We Must Find Reality

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Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Nagar Ashram, 14 Nov. 1972

Dear premies,

As you know, the time is coming up when everyone ultimately has to realise what is Truth, what is the common fact that lies between all human beings. Today Communists arc trying to compose and impose - first they compose, then they impose - certain rules, certain ideas onto people which will make them common and put an idea of communism into them. And even countries like Canada and England and India - commonwealth countries - even they are trying to bring in communism by trying to give everyone equal rights in their lives. But they do not understand that there is a standard thing given to us by God which is common for all of us, and that is this Knowledge. They do not understand that the greatest fact of this lifetime, the greatest reality of this lifetime, is the True Knowledge. Human minds have been so much deluded by materialistic objects, by the materialistic things of this life, that the essential fact is lying far behind, in the back of their brains. They think that this Knowledge, they think that this Truth, they think that this secret is oriental mysticism. But now the time is approaching when people will ultimately have to understand and will ultimately have to realise the actual secret, to realise the actual Knowledge, and to realise the actual Truth.

You See, I'll give you a very practical example which shows very well what is happening today. There were two swans flying and they were pretty old, you know. Well, they were going along, they were just flying, and they wanted to rest so they came and sat on this tree. (Actually I just heard this story recently at a function. Mahatma Sampuranand Ji was telling it. As a matter of fact I am translating it, so I hope you understand.) And on this tree, they met these owls who wanted to see the light of the sun but they couldn't see it. The swans wanted to show them the light, but they couldn't see it. Now whose fault was this? Was it the sun's fault? No, the sun was there, it wasn't his fault. Was it the swan's fault? No, the swans were there, it wasn't their fault. They were seeing the sun and they wanted to show the sun to the Owls, but they couldn't. No, the actual fault was the poor owls', whose eyes were not open. In fact, the owls had had many, many conferences on this proposal, this idea that the sun actually existed, but none of them had been able to decide whether the sun existed or not because no matter how much the owls discussed the subject between themselves, they couldn't see the sun. And they even went to some bats to ask them and the bats couldn't see the sun either. So none of than were able to realise the glory of the sun.

The same thing is happening today. These so-called spiritual people are discussing the Knowledge in so many different meetings with people who are themselves like bats and owls and cannot see the Light. Spiritual people can't see it and political people can't see it. Actually this Light is there, and only by opening their eyes will they be able to sec, only then will they be able to realise, only then will they be able to understand the secret which is, of course, common to all, from a small ant to a big elephant. From the smallest ray to the whole blue sky there is in energy that exists in all three dimensions, and this energy has to be realised. Arid this energy has to be realised by going into what is sort of a fourth dimension, sort of a fourth mystery which lies right inside of us and which actually is omnipresent. When we say it is omnipresent we mean it is omnipresent and when we say that then it is right inside of us too. So you see how the world has been deluded. Why go to temples if God is inside of us? So now, premies, we have to realise how that time is approaching and how we have to do service through which we will he able to understand better how this Knowledge has to be spread to everyone and tell them how beautiful is God's creation and how beautiful is this Knowledge.

So I'm going to finish my satsang now because I just came along on my way to Dehra Dun. I was going to go there today but now I am going to go tomorrow (crowd moans 'Oooh'). Just listen, just listen, just listen, have some patience, I am going to come back here, I am going to come back to Hardwar before the first plane goes back to America. So I'll just tell you something that I feel is pretty important which has taken place because I guess I just feel that way, and the thing is that many people have been going out smoking. Well, you know for yourselves who has been going out smoking and it's not very good because people are saving, "Oh, it's bad to have pollution," and yet smoking is just creating pollution. And smoking isn't necessary either because it is something completely artificial that you are doing when you smoke a cigarette, and I don't want you to do these artificial things. When we arc getting into the internal reality, why should we start getting into the artificial things? I do not understand that. We have to go more and more into reality.

So now some people are intending to go out of the ashram and of course that's OK, because there's no way we can tell you not to go out. But try to be very considerate, because you will have to meet all kinds of people, so make arrangements so that you will be able to go in groups. If you have to do something like that, don't go alone, that's a ridiculous thing to do, so stay with other premies, go together to do your marketing, to do your shopping. We will arrange some groups so that you can all be together, then you can go out and then you can come back together. And instead of just going out and roaming about in the markets you will be doing things together in a proper way, not just roaming around. Because you are here actually to do some meditation and you must consider every moment as being precious, you should realise how important is every moment of your stay in Prem Nagar. So you shouldn't just roam about. I don't roam about. Why? Because I have realised. That's why I am going to Dehra Dun tomorrow, because I understand how important my time is, so that I will be able to come back and give you Knowledge reviews. So you should try and understand this same thing, how important it is for you to stay here and to meditate. So now I think my instructions are pretty clear.

And there's just something else. As a matter of fact you know that it's going to take a long time before India's economy increases so that we can have good highways here, and before that happens you know how these trucks go about blowing dust in so many directions. In that dust people spit and so many things and this dust just passes on the disease, so if you eat those things which are kept outside then that's something where you can see for yourself what might happen. When a truck blows the dust, the spit in the dust is just taken right into those foods which you cat and we don't want you to get ill! So get your food here, whatever you need you can get it from here in the ashram. Whatever you need to eat you can get it here, and if you want to buy certain things then I want you to go together so that you won't be cheated, so that you can get things at a cheaper rate, because I know some people are getting charged very highly for certain things and that's not good. We want you to have a good time in Prem Nagar.

So this is the main thing. We have come here to receive a blissful experience and we have to receive it because that's why we came all the way from there to here. And so tomorrow night you should start getting ready for having a Knowledge review and we will start it from the next day. And then I believe you also have got some questions to ask. I'll answer them, but not from everybody of course, because I know some people just ask ridiculous questions which don't mean anything to anyone, they just ask them. It's very strange, but some people are that way, their brains, their minds are made that way, so they just ask anything. It seems that it's the only way that they can digest their food. So we will have a question time for some reasonable questions. Everything is so beautiful here, so try and do as much meditation as you can and everything will be alright.

I swear on the Bible

I swear on the Bible