Introduction Divine Light

Containing the discourses of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
and his Holy Family

Dear reader,

I hope this issue will satisfy you. Though not perfect we try to make it as perfect as we can. We aim this magazine towards the premies and don't think they will be interested in other magazines, because, being a devotee myself, I think that any magazine that doesn't print Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang is horrible. Being the editor of this magazine, I am only expressing my own views of course. They may be wrong or right, but every other editor has his own views to express and being no special man I do so also. It is for the readers to judge if I am right or wrong. They are the people to whom this job is given, because to a man who is thirsty water is important and he is the one who can judge its value. In the same way, for us Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan and his satsang are important. So we publish the most important thing and that is the holy words of Guru Maharaj Ji. We received a few letters complaining that our magazine contained mostly satsang and not worldly things. But dear premies, whatever the world may think, Guru Maharaj Ji and His satsang is the most important thing. If we need the love of Guru Maharaj Ji we should meditate on the Knowledge He has given us, understanding the importance of time, and realizing that time never repeats itself. It is never too late to understand and to make a firm resolution to serve Guru Maharaj Ji and to meditate upon His perfect Knowledge, which is the one and only way towards the Almighty.

-- Shri Raja Ji

Published Monthly Volume 2. No. 8