Divine Light Magazine No 11

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Divine Light Magazine No 11Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Dear reader,

Living in this world is very strange when you do not understand Truth, yet when you understand Truth then you will be happy in all situations. This is what Krishna means when he said that we must find 'action in inaction' and 'inaction in action', for then we will no longer be attached to the world but to Truth. We will be contented with what we have, contented with what we gain, contented with what we lose.

In our lifetime we have a really great chance to clear things up for ourselves. What is this clarification? It is simply this, that the Lord is here. Our Creator has come. He is here standing amongst us, so that we all can see Him. The question is now are *mpurmenoughtobcable to realise that He has come, can we say, "0 Lord You are here! I have recognised you." If we do this then we are free, because everything that we want is here. However there are many people who are praying to see the Lord but when He is here they are thinking, "Oh I want to see You inside. I want to see You in meditation." As soon as He leaves again they are again praying for Him to return, "Oh Lord, I want to see You."

This is the Golden Age in which we are living. We have to purify ourselves and then we can realise where we are. What is it that is preventing us from realising this? Somebody came up to me the other day and told me that he was very unhappy. When I asked, "What is the cause of this?" He was unable to explain. Really the cause is simple, it is that people are unable to live their lives in accordance with Truth, for Truth tells us to be humble. Truth tells us that we should not listen to our senses and that we must try to realise what we are. If we can not understand, we must go to Him who is proclaiming "If you can not understand the purpose of life, I can make you understand." Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is not forcing us, He is simply telling us that He can make us understand and that He can give us love and peace.

We know that each thing we do in this world is taking our life away. Everything is making us empty. Yet there is the inner voice that speaks to us of Truth. If you do not hear this voice or simply ignore it, you will become crazy. If you hear and understand this inner voice, you will become humble and full of love. A person who loves Guru Maharaj Ji is able to love everyone. The person who is unable to love Him, he is unable to love himself. Guru Maharaj Ji is the perfect embodiment of Truth, Purity and Light. It is by these things that we are able to exist, but for these we could neither speak, nor walk, nor do anything at all. If we can not love Him who has given us life how can we love ourselves and our brothers and sisters?

Your brother Ashokanand

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Vol 1 No.11

Magazine of Divine
Light Mission
August, 1972 30p


Recently, in Colorado, U.S.A., the great annual festival of Guru Puja was held, which celebrates the presence of the Lord in His human form. One of the things which most impressed outside observers was how such a large number of people, predominantly young, could gather together in natural surroundings for such a long period without the slightest sign of trouble, conflict or the usual habits adopted by youth in this permissive age. The local police, health authorities, press, government officials, and ordinary townsfolk, though hostile when the news of the festival was first announced, were completely won over as the event evolved. To their credit, when their fears were shown to be unfounded, they did not then hold on to emotional prejudices, but were unstinting and genuine in their appreciation and approval. On the first day of the festival, a few local people turned up to see what was happening, and, as, press reports became more and more favourable, whole families came fearlessly to enjoy the colourful spectacle and the unmistakable feeling of love and brotherhood which pervaded the grounds. It was a kind of brotherhood which could never be found at a pop festival or any other large communal event, for real spiritual togetherness draws everybody together in love and truth regardless of external differences. As The Daily Sentinel reported:

"Those making up the crowd were as diverse in appearance and dress as could be found if the four corners of the earth were combed in search for them. There were long-hairs, short-hairs, all nationalities and races, children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged grandparents, and those who looked like they could have been great-grandparents. And they were all getting along."

No organization in the world other than the Divine Light Mission could bring together such an assortment of people, for this Mission concerns itself with that one factor which is the only common factor in all things which live, and that is the life-force itself which is giving the life. With this life a person can do and be many things, but the one and only thing common and essential to all people is that life which God, the Creator and Sustainer of Life, continually feeds into our ungrateful bodies. The nature of this life-flow is unselfish love. for it only gives and never takes. It never asks for any thanks, attention, respect, or even recognition in order that it should continue to provide its most useful service. If it did, then many of us would be dead. It's quality is changelessness, for life is not a partial thing. It either exists or it does not exist, and where life does not exist, nothing exists.

So this life, this divine power which dwells in our body and in all bodies which live, is the most loving, the most selfless, and the most dependable thing. And since people are naturally attracted to what is soft and loving and constant, they will respond to it when it comes within the scope of their awareness in a definite and tangible way. This is why at the Guru Puja Festival, and at any meeting of the disciples of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji around the world, everybody feels at ease, everybody feels at home, for there life is more real, love is more obvious, truth is more manifested than in the 'outside' world where people are more in tune with selfishness, personal ambitions, and physical pleasures.

Why should this be? Because in the world today is living the actual embodiment of that loving and unselfish life-flow, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, and His disciples are the Divine Light Mission. Just as the sun continuously pours out in every direction an incalculable amount of light and heat, so Guru Maharaj Ji continuously pours out an incalculable stream of love and life. Those who have turned towards Him and recognized Him cannot come into His presence, or that of His disciples, without feeling as if the sun has begun to shine in their lives.

For this reason, happiness and harmony reigned over the valley where Guru Puja was held. Local people were sceptical when the Mission announced that festival rules would include: no drugs, alcohol, nudity, sexual behaviour, or even ordinary cigarette smoking. It would not be possible, they thought, for such rules to be maintained, yet when they saw them not only being maintained, but being maintained voluntarily and happily, then they knew what Divine Light Mission was. Coming so soon after a local pop festival which had ended in chaos and bad feeling because of drugs and immorality, here was an unbelievable surprise – a gathering of over ten thousand young people really enjoying themselves with songs and dances and speeches on how the world really is and how it can be made better, a blaze of colour and carnival atmosphere, and absolute reverence for the 'most sensible and nicest young man' they had ever seen, and all without the least trace of disharmony or bad behaviour. No wonder they came in droves with their families, roaming around freely and happily! No wonder they were so delighted with the Divine Light Mission, and later said this young Guru and His disciples will be welcome any time in their part of the world! For here the Kingdom of Heaven was existing on earth.

Before long, Guru Puja will be celebrated every day, and not just in a limited area but over the surface of the whole planet. Soon the whole human race will be saying, "Please come and visit us, Guru Maharaj Ji. You have brought love to our hearts and peace to our world. We love you, our Lord."



Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, Sylvan Theatre,
Washington, D.C. 12 June 1972

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

Some lectures are going to be given on this stage, and all these lectures, all these discourses which are given at this function will be about one subject, how to know, how to realize the truth. We have all got a work to do, we have all got a purpose. This monument is standing here but it is not standing uselessly. It has got some purpose, it has got some significance. Everything in the world has got a use, and we are also existing in the world, so what is our use? Why do we exist? Many people come to me and ask me, "Why do we die?" I say, "Why do we take birth?" Death is not in our hands and birth also is not in our hands. We are controlled by some power, and, due to this power, everyone is surviving. Many people are in search of this power, and this power is known as truth.

John wrote in his gospel, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." He says that in the beginning was the Word. Not words – Word. And this Word was with God and this Word was God. Now this is written in the gospel by John, but let us go to


other scriptures. Let's take the Gita. That was written in India. They say that in that Krishna explains the theory of a word. He says there is a word that cannot be spoken by this mouth, and He says it is one word. There have been many saints who speak about a word. What can that word be? What is that word? It is very ancient, yet it is not in these languages, like English, because there are many movies that show how the world was created in the beginning and they show Adam and Eve trying to speak, but there was no language. But the Word was there. And right at the beginning when the world was created this Word was there also. So in which language does this Word exist, in which poem can this Word be found? Now suppose I say that this gentleman is called Bihari Singh. Actually, Bihari Singh is a word that represents this man who has these features, these characteristics, and so on. It represents this man but his real name is not Bihari Singh because before he was born, while he was in his mother's stomach, what was his name? His body

was there, but what was his name? Or when he was first born, what was his name? To realize that Name, to realize that Word is the purpose of life.

If we want satisfaction and peace in this world, we cannot get it by materialistic objects. Today people buy a Rolls Royce and get extremely happy. They say, "Oh, I have got a Rolls, let me give a party!" And they call their friends and they give a beautiful party and they become happy. Alright. They got the Rolls, they gave a party, they get happy. The next day there is no party. That means the happiness they had yesterday is not there today. Alright. But they still have the Rolls. They do not get tired of cleaning it and loving it and keeping it beautiful. Maybe they'll find a chauffeur for it. The next day they try to drive it themselves. Again they are happy. For a month they are very happy with their Rolls. But after a month many people say, "Oh, this is an old Rolls Royce." Or if someone not so wealthy exchanges Rolls and keeps his Rolls for two years, three years, four years, or maybe even for ten years. Then it gets old, models start changing, new models come out. But he can't afford a new one. Still he is very happy because he has got his Rolls and Rolls has got the best reputation in the world. After some time he is driving his car, he hits the side of the road, he goes and bangs into a tree, and then he says, "Oh, sell it for ten pounds." So that's what happened to his love. After fifteen or sixteen years it was sold for £10. This is not love.

People think that a man can love a woman dorn't they? But one day they walk into church, and another day they get a divorce. Now that's not love. One day they love and second day they divorce – that's not love. Love has disappeared. So what is proper love? Love is such a thing that really flows out of us. And what is the thing we ought to love? That will be the best thing in the world, it never finishes and it never dies. It's God. He never finishes, He never breaks, He never gets old, He never dies. He is as He is. And He is the best Father in the world. Let's all love Him as our friend. He is so kind to us. See how fantastic is this nature which He has given to us, what fantastic things He has given to us.

And if we want to have truth, there is now an opportunity for us to know it, for now there is a medium and we need a medium. If we want to see anything, it is very essential to have eyes which are open. Even if a beautiful pot is put before me, if my eyes are closed, I can't see it. If I am totally blind I won't be able to see. So first of all I need to have my eyes in proper condition and then my eyelids open. Only then will I be able to see the object. Now, if we believe God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, if we believe God is always there and is in ourselves also, why don't we see Him? Why don't we see the Lord? Why are there so many conceptions about God? Some artists draw pictures of Him as an old man with a long beard, long hair and white clothes. Others make a picture of God as a boy, and others as other things. Why are there so many conceptions about God. Why are there so many theories about God? Some say God is like this, and some say God is like this. If God is one, alright, and everyone sees Him then there will be no different ideas about what He looks like. You see, God is not like a man who has got two eyes, one nose, two ears, and one mouth. God is like this monument; you go all round it and it always appears the same. I am standing on this side and I am seeing it exactly the same as the man standing on that side because all around it is the same. In the same way, God is Light, and this Light can be seen from anywhere. But it's not directional Light, it's not like a spotlight, or like these lights. I can see these lights but you can't. God is like an open energy which can be seen by everyone.

So now, how to understand this mystery, how to realize this mystery? Really it is a mystery. If God is there, why can't we see Him? We have got our eyes open and we can see certain sights. I see birds and flowers and balloons and lights burning and I can see people sitting in front of me. I can see so many things. Now God is amongst all these things, but why can't I see Him if He is within every man and every thing. It means there is a defect somewhere. If there is a lamp and there is a switch and I switch it on but the bulb doesn't light, it isn't glowing, that means that somewhere there is a defect. Either the switch is not passing the current, or the bulb is deficient, or there is some trouble somewhere. This is for sure. Everyone believes that love is not just a question of believing and people who have had this experience know that God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. But if we cannot understand this, if we do not have the experience then there is a faulty line somewhere between God and us. Somewhere something is wrong, and what is this?

First thing is, we can't help ourselves. Even if I am the biggest doctor in the world, if i1 get ill and have to have an operation, I won't try to do it myself. Even if I am the biggest surgeon in the world, I won't try to cut myself up and do the operation. I will go to some other doctor and he will help me. So who is the biggest surgeon in the world, who is the biggest eye doctor in the world, who is the biggest doctor who can help us to remove this disease so that we can see our God,


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

so that we can embrace our God? This man is called the Perfect Master.

The man who teaches us physics is our physics master. The man who teaches us maths, he is our maths master, and the man who teaches us perfectness, He is our Perfect Master. Because He gives us something that is perfect, we call Him Perfect Master, and when we apply this perfectness in ourselves, we can see His perfectness. If we want to see the whole world appear green, first of all we must put some green glasses on. If our glasses are green then the whole world will become green. If we want to love the whole world, we must put our love glasses on. If we want to see the real thing in the world, that thing through which the whole world is running, first of all we must have the real thing before our eyes. Suppose God is a microscopic particle. God is there, this microscopic particle is there, we are there and our eyesight is O.K But we can only see this microscopic particle if there is a microscope. It can only come into our vision if there is a microscope. In the same way, God is everywhere, but to see God we need something like a microscope, and this is known as Knowledge. Knowledge is the medium, like the microscope, that helps us in the vision of God.

So, for those people who are really interested, and who are really searching for God, if they want to see God there is one appropriate method. Now I do not claim that, "Oh, only I have got this one appropriate method." No, I say search, I say search, I say search. If you can find it, alright, go ahead, meditate on it. Find that thing that can give you peace. Many people ask me, what is the guarantee that this is the true thing? Actually, the true thing hasn't got a stamp on it saying that this is the true thing, and signed by God. But we eat, don't we? We eat bread. What proof have we got that what we are eating is bread? As soon as we see it we might say, "Alright. This looks like bread." But maybe in some bakery, some mad bakers have done some jokey things with it and made it like a horse. But as soon as we eat it, it will give us the flavour of bread and we will immediately realize that it is bread. In the same way, immediately, the moment after we have received this Knowledge we will start experiencing peace. When you hear this lecture, this introduction to Knowledge, we say, "We need something like this. We are in search of this truth." And then we start understanding and then we receive the Knowledge and start contacting God.

You might bang your head on the four corners of the world but if you don't apply the perfect medium, never in your life will you be able to contact God because what is required is the perfect medium. Right? Suppose you want to satisfy your hunger and you start eating poison. Or suppose you want to satisfy your thirst, you want to quench your thirst and you start drinking potassium cyanide. It will never help you. You want a drink, you need to drink a liquid but a liquid shouldn't be poison. You want to eat. You have to eat something. But it shouldn't be wood. No, it should be a proper thing that is meant for eating. And that's why there are some poisonous things that we can't eat but other animal creatures can eat them. So they are meant for them, not for us. People don't eat mosquitoes and things like that, but a lizard does eat mosquitoes and things like that. But fruits! People can eat fruit because they are meant for man. They are meant for human beings. Anyone can eat them. Same way, this Knowledge is meant for all human beings; that's why, by all means, without any objection and without any obligation, we should get it.

To receive Knowledge only takes the same time as closing and opening your eye. Just the wink of an eye! That is why it takes only a quarter of a second; it takes so little time. Because how much time does it really take you to see your reflection in the mirror? Does it take one century, one year before it gets focussed? Does it? No. If your eyes are alright and the mirror is O.K. (He clicks His fingers) – one instant! You can't even use a stop-watch to see the time it takes you to see your reflection in a mirror. No. You just get the mirror. As soon as you get the mirror before your eyes, and you look there, you see your reflection. In the same way, the Knowledge is the medium. It's like a microscope. You focus the microscope and you see the object. How many seconds does it take? None! So if we are really ready for Knowledge, I mean to say, if we have got a really guileless heart, if we really are sure that we deserve it, and we have come to the point where we really want it, then we can have it. When it's O.K., it's like this. This seed has to be planted in this field; but before it can be planted, the land has to be made ready. Now we are like rock, because thousands and thousands of years ago there was this man – and how many ideas, how many beliefs have been put into him? So we have become like a rock. And then this Perfect Master who is not from east, west, or south – He is a messenger of God – comes. And He has come here to give all human beings a message. And thus it is our duty not to look at Him as easterner, westerner, southerner or northerner but to look at Him as a messenger of God, a messenger from God. And


this messenger brings us this message of peace, truth and love. And that's what we need today in the world.

I can take a pistol and put it against someone's head and say, "Walk". But I can't make him. I will not change him by putting a pistol against his head. I can take a horse to water but I can't make him drink. That's the way it is. Today, all the governments can try and force a particular line on the people, but they can't make the people ideas change. But if we can make their ideas change then it will be very fine for everyone. Is it alright? Is this a good idea? Do you believe in this idea? Then everyone will follow it! Then there will be no need of guns, there will be no need of pistols. I know that even police don't want to use pistols and so on. But when it comes to compulsion then they have to use pistols. They don't want to use pistols, they don't want to use tear-gas until it comes to the point when it becomes damn compulsory to use it. They don't want to use anything like that. But this is the only way the situation has provided them with. They must use it or they may be killed by these people. Otherwise, they will use their guns, and that's the maximum they can do. But if they could reach into the ideas of a human man and get them changed. That's why sometimes when a man gets captured in another country, the leader of that other country tries to change his ideas and get him to become one of them. He doesn't do anything else, he just tries to be friendly with him, tries to. be very good to him, and tries to change his idea. He doesn't say, "No, you mustn't do that, no." He just tries to change his ideas. When the ideas are changed, then everything can come from that.

So now, in this materialistic world, we make sure everything is O.K. Police are there, government is there, but spiritually we need a spiritual master, we need a spiritual government. But that person is not known as a spiritual governor, He is not known as that, He is known as a saint. And He leads us, He can guide us, He can show us the way to that real thing. And now, that real thing can only be shown if, it's only visible if you go to a real person. And it's not hard to find Him, because whenever the Lord has manifested Himself onto this earth, He always spoke of that real thing. He always spoke of God. He always said, "Come, my doors are open for you." He didn't say "Go". Right from the time of Jesus till today, in any part of the world where saints have been born, they didn't sit in their caves and say, "Oh, I'm doing meditation. I'm not doing anything for the world." They didn't do that. Think how much ill treatment was there with Jesus, but Jesus didn't give up. He said, "No, it's my job, it's my duty, it's my work. That's why God has sent me." And he did it.

So, today, we are all waiting for some power, some energy, to come, but when this energy comes, how will we recognize it? If God walks today, where is the surety that if God is going to come, He will come from that side, He is going to ride in such a car? I am telling you He can manifest Himself in any form, any shape, and He can come from any direction. So that's why we must be open-hearted. And everyone I know, every person actually, is waiting for the Lord to come from heaven, waiting for the Lord to come from the sky. Alright, when He comes He will give you this peace, when He will come He will give you this satisfaction. But before He comes, alright, what are you going to do? Suppose in seventeen days you are going to be invited to a dinner. It doesn't mean that for seventeen days you are not going to eat any food! You must eat food during the seventeen days, but in the meantime the time comes when you have got to go to dinner. In the same way, you know the Lord is going to come, but in the meantime you need some peace. You need some peace. If before Lord manifests World War Three takes place, what will happen? Just imagine what will happen. Who will be there to receive the manifested Lord? Most probably only after the resurrection will people be able to receive Him. But in the meantime, we need this Knowledge. We need this medium to get peace. And I can give you this medium of peace. It is not eastern, it is not western. In all the religions it is there, in the heart of all religions. It is nothing but a really simple thing. It is inside us, but we can't put it into words it is so sacred and pure. If I am a Christian I can be a Christian and still receive this Knowledge. If I am a Hindu I can be a Hindu and still meditate upon this Knowledge. If I am following any religion I can follow that religion and still meditate upon this Knowledge. It is not a particular sect that is going to be formed. It is nothing like that. It is the realization of the Lord, and the immediate Truth for us. It is like water. Non-vegetarians drink water and vegetarians also drink water. It doesn't matter if one person kills animals to eat them, it is not wrong. Other people might think, "No, to kill animals, to eat animals, is wrong." They are both contesting, both their ideas are completely different. One is vegetarian and one is non-vegetarian. But still they both drink water, because water is common to them both and water is important for both of them. So now, come ahead and go forward to reach that point, come and realize this Knowledge!


Prem Rawat with His Divine Brother Raja Ji in 1972

There was once a traveller, and he was walking. He saw this man standing there up on one side. So he went across to him and asked, "Now tell me, where is Los Angeles?" And the man said, "Well, Los Angeles is in the southern part. Go down that side and you'll find Los Angeles." And the traveller asked, "How many hours is it going to take me to reach Los Angeles?" And the other man said, "Just go straight ahead, just start walking." And he said, "But I am asking you how many hours is it going to take to reach Los Angeles." He said, "Start walking." So he said, "Just tell me how many hours it is going to take to do this." He said, "Just start walking." And he started walking. And after he had gone some distance, that man who was standing on the crossing shouted, "It is going to take you twenty four days!" "And why didn't you tell me before?" the traveller shouted. The other man said, "I never knew at which speed you were going to walk, and now I know your speed and it will take you twenty four days to reach there."

So in the same way, you all want to reach Truth. But, let's go ahead, let's show love, then He will tell us. He will even tell us where there is an airport where we can get a non-stop plane! So come and realize this Knowledge. You are most welcome. Of if you want to realize this from someone else, go and search, and if you can't. get this Knowledge anywhere, then come to me. Keep me as a reserve. My doors are always open for you. Come and then realize this Knowledge. Thank you very much.



London Heathrow Airport, 17th July 1972

Prem Rawat's Divine Brother Bal Bhagwan Ji in 1972 By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji I have now arrived here in the west, and Mata Ji has told me to tell you that She sends Her best wishes to all the premies. And now I'm going on to Denver and after that I'll come to London. So now we have only very little time so I'll give you a little bit of satsang, you can say a five minute satsang. You see, all of us who are present here have had tied together like a bundle, a bundle of sticks which is tied together by a rope. In the same way, we are simply tied together by the rope of Knowledge. And this is the real rope, this is real tieing, real joining. This is the permanent thing. And I will give you some advice. You see these people who are taking my photo with all those cameras. If their cameras waver in their hands, the photos will be blurred. Similarly, if, when you are in meditation, your mind wavers, you will have a blurred spiritual experience, and that means the experience is zero. So you must try to concentrate firmly. Without firm concentration you cannot achieve successful meditation. And now I have seen you premies, I see that you are all renewed, aren't you? Just as you whitewash a house on the outside and put wallpaper up on the inside, so I am seeing the premies are completely renewed!

I saw the premies in Frankfurt and Paris and I saw that the number of premies is growing more and more. So the first thing is that we should meditate firmly, and the second is that we should have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. On the plane I was giving satsang to some hostesses and passengers. All night long satsang, satsang, satsang! They asked me questions and I answered them.

You should analyse your life, and try to find out what is the difference between a living man and a dead man. The difference will be soul and that soul is to be realized. What is soul? If you study chemistry you will know that there is a law which says that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Now, this means that energy is immortal. The sum total of energy in the universe remains the same. It is constant. Now, that constant energy, that immortal energy, is within you also. And the scriptures, instead of saying energy, say soul. Soul is a four-letter word, S-O-U-L. S for subject, O for of, U for universal, L for life. Subject of universal life. And this is really something, and this is what we have to achieve. This is our goal. Just like a football match. In a football match there is a goal and there is a ball. That ball goes to and fro between all the team members, they try to kick the ball into the goal and the other teams tries to kick it into the other goal. Similarly, there are two forces. One force is the spiritual force and the other is the evil force opposing it. And all the premies are the good team and their desire, their aim in life is to kick that ball into the goal. So we should have the same movements, the same motion, and all our actions will be purified.

What is purity? If a piece of iron is a hundred per cent iron then it is pure. If it is ninety-seven per cent iron and three per cent carbon, then it is impure. But purity is what you really are, if you remain what you really are, then there is purity. Because in essence, in the empirical, you are soul. And if you remain what you are, and if you know what you are, then you are pure. So this is what purity really is, this is the real conception of purity.

So many people told me on the way that they do not believe in God. I told them yes, many people have doubts about the existence of God. But please consider, do you have doubts about your own existence. No, there is no doubt in your


own existence. There can be doubts about the existence of God but there cannot be doubt about you own existence. But do you know what you are? You don't know. That is why Socrates said, "Know thyself", so our efforts should be to know what we are. Our life actually is to discover our purity.

In St. John's Gospel you can read, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God". So what is that Word? That Word is in the beginning. What does this mean? In the beginning means before your beginning, before my beginning and before the beginning of the entire universe, there was the Word. That means that the Word is your source. So now we are all realizing this, and just like many tributaries and streams and brooks are joining together and moving towards the ocean, all the premies with their small efforts, their small service, are being collected together, to make a unified movement, a sum total, moving towards Guru Maharaj Ji. This is actually happening, this is actually being put into practice, many are being activised to serve Maharaj Ji, to serve one common purpose, to serve one common goal.

So understand what the Word is, that it was before the beginning of the universe even. And the Word is singular. It's not words, it is only a Word, a single Word. Everywhere it is written like this, and everywhere it is clear. So what is that Word? Every word is a vibration. I am speaking words now and all these words are vibrations. So that Word is the primordial vibration, and what is that? That vibration is the power to do, the power to create. Before I create anything, first of all I must have the power to create. Before painting a picture, I must have the power to paint. Before speaking, I must have the power to speak. Before seeing anything, I must have the power to see. Similarly, before God created this creation, He had to have the power to create. And that power is the primordial vibration, that power was the Word which was in the beginning and which Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed to you. He has shown that Word to you, that Word which was the power of creation with which the Creator created this entire universe. I asked one priest what was the Word and he said, "Oh, that word was Jesus." I said that Jesus Himself said that He was the son of God, so how can the son be born before the father? In the beginning was the Word, but if you substitute Jesus instead of Word and say "in the beginning was Jesus", then that means Jesus was before God. When God is the Father, how can the son be born before the Father? It is impossible. You can take one thing for granted, and that is that if you want to become a father, you must become a son first. So be children of Guru Maharaj Ji in order to be a father. Accept His shelter, His protection, His security, His Fatherhood, and then you too can become father, can become one with the Father.

So we should join our efforts to disseminate this Knowledge to each and every one. On the way here I was giving so much satsang there was no sleep. Sleep was lost and there was satsang instead. And after some time I'll come back and we'll have many programmes because we want to see this Knowledge exploding in the West. That should be our aim. Many people are ignorant of this Knowledge. Their whole life, each moment, each second, each half of a second, each quarter of a second, is passing by without this Knowledge. Just think what they are losing. Actually, their life is worthless. So, if you lead them to this Knowledge you are giving them everything. You are giving them new life. You are giving them the essence. So try and propagate this Knowledge.

Really this Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji gives is a mathematical subject, for it is a subject of one. With one you can have the concept of two, but you cannot have the conception of two without one. One and one make two. One and one and one make three. This one is a common denominator. Once, Guru Nanak was sent to school by his parents, and the teacher told him, "Oh, Guru Nanak, write these numbers down." And so Guru Nanak wrote down "one" and then sat still. The teacher questioned him about why he was not writing the other numbers. Guru Nanak said, "First I must understand one. Without understanding what is one, how can I proceed to two". So it is the same for all of us. We should know what is one. That one is essence. See? One is one. One and one is two. One and one and one is three. One and one and one and one is four. One is common. And it is the one that has to be realized. When you realize the one you can realize the rest. We are so many people but we cannot exist without the one essential, the one common denominator. That one has to exist and that one has to be realized if we want to know what is the common cause of our existence. That is not a plural, that is the singular one. In the beginning was the Word. One Word. So, mathematics and the spiritual thing, they are all co-ordinated together. This is a very precise and exact thing that Maharaj Ji's giving. Nobody can deny it.

Saint Kabir said the fish lives in water but the fish is still thirsty. I cannot see your Divine Residence this time, I am still thirsty! So realize that every man has a curtain, every man has a limit, and if that limit is broken, then that man


becomes unlimited, that man knows infinity. What is infinity? Many people who have studied mathematics know about infinity, know infinity is there. But what is infinity? Infinity is infinity, and if you formulate a conception of infinity then that conception will exactly fit with the conception of God. Mathematics proves that there is something that is called infinite, something without boundaries, something without bondage. If you know that thing you can say that you are liberated, or your bondage is broken. What is salvation? Salvation is a ladder between manhood and Godhood. You connect the two.

Now, if truth is before us, if purity is before us, we would just not be able to comprehend our reality. But if that reality manifests in human form, then we will be able to comprehend it. That is why it is said that the Word turns into flesh. See, there is a long evolution process, and we are on the bottom and Guru Maharaj Ji is on the top. He descends down to our level, the level at which we can understand Him, and then we in turn have to move upwards in order to understand Him more and more. So He comes down, He descends, and we have to ascend. Only when we are trying to rise up does the Perfect Master reveal Himself to us. If we don't make the push, if we don't make a start, then there can be no completion, there can be no meeting point. When you proceed He will also proceed then there will be a connecting point.

There are many, many religions in the world but one thing I will tell you is that man's soul is not Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Moslem. Soul is soul. Similarly, God is not Hindu, Christian, Parsee, Buddhist or Moslem. God is God. And you have to connect yourself to God, you have to connect your own soul to God. And how can this connection be done? How can this link be made? It is done by the technique of spiritual insight. I'll give you an example which will make you understand the whole phenomenon very clearly.

There is a man, a very stupid man, who is drowning in the ocean. And another man is standing on top of the cliff and he saw the man drowning. So out of compassion, out of mercy, he got a rope and threw it down to the drowning man to save him. And the drowning man caught the rope and then the man on the cliff started pulling, and soon the man was pulled completely out of the water. But as soon as he came out he thought, "Ah, I'm clear of the water now, I'm safe," so he let go of the rope. And again he fell into the water, and he realized that he should not leave the rope. So he caught it again firmly and again the man on the cliff started pulling, and this time the stupid man was pulled right up to the cliff, but still he was holding on to the rope. So now the man who saved him said, "There is no need now for you to keep hold of the rope because you are standing on the same ground as me." So it's the same way with us. We are drowning in the ocean of illusion. Guru Maharaj Ji, out of mercy, is standing on the cliff which is the higher level of consciousness. Out of mercy He throws the rope to us and we hold it. But as soon as He pulls us out, as soon as we feel we have elevated ourselves above the illusion, we let go of the rope, we leave our meditation. And what happens? Again we fall down into the ocean and start drowning and suffocating. So with this shock we know that we mustn't leave the rope until we reach the level on which Guru Maharaj Ji is standing. So catch the rope very firmly and don't leave it! If you do you will go down again.

I will give another example. If a man doesn't believe in God close his nostrils and his mouth. What will he do? He'll say, "I am suffocating, please let me inhale some air." So let go of him and let him inhale air, and when he has breathed in, then again close his nostrils and his mouth, and again he'll say, "Please let me exhale the air." So if he breathes in and out, then he lives. When the process stops, man dies. This breathing is a factor that decides your life or your death. Do you understand? So it is a very subtle factor and it is common. It is in you. If you stop breathing you die, if you breathe you live. So in this breathing is the secret of life. The secret is not in the temple, the secret is not in books, the secret is within you. It is in your breath, and the secret is that vital energy which is activising the breath. So suppose there is a secret mystery, a secret murder, Sherlock Holmes will come with his magnifying glass to pick up all the small clues, all the small details which can't be seen with the naked eyes. Similarly, you, with the microscope of Knowledge can see all the fine and subtle details.

I told the premies in Frankfurt that this Knowledge is more powerful than the atom bomb, and I'll explain why. There is a science in medicine known as homeopathy which says that the higher potencies of medicine are more powerful than the lower potencies. This means that very small doses of the medicine are very, very powerful. Similarly, this Knowledge is very, very subtle. The more subtle it is the more powerful it is. So you must know this subtlest thing. Take an atom and you'll see a nucleus in the centre and electrons revolving all around it. Well, the atom is just a micro unit and the universe is just a macro unit. Magnify the atom and you will see. The planets all revolve round the sun just like the electrons revolve round the nucleus.


Prem Rawat's Divine Brother Bal Bhagwan Ji in 1972Take a compass and draw a circle with a one inch radius, then draw a circle with a two inch radius, then draw a circle with a three inch radius. All the circles will vary, but the centre will always be the same. The centre of the circle is the soul. Now how to realize this soul? It is like a circus. If you stand around outside the big top you will be pushed all over because there is a crowd there, but if you take a ticket and go into the circus and sit down, then you will see the whole performance before you. Similarly, if you stand outside the Knowledge, outside the mystery, you will be pushed here and there, you will be in confusion. But if you take the Knowledge and enter the circus your own circus, and make your mind sit down there – because there will be a seat waiting for you – then you'll sec everything. The whole circus is there. You'll see all the acrobatic tricks. All you have to do is to get a good seat and sit there patiently. Don't jump about here and there.

So this is really it. Supposing there are two people, a scientist and a yogi. The scientist has his laboratory outside where he sees everything and analyses everything. But the yogi has his laboratory inside his heart and he sees everything inside. The scientist sees the external phenomena and the yogi sees the internal phenomena. What is yoga? Yoga means union. When we have two metals we join them together by welding. So this Knowledge is like a welding rod, a welding machine, and if you see a welding rod you will see very much light there, in the place where the joining is happening, won't you? So this Knowledge is like a welding machine and Divine Light is there. The two metals are God and soul and they are joined together by the welding rod of Knowledge and the light that comes is the Divine Light. So this is what I have been telling you. In this cosmos there is the universe which is the macro unit and there is the atom which is the micro unit. And the centre of both is the same. The same force is in all the electrons and the same force is in all the planets. The force is equal and the same, and it is evolving you. So this force has to be realized. Without the realization of the soul, life is useless.

For these legs we need a good walk, for this stomach we need a good diet, for these eyes we need good scenery, for the brain we need logic, but what for the mind? The mind is empty, and as you know empty vessels make most noise. So there is too much noise in this mind – I want that, I want that, I want that! – and always dissatisfaction comes. The mind remains unsatisfied. So you should give it a psychic pill, not a sleeping pill. A sleeping pill is no cure, it's only a temporary break. But when your mind gets the psychic peace pill, it becomes satisfied, and the problem is cured at the point where it arises. It is said that all wars begin in the mind of man and it is in the mind of man that the defences of peace must be constructed. So if I get hurt here, on my hand, I will not apply the medicine to my leg will I? So, if the hurt is in the mind, the peace medicine must be administered there, not anywhere else.

So now the time is up. Remember, we must realize this Knowledge. Guru Maharaj Ji is standing on the cliff and out of mercy He has thrown the rope, so hold onto it firmly until you reach the highest level. Don't be a stupid man and let go of it. This is my humble suggestion to you. So blessings to all the premies and now I am going to New York. All you people are completely renewed! Your faces are glowing like bulbs!



Satsang and Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
Johannesburg, 3rd May 1972

All of you brothers and sisters might think that there is a particular reason why I have called you here today. The reason is very simple. It because we have all received that fantastic Knowledge and we now speak the language of love and live the life of peace and no more are we in frustration and illusion. By great luck and great fortune we can't receive this Knowledge. Fortunes come and go away. Luck comes and goes.' A man is poor, he becomes rich, and rich people become sick, ill, and they die. So luck comes and goes and it is not due to luck that we receive the Knowledge, nor is it due to fortune that we have received the Knowledge. It is due to grace. And it is not my grace, it is the grace of the Lord, the Lord of the whole universe who is almighty and who we call our Father, our real Father.

Today people are practising many types of thing. The people who have received Knowledge know how easy it is to meditate upon it. And why I have called you is because I want you all to cooperate with me to help me spread this Knowledge throughout South Africa and the world. That's all I need and that's all I want.

Mahatma Ji was just talking of service. I need nothing. I don't need money. If you give me money maybe I could buy a Rolls. If you give me more, maybe I could buy a Lear Jet and it you give me more than that, probably I could buy a 707. And if you give me more than that, probably I could buy a 747. But I can't buy God with money. And God is what we need. We don't need 747's, we don't need Rolls's. We need God and God is not purchased with money.

So today you must determine to cooperate with me in spreading the real message of the Lord, the real Name of the Lord. Not my message, not my name, but the message of the Lord, the Name of the Lord. To speak the message of the Lord to everyone in the world. To knock on all the doors and tell how far out this Knowledge is. Because it is! We are not speaking a lie. It is far out. This is why we must tell everyone and knock on everyone's door. That's what we have received and that's what you should receive. So meditate upon this Knowledge because meditation is like food. Once you get the food, then you have to cat it. So this is meditation_ Once you have received this Knowledge you have to meditate upon it. When you are meditating upon it you arc eating it, you are eating it, you are realising it, you are going into it. So that's all I ask. I don't ask for anything else. And if you want to render me any service, I think the highest service you can render me will be to tell people about this Knowledge. Because you are going to help me spread the Knowledge of God in this world. This is not the knowledge of a video, this is not the knowledge of a camera. It is not the knowledge of a mike or of a house. This is the Knowledge of Almighty God Who is present everywhere, even in us. And people should know Him because if they don't they are an orphan child. The Father is there, but the child doesn't know Him. He is very unlucky. We are all children. We are not God's uncle or His brother or His nephew, but we are all God's children. Really we are infants. Because of sins we feel sad, but God – if we realize Him doesn't mind about them.

He created everything. If there is a tape recorder and it is a bit shaky, when the speaker reproduces the sound, there is a zzzzzzzzzz, a buzzing like that, but once I fix an eternal speaker into the tape recorder then all the waves are coming through this and there is no buzzing, there is no distortion.

In the same way, we are actors in the movie of this world. We are acting and we are doing sins and good things too. But if we surrender ourselves to the Almighty Lord – and there is no-one else in the world we can surrender to – then all our actions, all our sins will be on Him, and He will just blot them out.

So I'm not going to take a long time, but what I want to tell you is to receive this Knowledge and if you have it, to meditate on it and spread it all over the world. Tell people this is the Knowledge that they can all receive, so that they will know about it and take full privilege of it. Because they are your brothers and sisters, they are your family. People think this is South Africa, this is England, this is India, this is Burma, this is China this is … and so on. But no, it s the whole world that is. We should not see just a country or just a part of the world but now we should look at the whole world. We may think we belong to India, but God who created us has created the whole universe. Our country is not India. Our country is not China. Our country is not England; our country is the whole world. Our world is the whole world. And


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharj Ji in 1972 all are relatives. Some are wives, some are sisters, they are all our relatives, all over the world so we must tell them, we must give them the opportunity to know this Knowledge and to meditate upon it. So now I have told you what I want, just to spread this Knowledge, and that's all. And it's easy, it's not difficult. And you have time to do it. You go to business, all right. You return back from business, all right. But you still get some time. Give this time speaking to people about this Knowledge, about this Holy Word.

And now meditate upon this and get higher and higher into it. It goes in steps, you know. When we enter this room at first there was a light and we thought the light was sufficient. Then this man brought this sun gun so that he could take the movie, and this light is so bright that we think the old light will not be sufficient. The same light that we were seeing before is not sufficient for us now. And if an even brighter light comes than this sun gun, then this sun gun will not be sufficient for us because we will have seen a brighter thing. And in this way we will grow and grow as the light gets brighter and brighter until even the sun comes. But for people who have seen a brighter light than the sun, the sun is nothing for them. So that light and that Word within us and within everyone exists and because of it you are alive, you are surviving. So what more should Ji tell you? I can only tell yob to meditate. What more can I tell you? You have realized this Knowledge. You have heard satsang, and you have realized. So now there is nothing more to say. Because once we have received this Knowledge, we don't speak an ordinary language; we speak the language of love. Once we have received the Knowledge, we don't live an ordinary life„ we live a life of peace. Practise peace. That's all. Now I have told you, and if you want to do something for me, spread this Knowledge. Tell people about this Knowledge. And now, if you have any questions about what I have just said, please ask. If you have any questions at all, please ask.

Who are you?

Who am I? I'm just an ordinary humble servant of God, preaching the gospel of peace in the world. People might call me God, but I don't think I am God. I think I am a humble servant preaching the gospel of peace, preaching the Knowledge of peace. Am I anything else? You are seeing my body, but I am not my body. What I am is something else inside me. What are you? You are not body, you are something else. What I am seeing when I look at you is a perishable object, a case in which that power, that soul, is being carried. Understand? When you see a camera, what you are seeing is not the camera. It is a tin case. The machine is inside it. Right? The case is not taking the picture, it is the real machine inside that is taking the picture. What you are seeing is a case. And what is me is inside me. And if you want to know what that is, then look inside yourself, and once you realize that, you can realize what is inside me. Because that's the one common factor amongst all of us. It's not your body, because you can't operate on it. Doctors can do operations but they don't see that Light inside us. Not by these eyes can you see that Light. It is the Divine thing, and to see that really you need the Divine thing.

What happens to all the souls that leave the body?

They go, and where they go is explained in many ways according to beliefs. Christian people believe in resurrection, that all the dead bodies will come back and be alive again. There are many beliefs, but I've not read them all. I only know two beliefs, the Indian belief and the Christian belief, because while I've been travelling throughout the world, I meet mostly Christian people. They have been telling me their beliefs, but what is according to Indian belief, if you are interested, I can tell you that too.


Tell me.

All right. According to Indian belief we do actions and then/ we have to get the fruit of these actions. Good fruit for good actions; bad fruit for bad actions. So, if we have done good actions, we are carried to that place which we call paradise, right? But if we have realized this Knowledge we don't go to paradise. Instead we go to heaven, the place of God, understand? And if we have done bad actions we go to hell, where we suffer the bad fruits and get the punishment for all we have done. If we have done bad actions throughout our lives, accordingly we shall get full punishment for the sins we have committed. But once we know the Knowledge, sins vanish, because, according to Lord Krishna, one who has realized the Knowledge and is meditating at the last moment of his life, remembering God, Krishna says, "Without doubt he reaches me." Even if I have done sins throughout my life, if at the last moment somebody gives me Knowledge and 1 practise that Knowledge, where will I go? Not to hell, not to paradise, but to heaven. That's how it is. That's why saints have always recommended that we should have the Knowledge, whether we have done good actions or bad actions.

What is hell? Where is it?

It is just nothing. It is just a place where we seek our punishment. It's like this. This is a classroom and I am a child making lots of noise and the master says, "If you make more noise I'm going to send you out." But still I continue making noise. The master says, "Get out of the class!" And I stand outside. That's all. I'm doing my punishment.

Will this Knowledge save us from re-birth?

Yes. Once we have this Knowledge we reach the heaven from where we cannot return.

Excuse me, is there no such thing as reincarnation according to the Divine Light Mission?

When we know this Divine Light, if we have to come back again, then what's the use of it?

I don't know. That's why I am asking you.

Once we know this Divine Light, we reach Divine Man. And once we reach Divine Man, nobody wants to return from there.

In other words, if we take Knowledge, according to your teachings, we become perfect?

Not quite. If you place an object in the sea, it doesn't become sea does it? First we must realize what we are. We must know our source. What is that source? We must not think we are our brain. Our brain is a simple organ making us act and react to things. We think of something like, "I want to walk out of this room." My idea comes, the brain works, I get up and walk out. The brain is just a simple messenger between me and my other organs. I am not surviving because of my brain. If a man dies, we can operate and see his brain, his brain is still there. But there is something else. If you think a man is surviving because of his lungs, then operate. The lungs are there, all other organs are there, only one organ is missing, and that's no organ, that's no limb. That's soul! That's the power. And what is that? That's part of God. But when we say "I", that's no part of God. If I say "I'm perfect", am I perfect? No, because I am using "I", and the perfect thing does not use "I" for itself, because it is not a separate body. Understand? As long as "I", "we", "you" and "me" are there, we are not perfect. But if by any means, let's say anything, including Knowledge, we are able to remove our "I", then we are perfect. But when we come to this stage of complete realization we can see all other things. It is a completely different stage. Only if we reach that stage can we realize it. You know, I can't really tell you the experience of that stage or whatever it is. To know it you must have the practical experience. If I ask you, "What is Christianity?" You won't be able to tell me. I have to personally become a Christian, and then realize for myself the experience of Christianity. You can't tell me by words. If you could, then everybody could know beforehand. It's not like that. You have to become it. So I can't tell you the real experience of that stage. No, we become it. We are merging with the perfect, all right? Take a glass of water and take a dropper. Suck water into the dropper. Press the dropper, let a drop drop down into the glass, then try to find out where the drop is. Can you find it? It has been merged. It goes through the merging stage, then it becomes merged. Isn't it true? It's the same with us. We merge into the perfect thing, and that's when we become perfect. In other words, it is not "we" who are really there, but because I talk in English and that's the language where we use "we's" and "I's" and "you's", that's what I am using here. But there's no "we" there, really, because you can't figure it out. You won't be able to say, "This is Milky and this is Gary", you know. You won't be able to figure it out because they've completely merged. So there's no "I's", "you's", and "we's". It's a simple matter of realization. Just realize. It's far out really!


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972 Guru Maharaj Ji, where did you receive this Knowledge?

From my Guru. It's not like an apple that comes out of a tree. I received it from my Guru. He was my Father and He gave me this Knowledge. He gave me this Knowledge and He ordered me to give it to other people. Which is what is am doing now.

Is it necessary to be a vegetarian?

That's on you. I tell you about Knowledge, not about food. It's not my subject, I can't tell you anything about that.

In the Bible, in the Torah, in the Koran, they all preach peace and people have been practising these religions for thousands of years. Now is the peace that you are talking about different to the peace that we can read about in the Bible and the Koran:

See. If you can get peace by reading, then we don't need churches and we don't need priests. That's alright. Get the Bible from the market and read it. Then you've got peace. Let me explain. I need water, and I read in a book the word water. All right? I was thirsty, I read "water", and my thirst is gone away. Is that right? That's not right. The word "water" is just a composition of letters. So what is peace? Do you think P-E-A and all those other letters are peace? P for pet, and so on. Is that peace? No. It is just a composition of simple letters collected from a particular language. So what is peace? Peace is something else. If I am talking about food, suppose I say "lady's finger" or "bindi". Different words meaning the same thing. They are just collections of letters composed in a manner which indicate, which represent something. That thing cannot be put in a book. Only some letters indicating it can be put in a book. I cannot put food into a book, so I send a word there which represents it, and that word is "food". So that's it. What is peace? Peace is something else. If peace could be given by just putting these letters together, then God would have taken lots of small pieces of paper and printed "peace" on them and showered them down like rain. In America when the Vietnam war started, everyone was chanting, "Peace, peace, peace". And before the President's house in Washington D.C. there were boards saying, "Peace". But peace was not there. The word peace was there, but peace is something else. It is a matter of realization, it is not a matter of reading.

Guru Maharaj Ji, do we have to leave the religion of our birth to acquire your Knowledge?

What is religion? Religion is a way of believing in God, that's all I believe in the resurrection. Some Christian people believe in the resurrection. Some Hindu people believe in rebirth. That also is a way of believing in God, and there are other ways, all made by the sages of ancient times. But what is important is not the way of believing, it is to know the Knowledge.

Guru Ji, are there any other Perfect Living Masters?

I can't tell you, you must go and realize for yourself. What is a Perfect Master? When you use the word "perfect", then it has to be one thing,


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

not two. I told you, there is no question of "I" and "you", when we are talking about the perfect. When you say "perfect", there can't be two, there can only be one. Can there be more?

Can you explain to me this Knowledge in terms of yoga?

What is the meaning of yoga? Actually, yoga an Indian word meaning union. One and one, the yog, when they combine, make two. that is the real yoga which Krishna teaches - one G :a7 He says it's Raja Yoga. This means King Yoga. Amongst all the unions, this is the greatest union, the greatest communication, because it is between us and God. Taking a drop and putting it into the glass, that's it. That's called real yoga.

But what I want to know is where does God fit in relation to our chakras?

God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

How do you receive the grace of God?

Through the Knowledge you can become one with God. Through the Knowledge you're in frequent communication with God. I have just been explaining what is meditation, what is yoga. It is making communication. It's more perfect than a telephone and more perfect than a telex. It is instantaneous free communication. When you want to book a call, you dial the operator and tell him, "I want to book a call." But it's never like this with Knowledge, there's no operator in between. There is just the telephone office and Sat-guru is the Telephone Manager. And the telephone is a walkie-talkie. Do you understand?

Guru Ji, how does the Knowledge tie up with the awakening of the kundalini?

You must know the Knowledge and realize it for yourself. How can I tell you? This is not something that can be put into words. Words are just used for representation of a thing, but if something hasn't got any representation, how can you apply words to it? There are so many questions and people get so worried about them. A question is like a white ant eating a man from inside. But questions can be dissolved by taking the right medicine, and then everything will be all right.

I have been interested in the path of spiritual truth and leading people along it, but now I'm very impressed that I must unlearn what I have learned and teach my people your teachings.

First of all, people have to be introduced properly. You know, you can't go around with this videogram camera telling everyone, "This is a videogram." People will get afraid of this gun type of thing. First of all you have to tell them that this is a videogram. Give them a perfect introduction, then they will understand what it is and not be frightened. And if you are going to give it, it should be at the right price and through the


proper dealer. The dealer should be authorised, and to be authorised, you have to have a special licence, and this comes from the Guru who has taught us this Knowledge. And with this licence He also makes us solid inside so that it doesn't matter how many questions are hammered into us, we are able to face them. That's called authorising the dealer to give the video, to give the Knowledge.

Guru Ji, is the truth that you are giving the same truth that was given by people like Christ?

This truth was revealed by Christ, by Buddha and by Krishna. All the Perfect Saints have been revealing this truth. It is nothing new. The Aquarian Gospel was written before I was born, and I think even before my Father was born, who was my Guru and who gave me this Knowledge. But I see that the way described in the Aquarian Gospel is still the same way now. It's not new, it's the most ancient thing. It was even before day was created, before night was created, before darkness was created, before anything was created. I think most people now believe in the theory of evolution, and even before evolution it was there. All right, evolution took place slowly, it was not like a bomb which came out of a gun and – pow!!! everything was there. Yes it happened slowly and slowly, according to those people who believe in the theory of evolution. But all the action was being done by an actor. Without the actor there can be no action, can there? So who was that actor? That was this power, the source which is making us act today also. We think that our brain is making this act, but no! When that power goes away, does our dead body continue to act? Does a dead body act? No. That power was making us act. And this Knowledge is there at that time before the world, before the planets were created and because of this Knowledge all the actions took place and the theory of evolution took place too.

If the truth was there in the beginning, how did we lose it in the first place?

It's not that we lost it, it's just that we became frustrated. You know it's there, it's just the frustration of not being able to hold it.

I know about the frustration, but I can't see how anybody who had the truth could lose it, or let it slip.

We never lose it. The truth is always inside us, we just forget about it. See this block. We are standing on this side of it. One moment ago, we were standing on that side of the block, and we forgot the way back. We say, "Oh I'm standing here, how can I get to the other side?" That's it. Simple! Then a man comes, a guide comes, and says, "All right, come here, come with me", and He takes me. Then we are there. Nothing to it. We just forgot about it, see? Because when we came into this world we think it is so fantastic –all the plants growing, all the different flowers growing, this growing and that growing, this taking place, that taking place, the cars running, the helicopters landing, the planes flying and everything. All this you see. You say, "Wow! What is this!" And we get lost. Instead of remembering that Knowledge, we start remembering how the plane flew last night. We get lost in that. Guru says, "All right, that's it," and brings us back to the place where we really are. Nothing really extraordinary.

Is it good to have a Knowledge review, Guru Maharaj Ji?

See, it's like this. We go to a mathematician, all right, a teacher who teaches mathematics, and he is going to teach us something that's already in the books. The Guru is going to reveal to us something that is already in ourselves. He teaches one sum and gives an example of it. All right? You are not satisfied, so he will take that particular sum and work it out for you in detail so that we understand it, right? And the more times he repeats it with us, the more confirmed we will become about it. Because the sum can be done in four ways – addition, deduction, multiplication and division. Maybe we understand one but do not understand the.others. Maybe he has done 4 and 4 equals 8. Now where did the 4 come from? He shows that it comes from 2 and 2. Then we understand, when he repeats it, when he explains about it, then we understand how it is done. The more he goes over it, the more we get confirmed, then it's all right. And as long as I am in South Africa, any time you have any questions – and you know people can have some really great questions – you can call a meeting and you can all come and I will answer them, just like today. We can do it again, right? Because this is a tonic for us, it's like an injection, a special tonic injection. All these questions are really just an injection and give us some good confirmation. Meditation – that's another thing, that's a separate process. We do that yes. But when we come and listen for satsang, we get more confirmed. Powerful thirst, powerful tonic. You get more confirmed.

I would like to link up with what this gentleman


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

said about the one Perfect Master. Can there only be one Perfect Master in one period of time, according to your beliefs or opinions?

There is one thing that is passing by, and that is Light. Perfect Light passes from one body to another. It changes body but it doesn't change itself. And when it is Perfect it is going to be One, not two at a time.

Is perfect only one?

One at a time. That means the thing is the same but the body changes. All right?



By perfect you mean whole?

Yes. But you should know it. At the moment you don't understand perfect. When you said "perfect" you made a round shape with your hands, but do you th;nk perfect is round?

I don't know, I think …

First know what is perfect. Know the perfect and you will realize everything, and once you realize everything, you know, it's done, that's it, it's all alright. It's the same at school. When we are in the fifth class or maybe the sixth class, the master teaches us science, he teaches us really hard that this is this and that is that and this is this theory and that is that theory. And it was the same with me too, you know. When he was teaching me Archimedes principle I never understood it. But then he took me into the lab and he did it and then I understood it. So now, at the moment, many people are just imagining what is perfect, what is the shape of the perfect. Some people think it's like a lotus, some people think it's round, some people think it's square, some people think it's triangular. But that's just what people are thinking. On the back of the American dollar there is a triangle with a light. Do you think that that is perfect? People are just thinking. But what is really perfect, that is known by one who has realized. So realize it and then all the theory, all the philosophy, everything you will understand. Know it and then you will see who people really are, alright? Now you are all talking in terms of the body, because the body automatically comes into your sight. And when you think about a person


you think about the body of that person. But realize perfection and then you will understand what it really is, right? Let's just see what happens after that. I can't tell you the whole thing about what happens because it can't be put into words. People think I am making a simple excuse, but not true. Nobody can put it into words because the perfect thing is infinite, isn't it? Maybe the Ramayana is so thick, maybe the Bible is so thick. Such a great number of books there are, and such a great number of pages. But they have all got a beginning and an end, they are all finite. So all the pages and all the books still can't describe it because it is infinite. No end to it. So know it and then you will understand.

But can't perfection manifest in more than two forms at one time?

If perfection came physically as two bodies, then the two bodies would have to be combined together with the perfect thing lying between them. Perfect is one. It has to come as one, not two. Infinity can't be divided. There is no end to it. There can be no end to it. So it can't be divided, can it? If you say it is infinite and then you say why can't it take two bodies, three bodies, or ten thousand bodies, then you are contradicting yourself. That's your confusion.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if this is the material plane, where within us is the God realm, and what space does it occupy?

If I want a bird's eye look at this house, a bird's eye view of this house, if I am standing outside, can I see it? Can I see the top of this house? No. But if I rise a little bit and rise a little bit until I reach a limit where my eye level reaches the top of this house, then. As soon as I rise up, see, this is the top of the house, and I am standing here, right? And I am rising up. I can't see the top, I can't see the top, no, no, no … yes! Now I've passed above the limit and I can see clearly. There is a limit, cross it and inside there is God, inside there is everything. Cross the limit of your understanding and you will see.

And what is there to see, then?

What do you want? If the master gives you a question paper and you ask him? "I have a question." "What is that?" he says. "How am I going to solve all those problems? Please give me the answers." The master is not going to give you the answers, is he? If he gives you a question paper and the question is, "When was Akbar born?" Then the master says, "Any question, ask." And then you stand up and say, "When was Akbar born?" The same question that was written in the question paper. He is not going to answer that question, is he? O.K.? Is he?

Guru Maharaj Ji, I have been going to another master and I would like to know …

He has told you before when Akbar was born, hasn't he? But is he going to tell you now at the question time? Is he? Simple. He says, "No." He is not going to answer the question, "When was Akbar born" at the question time, at the examina-tion time, is he? Is he? I'll tell you. Suppose there is a master who has taught for maybe one year and now he is giving the exam for the end of the year, it is in December, suppose, when you have to leave the ninth class and go into the tenth. And there is a question in the exam, "When was Akbar born?" And then he asks you if you have any questions to ask about the paper, because there are some misprints in the paper and maybe you won't understand. See? And you ask, "When was Akbar born?" He is not going to give you the answer. It's that simple. It's that simple, he has told you before, so he is not going to tell you now, at the time of the examination. That's what I want to tell you, that there is a limit which you must go above. I think I have told you in satsang. Have you heard any satsang? Have you heard any discourse? I have told you before that if you just ask, "Who is God? Where does He live? Where is He?" I am not going to answer all these questions for you or anyone else because you have to know it practically, you have to do it, you have to solve it for yourself. Theory won't work. God is not theory, God is practical. You can only understand Him practically. I have given you so many answers, but you are not satisfied. Still there are questions in those people to whom I have already given answers. God is something practical and the practical thing you cannot realize in theory. Theory is theory, theory is just a representation, it is imperfect. Anyone who has not taken this Knowledge gets surprised or maybe excited or maybe confused when he hears about it. "What is this?" he says. He has got to be confused, because he doesn't know what it is. But if he asks me and I show him, then his confusion disappears. It's that simple. People whose minds are always working, whose minds are always active, always want to ask questions – think, think, think, think, think. If someone asks you, "Where did yesterday go?" What answer are you going to give. Where did yesterday go? It was a


whole twelve hours and where can twelve hours disappear to. I saw light yesterday and heard sound yesterday and many things happened, so how can it disappear? Where has yesterday gone? If you ask questions like this you are not going to get answers. You are only going to get confused. You might think, "Oh, this man is not clever enough to give us an answer." But the Knowledge is a practical thing, it's really practical. It cannot be realized in theory. If theory was enough, why do we make so many science labs? Big jumbo science labs with all the students doing chemistry and physics and so many things? Why does a doctor have to dissect frogs and dissect lizards and dissect dead bodies? Why? Theory's alright but you have to do the practical thing.

We say proof of the pudding is in the eating and that's what you mean the whole time.

Yes, but to make people understand I have to say it many, many, many times because, let's say one hundred people are here. Maybe one is listening to me, the other ninety-nine are thinking of something else. So when I say it one hundred times then everyone will have heard me. That's why I use many different examples because people can't even understand simple things. The master has to go through them many times.

But with Europeans, conceptionalisation is the highest aim and it's very difficult to get into the Indian monistic thinking.

But, you see, because you think it's an Indian belief, for you it becomes an Indian belief. I'll tell you one thing. I'm talking in terms of the Knowledge, I'm not talking in terms of anything Indian. When the Indian press people ask me, "Are you Hindu?" I said they are talking about my body but I am talking about the soul and the soul is not Christian or Hindu or any particular thing. See? So I have realized soul and when I talk to you in terms of soul I am talking of the perfect pure thing. Other people think it is the other way round. They think I am talking of the body but I am not talking in terms of body. People have given priority to the body, but now a thing that is real must be given priority, and that's Knowledge.

Guru Maharaj Ji, the question arises, is there any reason why perfect masters should always come from the east and not the west?

First of all, you have made a mistake because you said "perfect masters".

Yes, I mean the Perfect Master.

Alright. Now, when you think it's east, it is east. But He is not arising from the east, He is arising from the world. When people started travelling they found they had a great difficulty, so what they did is they made a compass – north, south, east and west. But before this, where did the Perfect Master come from? There was no east, west, south or north at that time, was there? That's all artificial, we only think like that today because of the compass.

But they do come from a particular region of the world.

No they don't. It is in your mind. You are thinking of east, west, north and south and of particular regions. No. The Master doesn't come like that, He comes from God, you know. He is given His ability from God, not from His mother. Don't think that it's Indian women who have any great ability so that their sons become spiritual masters. No, that's not it. The Perfect Master gets His inspiration from God. The Perfect Master has got no secularism – this religion, that religion, this place, that place. The Perfect Master has come from India and He has come from England too, and from the Middle East. You shouldn't want to see from where He has come. We are not immigration officers who want to check the passports and say, "Oh, He is Indian, He has no visa, He cannot enter." We should see the Knowledge. We do not want to see where the Master was born. It's so simple, you see, but it's just that we are so confused and do not understand. Why do you want the Master? What will make you believe in Him? You are not going to ask to see His passport, are you? "Oh yes, He has come from India," and then believe. If His passport says He has come from India, then that's alright, then He is the Master. Otherwise, He is not the Master. You are going to test Him through the Knowledge, wherever He comes from. If you are thinking of regions, then that's just subtle ideas in your mind. If you are thinking which region He is from, alright, how can you change it anyway? He just prefers to come that way. He isn't taking your advice about whether He should come from the East or the West. Wherever He comes from it is His will. If He drops out of the North Pole and comes down from there, it is still His will. If He selects India, very good. But His Knowledge is not for India. His Knowledge is for everyone. Christ came from the Middle East and went into India to spread the Holy Gospel. Why am I here? Because the Knowledge is not for


Prem Rwat aka Guru Maharaj Ji with bodyguard in 1972 regions, it is for the whole world. It's not that God's secretary has created the West and God Himself has created the East. No, that's not it. God has created the whole thing. So why don't we open our eyes? Even in India they say "Vasu dev kutum kam" – the whole world is the family. So, if the whole world is ours, if the whole world is our family, then why should I have these subtle ideas about east, west, north and south? If we want to take this Knowledge, then it doesn't matter from where He comes. If the Perfect Master thinks and of course we can't realize what the Perfect Master thinks – but if He thinks that He will take birth in India, we Indian people should be fortunate enough to take full privilege of it, not to criticise Him but to fall on His Lotus Feet, really do satsang and pranam and understand Him. Lay flat on His Feet and say, "Alright, I surrender myself to you." We shouldn't be proud. This is an opportunity that God has given us and we should take full privilege of it. We should realize this Knowledge and not be proud, saying, "God comes from the East and I am Eastern," and all that. He gives full privilege to everyone. If He comes from the East we must still take the privilege. From childhood till old age. Understand?

Guru Maharaj Ji, have there ever been any women Perfect Masters?

Very good question, but I don't understand it because you are limiting Masters in their bodies. Why?

It's just that all the famous Perfect Masters have always been men.

What do you mean "a famous Perfect Master"? You see, God gives women a great thing, because He takes birth from women. And to equalise this, by being in the human frame of a man, and that's what we don't understand. But in my heart, personally I have great respect for women because even God has to come through a woman. So He mustn't favour women more, He must equalise this. So when He comes, He comes through a woman but takes a man's body. You see? He equalises! Understand? Now women mustn't be proud of this and shouldn't waste their time just being proud of it. They must take the privilege of it. But people do get proud – they take the Rolls and put it on a turn-table, on a glass piece, and stand and look at it. "Oh, I've got a Rolls," and never drive it. After some time it becomes junk and it is finished.

Guru Maharaj Ji, is realizing this Divine Light, what you call taking Knowledge?


Is is it possible to realize the Divine Light only through the teachings of the Divine Light Mission?

No. We have to realize the Knowledge from


wherever we can get it. Even if an old piece of iron can give us the Knowledge, we should take the Knowledge from it. Because we want to see God, we want to receive the Knowledge. If we want to drink water, wherever it comes from, we will drink it. Whether it comes from a refrigerator, a hand pump, a tap, a river, the lake, the sea, we want water. If an apple is going to give us the Knowledge, then we should surrender before the apple! Do not think of the body of the Master; it is the power that we surrender to, not the body. The power is making the Knowledge come from the apple, that's why we surrender to the apple.

Guru Maharaj Ji, it is possible then to receive Knowledge from a Master who is not in the flesh?

No it's not, because only a Master who is in the flesh can answer every question that you have in your mind and can help you socially and as a human being and in every way. Alright?

So it is not possible to have direct communication?

If something comes, if a power comes - right? - and starts acting on me, starts giving me the Knowledge, I'll say, "Oh, what is this acting on me?" And I'll get worried, I'll probably scream, "Oh, what is this acting on me?" But if it is something in human flesh, first He gives me an introduction and explains to me the philosophy, the theory of it, then He will reveal to me the practical, alright?

Yea, you believe it safeguards us, it saves us getting an electric shock.

If we start getting an electric shock from the wall, that's really going to shock us. We'll say, "Oh, what is this?" But if we get an electric shock from the wires, we don't get so surprised, we don't get so afraid, because there has to be current in the electric wires, hasn't there? If the current comes through the wall, we'll get really crazy, won't we? We'll start calling people and saying, "Hey, the electric current's coming through the wall." But when it comes through the wire, we don't say, "Hey, the current is coming through the wire," because it has to be there. In the same way the Knowledge has to come through a Master who is in a body. If it just jumps out of the air, we're going to freak out. Alright!

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972



Guru Maharaj Ji, St. Peters Church Hall, 28th May 1972

Dear premies,

You know that I have been to South Africa so I am going to tell you something about it, what has been happening there. See, when I arrived in South Africa there was a very beautiful reception and it was like this. Before the sun rises and as the darkness is going away, many colours are formed. One is black, that's in the middle of the sky. Then there is a bit that is blueish, and then there is a bit that is light blueish, and then there is a bit that is yellowish and then there is a bit that is reddish. But when the sun has risen into the full sky, then there arc no colours. There is only the bright sun shining in the sky. Before the sun rises there are so many colours.

When I got to South Africa, there were many things going on. Many rumours were going around. They were saying, "No, He is not going to come any more," or "He is not going to do this," or "He not going to do that." But ultimately when I finally reached there and people heard the satsang then all the rumours were taken away. This is only by the Knowledge.

There are so many religions in the world, and they are so old. But still they have not been able to bring peace to the world. Why? There is only one religion, yet each religion claims to be true. Take any religion. They all claim to be ancient. Then why are they not bringing peace? Peace is also ancient. Only if they give you the Knowledge, only then can peace come. If you need water, I can give you so many other drinks but still you will need water. There are so many drinks. You can drink Pepsi-Cola, and Fanta, and so many others, but in spite of this you need water, you need this Knowledge. Now before you were born you were drinking water. Before this scientific age came about, before this age came when everything is so precise, when everything is so technological, before this age came, before four hundred years or before a thousand years, people were drinking water. And after this age has passed, after a hundred years, or maybe after two hundred years, that age may he more precise, people may be more technological, but still to quench their thirst they will need water. There are so many drinks which are very tasty, but more than them you need water, and that is tasteless. There is nothing that you can taste in water, water has got something of its own, something that is original, something that is very important. That's why, besides so many sweet and sour drinks, so many tasty drinks, you need that drink also. You must understand this, that all those other drinks have been created using that water. If the water hadn't been there, there wouldn't have been any other drinks.

I oday we are following Jesus Christ, today we are following Ram, today we are following Lord Buddha. But we must understand why they came into the world. What was their purpose? Their purpose was not only to be crucified, so that we can say He was born on the 13th and then He was crucified on the 14th. No, that was not His purpose. But He did something, He did a job. He taught something to humanity and because of the job He did, when He completed it, He was crucified and today we pray to Him. There are so many Rams in India. There are so many people who have been named after Lord Rama, but we don't go and pray to them, we don't go and bow our heads to them. But what is the particular thing about Lord Rama that we should pray to Him? We pray to Him, alright. But why? And there is no answer to this question. So the only conclusion I can make is that the world is going like a sheep. If one sheep falls into a dump, or into hell, then all the sheep will fall into that dump. No-one asks, "Where are we going? Oh, that's fine, if we are going there, go straight ahead." That's the condition of the world today. Where one is going, everyone else is following him without asking any question. One is falling into hell and everyone is trying to fall into hell. Today we spend six hours or eight hours in our offices. That's fine. You must do some job, otherwise you are not going to get any money, and if you don't get any money, how are you going to survive and get shelter? Particularly in England, because if you sleep outside you are going to be a frozen piece of ice in the morning, or even a dead body. So there must be an important reason why you work eight hours a day, because time is very precious. Why do we earn? The answer is very simple. We earn because we need some money. And why must we have some money? Much of it, of course, you waste in luxury, but most of it is spent on food. And then what do we make of food? Just waste matter. Now is this the human cycle? If this is all, then why do we say the human frame is precious?


Why do we respect holy and sacred things? Why were all the scriptures and sacred books written?

Even the scientists say that this human frame is the most supreme of all bodies, all creations. So why is it supreme? Is it to sit eight hours in the office and get some money, and then make it into waste matter. Is that why it is supreme? No, that's not the reason. It is supreme because there is a particular purpose behind it.

What are we seeing when we look at the wall? Actually nobody can see the wall. What we are seeing is the colour. We are seeing the colour of the wall. It is white, it is blue, it is green, it is red. But there are some other things like bricks which have all composed together to form a particular shape and this shape is called the wall. And those planks of wood, they have formed a particular shape, and that is called the roof. And then these planks and tiles on the floor have formed together into such a thing that is known as a floor. They are the shapes.

Now, today, human man is recognised by his works. They have given him the shape, but there is something behind them which is very important. There are two parrots who belong to a man and one day he left them in the jungle. And they had two babies, these two parrots, and one day the wind blew really strong. And one baby was blown into a saint's hut, and the other was blown among some robbers.

Well, one day, a king was passing by, and he went to the robber's house to ask for some water. And when the parrot saw him and started crying, "Get out, you measly old fellow, get out!" And then the parrot said, "Come on, come on boys, king has come, a king has come, come and rob him, come and rob him." The king immediately started running away and he ran and he ran and he ran until he reached the sage's hut. And as soon as he entered the but he saw the parrot, and he thought it would also say the same thing. But this parrot said, "Oh king, you are most welcome in this sacred hut. Please make yourself comfortable. The mahatma has just gone out. He will be coming back in a minute and he will give you whatever you need." The king was very surprised. When Mahatma Ji came in, the king asked the parrot, "Parrot, can you tell me why there should be this difference between you and the parrot that looks just like you in the robber's hut?" The parrot replied, "We are both brothers. But I have been brought up in a sage's house, and he has been brought up in a robber's house. Because of this such a difference has been created."

Now, this is why, inspite of so many religions existing in the world, nobody can teach the basic truth behind religions, the basic idea of religion. They are teaching us the pops, they are teaching us the outlines, but nobody can teach us the basic idea, and you must know the basic idea. Once you have a basic idea then you can form an outline. But you can never form a basic idea from an outline. That's why all outlines are differing from one man to another. We have been taught many sorts of beliefs. In Christianity we find the cross. In Hinduism you will find the sign of the swastika, and so on. But what is the basic idea behind them? The scriptures tell us that Lord Ram came, Lord Christ came. Lord Krishna came, Lord Nanak came. But what was the basic idea for these people to come into the world? It was to reveal the Knowledge. And today, instead of following their teaching, we have started doing so many other things. They came into the world to spread this Knowledge, and instead of realizing this Knowledge we have formed from their outline something else behind them. The basic idea was the same, but we do not see this. And that's why every fight that takes place ultimately turns into a religious fight. Hitler was fighting against the Jews. The fighting in Bangla Desh was a religious fight. But why? Religion is not meant for fighting. Religion is meant for peace. What is the meaning of religion? Today people think it means small sects. No, it doesn't mean this. Religion started from the word realization, and realization of God is the true religion. That's why, when God comes, He wipes out all the religions and forms one religion, the true religion.

And so, only by this Knowledge will we be able to realize God. Only by this Knowledge will we be able to realize the true religion, because this Knowledge is the realization of God, and God is the true religion. Through this Knowledge we have realization of God, so that's why this Knowledge is the true religion.

This Knowledge does not bind us, it does not bind us into a small sect. No. It is like this. Maybe some people are vegetarian and some people are unvegetarian, non-vegetarian. But that does not matter. They both eat with the same mouth. Non-vegetarians do not eat with their ears. And vegetarians don't eat with their noses. They eat with the same mouth. God has made us all common, but still we have different. ideas. There is no-one to teach us this basic idea that we are one in all. There is no-one and that's why there have been so many fights, and so much dissatisfaction.

Actually the scriptures and the religions were only brought out to bring satisfaction into living. But today I think they are the most


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

popular cause of dissatisfaction among the people. In India, if a Muslem and a Hindu are in business they both have to be friends and walk together, but otherwise Muslems believe that he who is not a Muslem disobeys God and must be killed. So many people have been killed because of this. It is the fault of the religion. Scriptures can't give the basic idea. Before Christ came, there was the Old Testament. Before Ram came, there was the Ramayana. There have been all these scriptures. But they couldn't help because this basic idea can only be touched by the Knowledge which is not theory, it is very practical.

And so for practical realization we need a practical Mater. And this practical Master will reveal to us this Knowledge which you who have received it already know. And people who haven't received it don't know what I am talking about. It is a very easy thing. It is the easiest thing. It is internal, eternal, universal, something that everyone can practise.

In South Africa, African people have received this Knowledge. Indian people have received this Knowledge. European people have received this Knowledge. Africaan people have received this Knowledge. Everyone, every community, has received this Knowledge. And I had no meetings there where Europeans. and Indians were separated. All the meetings I had were mixed meetings. And everything was so beautiful there, so perfect that they are calling me back again. I must go back again to South Africa. There is so much love in these people, so much powerful love that it is unbelievable. And in such a short time, approximately four hundred people received the Knowledge, Europeans and Indians. Slowly people are realizing, so that's why I had to leave Mahatma Ji there, because there were so many people asking for Knowledge. It is a bit hard for South Africans to understand because there is so much materialism there, but of course it is not just in South Africa, it is in the whole world that the problem has become materialism. We have had two thousand years of civilisation. One thousand years you ascend and the other thousand years descend. Now what are we doing, ascending or descending? According to scientists we are ascending. What do you think?

So understand. Suppose you are sitting in your room and there are no windows. Suppose this room is located in a ship that is sailing. Now, you don't know where you are, you don't know in which direction you are going, you don't even know whether your ship is being sunk or just floating on the surface of the water. Now this ignorance is not an excuse that God will accept. You cannot say, "I never knew that." Why? You should know what your situation is. It is your responsibility. It is the same thing with your soul. It is the nearest thing to you, and yet you never know it. You just need a mirror, and getting a mirror is no problem. See, the retina is the nearest part to us. Without the retina we can see nothing. But we can't see it, can we? Can we see our retina? But immediately we get a mirror, then we can see it. In the same way, Knowledge is within us, God is within us, we just need a mirror to be able to see our own reflection. And what are we? We are really not this human frame which we possess. What we really are is something internal. It is something we survive on. Why are we surviving? Maybe because blood is circulating in our body. But why is blood circulating? Because the heart is pumping. Why is the heart pumping? Because the lungs are operating. But why are the lungs operating? Because we are breathing. But who is making us breathe?

At the time of deep sleep, when a man is not aware who is walking into his house and stealing his things, his mouth is open and saliva is falling and he never even knows that he is talking while he is sleeping. And some people have got this disease where they just get out of their beds, still sleeping, and start walking. They are in the dream state, where they don't know what feelings they have, what they are, who they are. They don't know any of this. Even in this state you are breathing. Now, what is that power that is making you breath? Go and realize it. If I just go to the hank of the river, or the sea, say, and start looking for pearls, of course I will not find them. But if I dive in I will get some. I am bound to get some. Why? Because I have dived, because I have reached the depth. And that's where it is. If there is real gold down there it is going to be very heavy. And if it is very heavy it is going to sink down and down and down. That's why you've got to go deep if you want to find it. If this Knowledge is true, it's got to be heavy and it's going to sink and sink and sink. And it's going to be right at the depth. And only the man who can jump into the water and reach the depth can understand this Knowlege. Otherwise you are like wallflowers in the world, and you can never understand it. Many people swim but only those who dive get the pearls.

And if you want to dive and go really deep, you must have this heavy belt, and this is the belt of grace. When you tie this around you it makes you really heavy. It makes you go faster and deeper and more still. This is the belt of grace. People who haven't got it try their best but they can't reach


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972 the depth of the water, they just float. Grace makes you heavy so that you can go down and down and down. Just getting the book is not the important thing. Opening the pages and starting to read is the important thing.

So what I want to explain to you is that we have got this far out Knowledge which is being spread everywhere, in every corner of the world. And it's your duty to meditate on it.

Well, of course, everybody knows that. Everyone who has received Knowledge knows that this is their duty, but it is a question of who understands this? Knowing is not a problem. The thing is that you should understand it. Otherwise you are like students who, instead of working out the sum, go and learn the answer off by heart. And when they start working out the sum at the back of the class they get 8, and the answer should be 9. So they have to take one out from somewhere in the rest of the sum and put to the answer to make 9. And the teacher gets puzzled, and wonders where he has taken one from. And it's from dreamland, that's where he's taken one out from. And the teacher rejects the whole thing. But the student who knows the method, even if his answer is wrong, he'll get marks on it. It doesn't matter if the answer is wrong, because at least he knows the basic idea. And that is the important thing.

That's why people who have got no religion but who have received the Knowledge have got peace of mind, and people who have got a religion but who haven't got the Knowledge haven't got peace of mind. That's why we can't get peace of mind by materialism. If we can, then why don't some rich and powerful people have peace of mind? But that's not the point. The point is to receive the Knowledge.

So now I am here, and I am here for a very, very short time. I am leaving for America and as soon as I return from America I am going back. So

will arrange for you all to come and visit me at Woodside Avenue, and if you have any questions you can ask me then. And I hope that you will meditate on this Knowledge, because if you don't eat the food, you will not be satisfied. Only by eating the food is your hunger satisfied. So do you understand what I want to say? It's not only the words that I want to say, it is the feeling that I want to express, it is the feeling that I am trying to put into words. But sometimes it gets impossible to put into words. It is actually a feeling of love that I want to express. But love just becomes a joke for people. They live together today and then on the second day they divorce. But they don't realize that there is a love through which a man is secured. If this love is taken away, everyone will be killed, nobody will survive in the world. There will only be dead bodies and graveyards instead of houses. And I don't think there will even be anyone to look after the graveyards.

But there is something that is making us survive, isn't there? And it is not only the breath. Of course we have got the breath, but still people are dying. George Wallace was shot. And if this love is taken away from someone, he can shoot, he can kill a man. So just imagine, if this Word, this love, this internal love, is taken away from everyone, then everyone is going to die. People don't realize this internal love and this is why all this dissatisfaction is going on.

So I just want to give you a feeling of how important is this Knowledge which we have received. And people who are fortunate enough to realize this feeling of mind receive the full privilege of understanding it, and they respond to to it as they should. They receive it, they attain it, and they get the full grasp of it. Otherwise people just float on the surface of the water and gain nothing. Alright. Thank you very much, and may God bless you all.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972



Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

What is this Knowledge you are talking about?

It is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Krishna gave, that Ram gave, that Mohammed gave and which I am giving. It is the supreme Knowledge. It is the sacred Knowledge. It is top sacred! And it dwells within all of us, within every human being, but we are unable to know it without the help of a True Master. That is what I am teaching.

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