Divine Light Magazine No 3


Guru Maharaj Ji speaking in Toronto, Canada
2 October 1971.

Divine Light Magazine No 3

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have come here back to Canada to explain to you something that not only Canada misses, but the whole universe, the entire universe, is missing that thing. Not only western countries, but eastern countries also, are missing that mystery of God, and I have again come hack to explain what it is.

See, we all have come into this earth, and we all have got a purpose. You all have come into this auditorium, you all have got a purpose. Nobody is sitting in this auditorium without a purpose. Everybody has got a purpose, that's why he is sitting in this auditorium. Same way, we all have got a purpose, and we are sitting in the auditorium of this world. This world is an auditorium where we see so many things we get interested. We listen to so many things, we get interested. Just as Sita Ram was telling you, the mind takes its actions and puts its actions in our lifetime.

In the same way, we have come here to realize that Knowledge. Take a stone and throw it up, it will come, back. Scientists say it is the centre of gravity. But holy people, through masters, have said it is not centre of gravity. It is because that stone is a part of this earth, so until that stone again joins this earth, it is not satisfied. The rivers flow from so long, from Himalayas right to the ocean. That means they cross thousands and thousands of miles. But when they get into the ocean they are completely satisfied. They want to get in the ocean, they rush, they rush towards the ocean. Take, a fire, it will always go upwards


because it is part of sun, fire is a part of sun, and it wants to go and meet with sun.

In the same way, our soul is part of God and wants to go and meet with God, so it is rushing. It tries to plunge, it tries to just come out and go and join, but this body is becoming an objection. See, if mother is bad, mother hasn't got good ideas, the same mother can become an objection to the son. But the same mother, if she has got good ideas, she can become great for her son. In the same way, if this temple is holy, this can become a good and a great medium to take soul to God. But if this temple has got impurities, it becomes an objection. It becomes something to stop our soul from going to God.

Many people come to me before receiving the Knowledge, they come before me and weep. And I ask them why are you weeping? They say, just because we are so impure. I tell them, you are impure, that's why I have come here. If you were pure, and you were really complete, then I wouldn't have come here, to preach you something, to give you something. But I have come here to give you something, and that is that true Knowledge. I have got that true Knowledge, and I can give you that true Knowledge. And this temple can become much holier and higher than other temples, outside.

See. God is omnipresent. God has got one form, not two or three, or four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. God has got one form. And in the same form, God is omnipresent everywhere. And the same form, God is present in our bodies also. Know Him inside. Go into the mystery which is inside you. There is the mystery, there is God, lying within you.

There were two people, one was just walking along, he had gone, you see in India, in olden days, people used to go outside their towns, to foreign countries, and earn something. This man went outside to earn something and was returning back with some money, some dollars.

One man thought – he was a thief – he thought that if I can gain his dollars, probably he must have $500, $600, I can become a rich man. So he had this idea and he accompanied that man and said, "Well, friend, we are both going in the same direction, I don't think you will mind if I accompany you?" He said, "You are most welcome to accompany me." They both were going. The thief asks that man, "How many dollars you have got?" He says, "Well, I have got $500." And he said, "But how did you get them?" He said, "Because I went outside this country to earn them, and I got a great deal."

Well, they both went to a hotel. The man whn possessed that money went downstairs in the hotel to eat, when the thief searched all his bed, clothes, bag and everything, but he couldn't get a single penny, a single cent out of all he searched.

He thought that this man is crazy. He says that he has got $500, but he hasn't got a single cent even.

Well, the next day again they started for their destination. Again he asked, "How many dollars have you got?" He said, "I have got $500."

Well, he again searched, but he could get nothing. After all they reached their destination, and the thief said, "I am going to tell you the true thing now. We have reached at your home, there is no problem with you now. I am a thief. And I wanted to steal your $500. And I searched all around, when you used to go downstairs I searched all around, but I couldn't get. I don't want those $500 now, but tell me, where were the $500 when you went to eat downstairs?"

Well, he took out those $500 from his pocket and he said, "These are the $500. When I used to go downstairs I used to keep these $500 under your pillow. You were searching under my pillow, but you could get nothing. Those $500 were lying under your pillow, and you never searched under your pillow. You were just searching under my pillow."

In the same way, you were searching outside; you are searching God in body. God is not in body. God is in body, but you cannot take out God from this body. This is a composition.

What is a car? Car is tyres, engine, body, chasis, so many things combined and it makes a car. What is a watch? So many parts join, it makes a watch. What is a camera? So many lenses, body, so many things join and make a camera. In the same way, bones, veins, blood, so many things join and they make a body. But there is something which goes and comes, and when we are alive that thing is within us, but when we die, something goes out, and we are dead bodies, we are dead. And that thing is our soul. Where it lies? It never lies outside. It is within our pillow. And where is our pillow? Our pillow is here, it lies within us. But how to realize it? Through a Guru.

Guru might seem a strange word to western people, but Guru is not a strange word. You know the word Master? Teacher? When you go to the school, "Master, I have got this, this and this question." "Master, can you solve this problem for me?"

In India, instead of saying 'Master', we say 'Guru'. Same thing. Master teaches us something, master takes off your ignorance, and puts some knowledge into your minds.

In the same way, true Guru does that. He takes off all the ignorance and ego from our


minds, and puts knowledge and peace into us. There is a doctor, Dr. Sharma, I was just talking to him on the telephone and he says, "If you are a guru why can't you transmit this Knowledge through soul, why do we need your body?"

God comes here with his body for some purpose, not without purpose. He comes here with his body to teach you people through body. He is so kind. So he can give you practical examples, what is this knowledge. And remember, brothers, we won't get this golden opportunity once again. This is now here, get it. It is not for sure that you will be alive in the next moment. Who knew that the President of India, Mr. Z. Husein, will survive? The doctors were sitting in his sitting room with cardiograms, to take his heart beating. Many doctors were sitting outside, and he said, "Excuse me, I am going to the rest room." He went into the rest room, he placed his foot, and he was a dead body.

Who thought that President Kennedy will be dead next moment? President never thought that I'll be dead next moment? But a bullet came, and he was dead. Nobody knows whether he will survive for the next moment or not. Know this Knowledge now.

Know this Knowledge now. I cannot tell you this Knowledge with my tongue. In the Aquarian Gospel it is written that the disciples dared not speak this Word through their tongues, because tongue is incomplete and this Word is complete, that is why they can't speak this Word.

Take the tyre of a tractor. Have you seen the tyre of a tractor? It is huge thing. Fit it into a car. Can you fit it into a car? You can't. Because tyre is big, and that car is small. Same way, this tongue is small, but this entire world, that is huge. You cannot speak it with your tongue. Same way, I cannot tell you what is this Word. You will have to come to me. But once you come to me and request for that Word, I guarantee you I will give you that Word, because I have got it.

I can speak french and talk to you in french because I know french. If I don't know french, then how can I talk to you? I know english, I am able to talk to you. If I don't know english, I won't he able to speak to you. I know this Knowledge, I can teach you. If I don't know this Knowledge, I can just talk, and that is all. But I know this Knowledge. This Knowledge has been given to me by my Guru, by my teacher, by my master. And here I am in Canada to teach you. You will be surprised, you will say, "Well, you are a small boy, how can you teach this Knowledge to me?"

Listen, there are many old people who cannot drive their car, but there are many boys who can drive the car. It is a question of ability. There is a school, many thirteen year old boys are sitting in a school, in a class, 9th grade class, but one boy comes first. The same thirteen year old boys, one of them comes first, other comes second, other comes third, and other just fails. Why? They are all thirteen years old, they should get hundred out of hundred. Because they are thirteen years old. You want thirteen year old boys getting hundred out of hundred, then every thirteen year old boy should get hundred out of hundred.

No, this is a question of ability. How much one possesses. How much one has got to give. Probably I don't know many things which maybe you people may be knowing. But you people don't know a technique, you don't know a thing, which I know. And that is this Knowledge. This Knowledge can be meditated on even when you are sleeping, what to say when you are in your consciousness. And when you are sleeping, you can meditate upon this Knowledge. This is not strange. This Knowledge is always with you.

Sir Isaac Newton never created a law of gravitation, he discovered the law of gravitation. And what is the meaning of discovery? The thing which is existing before, to bring it forth, means that it is discovered. The thing which exists before. Like the centre of gravity was existing before Sir Isaac Newton discovered it, that's why the apple fell on his head.

So, same way, the Knowledge is with us, that's why we are alive, but we don't know, we are ignorant. Because there are many egos, there is a reaction, there is a constant reaction of the egos over us, confusions over us. Constantly those egos, confusions, come in our mind, kill it, saying, "Well, do this thing, well, do this thing, well, do this thing." And we say, "Well, we can't do this thing."

Our mind says, "Do this thing". We say, "O, we can't do this thing." Mind says, "No, do this thing." There is always a mess and confusion. Mind says, "No, go and buy that car." We say, "We can't buy that car." Mind says, "No, go and buy that." No, mind says, "Go and buy that house." We say, "We can't buy that house." Mind says, "No, go and buy that house. We don't know anything. Go." And it makes us try.

Stand on a highway, and you will see thousands of cars coming this way, this way, this way, this way, this way, this way. Why? Why are they just running about? What is the matter? Go to the Kennedy airport, go to the Los Angeles airport, and you will see. One plane flies this way, one this way, one is landing, one is going, one is landing, one is going. And there is a queue on the runway, to taKe off. Go to the Chicago airport, you will see the same thing. Why are they all becoming so crazy? Because of this mind. Arjun


says, "Lord, I can control the elements of this air, but I cannot control my mind." Because we are ignorant, we are ignorant of that Knowledge that can make us peaceful, which can compel us to meditate. We are ignorant of that Knowledge. That's why.

So, sisters and brothers, this is a golden opportunity that I am handling for you. I don't charge any money. I don't change any religion. I don't get any income out of this. This is just for you. I don't get anything out of this, just I get grace because I am serving you, and bliss. That's all I am getting.

But it is for you. It is free of charge. It is for you, you have to take it. And this is the Knowledge which does not convert any religion. Neither a Sikh to Christian, neither Christian to a Sikh. Nothing like that. This is Knowledge. If a religion changes a man, see, religion word has been started from a word 'realization', and if realization can change man from one religion to religion, then that is not realization, that is bare changing, that's all, bare changing one thing, one thing, one thing, one thing. That is all. It's not Knowledge, it is not realization of God. Realization of God will not convert a man from something else to something else, to something else, to something else, but will make him holier and higher.

It won't change a man from Hindu to Christian, from Christian to Hindu. Many people from west side are afraid to take this Knowledge because they are afraid that their religion will be changed. Their religion won't be changed. If this Knowledge changes your religion, don't take this Knowledge at all, hate this Knowledge, kick this Knowledge away. What is that Word of God? We teach that. We teach that Word. We teach that Word, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". The Rama.yana says the same.

All the scriptures write about this Holy Word of God. What is that Holy Word of God, which exists into every religion, and every Guru of his time has preached this Holy Word of God? What is that Holy Word of God?

In Koran, it is written 'Noor'. Same word. 'Pak Nam'. 'Holy Name'. See there is a light, sunlight, moonlight, firelight and electric light. Sunlight, moonlight, firelight and electric light can be seen by you even, by sinners even, by good persons even. Good people and bad people can see these lights. But there is a divine light which can only be seen by divine persons, not by anybody else. That is the light to see. We should see that light, which is supreme of all, and only people who are really worthy to know it, that is people who are really able to know it, who are good people, who are not crazy, who are able to know it, see that light. And that light is not away from us.

Scientists took a plant, made several parts of that plant, and ultimately they made an atom. And when they distributed the atom into two parts, what happened? What came out? Light. The same light exists everywhere, inside us also.

But through a technique only, through a technique only, we can realize it. What you are seeing is all. dream, this is not true. Whatever you are seeing is a dream. You think this mike is real? After three or four years, something will go wrong with it, and this will just vanish from here. Nothing will be left, not even a single mark will be left in this world for this mike. Everything is just free.

But what is real is Holy Word of God, true Name of God, that is real, everything else is…

Once there was a boy, a small boy, and his name was Ashtabakr. He was in India, and there was a king, he used to live in his kingdom, and the king's name was Raja Janaka. Once Raja Janaka was sleeping in his bed, and he sees a dream, and in that dream he sees that he has lost his kingdom. He is no more a king now, but he is a beggar. And he is feeling so hungry that he goes and begs for food.

He can't find food, not a single thing, but he goes and begs. One old woman says, "I haven't got cooked food Raja Janaka, but you can take this food which is not cooked, and cook it. Raja Janaka was so hungry, he took that food, and started cooking it. He placed it on the fire, it was half raw and half cooked, but couldn't control his hunger. And he takes it off, he puts it into a big leaf, to make it cool. Meantime, two oxen come, and they were fighting with each other. They come and cross that petal on which the food was being cooled, and the whole food is mixed with mud.

When Raja Janaka sees this, he is filled with sorrow and grief, and he started crying. As soon as the tear rolled out on his cheeks, he was wakened up, and he sees same old golden bed, same golden doors, his courtiers are waiting for him because it is morning, to go to court, sepoys are standing, protecting, everything is just equal, nothing has gone wrong. He was very confused. He went into his court and said, "I saw a dream, and this is the dream. Any man, any person who can tell me which is true, this dream is true, or what I am seeing, that is true, I will give my whole kingdom to him.

Many preists came. After some time he thought that he should make some more final thing for it. So what he did, he made two thrones, one throne high, and one throne low. Man who sits on the lower throne and cannot give the


answer to my question, he will be put into prison. Man who sits in the higher throne, cannot give my answers, he will be beheaded. Nobody sat on the higher throne, everybody came and sat on the lower throne. Ultimately, Ashtabakr's father also came, and he couldn't give answer any more, so he also went to jail.

Ashtabakr was playing with his fellowmen, and one boy said, "Well, why are you playing with us. Your father is in jail, and you are playing with me?"

And he was shocked. He went to his mother and said, "Mother, where is my father?" Mother says, "Well, don't ask that." He said, "No, mother, tell me, where is my father?" Mother says, "Your father is in jail."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 Why?"

And she told the whole reason, because he went to answer Raja Janaka's question, and he couldn't, so he was put into jail. Ashtabakr said, "Mother, give me grace, I will answer Raja Janaka's question."

Mother said, "No, boy, your father has gone, and you are only here, otherwise I will be left alone, don't go." He said, "No, mother, I must go, and I am going."

Mother gave him grace, and he went into the courtyard. And he goes into the court and sits on the higher throne. Unfortunately, Ashtabakr had all his limbs crooked, something like this, something like this, something like this.

And when he sat on the higher throne, all the learned people saw him, they all made a joke of him and started laughing. See, in India, shoemakers are considered very low. So Ashtabakr claims from that throne and says, "Raja Janaka, why have you invited me in this court of shoemakers?" Raja Janaka says, "Maharaj, where are so learned people sitting here, and you say why have you invited me in the court of shoemakers? These all people are learned, they are not shoemakers." He said, "Yes, they are shoemakers. A shoemaker has got knowledge, about which skin is good, and which skin is bad. As soon as he enters a shop, first of all he tries to look at the skin, because he knows that, so he will always try to look at that. They saw my skin, which was crooked, and started laughing on that. What are they? Are they learned people? They are all shoemakers. They saw my skin and they started laughing, because it was crooked. These are all shoemakers." So Raja Janaka said, "I am sorry, but this is my question."

Ashtabakr said, "Listen King, neither what you saw in the dream was true, and neither what you are seeing is true."

He asked, "Who was before you?"

Raja Janaka said, "My father was king." "And who was before him?"

"My grandfather."

And so on and so on and so on. And he said, "Where is your grandfather now?"

"He has died."

"What part of his kingdom he has taken with him?"


So Ashtabakr said, "Same thing. You saw a dream, you were a beggar, but when you rose you were a king, nothing was wrong with your body, you weren't feeling hungry. This is a dream. People come here, get rich, but when they die, same old thing. Their body is like this. They don't take a single cent from this world, not a single cent. Everything is just left here."

Today even if you go in the pyramids, and you dig them, you'll find that all the things are getting rotten. Nothing he has taken. He has taken nothing. Everything is just like that. Rich people die, they don't take a single cent with them, so there is so great problem with government, govern-


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1971 ment has to give their property to someone, after all, or to take. But there is no higher, that is why there is a problem. Why don't the rich people take all the money with them, why do they leave it for the highers of the government? Why don't they take it with them? Because they can't.

In the same way, what you are seeing is a dream, you won't be able to take anything from here. You are a king, you are rich, you are a man, you are that and that and that, when you are here. After you leave this world, nothing is here, not even your body. The body goes into the graveyard. And what goes to God? Only soul. See, God has given you such a perfect gift, gave you soul, gave you body, gave you nature, so many things. And now you must give a perfect gift to God back. Make your souls perfect, and let them go to God. So when God sees the perfect soul coming to him, he's glad, he's happy. Make your souls perfect by this Knowledge.

I won't take too long time, because everybody has to do something, but remember to utilize this golden opportunity that you have received from God, don't gaze at this opportunity, utilize it.

I have got a beautiful Rolls Royce, and I sometimes look, when I go sometimes front, I say, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Then l go to the back, and I say, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Then I go on the side, and I say, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." I go on the other side, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Then I look from down, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing."

But I don't drive it. I don't take the golden opportunity of the Rolls Royce. I just take the opportunity to gaze at it. "O, my Rolls Royce is standing, O my Rolls Royce is standing." Some time I knock the seat, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Sometimes I kick the tyre, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing." Sometimes I take a photo, "O, my Rolls Royce is standing."

And then what will happen after some time, rot will become of your Rolls Royce, and nothing will be left. And then you will cry, weep at that time.

There was a saint, and he had a stone, and the stone was paras. Paras is a stone, if you touch it against any iron, the iron will be converted into gold. Very good for rich people. So, he gave that stone to a rich man and said, "Well, rich man, take this stone, I am going out. I will return at a particular second, particular time, particular date. He gave him the time, hour, minute, second, date. Everything he gave. "And I am going to return at that date, and I am going to take that stone. So make as much gold as you can out of this, free for you."

Well, he said thank you very much. The saint went away, and he took the receiver, phone and he dialled the iron shop, and he asked the rate of iron. It was a little bit more that day, so he said, "Well, it will go down someday, then I will buy the iron and make gold of it." Second day he again dialled, it was much more. Third day he dialled, it was much more, fourth day he dialled, it was much more, it was going up. He thought that some day it will come down, and then I will take the iron and make it gold.

But what happens, the day arrives, the hour arrives, the minute arrives, and then the second came, and then comes the saint and knocked the door. And the rich man opened the door and saw the saint. The saint said, "Give me my stone, I am here to take it back, give it to me."

The rich man said, "One second, give me one second."

He said, "No, not even a quarter of a second. Give it me back."

And he took that stone back, and went away, The rich man was just gazing, and he had nothing. This is our soul. God has given us this soul. See, out of iron, he can make anyone like gold. This is the soul.

Soul is that stone that God gave us, to make it perfect. Anything you touch with soul, it becomes perfect. God gave us this. And we said, "0, well, let us eat, drink and be merry. Let us go to club. Where will we go after that? Let's go to cinema, then we will go and make this gold." But then the second arrived, day arrived, hour arrived, minute arrived, and then the second arrived, and death was there to take that stone back. And we asked, "One second, one second, one second." But death said, "Not at all." And


death again took it back from us. The same is the case with us. Utilize the golden opportunity that you have got.

The rich man was absolutely crazy, because he was thinking for iron, and iron is cheaper than gold, he was getting something very precious, but he just went crazy. Don't you get crazy and make your purpose in this life just to eat, drink and be merry. Make this purpose something else, make this to realize God. America is so rich, is America satisfied? Tell me. If America is satisfied, why is America fighting with Vietnam? America sends Apollo to the moon, but did America gain something out of that? Not even a single bit of peace. Nothing.

Sending the Apollo to the moon, did America get some peace? A little bit? Not at all. Then how will America get peace? How will such an entire universe get peace?

The time for famine, thunder, death, bombs is coming to be exploded now. The time is getting very near, everytime you see a watch, see the second hand, how smoothly it is going on, and so fast. The time is coming nearer and nearer. For the bombs will explode, there will be great famine, thunders, many these terrible events will happen. Many people will die, those people who'll be unto the ark, which is light, who will be in the shelter of that ark, which is light, will be left, otherwise everybody will be finished. Everybody will just finish.

That is what Jesus has prophesized, that at the time when the Kingdom of Heaven will approach nearer and nearer, incredible things will happen. And then there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. And I'm really proud to say this, that after that there'll be the Kingdom of Heaven. So smooth, there'll be no bumps, policeman won't have any pistols, knives, they won't have to move like they are now moving. There'll be peace all around, nobody will be unsatisfied, there will be no thunders anymore, no famines, and no terrific experiences.

God will come himself to be the President, or to be the ruler of the whole, entire universe, and it will be far out, so get ready, prepare yourselves. Make this Knowledge a shield to protect yourself from all those bumps. Otherwise, you'll be the first victims of the bombs. Surdas has also said that there will he terrible things, and only those people who have got that Knowledge will br saved, otherwise, wiped off.

So this thing is coming nearer. America is ready, and just bringing bombs to those guns. There is Vietnam, America, East Pakistan, West Pakistan, China is preparing for India, and Russia is also preparing for something else. England is also preparing for something else, world war is about to come. But, in that world war, people who have received this Knowledge will be saved, people who have known God will be saved. Otherwise, of all the people, nobody will be saved.

That's why Guru comes at the time, the holy master comes at the time when there is decline in the true religion, to save people. And he saves them, he saves them. That's why he comes. I don't declare that I am a perfect master, that I am Krishna, or I am Ram, or I am Jesus Christ, I'm nothing. I am just a humble servant, and I have brought this peace for you. If you want it, take it. If you don't want it, don't take it.

You have seen the car agents? They are always after you to sell the car, because as many cars they will sell, the much more money they will make. It's not like that, that as much Knowledge I will give, that much I will get. I am giving this Knowledge.

You will go before God, and God will ask you, "Why didn't you take this Knowledge, why didn't you realize me?"

And you will say, "Well, we weren't informed."

And I will come with a tape recorder and say, "This is it. I informed him, but he was sleeping, he was taking sleeping tablets, that's not my fault."

And they'll be the first ones to explode. And I don't say take this Knowledge from me, this is also the thing, take this Knowledge from anywhere you can get it. But if you can't get it from outside, or anybody can't give you, then. come to me.

My point is just this; TAKE THIS KNOWLEDGE. That's all. If anybody else can give you, go there, take this Knowledge. But if they can't give you this Knowledge, come to me, I will give you this Knowledge, I have got this Knowledge. I was distributing it in India. I was distributing it in London, in America, and I'm in Canada now. And I won't be staying for too long, take the opportunity. Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday, complete holiday. Come and make it a holiday. Don't make it a service day, make it a holiday.

And make it a Holy Day instead of a holiday, remove T and put 'y' instead. Make it a Holy Day. And realize, and go into the mystery of God, and make yourself higher, holier, peaceful, and complete. That's all I want to say.

May God bless each one of you to be perfect, and to realize Him as soon as possible. May God protect you from that great famine and thunder which is about to come.

Thank you very much.