Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Young Satguru or Perfect Master Prophecies

"This great deliverer shall Europa save,
Which haughty monarchs labour to enslave,
Then shall religion rear her starry head,
And Light Divine through the nation spread."

-- Sir Richard Blackmore, from King Arthur,
written in 1695.

"For when the son of man will come again no man need point the way; for as the lightning lights the heavens, so will the son of man light up the heavens and earth."

-- The Aquarian Gospel, Chapter 145

"I had a glory with our Father God before the worlds were made, and still I come to serve the race of men; to be the minister of men; to give my life for men."

-- The Aquarian Gospel, Chapter 146

"And if they say, 'The Christ is in the secret place,' believe it not; for when He comes the world will know that He has come."

-- The Aquarian Gospel, Chapter 157