Divine Light

The question to be asked is how the Divine Light can be seen and how this Holy Name can be known. The answer is that just as a candle can only be set alight by the touch of a living flame, so that instantaneous vision of this Divine Light can only be achieved by the touch of an Enlightened Soul, and infallibly so. And so with the primordial vibration, the Real Name of God, for, being unable to be written, it cannot be found in books, and, being absolutely unspeakable, it cannot be heard from human lips.

Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj.

Containing the discourses of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and His Holy Family

At this time of great material progress in the world, spiritual understanding has declined, and many people are now looking for such a peace that doesn't depend on the ups and downs of everyday life. For this reason, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji has come into the world. Like Jesus, Buddha, and other Perfect Masters before Him, He is able to show practically to the true seeker the Divine Light and Holy Word of God which together constitute the life force in all living creatures. To know and merge with this brings eternal peace and understanding of what God really is. "Search all the corners of the world," He says, "and if you cannot find the answer, come to me. All I ask is your love, and I shall give you such a peace as will never die." Divine Light Mission is helping to tell people about Guru Maharaj Ji, and the Holy Knowledge He is able to reveal to you.

Vol 2 Number 4 January 1973 Published Monthly 30p

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