This Knowledge is the monopoly of all the perfect teachers

Satsang from Mahatma Mohani Bai Ji, published in Divine Light Vol 1 No 3, Magazine of Divine Light Mission, December 1971.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The transience and impermanence of this mortal world has been realized by the great saints. What is the everlasting thing here? Nothing except its creator God, who made the world, sustaining and operating it. Sun, moon, earth, planets, and stars are commanded by His power. Wind blows, water flows, earth grows, everything happens only by the order of that all powerful one. He who is self existent, being creator not creation. He who made eighty-four million different bodies. Each individual soul is the part of Him, still perfect, not divided. Omnipresent omniscient, omnipotent. And the most wonderful and perfect creation is this human body, the greatest gift given to us. Even He Himself incarnates in human body, for example Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus etc. Guru Maharaj Ji says that by having His first grace, the bestowal of human body, man is standing at the gate of salvation. He should know the purpose of this human life. When there is a downfall of mankind and an increase of evil, Truth is covered by ignorance. Then our savior God manifests Himself in the form of the Perfect Teacher, to show the path of perfection through the Knowledge of Truth, and to unite all religions into one reality which leads to God realization.

My divine teacher Shri Balyogeshwar Sadguru Deva Shri Sant Ji Maharaj gave me the Knowledge of that life which is the Light of all living beings. By knowing that, everything is known, because there is nothing greater to be known than the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji. It is absolutely powerful and can control the thoughts and desires of the mind making it stable and steady, and permanent steadiness of mind is permanent peace. The Knowledge I have got is the essence and spirit of the Vedas and of all Scriptures. And what is the spirit of all scriptures? That Word or Name which was before both the universe and the scriptures. As said in the Bible "In the beginning there was a Word. Word was with God and Word was God." That very Word is called Pranawa in the Vedas, Pawan Nam or Ram Nam in the Ramayana, Abyakto Akshara in the Bhagavat Gita, Sat Nam in Guru Granth, Pak Nam in the Koran, Tao in Chinese scripture and so on. The Word or Nam is not written or spoken word as it is commonly supposed; it is inexpressible, beyond alphabets, beyond senses and mind. It is the life current or cosmic primordial vibration poured himself by God into the heart of all living beings.

It is the life of all and that life is Light called Divine Light in Bible, Noor Ilahi in the Koran, Vergo Jyoti in the Vedas, Dibya Jyoti in the Gita, and Param Prakash in the Ramayana. The cosmic vibration of the Name or Word is the principle of sound or music and can be heard as the so-called audible life stream or Divine Music, the heavenly music called Anahad or Nad Bhrahma in the Vedas, and Vagai Asmani in the Koran. The taste of life is the life water also present in the heart of man. This divine ambrosia, soma, Som Ras or Amsit of the Vedas is day and night flowing within us. These four - Holy Name, Divine Light, Music and Nectar - are described in all scriptures and they can be realized by a student of spirituality by the bestowal of their knowledge by a perfect Master. This Knowledge is the monopoly of all the perfect teachers irrespective of caste, creed, country and color, wherever they incarnated.

Guru Maharaj Ji says that He does not want to change your religion but His only request is for you to know the reality of your own religion. A Christian should know real Christianity, a Hindu should know the reality of Hinduism, a Muslim of Mohammeddanism, and so on. Then one can know that religion is only realization of God. During His satsang discourses Guru Maharaj Ji would say "If you are hungry you need food practically to eat. If thirsty, water to drink, but mere description of food and water cannot satisfy your hunger and thirst." Similarly if you want everlasting peace of mind, eternity and tranquility of mind you should go direct to the Perfect Master and request the bestowal of this Knowledge of Truth and, after receiving it, practice it in life to obtain satisfaction and perfection.

Do this instead of only listening to the philosophical and intellectual lectures and argumentations of learned men who are very far away from Truth themselves. They can only entangle mankind in the spider's webs of their talk, talk which teaches no way to escape. By performing penances, austerities, fastings and other various techniques one can get a worldly and perishable reward, but not realization of Truth. The mystery of scriptures is only known by the practical Knowledge of the Sadguru of the time.

Even the Vedas could not describe the greatness of Sadguru Maharaj Ji. How can I describe it? I am His small creature. God Himself is in my Master's body and by His lips He is giving His message of Truth. So, O man, search the Perfect Master. Guru Maharaj is all perfect, Come and fall at His Lotus-feet, take His perfect Knowledge for He is greatest of anything great.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

Mohani Bai