Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj Think about
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Dear premies,

That was a lovely song that these people sung just now, and now I have to sing my satsang song. And one thing I'm going to tell you is that many people in the world today are just like a man who is blind, dumb and lame. Now if that man falls into a well or a ditch, it will be impossible for him to get out without help, and this is the condition of all our fellow beings in the world today. They need help. People are blind because they cannot see God. They are dumb because they cannot hear God, and they are lame because they cannot walk towards. God, they cannot approach God in their hearts. It's as if there is no place for God inside them. That song just now was about heaven, and Guru Maharaj Ji is taking you there. Once there was a monk, a mahatma, and he was going along with me in my car. We saw a woman waiting standing beside the road, so I told the mahatma to stop the car and ask her if she wants to go to heaven. So the mahatma stopped the car and said, "Dear lady, do you want to go to heaven, do you want to go to heaven where God really lives?" She said, "Which place is that? I don't want to go there, I want to go to my home, not to heaven."

And that's really the position of people in the world. We indulge ourselves so much, we have so much affection for worldly things that we can never never leave them.

What is liberation? Liberation is a ladder which takes you from manhood to Godhood, but nobody wants to climb it. We all talk of unity, we all talk of brotherhood, we all talk of love, but see what we have made love to be; we have made it only a material thing. Your conception of love is only limited to your material body. For instance, when a husband dies, all the love that his wife has for him also stops. But real love never stops, real love begins after death, it is a spiritual love and not a material one; it really begins after death, because after death


Bal Bhagwan Ji now known as Satpal Maharaj, Prem Rawat's Eldest Brother who deposed him as Perfect Master
Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj
Bal Bhagwan Ji now known as Satpal Maharaj, Prem Rawat's Eldest Brother who deposed him as Perfect Master

Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj
Bal Bhagwan Ji now known as Satpal Maharaj, Prem Rawat's Eldest Brother who deposed him as Perfect Master

there is only spirit left. So we must find real spiritual love.

There was a sage, a rishi, in India and he had two wives. The time came when he wanted to renounce this world, to leave all his worldly possessions and to meditate on God's Name. So he told his wives, "Come to me, my dears, and whatever you want I will give you." One wife said, "I want your worldly possessions." So he gave his house, his money, everything he had to his wife, and to the second he said, "What do you want, my dear one?" She said, "I want to know why you are leaving this worldly life, why you are leaving this house, this money and everything?"

"Because, my dear one, I have realized that all these worldly possessions are not immortal, and instead of them I am getting an immortal thing that will never die. This is why I am leaving these things. I am determined to leave all things that have an end and I am going to the thing that is permanent and which has no end."

"Give me that thing. I want it also," she said.

And that rishi then disclosed to his wife his understanding, saying, "My dear one, you think that I actually love you, but the reality is that I love only your soul. As long as your soul is in your body I will say I love you, I will come to you, as you cook my food. But when the soul departs from your body, I shall take it and burn it, or put it in a grave. Performing all the rites and rituals according to our religion, I'll do away with the body."

And the same thing is happening in the world today. We think that all our beloved ones are loving us and are caring for us, but the reality is that when the soul departs from our body, the people will discard us, the people who love us will hate us. So the real thing, the empirical thing, the essential thing is our soul. That has to be realized and it can only be realized when we are living, when we are conscious. We cannot realize soul when we are dead.

So we have to think about the knowledge of soul and how to achieve it and about the help that we have to take from a Satguru. In the West, Guru has a peculiar meaning, Guru means money-maker, and really a Guru can be a money-maker, a Guru of moneymaking. But Satguru means the bestower of Sat, and Sat means Truth. There is a whole evolutionary series; matter changes into life, life changes into mind, mind changes into super- mind, and super-mind changes into Satchitanand. We can describe this evolutionary series in a different way; we can say unconsciousness becomes subconsciousness, subconsciousness becomes consciousness and then consciousness becomes supreme consciousness or cosmic consciousness. This is the evolutionary process.

As you know, you were a small cell in your mother's womb and the cell grew up to be a child, and the child grew up to be a man. And so here we are. But this whole evolutionary series requires evolution of the spirit as well as evolution of the body, so in all our lives we have been striving to attain spiritual evolution also. And because our evolution is not balanced, our spiritual evolution is not balanced with our material evolution, we have become unstable, and because of that instability, we are crazy and we are unhappy. So the spiritual evolution and the material evolution have to balance together perfectly. There is a perfection, there is a harmony, there is a peace which we can reach.

Now people are all well advanced; they have made many discoveries; they have seen many things. But they have ignored their spiritual evolution.

What is spiritual evolution? There are two types of energy -- potential and kinetic. In science, kinetic energy means energy in motion and potential energy means energy in one position, the energy which takes on a form. Now the form of the Satguru is the potential form, the form which holds the position, the form to which we can go to hear satsang and from which we can receive Knowledge, but when the energy is kinetic it is omnipresent, omni

potent and omniscient. It is very difficult for our carnal senses, or ordinary senses, to comprehend this moving energy, so for this reason that moving energy takes up a manifestation, incarnates, and comes to us as a manifested being in a potential form. So a Satguru has always been taken for granted. In Indian scriptures it says that Satguru is always the potential manifestation of the ultimate reality. This is why Shankarcharya, a great learned scholar, authoritatively said, "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara." Guru is Creator, Guru is Sustainer and Guru is Shiva the Destroyer, because when Guru baptises you with Holy Spirit and gives you Knowledge, then Guru becomes like a mother, like a creator. Guru sustains you and Guru gives you Grace. Then Shankarcharya says that Guru is not only Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, but is far more than all these things. What is Guru? Guru is Parabrahman, beyond Brahman, the ultimate reality. This was experienced by Shankarcharya and through his experience he wrote this mantra, he wrote this sloka, "I bow before my Satguru because He gives me the experience of Divine Light."

What is this Divine Light? What do we receive from Satguru? Scientists are experimenting with atoms, they are detonating, disintegrating, breaking up and splitting these atoms, and they have released tremendous amounts of energy, and this energy is in the form of Light. The energy that was liberated from the atom came out as Light. This shows that Light is hidden inside an atom because it was not seen until the atom was broken up and then it came out. So this means that there is a Light latent in an atom and we are made of billions and billions of atoms as you know. So this means that Light is also contained inside a body and this Light is called in the Vedas, the Indian scriptures, Vergo, and this is why it is written, "Om bhurbhuvah swah tatsa vitwevaranyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhio yonah prachodayat." This is the mantra which is often spoken by a second year Hare Krishna Hare Rama


Prem Rawat the Young Satguru and Perfect Master Alighting From His Rolls Royce with His Brother Bal Bhagwan Ji, Mahatma Ashokanand and Bihari Singh
Prem Rawat the Young Satguru and Perfect Master Alighting From His Rolls Royce
Prem Rawat the Young Satguru and Perfect Master Alighting From His Rolls Royce with His Brother Bal Bhagwan Ji, Mahatma Ashokanand and Bihari Singh

man. After two years he is given this mantra and this mantra is an important sentence. It means, "Oh Light, I meditate upon you."

Now, when there were no Vedas, no idol worship, not even temples, only Vergo was there. This means that the first experience that man had of God was in the form of Light. If you take the Old Testament, you will find that Moses went to the top of a hill where Jehovah came to him and said, "Moses, close your eyes because you cannot see me with your two carnal eyes," and when Moses closed his eyes he saw a flash of Light before him. That Light is still there. And then if you take the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "You cannot see me with these two eyes so I will give you a Third Eye, called the Divine Eye, with which to see me." If you then go to Mohammed Saheb, who is the chief of all the Muslims, you will see that he went into a cave where an angel came to him and said to him, "Meditate on the name of Rab and you will achieve the experience of Noor." Now, Noor means light, and most of these mulas, muslim priests, have forgotten Noor. They use this Noor as their word, but Noor itself actually means light, Prakash.

So the whole idea, the theme of all religions, is Light. If you go to Buddhism, you find the idea of enlightenment. Buddha means enlightenment and enlightenment means light. So, whether we take a scientific approach or a religious approach, we come to the one point, God is Light. Even Jesus said that God is Light. Now if God is Light, anybody who said that God is Light must have experienced it. That man who wrote in the Vedas, "Oh, Light, I meditate on you," must have experienced that Light. Only then could he have written that. But today there is no experience. People are just reading the words, the experience is lost. This is just like me not giving you any food but giving you instead beautiful pictures of food. By looking at these pictures no-one here can be satisfied; so we must go for the real food, we must go for the real experience. And that experience is given to us by a True Master, a Satguru. Not a guru of money-making, but a Guru of Spiritual Knowledge, a Satguru.

So all the religions and all scientific experiences come to one conclusion, and that conclusion is that God is Light, and that Light is Supreme Energy. Now, to see this phenomenon which is called Light, we must have eyes, because Light can only be visualized by eyes. Moses was told to close his eyes, so this means that he had an inner eye. It means that we have to close our carnal senses, we have to close our carnal doors, and then we must have a technique, a method, to channelize our consciousness into our pure Self. And once we know this technique, then at any time, in any place, at any moment, we can merge ourselves into harmony, into that Light.

Now, we know about Einstein's formula, E = MC2. Now, in philosophical terms this means that when a man meditates he becomes purer and purer and purer. What is purity? This cloth is pure cotton only if it is 100% cotton.


This liquid is only pure water if it is 100% water. For us, purity means that if we are 100% with our spirit, then we are pure, and to know the spirit we must have Knowledge of the spirit. So only by Spiritual Knowledge can we purify ourselves to the 100% level.

When we meditate, we are actually breaking all our barriers; all our material bondage is broken and from finiteness we go to infinity. And what is infinity? There was a bottle, and as long as the bottle was open, the air inside was infinite, because it was one with all the air around, but when the bottle was closed the infinite air became finite. Similarly, our infinite spirit became imprisoned by the three attributes of human nature, sattvas, rajas and tamas; it became finite, it became the soul. Now, when we rise above the limiting influences, when our material bondage is broken, our finiteness merges into infinity. This is called salvation.

Now, how do we break these barriers? If you take a glass of water and a sugar cube, and put the sugar cube into the water, what will happen? Where will the length, breadth and height of the sugar cube go? They just vanish away. Similarly, by meditation we merge into the infinite, and our length, breadth and height merge into a fourth dimension, they merge into infinity. This is the real experience we want, this is the real thing, and it must be a practical experience. If people talk about peace, it means we must have peace. If people talk about God, it means we must have God. Life is very unstable. We should realize God now because we do not know what will happen in the future; we can't take anything for granted. People came to Lord Buddha and asked him to tell them the future, but Buddha told them to forget about the past, to forget about the future, and to think about the present. The present is the most important. Do not think about whether you will be with God later or whether you were with God before. Think about your present condition. If you are without God now, then that is your immediate need. If a man thinks that he will eat a meal in 20 years time and doesn't think about getting food immediately, he is a fool. He will die in the meantime. A wise man is he who is thinking about his immediate needs. A wise man thinks about his present life and does not expect or think about any life that might come later.

So this is why I request all of the devotees to meditate, to experience this meditation now. Why leave it for the future?

In America, I was speaking to some of the Jesus people, and they were talking of the anti-Christ. Now what is Christ and what is anti-Christ? Let's look at the Book of Revelations in the Bible. It is written there that people who do not believe that Christ is come in flesh are not of God and are called anti-Christ. This means that people who do not believe that Christ is come in the flesh now, in the present time, are anti-Christ. People thought that Christ would come as a king, but He came as a carpenter's son; that was a dodge, you see. Don't hope that He'll


come as a king now, because all monarchy is gone. People say that He will come from the white clouds, on a horse and with a sword, and all these things have a significant meaning. Horse means power. I say my car is 25 horse power. This doesn't mean my car has 25 horses pulling it. It means the power of the car is equal to 25 horses. And white is a sign of purity. So when Christ said that He would come on a white horse, it means that He is coming with pure power. And when it says from the clouds, it means He will descend from His higher nature. And the sword is the sword of Knowledge by which He can cut ignorance out. Otherwise, no use of His coming. So actually, people who do not believe that Christ is come in flesh are anti- Christ, and now I leave this question to you. You decide who is anti-Christ and who is loving Christ. We must understand these things. There is a quotation from St. John, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God," and I simply asked one Christian what that Word was. He told me the Word was Jesus Christ. Now, in the Bible, very often Jesus says He is the son of God. Now, if you take it that the Son of God who is Jesus Christ was in the beginning, this means that the Son was born before the Father. Very strange. And if you say that the Word is the Bible, then if the Bible was in the beginning of the creation, how was it able to describe the creation, as it does in Genesis? So the Word is something else, and Jesus came to give Knowledge of that Word. That Word is a vibration within you, a primordial vibration, a cosmic vibration. "In the beginning was the Word" means in the beginning of me, in the beginning of you, in the beginning of the entire creation was the Word, and that Word has to be realized. That Word was with God and that Word was God. In the beginning, to create anything, we must have power to create, and power to create is not in the form of concrete, it is in the form of energy. So in the beginning is the power which created the creation. And this was the cosmic vibration which is running in us.

In Hinduism people say that Aum is the Word of God, but it is also said in the scriptures that there are four voices, and the Word of God is spoken with the fourth. When we speak Aum we are actually engaging three voices, three kinds of vocal sounds, the first from the body, the second from the throat and the third from the mouth. But where is the fourth? Close your lips, close your vocal chords, close everything, and then it is there. It is being pronounced in you. It can never be spoken by a tongue. Stop everything and it is still there. That's called the primordial vibration. In the mother's womb when there was no language to speak, we spoke the common language, the language of the spirit. That is why Jesus told Satan that man does not live on bread alone, but lives on every word that God utters in him. That is the Word that God utters in us, and that has to be realized. Then we will see that the Kingdom of Heaven is not without, it is within. We must peep within, we must have insight, we must introvert ourselves to see these phenomena. Our two worldly eyes point in the outer direction, but to see something inside, we must have an eye pointed inwards, and that's called the Third Eye. And of this eye, Jesus said, "If thy eye be single then thy body shall be full of light -- you shall be enlightened." These two eyes are connected to optical nerves which go into the brain just behind the spot which is the most sensitive part of the body, because you know from biological knowledge that each part of the body is controlled by a certain part of the brain, and this point is the interception point, the neutral zone, no man's land. It is only God's land; it is like the point of zero gravity where no force is acting. This is the point that is called the Third Eye and this is why ancient seers spoke the glory of this point. And Guru Maharaj Ji opens this Third Eye. He has all the necessary instruments, so we must go to Him as a patient with love and devotion, because this is the only payment He will accept. So we must approach Him to get the operation done, and then we will have the experience. So time is flying, and time and tide wait for no man. So come and receive the Knowledge and have the experience. It is in you.

When we say that Guru Maharaj Ji can show you God, this means that we can see our Father. Now, many people believe in God and believe that God is their Father, so they should want to see Him. But do they want to see Him? No, they don't. They never go near that person who says He can show them their Father because in reality they don't want to see their Father. They only want to speak in words, "Our Father, who art in heaven." So the reality is that only those souls who have real devotion go for Knowledge -- not all. That is why we must have real devotion and real love, not material love but spiritual love.

So here we are putting the point before you and that is that you must receive and realize this Holy Knowledge, this spiritual insight which gives you the experience of your own Self. Divine Light is called the Light of the Attributeless. Now this light which I am seeing here has an attribute, and this attribute is that when it falls on any object I see the object but I don't see the light. The light is invisible. The light is falling from that place up there and it is coming as far as here, but I do not see the light, I see only the object which is illuminated by the light. So this light has one virtue, which is that when it falls on any object, that object becomes illuminated and we can see it. But when we have the divine experience, we go inside our house and close our carnal doors; then we see Divine Light. Now, inside here we have many things, we have flesh, we have corneas and retinas, but we don't see any of these things in there. So this Divine Light doesn't have the attributes that material light has. We don't see the flesh, we only see the Light, and this is why it is called attributcless or virtueless. So now the time is up. Thank you very much.


Bal Bhagwan Ji now known as Satpal Maharaj, Prem Rawat's Eldest Brother who deposed him as Perfect Master
Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj
Bal Bhagwan Ji now known as Satpal Maharaj, Prem Rawat's Eldest Brother who deposed him as Perfect Master