Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, 16 November, 1972, Prem Nagar

Divine Light magazine I hope all the premies are here because I'm going to tell you something that's very important for you to realise in your life. You see, today there are three levels of consciousness. The first is a normal level in which all human beings come and have to prevail. The second kind is a lower consciousness, is a lower consciousness of his self form which, of course, we realise as me, you, he, she and so on. And the third is what we call super-consciousness, that is beyond what we call self-consciousness. Most people today think in terms of what we call self-consciousness, they think in terms of me, you, he and she. But a realised person, a realised soul is beyond this duality. Now of course it's true that we have these pronouns me and you and he and she, and they are used grammatically in place of the noun. But the trouble is that this pronoun stuff has gone on so much, has become so big that it is now out of our control. We cannot control it, we cannot conquer it because these pronouns have become part of our ego. We say I and you, this is yours and this is mine, I belong to this family, you belong to that family, you are there, I am here, I am at that post, you are at this post, I am a President. You are a Prime Minister and so on.

Now it you look at what we today call religion you find the high priests and then the priests and so on. You will find one priest who is higher in his post in the Church and then there is another priest who is lower in his post in the Church. Now many people might not believe this but this is true, and it sometimes gets really awful, it gets to the point where the low priest wants to get rid of the high priest and even to have his job. Now that even happens in these religions or these so-called religions, but now let us come onto materialistic dealings, and we find that every post is just like that. A colonel is jealous of a brigadier and brigadier is jealous of a general because he gets more pay and so on and so on. And this is a very practical thing, it actually happens. He might not speak it before you, he might not talk about it but still it's a very practical thing. So now we have to understand that beyond all these egos lies one consciousness and this is consciousness of your real Self. What are you? You are not a pronoun, you are not any ego, you are beyond ego, you are beyond doubt, you are beyond sufferings, you are beyond anything. Beyond anything lies your own consciousness which prevails in all human beings as well as all living creatures, whether they be dolphins, sharks, whales, dogs, whatever they may be. There is one level of consciousness that prevails in every creature, every living creature, from a mosquito to the higher creatures, and the only difference is that a human being can realise that consciousness, can take privilege of that consciousness. Although that consciousness lies equally amongst all of us, mosquitos and sharks and dolphins can't realise it, but humans can. It is this consciousness in people today that stops them from fighting. When I was in India in 1971 and the India-Pakistan War was going on I thought when the American seventh fleet came along there would certainly be a big war. I thought it would be between India and America and Pakistan and then there was sone rumours that Russia was also ready to fight. Something like that. But in fact. Nixon never fought and something is also stopping the Prime Minister and the President of Russia from fighting as well, There is a certain thing that is protecting human beings from being destroyed. Although they are getting destroyed, there is something that is putting a brake on it which is slowing it down, slowing down the destruction of the world. What is that thing? Now we know how far science has reached and what one nuclear bomb can do. It can destroy a whole area. Man can destroy just anything if he wants to. But there is something that is stopping him and this is the higher level of man's consciousness which prevails in all human beings and it doesn't differ because it's infinite. So what is it, what is that level, what is that thing? We have to realise that.

There are other levels, of course. Let's say in a human being there are twelve levels of consciousness, then this Supreme Self, or the highest level of consciousness, will be considered the thirteenth level. Now say we have got five limbs to do an action, each limb has its own consciousness, each limb has its own property and relative to its property it has its own consciousness. So there are five consciousnesses here. Then there are five for knowledge reactions, for the senses, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and so on. They also have their own properties and therefore they also have a different level of consciousness operating for them. And then the eleventh is our mind. Our mind also has its own level of consciousness. And then the twelfth is our brain. The brain also has a particular property and has got its own level of consciousness. But beyond all these levels of consciousness there is a thirteenth level that we have to realise and it is realisable. This is the thirteenth level of consciousness and this one is infinite.

Now Bal Bhagwan Ji might have told you about dividing one by zero. Even a computer can't do it. It's just infinite, because the answer is just infinity. Now I have a computer which is very precise. It's a miniature computer, a calculator, but it's supposed to be very precise. Up to eight digits, it gives you very precise information. Now yesterday I was with some premies, and we were playing around with this computer. If you want to see it, of course it can be brought down, that is if you want to. We dialled one and the number one lit up. And then we divided it by zero. Now on tire back of the computer, it is written that if certain figures appeal, they mean certain things. And it a square appears on the right hand side of the place where the answer conies, it means that the answer is more than eight digits. And it cannot tell more than eight digits. So what happens is very fantastic. When you dial one and divide it by zero, you know what happens? A zero comes. Nothing else. And then at the end of the scale a square comes. Because the answer is infinite.

So one is our consciousness, and the zero means that if we do divide it by anything, if we do not divide it by these pronouns - he, me, she, you then it will be infinite. You will be infinite. So this is probably the most precise, probably the easiest way for you to realise what is infinite. And now I think you understand this point. And that one which is you is all of us. We are all one. That's why we sing, "We are one in the spirit." So when we are all one and we divide ourselves by nothing - that means nothing comes in our way - no he, no she, no this is not mine, no this is not yours - you know what we will automatically be? Infinite. And that's the most precise and the most perfect way to become infinite.

But now we have to deal with our minds and with our brains which are producing this duality. Zero itself is not plus infinite, it's minus infinite because you can add billions of zeros together and it will still be zero. It's like infinity. Infinity plus infinity equals infinity. You cannot divide infinity, you cannot subtract infinity. You cannot add to infinity, you cannot multiply infinity. And this is very interesting because we cannot even think of something like that. Everything we think of can be multiplied, can be divided, can be added, can be subtracted, but not infinity. If I take this pole here, this is just an example I am giving you, there are many examples I could give you, but let's take this pole. It's a rod actually. I could multiply it by producing more because I know how it is produced. I can subtract this rod by cutting it, by taking a piece off it. I can divide it by cutting it in half or by cutting it into quarters. I can multiply it. I can divide it. I can add to it. I can subtract from it. I could even melt it and melt another one like it and add them both together that way. So we can do all these things with it. We can do the same with a leaf, we can do the same with a whole tree, and you know how big nature is, how many things are there in nature? You can take the earth itself and you can do the same thing, you can take air and you can do the sane thing. It would take me about a year to explain to you how you can divide, multiply, subtract and add to any of these things. But what is undivisible is that which you have to become and that is the highest point you have to reach.

Divine Light magazine

And I must explain to you that you cannot reach that point by sitting in the Himalayas and trying to meditate. It's not the meditation that takes you there. But this is the difficulty that people always have. They think the engine drives the car but the engine doesn't drive the car and this is the trouble. The engine powers the car but it does not drive it. This is something you have to understand. The engine is the self inside the car. Of course, if you take the engine out of the car it's no longer a car. And the same way, the Knowledge is the engine which powers us. This is the Word, this is the Light, this is the energy which powers us, which drives this human being. But if we want to reach that point of realising it, if we want to become infinite, then we need Grace. Then we need Grace. So far we've been using our cars for such a low purpose. It is is if we are driving back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles and just carrying ourselves and nothing else and then you suddenly get a big trailer, a ten ton trailer and load it up. What will happen to the car then? It will probably break apart because the utility of that car has been so small, the car has not been able to build itself up and to strengthen itself so that it could pull that big load that you now want to put onto it. So as soon as you do this then the whole car just smashes up. So this is the same thing with many people who have come to us, and they say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, yes it's wonderful, by your Grace we have received Knowledge but that now we have the Knowledge, why do we need you? We have what we want, we've got this Knowledge." It's like saying once a man gets baptised, why should he go to church? The thing is this: when you have the Knowledge then the communication with God has been formed, a man has been hooked up to God. But still he needs those wheels that will pull him along and these wheels are the wheels of Grace. So without Grace you can't even get this Knowledge. You can try, and this isn't my experience. It's the experience of all the saints themselves - those who did try to sit in the Himalayas and try to get the Knowledge by themselves. It's their experience that they couldn't get it without Grace.

I met one of these in Bombay, one of these sadhus. You know who these sadhus are, they wear saffron clothes, they have long hair, they smoke. And near Bombay there are some very beautiful caves with some elephants there, near these eaves, and there in the foothills a sadhu used to live. And once I was just walking around there and I came across this sadhu, and you know what his position was you won't believe me - but you know what his position was? There was a swing there I think this is practised by twenty per cent of all the sadhus in India - there is a swing, and in this swing he was resting his arms, right? And one leg was like this around the tree and the other leg was like that. So he was going to stand all day like this. He had been standing since sunrise and he was going to stand till sunset and then he was going to go and rest. Probably this kind of thing is not just done by these yogis, it's probably done by some other people. You know who I mean? I mean the guards on the gate, the guards on duty. They do the same thing, they stand all day in one position. Not on one leg, they stand on both legs. They don't just give pain to one leg, they give pain to both legs. They just stand there on the gates but I think that standing on the gate is probably better than standing on that swing because standing at the gate for twelve hours is at least giving them a practical result and that is that it's getting them some money! But that standing with a swing that the sadhu is doing is neither giving him any money and is neither giving him any peace of mind, which is the thing that he's looking for, it doesn't give him anything. It doesn't give him either of them.

So this is what I want to explain, no Knowledge without Grace. And to reach to that highest consciousness we still need Grace. So who can provide us with this Grace? Who can give us the Grace that will get us to that point where we can float? You've got to find that person. What proof do they give in schools that the world is round? I remember in geography class in school this was the question. If the earth is round, prove it. Then there were certain proofs. One of them was that when a ship comes, first of all you see the top of the mast and then you see the sails and then you see the front part of the ship and then eventually you see the whole ship. Because of course the world is round, and you're standing there on the shore and the ship is coming to you from over the horizon. So the first part you will see is the top of those masts, and ultimately you will see the whole ship. So this is one proof, and there have been many proofs which show the same thing. And in the same way there are many ways to make us understand about this higher consciousness. We will understand slowly because we do not know. We just do not understand why everything is the way it is in God's creation. There are so many questions. Can you answer? Can you answer me some questions? Why is chlorophyll green, why is blood red, how come the sun gives light? These are certain questions which you can ask but we cannot answer them because we are still in the stage of being finite. So first of all, understand the infinite, reach the infinite and then you will understand these other things. And I'll just give you some advice. Leave the goal of reaching pure consciousness. If you want to reach pure consciousness then just leave the goal that you want to reach it. Just leave it, just forget about it and start doing something else. Now how many people came on the jumbo? So many of you, so many people came on the Jumbo and your original idea was to come to India, right? Then you forgot about it. And a second idea came to get on the jumbo and then you forgot about that. And the third idea came to get the money. This then became your first idea and when you've got it you forget about that. Then once you've got the money you forget about the money and then your first aim becomes giving the money to Divine Light Mission. And when you've done that, when you've given the money, forget about that aim and then you get on the jumbo. That becomes your main aim. And then once you're on the jumbo you forget that one and then your aim is reaching India. That becomes your main aim and then you are in India. So the point is that when your goal has become that you want to reach the highest level of consciousness, then start doing meditation, forget about your goal. You know that all your activities will be aimed at reaching pure consciousness if you are meditating. So just forget the goal of reaching there and start meditating and that's how to develop. You start growing, you start rising up until you get to the infinite state which we call high. And this is the significance of the Knowledge. You should practically understand this. So tomorrow there will be a Knowledge review. And those people who have not yet received it, must receive it. Of course, that is if they want to. So I think you basically understood what I mean when I tell you about consciousness, when I tell you about this Knowledge. So understand it for yourselves, and see what happens. Thank you very much.

The Young Satguru Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Firing Invisible Rifle
Divine Light Mission Spiritual Exhibition, New Delhi, 1970

Published in the "Divine Light" monthly magazine, Volume 2, Number 6, March, 1973, pp 23 - 26