Divine Light Magazine No 4

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Dear sisters and brothers,

Illusion is the only cause of sufferings. Man recognizes his body as his Self. Always he is conscious only 'of his physical body. By the grace of our Holy Master we have known that we not only possess our bodies but also the power within us which is the sole cause of our life. Man has two selves. One his physical body which is concerned with sorrows and sufferings, pains and miseries, birth and death, health and disease, heat and cold etc., of which man is usually aware. But he has forgotten his real self, the cause of physical self, that self of which the physical self is a result, called the Divine Self, the inner man, the atman or the soul.

The soul is a part of God. This is the reason why man possesses a dual nature. Physical activities of man - eating, drinking, sleeping - are exactly the same but man is not satisfied by these only. No matter that he is very rich and has all sorts of pleasures. The sense pleasures, being transient, are able to give complete satisfaction to the human mind, while animals have this tendency of searching for tranquility much less, even though their need is greater.

Everything in nature is searching towards its infinity. For the river, the sea is its infinite source so its approach to the sea brings it to its rest.

The soul of Master is God, also called supreme soul, or Param Atma. Our soul came from Him. This is why we want God. But the true method has become completely lost. The Spiritual Master shows the world the right path to God realization because he is the living God on the planet earth.

Once a premie asked Guru Maharaj Ji why is this universe made? Maharaj Ji smiled, answering, "Because there is God". When there is object there is shadow. There is positive power causing negative. No negative could be obtained without positive. Positive is donor while negative is acceptor. The world which is His negative is not self-existent while God is. But to think the world as real is called illusion. Once in His satsang He was explaining this illusion as a mirage. In the desert a man who gets thirsty searches for water. The sand of desert due to partial reflection of the sun's rays produces the image like water, so that a man thinks it is water and runs after it. When he searches there he finds no water but the hot sand. He then looks to the other side where he sees again water but it disappears as before. This mirage is called mrig trishna, or illusion. So, doing this he gets more thirsty and loses his life. Similarly, man is searching after the objects of senses to quench his thirst for peace. He desires something, and tries for it, but after getting it he finds no rest in that and searches for another thing. No object is sufficiently powerful and attrac tive to hold the interest of the mind but man does not understand this unreality, the phenomena of mirage. Desires are endless. But if you get the thing which is greatest of all then you come to the stage of being desireless. Only devotional love at the feet of the Spiritual Master makes us liberated from the bondage of all desires and passions. Only complete surrender. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna that only one who is completely surrendered is free of all bondages.

The human form of the Almighty is Satguru. Although God lives within us but remains hidden, Guru is revealer of God. Unincarnated and impersonified God cannot give His Knowledge. But humans can understand the human language so He comes in human form. But we should not think of Him as a man. As Lord Krishna says to Arjuna one who knows me as a man he knows nothing about me and cannot get liberation because I am the Light living in the heart of all. It is also said by Lord Jesus there is no difference in me and my father, those who will follow me will not walk in darkness but see that Light of life. He reveals the mystery of truth from time to time in this world. The aim is not to create a new religion. This Knowledge of Truth which Guru Maharaj Ji is imparting to the world is the monopoly of all the True Masters, irrespective of their time, cast, creed and country wherever they appeared.

He says, "Know your own religion. I am not here to change your religion." Now we have to understand what is our own? Only soul is ours because it never dies, everything is perishable except Him. Religion is realization. This self-realization is our own religion. When one knows his own religion he finds the reality of all religions as Truth. Then all delusions, doubts, confusions and disputes are finished. Then really we know that the supreme doctrines of the Master are completely practical, and not merely intuitive as is usually supposed.

The Master gives Knowledge of God. The goal of Knowledge is devotion. What is devotion? Love, faith and great reverence and service to the Master. Because the supreme soul resides in His body, His body is holy and to be worshipped. His Lotus Feet are the end of all pilgrimages. That is why devotees always bow down their head to His Holy Feet. Even the dust of His Feet is so holy that it can wash all our sins when we really have a great devotion to Him.

Without devotion Knowledge cannot grow. Service to Him is the seed to grow the devotional tree.

Jai sat chit anand, brothers
and sisters
Mohani Bai


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