Divine Light Magazine No 4


Satsang by the beloved Holy Mother of our Lord

Mata Ji - Mother of Prem Rawat

Dear Premies,

There is always a contradiction of ideas amongst people which is the cause of dispute amongst them, but you have known that Light and have become the ruler of your mind by knowing that power within you. For what purpose does man come into the world? Even animals are better than man because though they might fight in order to eat and drink, they do not then fight unnecessarily. This is because they are free in these matters and regard the whole world as their own. By performing no karma their food comes to them automatically.

Therefore, O people of the world, know who you are! Saints and seers of Truth can reveal to you that very greatest thing, the essence of all scriptures. You should know that. A jeweller,


because he deals in the business of diamonds and has been under the training of an expert dealer, knows the value of the diamond and how to test it. Otherwise the diamond could have been sold at the cost of glass.

Similarly the sadhu or saint knows the Sabda or Holy Word. What is the test of Sabda? There are many words but what is that Word which is the essence of the whole world, from which all words have their origin? Why does a farmer grow a harvest of sugar cane with such great labour? For the juice of the -sugar which we get from it, only for that does he work so hard. Similarly the essence of all scriptures is the Holy Word of Truth. 0 people of the world, listen. This message of Truth is delivered by those great saints who always come into this world and fight against the evil of society. They do not need weapons to fight. Weapons are used only by ignorant people, but our weapon is this True Knowledge and with this we win the hearts of men. The company of such great saints is called satsang, and the greatness and importance of satsang in our lives is beyond description. It is a gift given only for the use of man. In the Ramayana, it is said:

Sath Sudharai Satsangat Paie
Paras Paras Kudhatu Suhai

This means that the wicked man can become a gentle man by the power of satsang. Only satsang can bring a man to real life. A man ignorant of the Knowledge is like a dead man. Only when a man knows God by the grace of the living Satguru can he be called alive in the real sense, because this Light and Holy Word are the life of all things. Only after knowing them is one really alive.

So take a bath in the holy river of satsang. It is the only pilgrimage that makes you whole, it is the only baptism which makes you pure. Other pilgrimages and bathing in rivers are not true pilgrimages. They make the skin of the body clean but this river washes the inner dirt of your heart. Your soap is the Holy Word. Rub it over the cloth of heart, and all your sins will be washed away.

This human birth is the gift of God. It is not the result of our good karma. God bestows this body upon you because He is merciful towards you without any motive or cause. Lord Rama says in the Ramayana:

Bade Bhagya Manus Tan Pawa

This means that we are greatly fortunate to have been bestowed with this human body by God and we have only received it after many births. He forgave us all evils and made us human, because this is the gateway to salvation. If you miss this gate, if you miss the opportunity to escape through it, you will enter the cycle of Chaurasi which is a countless number of non-human bodies. Guru Nanak said, "All men have received the human birth by completing this journey of many million animal bodies, so now seek Truth in this life and remember the Holy Name of God. Otherwise you are very close to falling down again."

Therefore think and understand, for whom is Guru Maharaj Ji doing all this? Is He doing it for Himself only or for the people, for the welfare of the world? When the incarnation comes in His time people do not recognize Him without Knowledge. Look at Rawan. He was so intellectually powerful that he knew all Vedas and scriptures by heart, but without the Knowledge of this Truth he could not recognize Lord Rama. Evil thoughts came into his mind due to his big ego. He thought he could do everything, and this lead to his complete destruction. To escape this fate saints urge men to know who they really are.

Whatever else you are doing besides fulfilling your true human purpose of self-realization can be done in animal bodies more freely than in human bodies. As many times and in whatever bodies you take birth in this world all these things – eating, drinking etc. – will be eternally with you, so it is not fitting for a man to lose himself in the enjoyments and pleasures of the world. Those who have not understood this will understand it many times very deeply.

Guru Maharaj Ji is sending mahatmas with His Knowledge from door to door. They are giving warrants to you from Him. If you will not listen to their message and will not practically follow what they say, the cycle of suffering and wandering in different bodies is closer than you think. You should be aware of this. By grace of Guru Maharaj Ji they have decided to devote their lives to Him so they can work for the spiritual welfare of mankind.

At this present time men have forgotten the Truth and fight against it instead of fighting against evil. To hide their sins and guiles people do many things. But at the last moment they have to repent of all of them. They will say, "False teachers wasted our priceless life. We would not have followed them but we did not listen to our real saviour." There are many such false dealers of religion who tell you to meditate on God and you will obtain liberation, but when we are ignorant about who and what God is, where should we concentrate our minds in order to meditate on Him? First we should know by the True Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji what is His appearance, then we can meditate. No peace can come by chanting Christ Christ, Ram Ram or Krishna Krishna. God lies within you and you are trying to reach Him by practising external techniques. The wound is inside and you are bandaging


yourself on the outside. How can you be cured? How can those who have no speech speak mantras? How can those who cannot walk go to temples and churches or go on pilgrimages? How can the blind read scriptures? No. The realization of God is the result of a devotional heart accompanied by Knowledge. Even a dumb and blind cripple can practice devotion by the inner technique which is the True Knowledge of the True Master.

As you probably know only the human body is praised, not that of a dog or a donkey. So why only man? There is a great mystery there. Here is a map of the Satyalok Ashram. For whom does Guru Maharaj Ji make such a large ashram? Only for you. This ashram includes a very large hall in which thousands and thousands of people can sit and all religions are united into one reality. Today men think that God is in the church, that Allah is in the mosque, that Rama is in the temple. We have to make them understand that the abode or residence of God is not in temples, mosques or churches, but in man's own heart.

It is said that God is living in every heart, but only people with one eye recognise Him. Now you all have got two eyes looking outwards. But what is meant by that eye that sees God inside the heart? That is the Knowledge of Satguru. Without knowing that you will leave your body thirsty for peace. You come into the world with arms folded and leave it with them open. What do you bring with you at your arrival and what do you carry away at your final departure. You notice this well enough in your own families. Is there any family where nobody has died? Is there any such family? Where is your grandfather, your uncle, your grandmother? Where are they to whom you were very close at one time? Will they come to you again? Will they love you again? This is why Divine persons always make you aware that the same situation will come to you. This world is not your permanent residence. Idleness is the greatest enemy of man. It is a man's death. So leave your enemy behind. Follow the good, always reject the bad. You should not be concerned with bad.

Lord Krishna told the Kausawas not to fight. It only brings destruction, He said. But they did not obey the great advice of Lord Krishna and went ahead and fought and were destroyed. Man should always follow the Divine Teacher otherwise destruction is very certain.

Surdas, a saint, said in one of his songs that a very dangerous time of unhappiness will come to all men when it will be difficult for a man to save his life. Who said this? That power which said this from within the heart of Surdas is also within you. He is also present within you. So surrender your life before that power in the living form of Master. Also, said Surdas, only he who remembers the Holy Word of Guru Maharaj Ji will be saved. This is showing itself to be true. All around the world unhappiness and unrest is prevailing. The people are so worried by their own anxieties that only the life of a devotee is successful. The rest of the people are taking birth like plague of a locust and dying at the same rate. There is no record of worldly people. If you become firmly attached to worldly things they will become the cause of your destruction. This Knowledge is to detach you from everything leaving you attached to His Name only. You should always be ready to obey such a master because when Guru Maharaj Ji becomes pleased with us everything is. well. Otherwise you can not have any peace. He is the ruler of the mind. If you do not obey Him then your mind has no place for rest.

There were three disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji. One day pieces of broken glass were spread on the road and to know the disciples' devotion He ordered them to go through them and to come back again. One of them ran towards the road thinking that if he did it quickly Guru Maharaj Ji would be more pleased with him, and he would be proved the most obedient. So he walked over the glass and wounded his feet badly. The second also went quickly taking long jumps like a very expert soldier jumping from one horse to another. By jumping high his leg was broken. The third disciple thought that on the one hand there is the path of hard glass pieces and on the other hand is the agya (order) of Guru Maharaj Ji. He thought, "The only reason I have a body is to serve Guru Maharaj Ji and if I am wounded this body would not be able to fulfil the purpose for which Guru Maharaj Ji has given it. Likewise if my leg is broken I could not come to satsang and would be unable to obey His agya in future." So He picked his way slowly, avoiding the glass pieces with his feet and thus crossed the path of obstacles, obeying the command of his Master and saving his feet. The third one was the real devotee. The former two were showy and intellectual, lacking the real feeling of devotion. So Guru Maharaj Ji said the third disciple is my real devotee. So we should understand the mystery of agya and the importance of obeying it. Then Guru Maharaj Ji will be pleased with us.

So he who is the faithful servant or devotee of the Lord is he who does the service of his Master's lotus feet. The fruit of His service is infinite, because it is to please Him, and if. He is pleased with us we are free from the bondage of death. So, those of you who know it always remember that Holy Name and those of you who do not know it should receive the Knowledge and practise it throughout your lives.


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