ji: The righteous shall possess the land and shall live there at peace for ever. - Psalm 37:29 Continuous and Perfect Peace

Satsang of SHRI RAJA JI
Fulham Town Hall
11th February, 1973

Dear premies,

Some people wonder why Guru Maharaj Ji says that only He can give peace to everyone. The real truth is that only He is the Perfect Master, and only the Perfect Master gives perfection. Some people do not believe it because a professor who teaches science or something like that is very old, so how can this fourteen year old boy Guru or boy God, something like that they call Him, give perfect peace? But the reality is that Guru Maharaj Ji is not fourteen or fifteen or sixteen, because He was there when the world was not there and He will be here when you will not be here. So He is not fourteen, but just appears to us as fourteen, so we say He is fourteen. He has come into this world in such a way that He appears to be fourteen. You see, Guru Maharaj Ji was born a yogi, and He got this power, He got this main thing, from the time when Shri Guru Maharaj Ji died. At that time Guru Maharaj Ji was only eight years old. We say that He was eight, or we say that He is only fourteen, but this is our imagination.

Now, there was a king who dreamt he had lost his kingdom and everything. So in his dream he was a very poor man, a very poor beggar, as everyone is actually, though they think they are very rich. "Yes, I have a car," people say, and they think because they have a car they are very rich. But really they can't say they own anything; they imagine that they own things, but not really. So, he had lost his kingdom and everything and he is a beggar now, so he goes to a poor woman and asks, "My dear mother, may I have something to eat?" "I don't have anything cooked," she said, "But I have a little food that I can give you and you can cook it yourself." So she gave him that.

So can we imagine a king doing this? Many rich people live in England, Howard Hughes, Paul Getty, all these people. Let's just imagine a person like this, earning about £1,050 a minute, going and sitting on the road side and building a fire to cook his food. It is


impossible to imagine but this is what the king did. And then an ox comes running past his fire and kicks everything into the dust and then the king awakes and sees that he is sleeping on his bed and his soldiers, courtiers and everyone are standing around. So he had this problem about which is the real thing, because just one moment before he was a beggar, crying and hungry, and now he was in his palace again. He had this doubt about it and he wanted to know the solution to this problem, because, as Guru Maharaj Ji says in His commandments, never keep a doubt in your mind. He didn't want to keep this doubt in his mind. So he invited anybody who could to come and answer this question about which was the real thing. He made two thrones for them to sit on. Anyone sitting on the highest one who could not answer the quiz would be publicly executed, and anyone sitting on the lower one who could not answer the question would be imprisoned for life. Of course, there would be a big reward for the right answer. In fact, the person who could satisfy the king would get his whole kingdom and, seeing the situation, many people ran forward to solve the problem. Many people tried, but nobody had enough guts or enough courage to sit on the big throne. So whoever went there -- not everybody went there, of course, because if I was there at that time I would only go and offer to tell the truth if I had Knowledge. I wouldn't lose my life or get imprisoned just for a mere thing like that, just to get something. I am very happy as I am, everybody who went there sat on the small throne, and nobody was able to satisfy him so they were all imprisoned for life.

Raja Ji Rawat: Listen, Satguru can do everything for you. Realise who He is. He has unlimited power. Now there was a Perfect Master at that time who was eight years old, just like Guru Maharaj Ji was, but that Perfect Master came in a body that was very diseased and lame, and His skin was coarse and His body was crooked. No need to ask why; it had to be. Why do we think that Christ, the Perfect Master of His time, was crucified? It had to be. He was the Perfect Master.

Just as they were going to crucify Him, He could have walked off. But it had to be so, and in the same way this also had to be, He had to come in this crooked body. So He was walking along and some boys were playing marbles, and He asked, "May I play with you?" And the boys said, "No, you don't have any father." Now, He went to His mother and asked, "Where is my father?" Now actually, His father had tried to answer the question and was imprisoned and His mother was a bit afraid about telling her son. But she did and immediately He wanted to go to the court of the king to answer the question. She did not want to lose her son also, but after gathering courage, she said, "Yes, you can go."

So then He asked for His mother's blessing. Even though He was the Perfect Master, He asked for blessings from His mother. "Mother, I want your blessings." Because, of course, it is only due to His mother that any in

carnation can come. So He asked for Her blessings and His mother gave them, saying, "I hope you are successful in your mission." So He went to the court and, not looking here or there, not being afraid of anything, He sat on the biggest throne, just like that. Now people began to laugh at Him and He called to the king. "What is this now, king? Your court is a court of cobblers because they can judge my body, they can judge my skin, very well. They are menders of soles; not internal souls, but shoe soles."

The king thought, "Yes, I think He will be the only person to give me the right answer, because He is the only one who sees my courtiers as they are." So he sent his secretary up to the boy to ask the important question and ask for satisfaction on this. But when the secretary came, the Perfect Master didn't even look at him, didn't even pay any attention to him, so the king sent his soldiers and said, "Now please


leave this throne and you will be executed." Then the boy said, "What the hell do you mean by this, sending your secretary? Your secretary doesn't want to he satisfied, you want to be satisfied. So you come yourself. If you arc in need of something, then it is for you to come and ask me."

So the king then went up to the boy and was satisfied. Because He was the only Perfect Master of the time, the king gave Him everything.

Raja Ji Rawat: You are the immortal children of God. Know your own Creator, realise His glory within yourself because He is shining inside you. So it is the same thing with Guru Maharaj Ji now. He wants to show us but see, we have doubts in our minds, and these doubts should be cleared by whatever means. Three things are very necessary -- meditation, satsang and service. All three are necessary. It is like a triangle; on one side is service, on one side is meditation and on one side is satsang. If you don't have the Knowledge, you can still do service and go to satsang, but the circuit can never be completed, the triangle can't go all the way round, until the Knowledge is

there also. How can you meditate without Knowledge? How can you imagine such a thing that you have never seen? You cannot. You can only meditate on a thing which you have seen. So meditation is very necessary, but it is only possible if you have the Knowledge. It is no use going along a path which doesn't lead anywhere. Suppose there is a rope which is just hanging from nowhere because of magnetism or something like that. Where will this rope take you if you climb up it? You will get to the top and where arc you? You are just in a big hole. So until you have the Knowledge -- and by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji you can have the Knowledge -- it is good to do service and good to hear satsang, but if you don't have the Knowledge, that's what we call freaky. Some people tell us that we in Divine Light Mission are very freaky, but we call other people freaky, because their ideas differ from place to place, from person to person, and our ideas are always the same.

So by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, everyone can get the Knowledge, but what will the Knowledge do? It will tell us that this is the person, that this is the Light, that this is the peace. And everybody will have peace, personal peace, and when everyone has continuous and perfect peace, all the families will also have continuous and perfect peace, and all the countries will also have continuous and perfect peace. And all this is due to Perfect Knowledge being in the world.

But now there is no peace between countries, and if there is a war, even other countries can't do anything to bring peace there. See how there was a war between East Pakistan and West Pakistan, other people couldn't do anything about it because it was an internal affair. No, until and unless everyone attains Knowledge, it is impossible for there to be perfect peace in the world. Because even though every country is trying its level best, still there is not peace. Peace will come when everybody meditates. Until then it is impossible. I have not been to


Mata Ji Rawat: A mother whose son is doing service to Guru Maharaj Ji is so fortunate, because he is doing work for the whole of mankind. Vietnam myself, but I hear the news, read the newspapers, see the television, and still there is a bullet going here and a bullet going there, even though there is supposed to be peace. There is never perfect peace.

For perfect peace this Knowledge is necessary, and how can we get this Knowledge? By going to somebody who can give it to us. And who is that person? He is the Satguru, He is the Perfect Master. Different religions call Him different names. And if we want to get this Knowledge, we should go to Him with a child's heart, the heart of a child. We take children to school and tell them, this is A and this is B and this is C. They don't ask why it is A and not Z, because they don't know what Z is; they will be taught that later. If we have a child's heart like this, a very humble heart, we will surely receive this Knowledge. And when we receive this Knowledge, if we still have a child's heart, then we will go deeper into it. When a child is very small and wants to know something, say he wants to learn A, he goes around remembering A. From the gate of his house to the gate of his school He is thinking, A, A, A, A, because he wants to remember that. In the same way, when we have the Knowledge and if we want to go deep into it with a child's heart, we will meditate constantly, and the more we meditate, the more we merge with God. The really nice thing about meditation is that there is no limit on it. If we think how much more we have to go, it is always infinite. We can meditate for 24 hours every day.

So for meditation it is necessary to have Knowledge, and if we have Knowledge it is necessary for us to meditate, and if we meditate it is also necessary to have satsang. Satsang is a kind of injection. Some people inject drugs, but when you inject a drug the injection is only in one place. When I am speaking or when Mata Ji is speaking, it is such a thing that it injects in every place, and the effect goes all over. And this is the object -- to spread peace, and it's the only way we can help.