Peace is realisation

Satsang of Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Swiss Alps Festival, 24 August 1972

Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj

Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj Dear premies.

Now the sky is clear, and our minds should be as clear as the sky is clear. The clouds block the light of the sun, they block the heat, they block the glory of the sun. Similarly illusion and ignorance blocks everything that we have received from God. Our minds must be clear, and when the illusion and the ignorance are cleared away, then we get the direct experience of Truth.

He who does not see another world is blind. He who does not hear an inner music is deaf, and he, who doesn't know how to speak about the real glory of God and cannot speak about the real glory of God, is actually dumb. Maharaj Ji has come onto the world to give us light, to cure our blindness, to cure our dumbness and to cure our deafness.

Once a queen lost her necklace. An eagle had taken the necklace and dropped that necklace onto a tree, and under the tree there was a lake. The king was worried, so he sent his courtiers and soldiers to find the necklace, and eventually they arrived at the tree. You see, under the tree there was a lake and all the soldiers and courtiers saw the image of the necklace falling on the water and they all jumped into the lake. But they couldn't find the necklace. They went to the king and they said, "We can see the necklace, but we can't have it, we can't get it. It is impossible." The king was surprised, he said, "When you see the necklace, why can't you get it?" So the king also came to the lake and he too saw the reflection of the necklace and lie also jumped into the lake, but couldn't get it. And then a wise man, a saint, came along, and he saw everyone trying very hard to get the necklace, but they couldn't. So he said, "Oh courtiers, soldiers and king, you are trying to catch the reflection, when actually that reflection is coming from the necklace which is hanging in the tree above. Go to the tree, climb the tree and get the necklace and then the reflection comes to you automatically." The saint said, "Do not seek reflection, but seek the real object!" Now this example fits exactly in our life. We read the scriptures which are merely a reflection of God, a reflection of the Truth. We go to temples which are also merely a reflection of Truth. We are only seeking reflection, but we must catch the Truth not the reflection. But our acts, the whole process, are in vain, so we are merely reflections of that ultimate reality.

Just try to think, try to deduce what is the difference between a living man and a dead man. The answer will be that the difference between a living man and a dead man is soul. But what is soul? Science tells us that there is a law of the conservation of energy which says that energy is neither created, nor is it destroyed. This energy which is neither created or destroyed is immortal. Spirituality says that this immortal energy is soul. Study the word soul. You will see there are four letters S 0 U L. S for subject, 0 for of, U for universal and L for life. Now soul defines itself and says that it is the subject of universal life. Now we all have that soul, we all have that spirit, because soul in Sanscrit is said to be Sat Chit Anand meaning Truth, consciousness and bliss.

Maharaj Ji Yajnavalkya was a saint and he said to his wife, "You think that I love your body, but in reality I love your soul, because, when your soul departs the body, I simply take you and bury you in the graveyard. It is only because the soul is in you that I have affection for you." You will conclude that everything we do is because of soul. We are here because of soul, because soul is the energy to do all things. Now any man who wants bliss must know his soul, because nothing in this world is called bliss, only soul is called bliss. So if we want to seek


bliss or peace we have to communicate with our soul. If you take a ball and throw it on the ground, you will see that it bounces, it goes up and down. Similarly our mind is going up and down in this world. It is going between the two polarities, between virtue and vice, happiness and suffering. Between these two polarities our mind is bouncing. Now to get real peace, we take that ball and stick that ball onto the ground so it will bounce no more. This is called equilibrium.

The nature of Guru is like a magnet. When a magnet gets in contact with a piece of iron, it makes that piece of iron a magnet also. Similarly an enlightened Guru also makes his devotee as He is. To experience divinity our mind must be stable, and the technique is given to us by the Guru of the time. Now for instance, if a man is taking my photograph and the camera wavers in his hand, the picture will be blurred, it will be spoiled. But if the camera is stable in his hand, the picture will come out perfect. Similarly when a devotee sits in meditation to take a picture of the spirit, or to have a spiritual experience, his mind has to be stable as a camera is. Now the question is, how can I make my mind stable? For instance, if I concentrate my mind on this mike, this mike is a material thing and matter changes shape, so when this thing is not stable how can this thing make my mind stable? Everything in this universe is revolving. Our earth is revolving. Our sun is revolving. Even the smallest part of the atom, the electrons, are revolving, so there is nothing stable in materialism. The only thing which is stable is God. The only thing which is stable is Truth. So if we concentrate our minds onto Truth, our mind will also be stable. If there was peace in materialism, if there was peace in matter, then what was the need for Buddha to leave His whole kingdom? The real peace is in union with the soul.

Now we know that the breeze over the sea is blowing constantly, but people, who want to benefit from that sea breeze, must put their sails up. And when they put their sails up, they will be blown by the breeze. Similarly the grace of Guru is all permeating, but to receive, to get benefit from that grace, we have to offer ourselves. People who surrender themselves to the Guru, they receive enlightenment. Just like you go to a popcorn machine, you put a coin inside the machine and, after you put the coin in, you get the popcorn, but not before. Similarly people who surrender themselves to the Guru, they receive enlightenment, they receive holy Knowledge. That is why Christ said, "He who loses his life for me, gets eternal life. But he who keeps this life loses eternal life." That is why Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, "Leave all religions and have only faith in me and I'll give you salvation."

People believe that there will be no second coming of the Christ, that there will be no Perfect Masters. But scriptures tell us that there is no time, not even a second that passes without Satguru. -In the Bhagavad Gita, the divine song, Lord Krishna says, "I come in every age to serve this true religion, and to destroy all evil." Now what we are in now is also an age. Now if this is an age, then according to Lord Krishna, He is here in this age, because He says He is in every age. So Lord Krishna is with us. Now even in the Bible it is written that every spirit that does not admit that Jesus Christ is come in flesh, is not of God but is the spirit of the anti-christ. This means that people who do not believe that Christ is here at this time, at this moment, in the flesh. The people who do not believe this, they are the anti-christ. Now I think most of the Christians they do not believe that Christ is in flesh and that He is living. It is just like it is said that even the devils can quote scriptures. But I tell you that even though a devil can quote scriptures to you, he cannot reveal scriptures to you.

Peace is not in religion, peace is in realisation. For instance, if you hear lectures about food, those lectures or writings or readings or photographs, they will not satisfy your hunger. So to have that experience, to have that realisation, one must go to a realised soul, because it is the touch of the enlightened soul that reveals our goal. Now if you want to fill a bucket with water where will you place the bucket? Underneath the tap, or on top of the tap? I think you will place it underneath the tap. That is why a devotee sits humbly at the Lotus Feet of the Guru and humbly listens to discourses. This is called 'upanishad'.

Now in the ancient Upanishads, it is said that we are alive because we take breath. But what is the force that drives air into our nostrils and drives air out of our nostrils? That force is called the Word.

Many people have come to receive Knowledge and I think they must be thinking or imagining why they aren't getting Knowledge. But, as you know, before a farmer sows seed in a field, he ploughs the field and, after ploughing the field, he fertilises the field and then he sows the seed. This is the same process as giving satsang.


Bal Bhagwan Ji, Prem Rawat's Elder Brother and Successor As Satpal Maharaj In satsang the whole field becomes fertilised and then we can sow the seed of holy Knowledge.

At the battlefield of Kurukshetra Lord Krishna speaks to Arjuna and He tells him many things. He says that "In the beginning of creation I gave the holy Knowledge to the sun, and the sun gave the Knowledge to the Raj Rishis and this is how the holy Knowledge came into the world." Now this means that in the beginning of creation Lord Krishna must have given this Knowledge to the sun. Now He says, ' That same Knowledge I am going to give to you Arjuna." Then Arjuna asked the question, "I have seen that you are with me, so how can I believe that you were giving Knowledge to the sun before the beginning of creation?" And then Shri Krishna says to Arjuna, "Arjuna, I am infinite, you are finite. I know everything of past, present and future. And because you are only finite, you only live in the present. But I also live in the past and the future."

The same Knowledge was given by the Sun. Actually you can see this from science. If you read about evolution, how the earth began, you will come to know that there was an explosion on the sun. And this earth, which was once part of the sun, began because of that blast. Now Guru Maharaj Ji is here in this age to give us this Knowledge, the Knowledge which is primordial and was in the beginning of this whole creation. We can only be united by this Knowledge, because this Knowledge is the Knowledge of the spirit which is common in all. Through this Knowledge man can bring about real communism. I think God is the biggest communist, because He is common in all, He is omnipresent. Through Him we can be one. Peace and unity can only prevail; harmony can only prevail on this earth when we realise our Father, when we realise our soul. So this is the time when you are getting the opportunity to hear satsang, when you are getting holy company. You must meditate and also you must do service to make yourselves strong. When a plant is very small, it needs a stick to make it straight. So to make us straight on this path of Knowledge we require plenty of service and devotion and plenty of faith also. This is why I'm telling you again and again to spend your time in meditation and service, because they are the two, you can say, vitamins for disciples to make them strong. Only when a Perfect Master leaves this earth do we talk about doing His service and singing His glory. But when the

Master is present everybody neglects Him.

Now I think tomorrow morning at about seven o'clock Guru Maharaj Ji is arriving at the airport, and you will all be going there to receive Him and then you will get plenty of Darshan and also plenty of satsang. All this is due to love, you see. We talk of grace for meditation, but actually we don't put our efforts into it. It is said that unless and until you have ninety-five per cent perspiration, you can't get five per cent inspiration. Grace only comes when you make efforts. I'll tell you a story. A poet once said, unless and until a seed becomes one with the mud, it cannot grow into a tree and give fruit. Similarly your meditation will only give you fruit when you become one with divinity. Then you merge yourself, you actually surrender, you see. If the cold breeze is blowing and I wrap myself in a blanket, I will not be able to feel the breeze because I am closed, I am wrapped up in a blanket. To feel that breeze I have to open myself up. Similarly to feel Guru Maharaj Ji and who He is, we must open our hearts and wait for tomorrow. Thank you very much.