Divine Light Magazine No 4


Satsang at Jaipur of Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji.

Prem Rawat's big brother Bak Bhagwan Ji


When the great procession in honour of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji was held some people were surprised, thinking why such a great amount of publicity and propagation was being done. Yet, in this city of Jaipur, see how much publicity is being produced even for little things. Wherever you go, you see posters and pictures advertising the cinema. This is just rubbish being impressed on people's minds. When the propagation of such a useless thing is allowed to happen and people do not question it, no wonder the mind becomes dull, and having a dull mind, modern people prefer all this rubbish rather than spiritual Truth.

But it is this Truth that should be publicized and spread as much as possible, because it is the same Truth that all great saints have spoken of in the simplest language and which they revealed to those who sincerely desired it. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said to Arjuna, "Arjuna, I am giving that Knowledge which I also gave to the sun in the very beginning, before the universe was made. Even then this Truth existed, and this Truth was the only foundation of the whole creation."

We too can have that Truth revealed by going to the shelter of the Perfect Master with a childlike and guileless heart filled with great reverence. And remember the subject of spirituality is not only theoretical but is also absolutely practical. We can see God face to face. As we reap the wheat and then eat the same seeds that we sow, so the technique of True Knowledge must be so close to God that we start with God and by following it we are also led directly to God.

Today people say that before getting Knowledge there must be some social progress. Arjuna was a coward in the fight against misconduct and evil. But when Lord Krishna revealed the True Knowledge to him, he became strong in his fight. In the same way we can only be fully victorious in our fight against the evils of society and reach real happiness and peace of mind, when we have the True Knowledge.

You have read in scriptures that Kabir went to Ramdas and Surdas went to Bhalabhacharya. What was it they received from them? True Knowledge. Swami Dayanand Ji once went to Guru Maharaj Ji to take Knowledge: It was night time and the door was firmly closed. So he knocked loudly and from inside came Guru Maharaj Ji's voice. "Who is knocking?".

Dayanand Ji replied, "If I knew who I was there would be no need for me to come to you."

Many techniques are available in this world books, scriptures and practices. The same things were also available to Dayanand Ji. But to know who he was all these techniques were of no help to him. That's why he had to go to the shelter of Satguru. The same with Arjuna. He had all the Vedas, all the shastras, but when the crucial moment came all scriptures were useless in explaining to him the Knowledge of Truth and devotion. Many people have known and know the scriptures by heart, but to know the real mystery of what they are saying we need True Knowledge from the True Master.

So for practical Knowledge we need Satguru. Our first and foremost duty is to fulfil this, the purpose of our life. This life is so short. Suppose a man lives for eighty years. Thirty of them are spent in sleeping. Of the rest ten years are spent in childhood, ten years in youth, ten years for old age, and ten years for sickness and other things. So only ten years are remaining. In this short time we have to achieve that Knowledge and practise it, otherwise the life is wasted.

Everything a man does is directed towards obtaining peace. If a man rises up to the throne of a king and yet has not been able to sleep for many nights, he would say, "Take away all this. I will not be a king. Only let me sleep peacefully." This is the desire for rest and peace. Even a man who commits suicide is doing it because he thinks he will have some peace and comfort, some release from his unhappiness, by doing this. But peace can never come through materialistic things, because the power of consciousness, communion with which bring deep and real peace, lies within these materialistic objects; they are just a reflection of it and hold no peace in themselves.

Rama means that which dwells in the heart of all. It is one thing in the heart of everybody and there can only be one Knowledge of it for everyone. Other techniques and practices are useless. Direct experience of it can only be had when Knowledge of it is obtained.

Only love, faith and reverence are needed to please God, and when one comes with these qualities to Guru Maharaj Ji He will bestow upon you the True Knowledge. He will reveal to you the target for which you are aiming, but you must then direct yourself towards it. Just as if the rifle of a soldier moves when he shoots, he will always miss the target, so if the mind is not controlled during meditation you cannot have the vision of Light. So we must be able to control our minds in order to concentrate on that Light, and for that nothing is good except Perfect Knowledge. By knowing that we can have everlasting peace which is the goal of all men.


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