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There is only One Perfect Master

Satsang of Shri Raja Ji at Porchester Hall, London, W2. 5 Jan 1972

Dear premies.

Today we have assembled to exchange our ideas with you. Really I only have one personal idea and that is that if a man has not received the Knowledge, he should receive it. NOW what is this Knowledge? We should understand this first.

Christ came into this world; Lord Rama came into the world; and many other saints and Lords came into the world, They came just for one reason, so that other people could know this Knowledge, understand it and benefit from it. They did their best to do this, but human nature didn't allow this to happen and men didn't want to gain from it, so who should be blamed in this case? Jesus Christ came, people opposed Him; Lord Rama came, people opposed Him and you might have read that, even though He was the Lord, He had to face many difficulties. Lord Krishna came and in the same way, He had to face many difficulties. But why did They all have to face so many difficulties even though They were incarnations of God? The point we have to understand is that although They were lull of every kind of good; although They could have done anything They wanted, They came into the world and lived like human beings so that They could relate to human beings, so They just did exactly what the people of the world did. "When in Rome doas the Romans do." So they didn't do anything special but They just went about like ordinary men in the world. Though They could have done many incredible things if They wanted, They did not because They wanted to make an example that the coming generations could remember, showing them what the problem was, and what the answer should he.

These incarnations have to take place from time to time. As Lord Krishna said, "When evil gets greater and greater and the devotees of God become less and less in quantity, then God incarnates because His devotees are suffering and because He cannot bear to see them in pain. He comes to make His devotees happy. Even the evil men become His devotees, so everybody becomes a devotee and then they are happy."

You know this world is very crazy. I can say this very easily because everyone says that Lord Rama came but nobody has a picture of Him, Whatever is there is in the painter's imagination, we can say that because nobody saw Him who's alive today. In India today there are many people who talk like this, they say, "Oh yes, Lord Rama, it's only a story, the imagination of a writer." But Guru Maharaj Ji has come to make this statement untrue, He has come to create an example for us. Because we have seen Him we don't need to see Lord Rama, for really we have seen an incarnation of Lord Rama, because what did Lord Rama do? He gave the perfect Knowledge in the same way that Guru Maharaj Ji is giving Knowledge. Lord Rama came in a time when there were chariots, Guru Maharaj Ji has come now and there are cars. When Lord Rama came He drove the best chariot, now Guru Maharaj Ji has come and He has a Rolls Royce, so it goes on like this. Guru Maharaj Ji is a Prophet; He is perfect; He can do whatever He likes. We can't interfere in His affairs, they're His own affairs. Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect, and if you think or I think or all of us think that He's not perfect, it doesn't make any difference, because if I say this is a mike or this is a ring, and I think this is not a ring, this is not a mike, it still doesn't make any difference because it is a ring and it is a mike. So in the same way, Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect, we may think He is perfect or not, but He is and what He is He is, we cannot say anything that will make any difference. So the main point here to understand is that we should gain His Knowledge and then we will actually see that Guru Maharaj Ji can do whatever He likes and that He is perfect, but He doesn't do it that way. He could have made hundreds of Guru Maharaj Jis like Him. Suppose there are a million people in this world, He could have made a million Guru Maharaj Jis and every Guru Maharaj Ji could have gone to every person.making them understand what the problem is. But because this is the world, He lives as the rest of the world does, and He's got mahatmas to spread the Knowledge. Mahatmas are not Guru Maharaj Ji, they are a part of Him and ashrams are a part of Guru Maharaj Ji, so we should help them as much as possible. But helping them is not enough, for if I carry on helping them and on the other hand I don't help propagate Guru Maharaj Ji's perfect Knowledge which He gave us, it's not so good, for this is the most important thing. The propagation is really the most important thing and because Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is perfect there's nothing bad in saying that Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect. So we should propagate


this Knowledge, this Holy Knowledge. Some people call it Spiritualism. All the religions in the world say they lead to one thing, one Truth, to God, but what's that God? To see God we need a passage, and that passage can only be shown to us by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. It is His perfect Knowledge, a special Knowledge, not worldly knowledge.

We respect the teacher who gives us our education more than the books, because he is the person who is giving us knowledge and if he wants to lead us the wrong way he can lead us wrongly, but we have to believe in him. In the same way we have to believe in Guru Maharaj Ji and follow Him. Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is God, and Guru Maharaj Ji is explaining God to us, so we should believe in Him and, in the same way, give Him great respect. Now that Guru Maharaj Ji, our Saviour, is here, we should respect Him very, very much, as much as we can, because the Knowledge He's got, the Light He shows us is everything we need. When we have this Knowledge we have what He wants us to have. You see, we are worldly human beings and we can't see what Guru Maharaj Ji wants, but whatever we can do we should do, and in the same way we can't ask Him why He wants this or that. I remember an example - there was a Sikh leader in India, Guru Govind Singh; He was the Lord at a time when Muslims were against the Hindus and they were threatening to convert them. Guru Govind Singh decided to hold a festival, and He had five goats put inside a tent and then He told the people that He needed five men that would die for Him and that He would kill these men. One man came forward and went into the tent. Guru Govind Singh killed a goat and the man was left inside the tent, then a second man came, then a third, then a fourth and then a fifth -- only these five men had the

Raja Rawat Brother of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Satguru and Perfect Master


guts to say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, my head is for you." Actually Guru Govind Singh was only killing the goats, but the people thought that He was killing the men, so when the men came out with Him they were really astonished. It was a kind of examination for them and Guru Govind Singh said, "These people are my favourites, my five very favourite people who are ready even to give their lives to me. They've already died, they are not in this world, they've died for my sake and they're living for my sake, for they have already died and now they are living by my Name, by my Power that I have given them and they will do whatever I want." And really they did great miracles, they defeated the enemy's armies and many other things.

There is only one Perfect Master and we can't compete with Guru Maharaj Ji. Just as there is only one principal in a school, so in the same way Guru Maharaj Ji is the only one. There can't be two principals in a school, if they had two there would be something wrong. Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect and if we try to compete with Guru Maharaj, well … I'll give you an example of this. One day Guru Govind Singh saw some fishes and He started to eat them and His followers did the same and He asked them why they did it and they said, "Because you were doing so." He replied, "I can do this, can you also do this?" and He ate the fishes and then took them out alive and said, "You copied me, you must also do this," but they couldn't because He was a Prophet and they were not.

There is one thing we should emphasise, that is, if we have the Knowledge it is very good, we must meditate and practise. By practising we will have devotion for Guru Maharaj Ji, and if we don't have this Knowledge we should get it because it's the only aim of our human life. Thank you very much.


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