Holy Mother of our Lord who is visiting this country early next year, recently gave this discourse which is translated from Hindi.

Mata Ji, the Divine Mother of Prem Rawat

Dear Premies,

The greatness of satsang (holy company) is really beyond description In the Ramayana it is said satsang is only obtained by greatly fortunate people.

Sadh Sudharahi Satsangat Pai
Paras paras Kuthutu Suhai

This means this human body, which you have received, is bestowed on you as a boon by God. But you should know the greatness of this, you should know the sole purpose for which it is given us. We forget the aim of our human life and we waste it in worldly purposes. Scriptures praise the greatness of the human body and declare it to be priceless, because by having this body we are standing at the door of salvation or liberation. In this human body we can make the effort to obtain God-realisation. Even the gods and goddesses in heaven are greedy to obtain this body. If you miss this golden opportunity of knowing Truth in this life you will repent, after this priceless time is passed in vain!

There are four graces which are bestowed on the Jivatma (individual soul). The first is the grace of God, who has given us this wonderful human body with which we can act as we wish. If it was not bestowed on you, how would you be able to visit His universe? The second grace is scriptures, which point out that you should go to the shelter of Tatwadarshi (Perfect Master). Then only can you know the path of Truth, the way of everlasting welfare. How should we go to a Perfect Master? Many stories of previous saints are given in the scriptures. How they received Knowledge of Truth in their life, how great a thirst they had and how it was quenched.

In the 'Bhagavad Gita', lesson four, verse thirty four, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "O Arjuna, with a child-like heart go to the shelter of the Perfect Master. Bow to His Lotus Feet, serve Him and ask questions about the True Knowledge. And if he is pleased with you. He will


impart to you the great Truth."

By being humble and poor, as a child is, and with a strong desire and thirst, this Knowledge is received. It is never received by argument as this subject is beyond intellect and should not be discussed in an argument. This is the second grace, that of the scriptures .which point out and inspire us with what we have to do in our human life.

The third grace given to man is that of the True Satguru (True Master) who bestows the Knowledge of the Holy Name and Divine Light of God to us, within our hearts, then we know the technique to turn our thoughts, or waves of mind, inside. He gives the way of controlling the mind and thus making it steady and stable, showing us practically the mystery of Truth. One who goes to the shelter of such a Master can easily cross the ocean of this world, which is full of sorrows and sufferings.

0 man, understand and think! Your mind is always going outward to the objects of the senses, the emotions and thoughts of your mind are directed outwardly. Learn from the tortoise who whenever there is a chance of attack on it, withdraws itself into its hard shell inside. In the same way, when there is Satsang you should hear it by diverting your mind completely inward and listening attentively.

God has given us the brain to think with. There is an abundance of rain but the Swati raindrops are very rare. And in the sea, there are many, many, waves, always coming, countless in numbers, but the oyster does not care for them and always keeps its mouth open so that at any time that Swati raindrop may fall into its mouth. It always bears the hurt that waves cause it but never discourages itself due to the hindrances of them. For the drop of Swati, when it reaches the mouth of the oyster converts into a precious pearl afterwards.

Jako Jahi Per Satya Saneho
So Tehi Melahe Na Kachu Sandehu

When that oyster struggles so much and has great love for that Swati drop, that drop has to fall in its mouth. When God has given us this priceless human body, then will he be not on this earth with us? Of course he would have come, and always one who seeks finds. One who seeks the pearl after diving deep into the sea always gets success but not the one who just sits near the seashore.

The fourth grace bestowed on man is his own. God has given us human birth, scriptures inspire us to go to the shelter of the Perfect Master and to recognise Him, and the Master imparts that Knowledge. Now for one who has received that Knowledge, this grace means his own effort in practising the Knowledge. This wealth, money, house, family, and all may be received, but at the final moment, none of these will help us and even our own body is left behind. Therefore always remember the Holy Name of God, earn this spiritual money as much as you can and make the effort to cross this ocean of the phenomenal world. Lord Krishna said, "0 Arjuna, do action by the body with the senses, and by the mind remember My Name."

Guru Maharaj Ji is going from place to place to give the technique of mind control, by the Holy Name to people taking the shelter of His Feet. Know that highest secret and then practise that in your life and to whom is that Knowledge bestowed? Not to all. There are two kinds of people to whom this Knowledge will be given. To a son and to a disciple. As one father has two sons, one obedient and serving to him and the other who never listens or obeys him, the father is pleased only with the obedient and serving son. And when the father distributes the property, the obedient son takes all the heritage as the father does not like to give to his disobedient son. To his disobedient son he would say, "As you always tried to give me a bad name and never obeyed me, I should not give any part of my heritage to you." Similarly, perfect Knowledge as Knowledge of Truth is only given to those who are obedient disciples, who are always full with those qualities which please the Master. So the Master gives the heritage of Divine Knowledge to that son or disciple.

When the Satsang meeting was held in Jaipur the king of that state, president of the parliament and the prime minister also came. The minister came and heard Guru Maharaj Ji's discourse with good interest. All sat down on the floor and though he came for only fifteen minutes, the minister was so attracted by the Satsang of Guru Maharaj J that he listened to two and a half hours of Satsang. They said, "Our position is not greater than the seat of saints." So it was right; he who becomes free from ego can receive this Knowledge.

Once a king went to Guru Nanak and at the door told someone to tell Guru Nanak that the king has come. Guru Nanak asked what is the work of the king to come here, as to the shelter-of Guru only a poor and humble seeker, thirsty of Truth and service, should come. When the king heard this answer, he understood that really he should not go to the master like a king. Then he requested forgiveness from the Guru and said, "Your servant and beggar has come to your door and wants to see you." Then only he was able to see Guru Nanak. Threrfore we should approach realized saints with a humble, poor, and childlike heart. He gives a strange thing, due to the lack of


which all are suffering.

Saints say that there is a Word of Name that was in the beginning of the world and that is now and that will be forever. The Word is the life in _us and as long as that conscious Word lies within us our physical body is working. We are working, speaking, walking, but by forgetting that Word today, man is entangled in mine and thine, but this sense of mine and thine can never go with you after death.

This physical existence is not true. At any time this body can die. Today man has forgotten that path of peace taught by the great saints, by following which one can be happy forever. Unless one follows the path of Truth, shown by the great Seers of Truth, there can be no peace in society, country or in the world, and there can be no unity and co-operation amongst societies. From time immemorial, this path of reality, unless shown, was not known by people, and not knowing their own real self they suffered greatly. But when they followed the path and realized their Divine Self, they became happy for always and were dipped in the waters of love and embraced one another.

Therefore, think and think, 0 man. Know that Holy Word of God by taking the practical guidance and grace of the Living Master. In the heart of man dwells God as Divine Light. Realize that Light which is self-effulgent and self-luminant. No sun, moon, stars, lightning or any other lightings are enlightening that, but all these sources of light get their light from the ultimate source of enlightenment. We can meditate on that and remember the Holy Word all the time. That Word that is inexpressable in letters or alphabets and is self-uttered and self-named. It is the secret lying inside all people. Many people think that by doing external practices, they can obtain salvation and peace of mind. But this is not true, because at the final moment we do not have the use of our senses. Our tongue cannot speak, then how can we chant mantras at that time? Our legs do not stand, then how can we go on pilgrimages to temples and churches? We cannot do those external techniques. Only the Holy Word which is causing our breath to take place can be remembered at the time of death, that which is beyond the body, senses and intellect. Only an enlightened soul, a Satguru, can reveal that wonderful Knowledge of the Holy Name of God.

You people come tomorrow also and ask questions about this Knowledge, but not just to argue as we have not come to argue over the subject of spirituality. We should not go to argue on religion to saints, as by arguing you only get entangled by the network of words and various philosophic ideas of speculative thinkers. Thinking is not realization. Come politely with love and faith and then you can receive. The heart should be pure. Why do we love a child? Because a child has a pure and simple heart, so we should go along like a child to pray for the bestowal of this great gift of the Master to us. Those who have taken Knowledge should try their best to change their life. This is the greatest thing you can achieve now. One who has got this philosopher's stone of Name, his heart is changed from iron to gold. But this Knowledge is even greater than the philoopher's stone because that can only change iron to gold by its touch but not into the philosopher's stone itself. But Guru Maharaj Ji makes the aspirant as Himself. The sermons of the Master have the power to dispel the darkness of the whole world.

Rivers always flow downward to the sea. Why? When they reach the sea, then only can they take rest. Throw a stone upward, and it falls down and takes rest when it mixes with the earth. The flame of a lamp is always directed upward. Why? The rivers are a part of the sea and so they want to meet with their original source. Stone, being a part of the earth, always comes down to meet with its source. The flame of the lamp is a part of the fire of the sun, so it is directed upward. It is a natural tendency in the universe. Why do we want peace? Our soul originates from the Perfect Peace of God, so all of us are in search of permanent peace. But unless we are united with God, our souls cannot have rest and peace. Therefore know that path of Peace and Knowledge.

Nanak says those who themselves remember the Name of God and inspire others to know that are certainly free from the world. Threrfore you yourselves know that and help others to know it also. Great souls can only teach mankind and not animals or stones. God himself comes in human form and teaches through the lips of the Guru in the language of man. All other actions and enjoyments can be enjoyed in animal bodies also, but you cannot realize God in those bodies. Man can do action and enjoy the fruits of those actions (Karma). He can cook many delicious dishes and 'can eat too, but animals can only eat, not cook. Because lower bodies are not able to create their own karma, only the human body is called the karma yoni (.body). Someone who has this great body, yet who denies his real self, is called by the scriptures an animal without horn or tail.

Therefore all of you listen and think over what is the purpose of this life. Although you can possess great wealth, great degrees and position, without self-realization, all this is of no use. Without the Name of God, peace is not gained. Therefore know that thing first from Satguru and practise it in your life.


Mata Ji, the Divine Mother of Prem Rawat with Young Prem

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