Higher than all the scriptures

Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. 15 June 1972

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are here in Miami to tell you something about this Knowledge, this spiritual media that we have been preaching throughout the world, in northern countries, in eastern countries and now we have even brought it to western countries.

This Knowledge, this media, is not a new media. It's not a new Knowledge, but it is the most ancient Knowledge that existed before the world was created. It has even been described in the Bible, when John says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Now, what was the Word that was in the beginning, that was existing when there was no knowledge, that was existing when there was nothing? Nothing was existing at that time before this world was existing. All the things we have created, all the things that exist have got some specific use, they have got some significance to them, and they can be utilised. Now, you have got cars, you have got the use of them. There are aeroplanes, there is a use for aeroplanes. There is some purpose for aeroplanes being there. All natural things also have a specific purpose. In the same way, man is here, the crown of all nature. But what is the use of man existing? Why does a human body exist? What is the use? There is some specific purpose, there is a specific use that this body should exist. Many people don't realise this use, many people don't realise the real aim and get themselves lost in materialism, in ignorance. Once they are lost, they are unaware of the original way, and then someone must come and tell them the way which will lead them to the right path. That's why, time after time, saints, realised souls, sages, Perfect Masters, have been coming to this earth, have been visiting earth and speading this Knowledge, spreading this message that there is peace, love and Truth.

It is this question, this point that must be really thought about and it is that, in spite of so many religions in this world today, there is not peace in the world. Still we have not been able to get complete peace, complete tranquillity of mind. Why? It is like this: we love food while it's before us, but unfortunately there is no salt. We like this ice-cream, but unfortunately there is no sugar in the ice-cream. The whole world is there, human beings are there, and so many people declare that the sugar is there, but the real Word, the real Knowledge is not there. This is why man's peace was disturbed on earth, when God was always there. God is omnipresent, omniscient. God existed, and God exists and God will exist. God is all powerful, God is almighty, so why doesn't this peace roll out? Why doesn't peace come to every man? Just because he is ignorant of it, and because we are ignorant a man comes, an engineer comes. For example, there are many scientists and they want to build this Apollo. There is one main fault in the design of this Apollo. This Apollo is going to be sent to the moon, but before it goes, something goes wrong with it, and then the engineers come out and start mending it. This engineer is known as Guru. Now, of course, 'guru' is an eastern word, but Guru Himself is not eastern, because He is a mechanic who represents God. He is a mechanic from God, and God is not eastern, God is not western, God is not southern.

I know why people weren't receptive to what Jesus was saying at His time, and why even people now are not receptive to what Jesus said in countries where Jesus hasn't been. In countries like India, why aren't people really receptive? And why aren't people receptive really to all the other scriptures here? I was wondering, and when I began to travel, I was able to find out why. It is because Christian people thought, "Why eastern scriptures?" And eastern people thought, "Why western scriptures?" That was the only reason why one side was not receptive to the other side. But it is just simple fact that east, north, south, and west were only invented when man started sailing on the sea. They asked themselves how could they sail, how could they reach their destination? They took the whole map, they put in the longitudes and the latitudes, and then they made east, west, south and north.


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 They were the ones, they made it that way, and that's how north, south, east and west started in the world. But now they have got such hard roots that people think everything must be northern, southern, eastern or western. But this mechanic, the mechanic of God, is not eastern, He is not western, He is not southern, He is not northern. When He comes to earth He brings us peace, He brings us this message of peace and then, when we open-heartedly listen to Him, He reveals this peace to us.

We are in search of something. We want something. We are seeking for something. Scientists are searching for something. They search and search and they came to a very important point where they divided the atom and light came out. It was a very important year in scientific history when they divided the atom, and the light and the energy came out. This energy is everywhere, this energy that we live on, is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. God is the highest form of the same energy that exists everywhere.

We are again in search of something, we want something. Some people are just trying to look for peace in materialism. People say, "Oh, I will buy myself a Rolls," and they buy a Rolls and they get very happy. They say, "Oh, I've got Rolls," and they get extremely happy, they call their friends, and they invite them for tea. Alright? The next day there is no party. So that means that when they bought a Rolls Royce, they were very happy and they gave a party, but the next day their happiness was reduced. When the third day comes, there won't be any party, and after some time the Rolls will get old and people will start saying, "Oh, it's two years old. Oh, it's three years old." Then they no longer like it so much, and they probably will sell it, and as it is the most expensive thing, they can't sell it now. But they still love it, they keep it clean, perhaps they appoint a chauffeur for their car. After some time, the chauffeur is driving the car and he bumps it into a tree. The car is absolutely finished and the love is also finished. This is the love of materialism: you love one thing today, tomorrow it finishes. People think, "Alright, no love in materialism, I must try another world." People go in churches, people go in temples, people go there, get married. Next day they come home, start quarrelling and they get divorced the next day! That's not love, that's not peace, that's not tranquillity of mind. Today the divorce system has become very, very popular, and people are getting dissatisfied by all the materialistic objects they once found so very popular.

First of all scientists had no aeroplane, then they came out with this odd looking aeroplane, right? They made it. Maybe it used to go forty miles an hour. Then they said, "No, forty miles an hour is not enough." So they invented a much more powerful plane that could probably do sixty miles an hour, and they said, "Sixty miles an hour is not enough." Then they said, "Alright let's make it go 100." Then 120 miles an hour. Pipers do that much. Even then they were not satisfied, so they made a jet that could do 400, and then 500 miles an hour. Still they were not satisfied, so they made big huge Jumbo that can do 580 miles an hour. Still they are not satisfied -- they want to make a Concorde. They want to make SST that can travel thousands and thousands of miles an hour and do the journey from New York to London in two hours only. So fast they want to make it. They want to, because the mind is running and running and running and even the speed of electricity won't be enough for them. They would like to create something more. They want to create such computers that they will put man into this box here, and he will go over directly to America. In a few seconds, he is in America, and a few seconds after that he will be in England again. They'll make it like that.

Minds are running so fast, and we have got no brakes for them. It is like this. We wanted to progress in speed, and we have progressed and progressed. If we try to use those brakes that were placed in those cars that were made in early, early, early, early times, when there were those spoky wheels, and start using those brakes today, will those brakes work in new cars? In MG sports model cars, will they work? No. As they progress in their speed, they have to increase the brakes, because you need speed, but you need brakes too. What's the problem with man? He has invented so much speed, he has really put his full thought into speed, and he is now so fast that he has no brakes to stop himself. It is as if the whole traffic is going and the green light is on. The stop light is fused, and all the traffic is coming from all sides, going this way, going that way -- accidents are taking place. You need the green light, you need to go, but you need stop light too. If the stop light stays on for ever and ever that won't help you, because there will not be any traffic at all going around. We'll come to one spot and stop. You need a stop light, but you need a go light also, so that


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 you may go. You need materialism, you need speed, but you need brakes also. You need to stop yourself from going the wrong way.

Can a human man think that the competition he has undergone and the high place he has reached is for nothing? He has reached such a speed that he can't control himself. First a man invented a pistol, then another man invented bullet-proof shirt. One nation said, "Alright, this won't work," and they invented a tank. Another nation invented bullet that could even make a hole in a tank. Then they said, "Oh, a tank is not enough, let's make a bomber." Alright, they made bomber aeroplanes and they said, "Oh, let's make anti-aircraft guns." The other nation invented anti-aircraft guns. Bombers would come and they would be shot by these anti-aircraft guns. There is so much competition in this materialism that peace is essential for us. Everyone knows that. Without peace we are not human. But how do we get this peace? How to get this Knowledge? Jesus gave something to His disciples; Jesus revealed something to His disciples and they got this thing and they devoted themselves. Why were those high priests at the time of Jesus not so devoted as John? There was some cause. Jesus had revealed some Knowledge to him, Jesus had revealed something to him. He was very impressed, and devoted his whole life. Why? For this peace. So, understand what was that Knowledge that made John surrender. When

Jesus went to be baptised, and John saw Him, he said, "Lord, are you going to baptise me, or am I going to baptise you?" That means actually that the baptism that John was providing people with was not actually baptism. Jesus gave real baptism. So that's why John who used to baptise people said, "Are you going to baptise me?" because he was himself not baptised.

What is that Knowledge, what is that thing that we all are looking for? Maybe we don't call it Knowledge, we call it medium of peace. Maybe we don't call it medium of peace, maybe we call it something else. But whatever you call it, we need it. We need this food, we need this apple, we need this fruit, we need this fruit of all fruits. This is the Knowledge of all knowledges from which all knowledges have started. What is it?

Why are we alive at this moment? Because we are breathing. Why are we breathing? Because our lungs are functioning, or maybe because blood is circulating. Why is blood circulating? Because our heart is pumping. Why is our heart pumping? Maybe because lungs are breathing. But who makes us breathe at that time when we are in the deep sleep stage, when we are unaware whether our mouth is opened or closed, and saliva is falling out? When they don't know what they are doing, when they are lying down asleep, some people get up and start walking, but they don't know it. They should be in bed and not walking. People start shouting when they are sleeping. They shouldn't do that. At that deep sleep stage, they are completely unaware of themselves. Who makes them breathe? The child which has just taken birth cries. Why does he cry? Who has taught him to cry? Somebody has taught him how to cry. That's why he is crying. Who taught him how to cry? It's a natural feeling that flows out from a baby. He feels this strange feeling in his stomach, this hunger feeling, and he starts crying. When his mother gives him food, milk, he's completely satisfied. No crying, he starts laughing. Who has taught him how to laugh? Who has taught him to smile? He doesn't understand English, he doesn't understand any language, still he smiles. This strange feeling inside us has made us so active, because we need something. We are all looking for something, and this thing is the Knowledge, and this thing is peace. That's why we are so much dissatisfied. But if you have this thing, then you will be satisfied. All the activities which we can see, that go on all round the world won't be going on any more: one nation is fighting with another nation, one man is fighting with another


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 man, one child is fighting with another child.

So, understand what is the highest point that you can reach. What is the highest goal? What is the purpose of your existing in this life? You are here. There is something. There is some purpose for your existence in this world. Why has God given you so many wonderful beautiful things? You have got many suits, injections, so many things. You didn't make them, they all came out of nature. How? If God hadn't provided you with iron in the earth, you wouldn't have been able to produce cars, aeroplanes, and so on. If God hadn't provided you with those materials inside the earth you wouldn't have been able to produce this building. God provided you with bricks and this is what you have assembled and made. Alright, you need these, but you need something more also, and this is this Knowledge. We are here before you to give you this Knowledge, to present this Knowledge to you.

I go all round the world giving this Knowledge to people. Five million people have received it and five million people arc completely satisfied. This Knowledge, they say, is true. I myself have meditated on this Knowledge and I also believe completely that this Knowledge is really true. We don't need any money for this Knowledge, we don't need to pay anything out of our pocket for it. No. This Knowledge is absolutely free. And this Knowledge is for all -- your children even, if they can just understand its significance. I have just recently been to South Africa and in South Africa approximately five or six small children received Knowledge. They admitted that, "Yes, we need something." They understood that "Yes, we require something." They said, "May we please have Knowledge?" and they got it.

The way to ask for Knowledge, the way to receive Knowledge, is very simple. "Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened unto you." We just have to ask for it, but before we can ask, before we can fill our glass with water, we must go to the tap. Suppose we want to have ice-cream, right? Can we walk into a cloth merchant's shop and say, "May we have some ice-cream please?" He will say, "This is a cloth shop, this is not an ice-cream shop." Before we want this Knowledge, we must go to the man who can really reveal this Knowledge to us. We mustn't walk to everyone and say, "May I have this Knowledge please?" No, first we must go to that Master who knows it.

If a child goes to that school where the masters don't know how to teach English, and he says, "Please I want to learn English," if those masters don't know English, how can they teach him English? So first of all you must know the right man, and if you want Knowledge, then you can collect it, and you can meditate upon it while you're sitting, while you're eating. You don't have to sit for seven hours and meditate. No. You can walk, sit, eat, talk, sleep, and sleep is the worst stage you can go into. When you are almost dead, and you go to that stage, still you can meditate upon this Knowledge. It is so easy to practise.

Now realise it. We know God is within us, everyone knows that, but still they do not see Him. We have our X-rays taken, but we don't see God there, coming in our X-rays, I had to give my chest X-rays to American and South African people, before I can receive a visa from them. I looked at it, but I didn't see God there, even though God is inside me. Doctors do operations -- they cut your stomach, they cut your chest, they cut everything, still they don't see any God there. Where is God then? Where is God? People walk on the floor, God is everywhere, so does that mean God is getting crushed on the floor? If God is everything then he is on the floor also. So is He getting crushed there?

I can see this flower is white, I can see the colour of everything as it is: black, white, pink, yellow, red. Still my retina colour is black, and I look through that colour, but I don't see any blackness. Though if I had got green glasses


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 everything would look green. If I had got red glasses, I would look and everything would be red. I look through my retina, everything should be black, but it is not. Can I see my retina by by myself? I need a mirror, right? And as soon as this mirror comes I will be able to see that this is my retina. Although God is inside us and through the grace of God we are existing, we are surviving, the question is that we haven't got a mirror before us. But as soon as this mirror comes, you will be able to realise. We'll be able to see ourselves, and inside we'll see our Lord, our Father. But we don't need these mirrors that are produced here, where you go and make-up your make-ups and comb your hair in. No, not those mirrors that you have to stand before and look in. No, not in those mirrors. But there is the mirror of peace. There is the mirror of Knowledge that you look into, and then with this mirror you can see yourself. If you want this mirror, if you want this Knowledge, I have got it.

I don't claim myself to be God, or to be Christ, or to be anyone like that. No, I just claim myself to be a humble servant, serving humanity, by the grace of God. And I have got this Knowledge for human beings. This is not for dogs, animals, cats, otherwise I would have gone to the zoo. You are here for a limited time and then you must go back to your homes. I must finish satsang at a limited time and then you must go back to your homes. I must finish satsang at a limited time, and I must come here at a limited time, but I could always go to the zoo and sit from morning till evening. I could get special permission and just go around giving satsang to lions and elephants and so on. But no, this Knowledge is for human beings.

I believe God is going to come. Christian people believe that God is going to descend from the sky, from heaven. Alright, He is going to descend, He is going to come, He is going to come before us. Alright, you have got this belief, but in the meantime what are you going to do? The situation is like this: suppose, after seventeen days I know that I am invited to this dinner, my friends send me this invitation that says please come to this dinner in seventeen days. That doesn't mean that I have to just stay hungry for seventeen days, I haven't got to eat any food for seventeen days. No, in the meantime I have to eat some food, I have to take some food. The same way, God is going to come, He is going to give us peace, He is going to give us love, He is going to give us His affection, but in the meantime we need something to give us peace, love and affection. And this is the Knowledge. Due to His power, God sends someone from heaven to give us this Knowledge. And once he comes, it's alright. Five million people have received peace out of this, why can't you? They are not just Europeans who have received this Knowledge. And I don't think Miami people are extraordinary. No, you are human beings. If you are human beings, by all means take and receive this Knowledge. Miami is such a beautiful place God has given you. God has provided you with such a beautiful place. Now you must know your God. You must know this part of it. You must know Him and who He really is.

Today we say, "God, God, God," but what does God mean? God means G for generator, 0 for Operator, and D for destroyer. Generator, who has generated us, Operator who is operating us, and Destroyer who will destroy us. He is called God. You all believe that there is some power that has created us, there is some power that is operating us and there is some power that will destroy us, but understand what this power is. With the generating power He is generating, and the destroying power can destroy everything in one second, but His operating power operates us for such a long period. So understand what is this power that exists in all. It is not


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

different, it does not differ from one man to another, it is all the same. One for all. It exists within us, and so, once we feel ourselves into this Word, we will be able to see it, we will be able to understand it.

So dear brothers and sisters, I am not here to take money, I am not here to take anything, I am just here to give you this message. I am just here to reveal this Knowledge to you, I am here to give you this message of God. All those people who are interested in understanding this Knowledge, all those people who are interested in realising this Knowledge, come and contact me. Come to me and ask me any questions you have. You will be given the address where I am staying, and you can come there and ask me questions if you have any.

So, if you want this, if you want this beautiful, beautiful Knowledge, try me, and I'll give it to you. I'll just give you this gift. But now I'll ask this question, "How long is it going to take me to reveal this Knowledge to you?" Well, how much time does it take to reflect yourself in the mirror, before you can see yourself in front


The Young Perfect Master Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 of the mirror? How much time does it take? It is just a matter of seconds. Same way, it is only going to take seconds. But maybe it takes some time to get the mirror in front of you, or, if your eyes are unfocussed, it might take some time. That's the only time it takes, otherwise immediately you will be able to see your reflection in that mirror.

So now, if you are really interested in this Knowledge come to me. I have got it for you. You can take it by all means. People come and ask me, "Oh, we can't receive this Knowledge, because we aren't into any spiritual scriptures and so on." But it doesn't matter. I say, "You don't need to be. If you haven't read, it's OK, because supposedly there was a time when those scriptures were not there, yet still people were being given Knowledge. Now, which scripture did they used to read before they could receive Knowledge? So, it's just OK. If you haven't read any scriptures, it's OK, still you can receive this Knowledge." What are people trying to do today? All the scriptures indicate towards one God. Soneone comes to me and says, "Where is California?" And I say, "This way. Alright?" And they start walking on my hand. This is what's going on today. All the scriptures indicate God, so people started going on the scriptures. It's like this, people are driving along this highway and they read the sign 'New York' and an arrow points down, and they come right under the arrow and stop their cars. Highway patrol comes and says, "Why have you stopped?"

"I wanted to reach New York, where is New York? I can't see it."

"No. You're not in New York, it's just to indicate that this road leads you to New York." So, all these scriptures indicate to God, to one form, to one energy, to one pure light. Now, our duty is not to stick to them, but to go ahead and realise it. Go ahead and understand.

When a small girl plays with a doll, her parents get very happy. If this girl grows and gets married and then she goes away with her husband, and starts playing with her dolls, are her parents still very happy? No. She's supposed to leave dolls and start doing household works. In the same way it's OK if you read the scriptures but scriptures indicate something that is even higher than them, and you must reach for that. We must reach for that higher Knowledge that is higher than all the scriptures -- a Knowledge that cannot be found in drugs.

All the press media and newspapers and television have been coming to me and the most popular question they ask is, "What have you to say about drugs?" I say, "Well, I haven't taken drugs, but I can just tell you one thing. I have got something higher than any drugs. Really higher than any drugs, and I can give you that." What I have got is higher than any drugs. They are artificial, you have to take them from outside. Knowledge is a built-in drug within us. It is hidden inside of us and it is higher than a drug that you have to take with water and so on. If you take Knowledge you have no need of drugs. It is internal, very internal, very beautiful, much more beautiful than any outside drug, it's very great, and that's what I have got. It is built-in. God has provided it as standard, not as optional but as necessary. It is a standard thing that God has given to all of us. So realise this thing.

I have come here to Miami actually for a very short time. I've got a very short time, then I've got to fly to Japan. So if you want to ask any questions, any question concerning this spiritual Knowledge, come tomorrow morning from, let's say, ten to twelve, and ask me. You will be given the address, and now I have been accompanied by my Mother and some of my other friends, and brothers too, and they are going to give you some satsang, some lectures. Of course, they are going to say the same thing that I have said. It is like this, there are many cars, right? If you have a Rolls and tonga, you have to sit in the tonga, and you also have to sit in the Rolls, right? But isn't there a great difference between sitting in a Rolls and a rickshaw? Same way, you will be sitting there listening to the same thing, but there will be many differences in putting it to you.

If you are interested, please come to me, ask me any question you have got, and by all means take and receive this Knowledge. Thank you very much.