Divine Light Magazine No 3

Bal Bhagwan Ji brother of Prem Rawat


Bal Bhagwan Ji, at 19, is the eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, and like the other members of the Holy Family, a fully realized soul. He is renowned for His concise scientific and logical explanations of difficult subjects.

What is the cause for the individuation of the soul out of the original one supreme?

Illusion (maya) is the cause for the separation of the soul from the original one Supreme. The cause for the darkness is the negation of light. Similarly the nescience (ignorance) of the knowledge of the atman is the cause of individuation.

How does it continue from incarnation to incarnation?

The individual soul has to take births after births to achieve oneness with the Supreme one which it is destined for and to achieve the highest goal of self-realisation. If the negative and the positive aspect of atma remains and dualism persists, then the illusion is natural and inevitable and it has to pass through countless lives. Just as blind is to suffer blindness, diseased is to suffer disease, similarly individual soul devoid of spiritual knowledge is to suffer incarnations in search of it. Just as it is only a good doctor who can cure the diseased and his blindness too and free him from the suffering caused by blindness, similarly it is only a Sadguru who can free the individual soul from the cycles of births and deaths by the knowledge of Holy Name and Divine Light, but ah! some devoid of faith and grace shall continue revolving in the cycles of births and deaths ceaselessly.

How does it realize its oneness with the Supreme one?

The atman realizes its oneness with the Supreme one when the negative and the positive aspects disappear through meditation and consciousness of the mind and body is lost. The atman in meditation attains the state of perfect bliss called 'turiya' and rises above the mundane existence. This state of mind cannot be achieved by leading an epicurean life. This oneness and unity with the Supreme one is brought through by the

Holy thread of the Word or Sabad Brahm only and cannot be brought by using narcotics like L.S.D. and hashish or opium. The atma realizes itself by its own well-directed efforts with the grace of Guru, and by cutting asunder the curtain of ignorance becomes one with the Supreme. The Supreme is itself self-illuminated in the form of Divine Light and when atman visualises that Divine Light it becomes radiant and immortal and enjoys the Holy Nectar. The Supreme is itself everlasting by the heavenly harmony and music. The Divine Music is the essense of life manifesting itself as the Word.

What is the history of the Word, that is, in what state did it exist before the creation of the world?

The Word in its primordial state existed as the soul of life of the 'Vaishwanara'. The Word is uncaused and is cause of creation. There was only Word in the beginning in its latent form. When it manifested in human bodies it dwelt among us in its potent form. Vaishwanara is God. The Word was with God means that the Word was the soul of God where the body of God was creation. God was conscious of the knowledge of the Word and the Word itself was inseparable from God. So the Word was God. The Upnishadas believe that the Iswar is immortal. So Word which dwells among us is immortal and is in the potent form. In its potent form in the human body, it energises the body and gives life to the mind and organs. After death it is in the latent form as it has no body or object to provide life with. Latent form was the promordial form. We are not conscious of the latent form because it is not potent. If man realizes the potent form, he, by practice, can realize the latent form too.

How did the Word play its part in creation?

The Word plays its part in the creation by descending and ascending from latent to potent and from potent to latent, whereby the action


and the reaction neutralise and exist as essence like the plus one and the minus one, that is negative and positive electron and positron both collide to annihilate matter known as anabolic and katabolic process in metabolism.

How does it manifest as the life of living things?

The Word in its potent form manifests as the life of living things and it is here only that we can realize it. By knowing it in potent form and meditating upon it we can know it even in its latent form.

How does it manifest as the Spiritual Master? Are Perfect Masters incarnations of each other or are they successive disciples of each previous Master?

The Word is associated with 'Siva' and 'Shakti'. According to Indian philosophy and religion, it is believed that 'Siva' and 'Shakti' both have manifestations and are present in every age. The Word incarnates as the Spiritual Master at the prayers and intense love of the devotees. Lord Krishna in Gita declares that when any devotee (bhakta) offers anything with intense love, then He the Supreme Lord, the Word, bodies forth by subjugating the 'Prakarti'. Thus the manifestation of the 'Spiritual Master' is not temporal but Divine. The Perfect Master manifests Himself again and again to destroy the evil and enlighten the people on the path of righteousness. The Perfect Master's manifestations are same as the countless images of man standing inbetween the two parallel mirrors. So, to take the jivas out of the clutches of maya, the Perfect Master can manifest Himself as many times and in as many forms as He likes. He only knows what He is.

How does the love and compassion of Almighty Father manifest itself for the created beings?

The love and the compassion of Almighty Father manifests itself for created beings in the form of grace, and Guru is grace. Guru is the living symbol of universal love and compassion. In Him resides the soul of all. It is only by His grace that the true Knowledge can be attained and knowing is the first step to love. First know then love.

What happens to the Jivatma (a) when it is imparted with the Saba at the lotus-feet of Satgurudev, (b) when the self sees the wondrous Divine Light reflected in the mirror of a mind made bright by devotion and wisdom, and (c) when the mind is absorbed in the Name?

(a) When the Jivatma is imparted with Sabad Brahm at the lotus-feet of Satgurudev, it knows the media to be one with the Lord and, with practice of the Name and an indifferent attitude towards the world developed by detachment, merges in the Word. Tulsi Dass, the mystic saint and poet, says that it is only through the meditation on Name that the form of God, that is Divine Light, is visualised and Vishwarup is seen. Words are empty to express that form (Vishwarup). Only the devotee knows the wonder of it.

(b) When the self sees the Divine Light, it overwhelms him with happiness and finds its true form. The seer and the seen become one and the same Jivatma gets liberated and attains perfection.

(c) When the mind is absorbed in the Name, a man rises above opposites and attains tranquillity of mind and gets immune to worldly attachments and there is no point of return from that perfect state.

What is the test of a 'teacher' who is competent to be a true Spiritual Master?

In fact, a true Spiritual Master needs no test, just as the sun needs no other object to illuminate it. The true Spiritual Master is known by the Knowledge He imparts. Truth bears no testimony, so a perfect Guru too. As stone walls do not make a prison nor iron bars a cage, similarly mere outward show does not make for a real teacher. His crystal-like clear path shows His absolute truth which cannot be limited by time and space. It is a law of nature that a true disciple will always find a True Master. Be true and sincere and lo! – He is before you. Love Him and He will manifest Himself for you and will come to you to bless you. Man's intelligence fails to understand the greatness of such a Guru. It is only His grace which can unfold Himself on us.

What is the infallible technique which He should impart to His disciples?

The infallible technique which He should impart to His disciples should be the universal one, supported by the earlier Masters and experiencable instantly within oneself. Every Master and religion believes that God is within us. If God is within us, then it is logical to say that His Name and Form is also within us and, therefore, the infallible technique is the technique of meditating upon His Name and Form. The Guru must give us the practical experience of it and the Knowledge of the Name and the Light is thus the only technique which is perennial and infallible.