Only the Perfect Lord is the Bright Shining SunInternational Knowledge

Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Sydney Lower Town Hall, Australia, 6 October 1972

Dear sisters and brothers,

Mahatma Gurucharnanand has been explaining to you some fundamental or basic things about this Knowledge. We have come into this world with this body. There is a very definite purpose for us to be in this world. Suppose we walk from our house to some ground, or a garden. There is a definite purpose. Suppose you want to take a walk, still there is a purpose: you want to take a walk. Suppose you sit in a car and then drive off. Still there is a purpose: you want to drive off.

Now we have come into this world and there is a very definite purpose for us to be in this world, but we have not realised this till now. Why not? It is very simple. If you go into Disneyland -- many Australian people have not been to America and, of course, not to Disneyland -- and if you see all these astonishing things and all those trips, you will be just looking at them instead of trying to enjoy them. You will be seeing the roller coasters; you will be seeing those big trains moving around; you will be seeing people moving around; you will be seeing all those tricks, all those things, but we will not take advantage of them. The same thing has happened to us here in the world. We come to this world and find there are so many things happening and we get lost. And when we get lost, we finally come to one point where we must inform ourselves that we are deluded, that we are in complete delusion. Then we need someone who can bring us out from this delusion. Always we have been requiring such a person.

We require something infinite. Something infinite is very easy to spell, but it's hard to understand. Anyone can learn the spelling of infinity, but no one can reach the end of infinity, because there is no end to infinity. I can learn A B C D, but still there is something left to learn. All through my life, until I am maybe eighty years old, I will be learning and learning and learning, but still there will be something left.


I would have been satisfied to be a mischievous little boy… And if I want to become a perfect learned man then what should I do? Suppose I want to travel in other countries. Let's say Europe, America, Canada, South America, Australia and India. And when I go to these countries I really want to speak there, I want to relate to the people, but I only know one language, let's say Hindi.

I try and I start giving my discourses in Hindi here, and then I go to Japan and I start giving my discourses in Hindi there. No one is going to understand. But if I learn one common language, the so-called international language, English, then I go to America. I can talk to the people and people understand me. I come to Australia, I talk to people and people understand me. So now when I go to different parts of the world, people understand me. So in spite of all other knowledge and all other languages, I first of all took a course in English, which is easy to speak and international. In spite of all the knowledge in the world, we have to take one international knowledge. What is that international knowledge? What is the fundamental or basic thing that the whole world exists on? Energy. See, when we take the smallest particle of anything, the so- called atom, and when we divide the atom, energy breaks out. And the definition of energy which scientists describe, you'll find, is that energy is never created and never destroyed. Energy is the thing which is everywhere, supporting everything. We are existing today, let's say we are breathing, that's why we exist. But breathing is not the only thing. If our heart stops, then what will happen? The heart is not the only thing. There is still something and then there is still something, then there is still something. We think that the heart, the breathing system, and the eating system make us alive. But if you dissect a dead body, you will find all these things there. So what is this thing that makes us alive? What is it? Doctors have been trying to search for this thing for years and years and years. They have never been able to find it. The day they will find this thing, they will be able to make a dead man alive. But they are still searching.

Really it is right inside of us, but how to know it? How to understand that which is the nearest thing to us? The retinas of our eyes with which we see are the nearest parts to our eyes. But can we see our retinas without a mirror? Can we see our face without a mirror? Can we see the tip of our noses without a mirror? And they are the nearest parts, very near parts to us. Can we see them? Can we see the tip of our nose, our eyelids, without a mirror? No. In the same way the nearest thing to us, this energy, cannot be seen without a mirror. But which mirror should we apply? Not these materialistic mirrors, but the mirror of Knowledge, the mirror of enlightenment, is the only mirror which can lead us to this light, which can lead us to this energy.


The Very Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji We have come into this forest now. I do not want to criticise the materialistic world, but the materialistic world is criticising itself. Today the progress that one country wants to make, besides economic progress, is that it wants to progress in war products, atomic bombs, jets that can bomb faster and bombs that have got TV cameras so that they can bomb whoever they like. These are the type of things which, when man or a country creates them, they are not progressive. Man is actually proceeding towards his destruction today, but he doesn't know it. It is like this, a man is driving this car, and it's an automatic transmission car. it's at night and there are no lights. So what he does is accidentally he puts the car in reverse gear, instead of in forward gear. He accelerates and he doesn't know where he is going. But finally he knows that he is going backwards when he falls into a ditch. Then is the time when he says, "Wow, I am in the ditch."

People are happy today, no one really seems to bother about death. But when there is a war, everyone will go to church; everyone will go to temples, everyone will go to mosques and they will say, "God, please help us. God, please help us." Today, because man is satisfied, he gets his daily food, he gets everything, so he doesn't seem to bother to pray to God about anything. But then, one day, there will be a famine, there will be this time when nobody gets what they want, then he will say, "Please God, please God, help us. Please God, we need food."

Man has come to this position today and he cannot find his own way out. What does he need? To show us how to walk, our own mother can teach us. But who taught our mother how to walk? Our mother teaches us how to walk, but who was able to teach our mother to walk? Her mother. But who can show both us and our mother how to walk spiritually? This is the question. Who is going to show us and our parents the way, because, if parents don't know the way, then how can they show us the way? It's that simple. So today we need something, and we are all looking for something. We want an experience. We might not call it a divine experience, we might call it Truth, we might call it bliss, we might call it Knowledge. People are trying to find it in drugs. It is not in drugs. People are trying to find it in other things. It is not there, it is somewhere else. It's like this: I am wearing this ring and I am trying to find where this ring is. I search in my pockets, I search everywhere, but I do not find my ring. I am very disappointed. Suddenly I go like this and I say, "What's that?" And I see my ring there and I say, "Wow, the ring is on my hand, right in front of me!" We are looking outside for God, when God is within us. How to realise it? This is the problem. We all know that God is within us. You people might even have a better definition for this. You might even give a

"This time will become a part of history.
In history it will he written in golden words that a little boy won over the whole world with love and faith."

Shri Mata


better story to me than the one about the ring, but who is going to give you the real way through which you can really see God? Man is infinitely proceeding towards a place, towards a destination which does not belong to him, but to God. So why is there unhappiness? Why? Why does man suffer? Why is man just suffering in this world?

Here is an example: there is this rich man and next door to his house there was this poor man staying. The poor man used to sing, chant and drink daily and he was very, very happy. He used to laugh lot. The rich man used to listen to him, and one day he asked this other guy, "I have so much money, and he doesn't have any. How is it that he's more happy than me?" The other man replied, "Sir, just give me ninety-nine dollars and I'll show you." He took the ninety- nine dollars and placed it in the poor man's house. The poor man came and he freaked out because he saw this bag which wasn't supposed to be there. He walked in and picked it up. There was something in it. He opened it. He counted the money and there was ninety-nine dollars. He said, "Wow, what good luck! But there are only ninety-nine dollars, I must get a hundred. What am I going to do with ninety-nine dollars, it is an incomplete figure." He said, "Let's make it a hundred." So the one dollar that he usually used to spend for his drinking and for his eating and for his happiness, he put that one dollar there, in the ninety-nine dollars, to make it a hundred. When his friends came at night to sing with him and all that stuff, He said, "No more singing today. I had a dollar and I put it with ninety- nine dollars to make it hundred. You must go away now." The whole night he couldn't sleep because he thought, "I've got a hundred dollars. What's a hundred dollars? Nothing. I must have a hundred and one dollars." The next night he said, "I must have a hundred and two dollars." The next night, a hundred and three and so on. A hundred and four, a hundred and five, a hundred and six, a hundred and seven dollars. Infinitely proceeding on and on. Then one day the man who placed the money came and took it away. And then the man said, "Well friends, I have no more money to add up now. Let's sing, let's be happy!" I am not saying that you shouldn't earn money. Many people ask me, "What do you think of those people who are just collecting money?" I say, "Some people have got hobby of stamp collecting, some people have got hobby of butterfly collecting, some people have got a hobby of money collecting. That is no problem." But we are getting lost into this desire.

"There are many paths. But there is one path which we can hardly look at because it is so bright."

-- Shri Guru Maharaj

To collect stamps is not a bad hobby, but to collect stamps and leave your studies is a very bad thing. You must study and you can collect stamps if you like. Man is getting lost and he doesn't know what the end will be. He doesn't know what the actual final place, where he will find himself, will be.

So, I am not here to tell you stories, nor to give you quotations from the scriptures, because you can read the scriptures for yourself. The scriptures were not written by me. But why am I here? I can show you a practical light, because I have got it, I can show you. It is very simple. How have I got it? If I know A B C D, I can teach one million people or fifty-five million people, or billions of people around the world. Because I know A B C D, I can teach them. No problem. I can just say, "A B C D," and then they know A B C D. I know this Knowledge. I know where the door is. See, if there is a hall and there is a very old man, let's say sixty years old, and there is a small boy, maybe fifteen years old, and he knows the way into the hall, even though he has got much less experience, the fifteen year old boy can get into the hall much quicker than the sixty year old man. For there is one experience, one thing the old man doesn't know, and that's how to get into the hall. And the one thing the boy knows is how to get into the hall. There is no problem, he won't get lost.

So today, if we really want to know this Knowledge, if we really want to know this peace, there is only one way. Not through external things. No. Knowledge is inside us and it has to be realised like that, where it is. Many people think this is something I am going to give you from my pocket. No, it is not. It is right within you. I did not bring anything in, because if I would have, I would have told the customs men and they would have charged customs on it. And it would mean that I would have had to distribute this thing to millions and millions of people. But I didn't pay any customs, yet I brought this Knowledge in. If supposedly no one knows Chinese here and somebody introduces Chinese and teaches someone Chinese, how much customs will be charged? Nothing. In the same way, they cannot charge customs on Knowledge. It doesn't belong to me. It is the Knowledge that everyone has. Everyone is part of it, we are


The Young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

existing because of it.

Today we are following so many religions, but this is no problem. All of it's your own personal business. Some people want to pay their respects to Jesus, and they believe that He is the only way. Some people believe Krishna is the only way. Some people believe that Ram is the only way. Some people believe Buddha is the only way. Finally we come to one point. No matter if we are Christians, no matter if we are Hindus or Buddhists or Mohammedans, because this one point is that we all believe in God. Who is this God that we all believe in? Though we follow different sects, there is still this one point. Jews and other people who are fighting, they all believe in God.

Who is this God? Where does He stay? What is His name? Who is He? It is a simple question. Who is He? This word 'God' has been passed to us by ancesters. The first time I heard this word 'God' was when my mother told me the word 'God'. And then I told it to other people, maybe someone who was even younger than me. Maybe I told him the word 'God'. And there was someone who told my mother the word 'God' and someone who told him the word 'God' and so on. This has been passed down from our ancestors. But who is God? Who is God? We can give one simple definition. G for generator, who has generated us; 0 for operator, who is operating us; D for destroyer, who will destroy us and then we will be dead. This might be one definition of God. Is it satisfactory? No, it is not. Because God is something practical. God can only be realised through practical means.

I was a student. I went to school. I started learning my science from the sixth grade. I learnt physics in the sixth, seventh and eight grades. I learnt definitions, principles and experiments and then I wrote down the experiments. If we did not learn the definitions we used to get a caning from our master. When we went into the ninth class, they took us to a lab and we thought, "They are going to do some great experiments here." But what they did was they told us to prove the Archimedes principle, to prove those laws which we studied in the sixth grade. They taught us to do it practically. Why? What was the need? Because in spite of going into all the theories, we have got to go into the practical, to actually make ourselves understand what it does mean.

When they asked Lord Buddha, "What is Brahma, what is the thing that makes us alive? What is Brahma, what is the energy that is inside


Holy Family Holy Family

us here? What is the energy that makes everything exist?" Buddha kept quiet. People thought He had gone crazy. He kept quiet and did not answer. But it is beyond anything you can speak. it is beyond your human intellect. It is beyond human imagination. If you try to put a stick that is two foot long and two inches wide into a box that is one foot long and one inch wide, can you put that stick into the box? Apparently not. Not in the solid state, not in the one piece. Maybe two pieces. Why? Because it is so big and the box is too small. Our minds, our brains are so short and Knowledge, the experience of Knowledge, is infinite. To understand we have to first become infinite and then surely we will be able to understand what the infinite thing is.

I did not come here to preach a new religion. I understand what religion is. I have come here to explain the meaning of religion to you. What does religion mean? Realisation. The word 'religion' has started from realisation of God. And the realisation of God is true religion. I do not preach any religion. What I preach is the love that is within us all. But we are utilising it in different ways. Someone buys a Rolls and says, "Wow, I've got a Rolls! I love my Rolls!" Then he drives it for a few days, then after a few years, it starts falling apart. Then he says, "Kick it out." So he kicks his love right out. He buys a Chevvy and he says, "I love my Chevvy! I love it! I really love it!" And he cleans it daily and he loves it. And after a few years it falls apart and he kicks it right out. He throws his Chevvy into the dump, he throws his love into the dump. He marries a woman and says, "I love this woman!" And then he divorces her. Is that real love? No. So understand what the real love is and then walk in the world, because there is a way that we can walk on so that we reach real love.

We are all human beings no matter which part of the world we are born in. People today have got this duality. They say, "Oh, you are from the East, I am from the West, we are from the South, I am from the North." But understand that east, north, west, south were made for travelling, not for dualities. When sailors had a lot of problems sailing, they said, "Let's divide the world into four parts, into four directions." And they divided it. They were not made to produce a duality, they were made to make it easy for people to travel.

I am offering you a way. There is no money that can be charged for it. It does not cost anything. Because if I start wealth of the world ten million times it will not be worth a single penny, a single cent, in comparison with the worth of this Knowledge, because it is Knowledge of God. How can you cost that? it is energy. You cannot put a cost to it. You cannot put it into money. This Knowledge is free for you. Why? Because someone, anyone, can stay maybe one day without food, but he cannot stay one day without water. Water is cheaper than food. Someone can stay without gold, but he cannot stay without food. Someone can stay without food, but he cannot stay without water. And food is cheaper than gold and water is cheaper than food. You can stay without water, let's say in a cold country where there is a lot of moisture, half a day, or one day, but you cannot stay without air for one day can you? And air is absolutely free. Gold costs something, food costs something, water eventually will cost something, but air doesn't cost anything, because air is meant for us. So understand why this Knowledge is free. It is meant for us.

That brother just now said, "Give me Knowledge." I wish I could just like that. It would be like the way the scriptures are talking. All the scriptures talk for a long, long time, but still they do not explain the Knowledge, nobody can get the Knowledge. Jesus gave sermons. He spoke to thousands and thousands of people. He talked about this Knowledge to thousands and thousands of people. They did not understand. There were only a few, only twelve that understood. Why? Because this is a direct experience you have to get. It's not a television show. You have to see it within yourself. It's a direct experience. So see for yourself. Because there is this Knowledge, by which God can be seen. God can be seen because He is there. If God does not exist, He cannot be seen. So realise it and understand it for your own self and for your own sake, because it's going to give you your own way to live. I do not involve myself in the whole process, because it is in you. But I'll show you the path.

So if you really understand me and what I mean, then you will come, because with a clever man it's enough to beckon him and he will come. But for one who does not understand you have to say, "First put your left foot in front, then the right, then the left, then the right. Keep your nose level and walk towards me and then repeat the process." And then he understands. So if you want this Knowledge, I have it, and really, it does not interfere


The Kingdom of God is within vou with your religion. If you are Christians, you can stay Christians and still realise this Knowledge. if you are Hindus, you can stay Hindus and still realise this Knowledge. Just as vegetarians and non-vegetarians both drink water. Both have different views. One thinks to eat vegetables is good, and the other thinks to eat meat is good. They have both got different opinions, but both drink water. Water is common to both, no matter what ideas they have got about it. No matter what religion we might belong to, first we have to realise God. You might understand more about something than I do, but I know something that I can tell you, and I can see that most of the people in the world do not know it. And because they do not know it, they are wandering around looking for something and they do not know what they are looking for. A man comes into this room and says, "I am looking for a man," and there are so many men sitting in this room. Who is he looking for? He comes to the stage and tells someone, "I am looking for a man." Who is the man? There are so many men sitting in this room. He must specify. He must give the man's name and give some details about the man, and if he is here he will be found automatically. We are all looking for someone, but we don't know who the guy is, who the person is. We want to see God, we want to know God, but we really don't know who Mr. God is. Simply by saying, "God," nobody understands. If we go into this hall and say, "Can we see Mr. God?" Then we go to the police station and say, "Can I see Mr. God?" All those people will think, "He's gone mad, he's gone crazy!" We really want to see God, but we don't know by what method, by what way or by what process. If you want this method, I can give it to you. It's a spark that has to take place. The fuel comes in through the carburettor, if it is stopped, there is nothing there. No spark, no combustion. No combustion, then the piston is not pushed down and the shaft doesn't move, so the car doesn't move. It needs the spark. And today understand how everything is working. How is the earth rotating? How are we alive? How do we see? How is everything here? How is everything outside? It is all happening due to energy. It might be a new thing fo:- the people of Australia to say these things, or to know these things. But the thing itself is not new, because it is from this energy that we originally originated.

Why do we want to be happy? Why do we so eagerly want to see God? Why? You see, if you take a stone and throw it high in the sky,


it will come back down. People say it is due to the gravitational pull. Saints say, "No, it's because a stone is part of the earth, and until and unless it joins with the earth, it is not satisfied." Why does a flame go up? Because it is part of the sun, and until and unless it is joined to the sun, it is not satisfied. Why do the rivers go to ocean? Because they are part of the ocean and unless they are merged with the ocean, they are not satisfied. We are part of God, and until and unless we join God, we are not satisfied. All the time there is this force in us, there is this, you know, desire in us to know God. So everybody is looking for this satisfaction. But satisfaction does not lie in material things, because they are an illusion. if we think that, "Oh, my wealth is the only thing that is going to last," then we are mistaken. That wealth is not going to last. It might be a thing which is going to maybe last if it is in the bank, that is if the banks don't go bankrupt, and if there is no inflation, or if something doesn't happen. But it's not going to last forever. You cannot depend on it. What is the only thing, the one basic thing that you can depend on? It is this perfect Knowledge. It is the knowing of this Knowledge that you can depend on, because that is where you originated from. You have seen rivers, how fast they go. No matter what obstructions, bends, pillars, rocks, stones, trees, no matter what obstructions come, the rivers do not stay still, they just rush and rush and rush. And when they pour into the ocean, how much motion goes on then? None. They just merge and that's it. They have found it. They have reached their destination. A stone goes all the way up and comes down. It comes down, there it is. Nothing is moving any more. Why? Because it has found its destination. There it is. When a man goes and joins with the infinite one, with the infinite love, God, there it is that he is satisfied. Then there are no more desires which might make him feel unsatisfied. But there are desires which are to be kept. You cannot escape eating food, or having clothes, or having a house and all those things. But then there are desires which join us to extra things, which make us do so many ridiculous things.

So understand, if you want this Knowledge you can have it. I will not take any more of your time, because it's for you to see and for you to understand. I am here, but most probably tomorrow I'll be leaving Australia. Mahatma Ji is going to stay here, and if you want this Knowledge, he can give you this Knowledge. Many people might have this question, "How come he's going to give this Knowledge?" Well, it's like this. I am the owner of the shop, OK? And all the things in the shop belong to me, but other people are of course authorised to sell these things though I am the owner of the shop. Anyway I am not the owner of this Knowledge, but I just know that this Knowledge is within us all. And I can show it to you, I can reveal this Knowledge to you. And if you want to ask any questions, I might not be here, but Mahatma Ji will be here and he can answer any of your questions, as long as they're not ridiculous questions like, why was the earth created? The earth was created because God wanted it to be there, that's why it was created. Otherwise it would be destroyed as soon as God doesn't want it to be there. When He wanted the whole world to be destroyed, what did He do? He put water- all round it. So the day the earth should not exist, you will not exist. Earth is there because we should be there. That's why we live on it. If you really want to ask any questions, it's the question of realisation, of being realised, that you should ask. It's easy. It's very simple. How long does it take to see your face in the mirror? Just an instant. It's an instant process. There's the spark and the piston is pushed down. When we are explained how the car works, it may take half an hour, but to get the car started it doesn't take half an hour. It's an instant process.

So understand and realise this Knowledge, because it is meant for you. it's not a matter of whether you are Australians, or you are Americans, or you are British. This Knowledge is still within you, because you are humans. The eyes of saints do not see you as different nationalities. That is the immigration man who has to see you as different nationalities. And the government has to issue passports, and sees you as different nationalities. For me you are human beings, and to be human beings you are provided with this Knowledge. Everyone has it, and it's capable of being revealed to you. Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened unto you. That is what Jesus said, this is the price: ask and it shall be given unto you. Thank you.

"Remember this, that perfection is what imperfection wants. Imperfect are you and you need your Lord because He is perfect."