God is the Name of Power

Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Swiss Alps Festival, 26 August 1972

Dear premies.

Actually there is nothing to say, because if someone wants a drink of water, and he shouts, "Water, water, water," and suddenly someone gives him water, then he has got nothing to say. Now we asked for this Knowledge and suddenly we got this Knowledge. There is nothing to say after that, because we reach this highway which is infinite. We reach this autobahn which is never going to finish.

One thing happened this morning. I got up very early and went in to another room and a tape recorder was there, and I had brought some tapes with me from America. Mahatma Rajeshwar had given a couple of hours' radio interview and so I played those tapes. They were talking about Truth, and what they were saying was that, without an actor, an action cannot take place. If I am not there, actions that have to be done by me cannot take place. If no one is there, no actions can be performed. Suppose I am the only one standing in the whole of the house. And suppose it is my duty to clap, and I don't clap, even though my duty is to clap, because I, the actor, am not there, so the action cannot be performed. It's a very easy point.

We have been seeing, we have been observing, that so many very far out things take place. We sow a small seed, and then a whole tree ten thousand times bigger than the seed comes out. What we used to do was, in summertime we used to eat mangos. We had our own trees by our house. We used to eat many mangos, then we used to take their seeds, big seeds, and we used to plant them. And then a tree used to come out of it. We took one mango seed and planted it and we got mangos and mangos and mangos after that. It was like a machine. We see that actions are being performed on a very large scale as well. The earth moves, Venus is there, then there is the Aurora Borealis. All that evolution is going on there in the sky, and these actions are going without an actor. Without some man performingthem, these actions take place. Everyone knows that two like poles repel each other, two like magnetic poles repel each other. But if there are no magnets how are they going to repel? If there are no like poles, how are they going to repel? In the same way, all these actions take place, but if there is no actor, how do these actions take place? This actor we call power, the actions it performs are beyond what we can see. They are beyond what we can think of. There was this one thing that they were very sure was going to happen in America, and this thing was that Venus was going to move from where it was. So everyday we used to go on to the top of the mountain. I was in Denver and I would take my telescope and try and watch where Venus was, and all that. Venus didn't move though, but the Aurora took place, so something happened.

Something happened. The earth appeared. Rocks appeared. In Colorado there are such beautiful mountains. Suddenly something took place, and all the mountains came out from the earth. They just came up, and there are so many beautiful things. Red rocks. Now who painted them, who painted these rocks red? Who painted them in such beautiful colours?

See, there are automatic transmission cars, you just put them into gear once, and off they go. Some people believe nature is automatic, but, before the automatic thing can happen, somebody must switch it on. And who is the guy, who is the fellow who switches it on? Who is the power that makes it survive, and makes it vibrate? See, I can explain ten thousand different kinds of vibrations to you that take place in one millionth of a second. I can explain ten thousand different kinds of vibrations because actually there is nothing which is not a vibration. Everything in this world is a vibration and of course there are more than ten thousand things. Everything vibrates and because everything vibrates, everything survives. When the vibration is stopped, everything is stopped.


Now what is the relationship between man and God? How does he lose God? Really a man doesn't lose God, he just forgets Him. Now when I went into the first class, when I started the kindergarten, we weren't taught A B C D very well. Then when our whole class reached the fourth grade, we had all forgotten A B C D. We knew A B C D but we had forgotten it, so the master repeated it once for us, and then we all knew it again. A B C D. We could just repeat it and repeat it and repeat it, as many times as you like. In the same way, we have forgotten God. Why? Because we think everything we do is in our hands, everything we perform is what we do ourselves. See, we think, "Oh, because I have watered this flower, this flower blooms." But there was once one saint who said, "Who waters these mountains? They are so green, they stay green forever. Who waters them?" Who is giving them water? The government? Once the government wasn't there and still they were being watered. What is this thing? Who is this power, what is this power? What we have to get from this power is the personal and direct vibration. Now how do we get this? I have talked to many people and many ministers in this short time, because many, many ministers have been coming to me and they have been talking to me. They themselves understood that they were in great confusion. They used to say, "Jesus was the son of God" or "is the son of God." And I would say, "No, you are wrong." And they used to freak out, because they were ministers, they were ministers of the church. And I used to tell them, "No, Jesus was not the son of God," and it freaked them right out. Then who is Jesus? Who was Jesus? He was the Word made flesh, and when the Word turned out in flesh, it was Jesus. And what was the Word? "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." See, the Word was God and Jesus was the Word. Therefore Jesus was God. But we still want to limit Him with our human brain. Through our human brains God is limited. See, that's why we put together three letters, but the three letters we have put together here are not appropriate, because if we reverse God, it's not a good word. We have limited God to three sections, so that with our finite intellect we can understand. The G is for generator, 0 for operator, and D for destroyer. But still God is much more than that. One thing you must understand is who is Guru, and who is God? And what is the difference? God is the name of power, God is a sort of noun. Guru is a complete adjective. It indicates a movement from 'gu', darkness, to 'ru', light, and so this word is performing a very great action. And this word 'guru' is an adjective, and a verb too, because it shows us that some work is being done. So who is Guru? When God Himself incarnates in this body, He is called Guru, because only God is the power who can bring us from darkness and put us into light. How to recognise a Guru? How to understand a Guru? Now you see, Guru is not marked on His head, or does He carry an identity card which says, "This is a Guru?" He is not stamped, "GOD," on His head, so how do we recognise Him? How do we understand that this is a Guru? Now this has to be done very carefully, because already we have made a mistake, and that was with Jesus. People crucified Him, and that wasa mistake. They couldn't understand who He was. Some people say it was because of rulesand regulations, but if they had known that God was there it would have been the same as it was for kings: no rules and regulations. If a king wants to save someone, he can save someone; if he wants to kill someone, he can kill someone. At the time when Jesus was crucified, there were no rules and regulations for the king. And if they had understood that Jesus was more than a king, there would have been no rules and regulations for Him.

Now there is only one way to understand Guru. There is only one way to understand anything. You eat your daily bread, but what proof have you got that this is your daily bread? I could say, "Yes, this is my bread." But it can be anything, but because I am so accustomed to it, when I go before it I get this strange sort of feeling. When I start eating my bread, I know it's my daily bread. There are maybe 500 cars lined up in the parking lot. You go there and you go up towards your car, you sit in it, you start it, and you drive right out of there. You know there is this completely strange sort of feeling you have, that this is your car. You can't even express why it is your car. Some men might say it is because you know the number plates. But that's not it. You know it's your car, you get a certain attachment to it. You've got a certain feeling towards it. In the same way, there is an attachment between us and God and Guru, and through this we can understand who Guru is. Because, when He comes to us, we will be directed towards Him. What is the test? Actually there is no test for Guru. Nobody can test Him because He is almighty, He is all perfect. There is only one thing, and that is


The Young Satguru Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Switzerland in 1972 when he was called Guru Maharaj Ji and was the Perfect Master (Satguru)

when we receive His Knowledge, then He shows us. Now what proof do we have that the light is on, what proof do we have? The light is on, but I can say, "No, the lights are off. There is no light." But it is not so, because the bulbs are on, the lightsareon. The bulbs are burning. What can I say to that, because I can see everything and in the darkness I can't. That automatically proves to me that the lights are on, because when I see something there is light. When we go to Guru, He shows us something. Automatically there is light there - the light which He reveals inside of us. It is not outside. And this must be realised. Premies have realised it. Once you have realised it, what you have to do is meditate. Look inside yourself, because inside of you lies this Knowledge. Seeking outside won't give us the answers, it's inside that we have to seek.

I am giving the Knowledge to people, and people are responding to it fantastically. They are just responding to it fantastically, because, one thing I tell them first of all is, "Listen, I don't give you anything from my pocket, understand? It is within, inside you. If you like it, go ahead, do it. If you don't like it, leave it. But try it, and if you try it you'll like it." And people try it, they like it, they just adore it, they just fantastically like it. Because we have got perfect Truth to give to people, people realise it. And there will come a time when the whole world has realised it, and those people who are crazy will be dying because of their craziness. They won't be in this world when everyone has this Knowledge, because they'll be so crazy. They don't want to receive Knowledge, they don't even want to see Knowledge, they don't want to hear about it. Their egos are so strong that they have been chained up in them. Well, sometimes it's easy to break the ego, sometimes it's difficult. Now there is only one thing we have to understand, and that is that we must meditate!

Now tomorrow I'll be giving you some more satsang and then, on maybe Monday or Tuesday, I'm going back to America. I might not be coming back to Europe before I see you in India. So you must understand one thing, and that is that you must meditate and then you will see how perfect meditation is, how beautiful meditation is. There are some insects, you hardly find them here, but in Montrose they were just terrible. What they would do is, they would come and fly around the light and into it. They were burning themselves completely in it. They were so attached, they knew it was hot and that it would kill them, but they couldn'tresist the light. In the same way, if devotees are really dedicated, then they will be real devotees.

The word 'devotee' actually started from the word devotion. One who is devoted becomes a devotee. And devotion flows out of him. He has to be very much dedicated. Now how is he going to become dedicated? What is the real way to be dedicated? You see, we do external things for ourselves, but there is only one internal thing that we can do, and that is meditation. All the love we have we apply to external things which are not good, which are not true. And this is terrible. Almost everywhere it's getting terrible, but in America it's getting more and more terrible. There was this lawyer who told me that if you go and take the percentages from all over America, you will find there are less criminal cases than divorce cases. More people are getting divorced than becoming criminals. You will find less criminal cases in court and you will find more divorce cases. People appeal there to be divorced. Why? This is not love, because love can never be divorced. It's because they don't apply their love to the right person. Love can only be given to one who is worthy of it, who can understand it. We can give our internal love to Guru Maharaj Ji, and this is the only kind of love that makes us more devoted. And then devotion flows out.

So now you have to understand by yourself. I am not going to come and take your ear and say, "Oh, you must do this," and rub your nose against the earth, and then say, "Now you must do this," and then take a stick and beat you and say, "You must do that." No, you have to do it by your own self and then you will see and then you will understand this. It's beyond all conceptions, beyond even man's imagination. So to realise this you want someone who can show you that thing, who can really show you that thing.

Some people have got blue retinas, some have got brown, some have got black, but do they see the world blue, black or brown? You see through your retina. Perhaps you have got a blue retina, and some have got black retinas and some have got brown, but in what colour do you see the world? Blue, brown, or black? No, you see it as it is. If you put other glasses on, blue, black or brown, it's going to change the world, it's going to make the world blue, or it's going to make the world brown, or it's going to make the world black. But this does not happen with your retina. So you have got what is necessary. A man is completely built in, you know. Everything is built in. You see, now they


The Young Satguru Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Switzerland in 1972 when he was called Guru Maharaj Ji and was the Perfect Master (Satguru)

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