Divine Light Magazine No 10


Satsang of The Holy Mother, Toronto, Canada, 2nd May 1972. Translated by Mahatma Rajeshwar Ji

My dear children,

All the people of all the religions pray to God according to their own faith. They are saying that I am praying to God in my own way and God is pleased with me. But they are not understanding that if God can be realized through their own faith, in their own way, then what was the necessity for the Lord to come from time to time? You should be very much sure that you cannot find that path to God through your own particular religion, in your own particular way. To feel that you can is like the persistent child, very adamant that they will write in their own way. But then the mother and father understand that this is not the correct way. 'A' must be written like this, 'B' like this, 'C' like this, and so on, and in their own way they mould the boy. The boy is adamant but the mother does not let him do as he wishes. She trains him in her way.

Similarly all the great Lords, our own Father, incarnate in this Universe to mould us in His own way. He comes here to give us something, to elevate our lives, because we are His children.

At the Vaisaiki festival this year a million people were there hearing satsang, and very many of them received Knowledge. When Guru Maharaj Ji reached that function all the people were weeping with joy and love. Yet for all these people, in this world there are billions of people who simply live and die, who simply come and go, who live their existence for nothing, who never know how to cry for the love of God. To cry like this you have to be completely like .a baby, surrendering yourself at the Lord's Lotus Feet. Then the Lord accepts those devotees who cry for Him. He keeps them in His heart. He gives them everything.

This building will disappear one day. The universe, too, has come and some day will go. But what remains forever is God, and Knowledge of God you can never have in your own way. For that you should cry at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, and then He will give you your heart's desire. No-one can know what it is that Guru Maharaj Ji gives to His children. Only Guru Maharaj Ji knows, and only the devotee can understand.

In this universe what is the reason why men fight with each other? It is because there are differences in their thought. Men's thoughts collide. Some men think this way, some men think that way, and there lies the difference, and where lies the difference, there lies the struggle. There lies the war and there lies the trouble. And when the thoughts of two people are mixed together in harmony, there lies the peace. And all people were crying because the Lord had come to unite all their strands of thoughts into one thread, for them all to meet in that one thread of peace and happiness.

There are so many gurus in this world, but these are only so-called gurus. They think that they have got Knowledge but they have got no Knowledge, they have no peace. For the present time, the present Master is Shri Guru Maharaj J and He has come to bring peace and happiness to the whole universe.

In India there was a guru of hatha yoga with thousands of disciples, but when he received Knowledge at the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj J

his eyes began to shed tears. And he prostrated

before those Lotus Feet and said, "Oh my Lord, I have spent my life for nothing. I look towards you and my heart tells me you have come. I am your devotee. My soul is crying. All my disciples I surrender to you."

Without this Knowledge, souls fall into the ditch of ignorance, but now you have the opportunity to show this universe that the path of liberation is open. So be firm in your meditation and dedicate your life. Many mahatmas will be coming from India. Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji will also be coming very soon. Millions of Indian devotees did not wish me to come to the West but I told them not to worry, for now the time has come to save the whole universe, and it is now that the souls of the western countries are crying to meet the Lord. And now is the time.

There is a devotional song which says that he who surrenders his existence completely and absolutely at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, he compels the Lord to work in his favour, to take him into His heart. It is because this devotee calls so helplessly for the Lord to come onto this earth that Guru Maharaj Ji is compelled to incarnate. At the same moment the tears come into the devotee's eyes, the tears must come into Guru Maharaj Ji's eyes. These devotees are the wise ones, for they


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother in 1972

compel the Lord to weep for them. All the troubles and calamities which fall upon those disciples, they accept them as boons from the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji. "This is the food of my soul", they say and they accept all miseries and calamities like flowers. They wear them on their heads like the gift of the Lord.

So travellers in this world, do not sleep in slumber! Now is the time to wake up. There is no certainty in this life. The brakes may fail any time. This body is just like a cage, it can break so easily. But the souls of those bodies which do great work are never worried, are never troubled. Many great souls in the past came into this inn of human body, stayed for some time, did marvellous great works, and then left the inn. Many were crucified, many sustained great difficulties and troubles, but wise people do not grieve for them because this body has to be left.

So do not drive your car so hastily. Sleep and become refreshed first. Your safety is in your own hands and always meditate on the Word which all the great saints did in their time. Now the Lord of Lords has come to give you the Knowledge, and patiently you should remember the Name. Utilize your body for the best purpose. Whether it remains or not, do not worry. Use it while you have it for the best possible purpose. Grieve for those people who did not worship Guru Maharaj Ji but never grieve for the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, for they are always at His Lotus Feet, they are always in the safest place. Therefore be very attentive to your meditation. Be very alert in your service and peacefully fulfil your duty in this universe.

My blessings to you all.


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