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Divine Light Magazine No 10

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

Prem Rawat and students in full pranam

Dear reader,

One thing is very strange in the world and that is the way people criticise what they do not understand. Without understanding, modern intellectual people can criticise anyone and anything. If you sit and try to find fault then your mind can find fault in God also. If you think about the goodness of anything, then you can realize the greatness of our Creator, not by thinking about the badness of anything. The person who searches for virtue is the one who becomes humble and finally finds God, whereas the mind which is busy in fault-finding becomes poisonous and finally crazy.

Humbleness not only makes us feel good, but it will also make your friends, your family, and everybody feel good. Humbleness gives real understanding. When we are humble we can understand both good and bad but if we are proud then we have no way of understanding goodness. So this is my humble request to all you brothers and sisters, that you should try to understand the holy work of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and try to do what ever He tells us to do.

In this world we can follow one of two ways. One way is the way of mind which ends in craziness and the Other way is the way of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji which ends in immortality and eternity. The way of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji can be followed only by the true human being. This is the only way a man can know that peace which passes all understanding.

The Divine Times is having a grand success and we hope to print both Divine Light and The Divine Times in our own press soon. The Divine Times is the newspaper which brings news of the Holy work of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, His travels and His meetings. Sometimes we also publish our views on the world news, and also ashram news from all over the world. The Divine Times is the only newspaper in the world which gives the divine news and divine pictures of the good thing that is happening in the world.

Your brother Ashokanand



We often talk in terms of darkness and light, meaning respectively ignorance and understanding. We say "Don't ask me, I'm in the dark about it." And as our understanding about something increases, we say, "I'm beginning to see the light." This is a metaphorical use of these words, and it stems from an intuitive feeling which we take for granted that light symbolises understanding and darkness symbolises ignorance.

But in the scriptures, we see that Light is talked about in a more definite and realistic way. We see that in every scripture, without exception, God is defined as Light. To have a direct experience of God is considered the highest enlightenment. The people who write the scriptures are aware that all men use the idea of light metaphorically to describe lesser states of enlightenment which come from the acquisition of worldly understanding in particular subjects, so they take great pains to draw attention in their writings to the fact that they are speaking of a real Light that far surpasses the lesser states of enlightenment. The emphasis is on the actual existence of this Light, man's capacity to visualise it, and its self-dependant quality, which means it is infinite in all dimensions.

Hence, in the Koran, it is written, "The Light of Allah is above all lights." In the Upanishads it is written, "God is the Light of all lights." In the Bhagavad Gita it says, "The Light of God shines forever in His supreme abode", whilst in the Bible we can read that "God is Light. His Light surpasseth all other lights and shineth forever."

So when talking of the Divinity, the phrase 'to see the Light' does not only mean that one acquires an understanding. It means one actually sees, one visualises optically, a Light which is not at all to be found in the physical world but which, at the same time, is brighter, more beautiful, and more real than any physical light. In the scriptures, the descriptions of it are so intense and detailed that they can only have emanated from a direct experience, from an actual visualisation of an actual Light. Jesus compares the Light to a shining white stone, a precious pearl, a host of candles in a secret shrine. David compares it to sparkling necklaces and brilliant jewels. Krishna said it is like the rising of a thousand suns. The Buddha and Mohammed both saw it as a luminous crescent surrounded by stars. This is why the flag of Islam is a crescent with stars, and why the crescent is the symbol of the Islamic faith. Lao Tzu said it was a golden temple in a deep blue sky, whilst Brahmanand likens it to a jewelled palace constantly jingling and jangling. All these great realised souls had achieved enlightenment for themselves and exhorted people to do likewise if they wished to enter God's Kingdom.

So the question is, how to achieve this experience, how to be bestowed with the Inner Eye, the Third Eye of the Hindu scriptures, the Single Eye of the Gospels? It is easy to close the outer eyes, but then to receive the Divine Vision is not easy. Some people make this mistake. They think that by knowing how to gather one's attention from the outside world and how to close off their outer senses, they will then automatically be granted the Sacred Knowledge of God, the vision of His Light. But this does not happen. The techniques of how to prepare oneself by gathering the senses are freely disseminated and are written in many scriptures, not the least in the Gospels for those who can understand, but enlightenment is not achieved thereby, no more than by sitting in the car and closing the door can one reach one's destination. If one wants to drive, it is essential to sit in the car, but by doing this alone one cannot progress by a single inch.

It is to provide the missing ingredient that the Lord incarnates forth from time to time in human body. For without obedience for and surrender to Him, one can never receive the Holy Knowledge, the Divine Vision of God. How is this so? It is simple and logical. We can only receive God as much as we open ourselves up to Him. So to know Him we must love Him. Yet we cannot love an imaginary concept of God. We can only love what we have had experience of. We cannot love what we do not know. So to love Him we must know Him. It seems insoluble, and this is why the Lord incarnates Himself. It is impossible to love God without coming into contact with God Himself in human body. Upon seeing Him, the pure will recognize Him and call Him Lord. When He is in body, everybody has this Divine opportunity to behold Him, and if they wish, to recognize Him. He gives everyone the chance to love Him, for by loving Him His grace is received. With His grace love fills the heart, and Light fills the Eye. God is seen externally and internally, and the result is supreme bliss and God-intoxication.

Jai Sat Chit Anand



Guru Maharaj Ji's first visit to South Africa began on 26th April 7 972 and continued until he returned to London on 28th May 1972. His audiences were always mixed, with a preponderance of South African Indians. We now begin to publish the memorable satsang He gave during this time.

Guru Maharaj Ji speaking at Holiday Inn,
Jan Smuts Airport, 26 April 1972.

Dear sisters and brothers,

It is an opportunity for all of us that we have received that pure Knowledge by the grace of Almighty Lord and now we are united as brothers and sisters in the ideal of brotherhood and the reality of nature. And this supreme Knowledge that we have now received today in this age of darkness is really something unique. But at the same time it is the most ancient Knowledge that has ever been given. And I am very pleased that I am in South Africa and have this opportunity to present myself to serve you people by giving you satsang and Knowledge. May God bless you all.

Thank you.

Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
Johannesburg, 28th April 1972

Now I told you the other day about this unrevealed reality, and I gave the example of the drama party. The party has organized everything. It has organized the hall, it has organized the play, it has organized the curtains, it has organized everything. But the curtain is a simple thing that stops us from seeing the play. As soon as it is raised, then we can see the play and that's it. That's the gist of it. This is how it is today, in this darkness. Something is obscured. There is a small slim curtain between ourselves and our Father. Some people call it the blue sky, some people call it the body, some people call it the actions and so on, whatever they believe. Anyway, it is very slim curtain and this curtain can only be raised by that person who is authorised to raise it and this authorised person is one.

At one time it was Jesus. His followers, John, Matthew and the others, were not like Jesus. Because only Jesus was the authorised person. And so He was a revealer of the Light.

In the Aquarian Gospel – see on page 131 you can read, "Close your carnal doors and concentrate inside. And then they saw this Light and then Capharnum rose … " It is a very far out description of this Knowledge. And the same description written by Levi in the Aquarian Gospel is the same as Brahmanand wrote. Brahmanand and Levi were not the same person. One wrote in English and one wrote in Hindi. And Brahmanand writes, "We have seen a very great wonder, it is a really beautiful surprising wonder. In the middle of the sky there is a well, a well filled with nectar and those people who have gone there don't have any legs even, yet they climb the ladder to that well and drink that nectar. And then he describes, "I have seen a beautiful palace, but without land, a beautiful palace embroidered with jewelleries and jingling. And a man who is blind sees this palace and … " then he says, " … I have heard the music, that music is being played by a player without any instrument and the man who is deaf listens to this music."

So isn't it wonderful that all this happens and that it's all there within us. But just the same, there is a small curtain between us, and this curtain can be raised by a Perfect Master, by a Master who is perfect. Why do we call Him Perfect Master? Because this curtain lies between the people and God. God can see the people but the people can't see God. Why not? It is not impossible to see God. It is possible. If people want to see God they can see God, face to face.

There was a Swami called Swami Vivekananda. He was in search of truth, in search of peace. He went to many saints and to one of them he said, "Can you show me God?" The saint looked into his eyes and said, "Oh, Vivekananda, your eyes are bright and your personality is great." But Vivekananda said, "I have not come to show my personality to you, I came to ask a question. I want to ask, have you seen God? And then if you have I want to ask, can you show me God? If you can please say yes, otherwise please don't waste my time." And the saint replied, "No, I'm sorry, I can't." And he went to many masters and always received the same reply until he came to one who said, "Yes, I've seen God face to face more clearly than I am seeing you. I have spoken


Prem Rawat enjoying Himself in 1972

to Him face to face, even closer than I am speaking to you now." And then Vivekananda said, "Can you show me?" And the master said, "Yes I can show you."

And that's what we want. We want a Master like that. We must go to Him, we must ask humbly, "Can you show me God?" and He will say, "Yes." He does not say that and then start teaching something else. Straightaway He says, "Yes I can show you God." We ask Him for the reality and meaning of God, which we are too imperfect to know. Maybe we are not perfect enough even to receive this Knowledge, but the Master is He who makes us perfect enough to receive it and the very next moment He reveals this Knowledge to us. We need a Master like that in the world and finding Him is not impossible, it is possible. Those people who have really taken pains to find Him have found Him. Sometimes neighbours don't understand Him and sometimes enemies do. It's like that. The main thing is realization and realization is far out. Someone who tries to bind this Knowledge with money is not going to reveal it to you because it cannot be bound with money. You see, this Knowledge is the centre for us and that's why it has got to be free. Why? I'll tell you. This is a very beautiful example. You can survive without gold but you cannot survive without food. Food is cheaper than gold. You can survive without food for maybe a few days, but you cannot survive without water and water is even cheaper than food. You can survive without water for maybe a few hours, but you can't survive without air which is absolutely free. No cost at all. Because air is essential for us and that is why it has to be completely free. In the same way, this Knowledge is essential for us and this is why it is completely free for us. It can be equally known, it can be equally shared and that's Divine Knowledge.

People ask me, "How can there ever be a kingdom of peace on this earth?" Because they have only seen the way governments work and governments only know one thing and that is to take a gun, put it against the head and say do this or else next moment you will be shot and if they don't do it, they are shot dead, they are finished. They use a kind of force to make people do something. And that's the problem. You can take the horse to water but you cannot make him drink. You can put him on a truck and drive him to that river but you can't make him drink. So that's it. You can make a man change the direction of his body but you can't make him change the direction of his mind or his ideas. If his ideas are pure then he thinks purely and lives purely and for him there is the kingdom of peace on this earth. But this is only possible if there is a master who can give this Knowledge which can make us pure and put us on the path of purity. And this is what is happening. It is very easy to have peace in the world and the kingdom is coming. This Knowledge is so much that I can't actually describe it in words. It is a matter of practical experience and if somebody practically realizes it then he will know how far out this Knowledge is. Otherwise it is just blank. There was a business man who asked a king, "I want to sell some mangoes here. I want to sow them and grow them and sell them. So can I have your permission?" But the king said, "What is a mango?" The man said, "It's this shape and it's sweet and sour, there is a big seed inside and it is very beautiful," but the King said "I still don't understand what it is." So the business man said, "Well, I will explain it to your courtiers and they will explain it to you. It is so big, it is like that and that and that … " One courtier was clever He went outside and ate the mango. When he came in he said, "Yes king, I have eaten a mango so I can really describe it. Inside it is a yellow colour. It is sweet and sour and has a big seed." The king said, "I still don't understand." But another courtier was really clever. He went out, bought a mango, washed it, cut it up, put it on a plate and placed it before the king. So the king ate it and then he understood, and then he gave the permission.

It's the same thing. We describe Knowledge as being like this and like this and like that. We won't understand it but we say it. Because what we are saying is even written in the scriptures. So why isn't it understood? Because we need a living master, a living Guru. That's the main thing. So you people who have not realized the Knowledge, meditate on it. Don't waste time because time and tide wait for no man. Time is not going to come back. Are the hour hand and the minute hand and the second hand going to start going backwards, four, three, two, one, and so on? No, time is not going to go back. So realize this and go to the depths. The Bible is here, but even then you need priests. The Gita is here, the Ramayana is here, but even then you need people who can read it for you and who can explain it to you. Being in the presence of such sacred books is not enough. You need to read them. And then you need someone to explain them. But if you really want to realize that scripture you need that person who has realized what is written in the scriptures. He is the one you need. He can make you realize the real meaning of the scriptures. Thank you very much.



Satsang of The Holy Mother, Toronto, Canada, 2nd May 1972. Translated by Mahatma Rajeshwar Ji

My dear children,

All the people of all the religions pray to God according to their own faith. They are saying that I am praying to God in my own way and God is pleased with me. But they are not understanding that if God can be realized through their own faith, in their own way, then what was the necessity for the Lord to come from time to time? You should be very much sure that you cannot find that path to God through your own particular religion, in your own particular way. To feel that you can is like the persistent child, very adamant that they will write in their own way. But then the mother and father understand that this is not the correct way. 'A' must be written like this, 'B' like this, 'C' like this, and so on, and in their own way they mould the boy. The boy is adamant but the mother does not let him do as he wishes. She trains him in her way.

Similarly all the great Lords, our own Father, incarnate in this Universe to mould us in His own way. He comes here to give us something, to elevate our lives, because we are His children.

At the Vaisaiki festival this year a million people were there hearing satsang, and very many of them received Knowledge. When Guru Maharaj Ji reached that function all the people were weeping with joy and love. Yet for all these people, in this world there are billions of people who simply live and die, who simply come and go, who live their existence for nothing, who never know how to cry for the love of God. To cry like this you have to be completely like .a baby, surrendering yourself at the Lord's Lotus Feet. Then the Lord accepts those devotees who cry for Him. He keeps them in His heart. He gives them everything.

This building will disappear one day. The universe, too, has come and some day will go. But what remains forever is God, and Knowledge of God you can never have in your own way. For that you should cry at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, and then He will give you your heart's desire. No-one can know what it is that Guru Maharaj Ji gives to His children. Only Guru Maharaj Ji knows, and only the devotee can understand.

In this universe what is the reason why men fight with each other? It is because there are differences in their thought. Men's thoughts collide. Some men think this way, some men think that way, and there lies the difference, and where lies the difference, there lies the struggle. There lies the war and there lies the trouble. And when the thoughts of two people are mixed together in harmony, there lies the peace. And all people were crying because the Lord had come to unite all their strands of thoughts into one thread, for them all to meet in that one thread of peace and happiness.

There are so many gurus in this world, but these are only so-called gurus. They think that they have got Knowledge but they have got no Knowledge, they have no peace. For the present time, the present Master is Shri Guru Maharaj J and He has come to bring peace and happiness to the whole universe.

In India there was a guru of hatha yoga with thousands of disciples, but when he received Knowledge at the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj J

his eyes began to shed tears. And he prostrated

before those Lotus Feet and said, "Oh my Lord, I have spent my life for nothing. I look towards you and my heart tells me you have come. I am your devotee. My soul is crying. All my disciples I surrender to you."

Without this Knowledge, souls fall into the ditch of ignorance, but now you have the opportunity to show this universe that the path of liberation is open. So be firm in your meditation and dedicate your life. Many mahatmas will be coming from India. Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji will also be coming very soon. Millions of Indian devotees did not wish me to come to the West but I told them not to worry, for now the time has come to save the whole universe, and it is now that the souls of the western countries are crying to meet the Lord. And now is the time.

There is a devotional song which says that he who surrenders his existence completely and absolutely at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, he compels the Lord to work in his favour, to take him into His heart. It is because this devotee calls so helplessly for the Lord to come onto this earth that Guru Maharaj Ji is compelled to incarnate. At the same moment the tears come into the devotee's eyes, the tears must come into Guru Maharaj Ji's eyes. These devotees are the wise ones, for they


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother in 1972

compel the Lord to weep for them. All the troubles and calamities which fall upon those disciples, they accept them as boons from the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji. "This is the food of my soul", they say and they accept all miseries and calamities like flowers. They wear them on their heads like the gift of the Lord.

So travellers in this world, do not sleep in slumber! Now is the time to wake up. There is no certainty in this life. The brakes may fail any time. This body is just like a cage, it can break so easily. But the souls of those bodies which do great work are never worried, are never troubled. Many great souls in the past came into this inn of human body, stayed for some time, did marvellous great works, and then left the inn. Many were crucified, many sustained great difficulties and troubles, but wise people do not grieve for them because this body has to be left.

So do not drive your car so hastily. Sleep and become refreshed first. Your safety is in your own hands and always meditate on the Word which all the great saints did in their time. Now the Lord of Lords has come to give you the Knowledge, and patiently you should remember the Name. Utilize your body for the best purpose. Whether it remains or not, do not worry. Use it while you have it for the best possible purpose. Grieve for those people who did not worship Guru Maharaj Ji but never grieve for the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, for they are always at His Lotus Feet, they are always in the safest place. Therefore be very attentive to your meditation. Be very alert in your service and peacefully fulfil your duty in this universe.

My blessings to you all.



Divine Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
April 29th, Lebanese Hall

I won't take very much of your time. I just want to say something about God and this Divine Knowledge. Nothing very new and nothing very special, but indeed it is special for those people who have realized it.

If a man sees a movie once, the next time he sees it he won't like it so much. If you tell him a story, the next time you tell him the same story he won't enjoy it so much. But this Knowledge is one of its kind. The first day he has it he enjoys it. The second day he enjoys it even more. The third day even more, and the fourth day even more because this Knowledge is like a mine that never ends. All these mines in South Africa have an end to them but this mine of Knowledge has no end to it. It is a very special mine, and people who go there, by the permission of the Satguru, and who take the spade of love, will come away with bags of devotion. Whoever digs there he fills them up. Whoever digs in that mine finds something. Sometimes we strike a blank, we can't seem to get anything, and we start complaining, but that means we haven't got our bags with us, our devotional bags. If we haven't got our devotional bags we won't find anything to put in them.

And this spade is very special too because this is the spade of love. You can't find these spades anywhere. You don't get the bags anywhere either, but if you go to this man, this Master of the mine, who gives you permission to enter the mine to get some gold or diamonds, and ask Him, He will provide you with both the bag and the spade. You have got to find the right man of course, and you do this by realizing him. Not by intellect, you cannot realize who it is by the intellect. Yet people want to realize this man, this Guru, this Master, this Divine Soul, with their intellects. It cannot be done, because intellect is limited, it is imperfect. This intellect can realize, can understand, can identify, can verify, can create, can imagine only limited things, only finite things. I can use my intellect to build a house, but the next day I will want to build something bigger. And perfection is not like that. Once you have reached perfection there is no increase or decrease, there is no feeling of this is not good and this is good. So many people around the world are overburdened with their intellect and they wish they were rid of it. I have seen so many intellectual people, and all intellect depends on the body because it can only work through the body, human intellect that is. You might have a great intellect and know how many things have to be done but if you have no hands, no legs or no mouth you can't do anything with your intellect. You can't speak an idea, you can't draw a diagram. Body is limited, so intellect is limited.

That's why all saints have said, and Jesus Himself has said, that you cannot find God through the intellect, and this is something intellectual people have failed to realize. Actually there is no difference between the man at the door of the mine and the Director of the Soul. The man at the door has got two eyes, a nose, and ears, in the same basic mould as other people. His nose is not on top of His head or on His chin and His eyes aren't low down in His cheeks. He looks pretty much the same as anybody else. But that is just His body that you are talking about and He is more than His body.

When Jesus came to earth and people saw Him, He said, "I am the Son of God," but others denied this and wanted Him crucified. And they crucified Him because they did not get into the depths of this Knowledge. They just saw His body, and judged Him from that. And Jesus said, "If you kill my body alright. You can kill my body but I won't be dead." The graveyard got no sympathy from Him. So intellect is limited, it is confined to the body, it cannot understand what

is not physical. But this Divine and Supreme

Knowledge, though it lives inside the body, can never be reached by any intellectual or bodily method. To realize God we need a completely different world and that is a spiritual world.

Many people think the spiritual world is concerned with dead things, but that is not at all true. What we mean by the spiritual world is being in that spirit which never dies and which never, never makes people suffer. You will never find it in a haunted house. No, in the spiritual world we mean it's really peaceful! And we can enter into it but not with our intellect. Our intellect cannot lead us to the calm and peace which lives in this body.

Now we are living in an Age of Darkness and we've got to try and understand more. It is difficult for us to believe that there might be such a thing as the Knowledge we describe. Alright, it is difficult! If I tell you that I can give you the


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

same Knowledge that Jesus the Christ gave in His time, Lord Krishna gave in His time, Mohammed gave in His time, and that this is not my Knowledge, it is Supreme Knowledge of God which is within you, and I can reveal it, you might just laugh and maybe say, "It can't be possible. He must be kidding." Many people do say that. But how do you think scientists made the V-8 engine? A man went to an engineer and demanded this kind of engine. And the scientist said it was impossible. But the man said, "I don't want anything else. I just want this engine." So they said, "O.K. we'll try." So they tried their best and they got it. They got the V-8 engine, powerful and strong. How did people reach the moon? How could they react against gravitation? How could man react to the gravity of the moon where he is just weightless and nothing is there? They researched, they worked for it, they made discoveries and the next moment they were on the moon. How is it possible? Just throw anything into the air. Throw a little piece of plastic, that's much lighter than a Jumbo Jet, yet you can throw it in the sky and it will most certainly come down. So how is it possible that this huge object can fly in the sky?

You know, in India there are many people in villages who have never seen a train in their lives, never seen a car, never seen an aeroplane. Call these people up and tell them that this plane, this 747, a big huge iron thing, is going to fly in the air with 365 people and all their luggage and they will say it cannot be possible, iron cannot fly. Alright, it is impossible. But when they actually see it then they have to believe it. A little piece of iron is much lighter than a huge ship and if you put it on the water it will sink. So it is impossible to believe that a huge massive iron thing can float on water like a bird. But when you see it practically you know it is true. This Knowledge, such old Knowledge, the same which Jesus gave, and Buddha, and Krishna, and Rama, it is impossible to get the same Knowledge now isn't it? Right? O.K, it is impossible, but try and you will get it. It doesn't come out of a suitcase. Jesus and Buddha and Krishna and Rama never travelled with a suitcase where they kept the Knowledge like medicine and took it out and gave people a drink and the people would say, "Yes, I have realized." It is not like this. The Knowledge they revealed was within them and they realized it. We are alive. We have living human bodies as they did and so we can realize God in the same way, in the same original way that they also taught, and provided we have what is necessary to get this Knowledge. And if someone, someone knowing the same thing that those Saints knew, a man knowing the same path, if He comes to earth and shows us this path, then you too can know it. Of course you can! See!

You should only know the principle. How do all these huge aeroplanes fly? Have you seen these small, small aeroplanes that fly by radio control? They work in the same way as larger real aeroplanes, with the same principle. They turn, they go up and down, they can land, they can fly upside-down – everything. It has got wings which support it in the air, it has got flaps to take it up, it has got flaps to take it down. It has got a tail and it has got a flap on its tail. It will turn and it will fly. That's the principle of the thing. If you understand how this flies, then you understand how the big one flies.

So that's it. Know the principle, know the plan, know the blueprint and you can work from there, you can understand anything from there. If we have got a plan with exact measurements and an exact scale, then you can build the whole thing with every detail correct.

People who look for peace get it. People who sit in their houses don't get it. Knowledge isn't like a programme that is going to appear on television. Knowledge isn't like a letter that the postman will deliver to you in your home. You can't get it by relaxing and doing nothing. But this is the Age of Darkness and there will be a complete change. In this age water will come to the thirsty man, instead of the thirsty man going to the water. Alright? But the man must be thirsty. The water is there waiting for you to drink it. We can now get this Knowledge quicker than ever before. Before it used to take a long time. We had to be apprenticed to that teacher and serve Him for years and then only if He is pleased with you will He give you Knowledge, otherwise He'll send you back home.

But in this Kaliyuga, in this Age of Darkness, you must just ask humbly. Ask with a guileless heart and the next moment He will reveal to you that reality which has been unrevealed since your childhood, and that's the reality of the whole world and on that the whole world exists. This is the Word on which the whole world exists. All the saints have been giving the same Knowledge of this same Word, and I can prove it to you. Jesus said of the Word, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." Lord Rama said of the Word, "I cannot describe the glory of the Word. This Word makes stones into living people." And now our condition is like a stone. We are stones. Many things come into our minds. We have many dreams, but we are


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

like a stone in water. A stone can be in water for many years, ten, twenty, a hundred, four hundred years, but take it out and put it in the sun and in five minutes it is dry. No water is left, nobody knew it was ever in the water. So we are like this, Many changes come into our life but really we are the same old rock and this Guru, this man, has got a fire of light, has got the Divine Light which has got so much heat that it not only dries the stone but it changes it from stone into powder, a powder which can be moulded in any way you like, so its whole shape can be changed. This is the privilege of the Guru. After drying us out He moulds us into the perfect shape. We stop being imperfect and start being perfect, and that's what we need. We need to be perfect. We need to realize the Perfect Soul and to be one with it, to attain union with it. This is our great opportunity and if you are interested, you should try for this Knowledge. Many of you will say, "No, He's telling lies, He's kidding." But why should I kid anyone? I am not asking for any money from you. People who kid ask for money, but I am not asking you for any money. So why should I kid you? This Knowledge is free of charge. I am going to show you the Light free of charge just so that you may know it and realize what is real.

You and darkness are not one. You and darkness are separate things. The origin of man is Light. Man has arrived from Light, he has not arrived from darkness. Maybe darkness has conquered man but man's real nature is Light. Darkness really is nothing. It is the absence of Light, it is ignorance and what is ignorance? Ignorance is the absence of Knowledge. And what is absence? Absence is the opposite of presence. When a thing is there it is present. When it is not there it is absent. So actually absence is nothing. Do you see? And darkness also is nothing. And what is Light? Light is a glow and rays come from it and reflect and when these rays reflect on the eyes, then you can see. So the Light lets us see reflections. But nobody has actually revealed to us the Light. I am not particularly blaming you because. you don't know the Light. That's alright. But I do say that I am at your service and I want to show you this Light. So can I please have the opportunity to serve you? Any time you want to receive this Knowledge, please contact us. We are ready to give it to you, provided you are ready to receive it. And if you are not ready, we will make you ready. That's the work that I can do.

If your car's alright I'll let it drive straight away. If your car is not alright, then I'll check it and make it alright. The mechanic's not there just to say what's wrong with the car. He is there to fix it. And that's my job. I'll make it alright. Usually it is just the mixture in the carburettor that is wrong, the mixture of air and petrol. If that is wrong then the car doesn't go well. And the world is like a car. All the countries are suffering. Some, like India, are suffering because they have got a very long spiritual foot but a very tiny materialistic foot, so when India tries to walk she staggers and gets stuck. But some other countries have a very long materialistic foot and a very tiny spiritual foot. They also can't walk, the mixture is wrong. Sometimes the car will start, you put it in gear, accelerate and fortunately it starts going. But then it reaches a steep hill and it has to stop. And then you've got to call the mechanic. But some people then sleep in the car and think that's the mechanic's problem, he'll come and fix it. But he comes along in his car and is very busy because many cars on the hill are waiting for him. So when he comes up to your car he'll think nobody is in it. He'll think, "Nobody is worried about this car," and he'll go onto the next one.

But really we need to get our mixture right, the mixture must be perfect. Then no matter what happens, the car is completely reliable. Steep hill, no matter. So who is the engineer who is going to adjust our mixture? There is only one mechanic because there is only one company manufacturing this type of car and this company has only one representative. And this company is poor because it supplies everything free, so it can only have one representative. And He is the owner of the company. He makes us and if we think that our mixture is wrong we can call Him and He will come. When everything is dim He will come with His Light.

This is all I wanted to tell you. It is just an introduction I am giving you. If you are interested you are most welcome to come, but if you are not interested, you are most dis-welcome, alright? So it is up to you how you feel about it. But what I am telling you is something very far out. I have distributed this Knowledge to thousands and thousands of Christians, to thousands of Hindus, to thousands of Buddhists. This Knowledge is such a thing that I can be a Christian and still follow it, I can be a Hindu and still follow it. It is not a separate following, it is not a separate sect. Divine Light Mission is not going to give you the peace. The Guru of Divine Light Mission is going to give you the peace. Divine Light Mission is just an organization of those people who have realized this Knowledge. That's all. And you can come and join us if you want. I cannot explain how far out this Knowledge is, but when you get it you will like it. Thank you.



Satylok Ashram, 15th April 1970

Prem Rawat's eldest brother Bal Bhagwan Ji in 1972

Dear devotees,

Seeing your revolutionary zeal, I am reminded of the days of Guru Govind Singh who said, "With one devotee I will make a million." I am seeing the same thing today and now I understand how it is possible. You are facing so many difficulties and problems in your lives, but look! The path of truth is such a path where no matter what criticism comes your way you always speak the truth and behave as true disciples. The thing that is real cannot be criticised.

It said in an article on astrology in Calcutta I am not learned in astrology, I am only quoting what I have read it is said that on 21st November 1971 the Ram Raja will begin again, the Age of Righteousness, the Kingdom of Peace. Our ideal is to establish peace and love. We want to bind all nations in the thread of peace and love and with this principle we have to establish Guru Maharaj Ji's reign of love and peace all over the world. In this situation, every devotee will have to face a million atheists and conquer them with his love and strength, constantly remembering the Holy Name. Everybody must reap as he sows. The workings of karma cannot be changed, so we should riot think badly of anybody, we should just ask Guru Maharaj Ji to let these people feel the peace and love that we feel. What we have received from Guru Maharaj Ji we should let others have also.

Humanity has fallen to a low level in today's world but good men are trying to raise it again. The message of humanity is beyond nations, it is

universal. Great men are accoladed in various ways but for our Lord Guru Maharaj Ji we do service and pranam. I will explain why we do this, in scientific, sociological and scriptural terms.

If you want to turn a piece of iron into a magnet then you have to put it on the ground and rub a magnet over it. After this has been done thirty or forty times, then the iron also becomes magnetic. It had no magnetic qualities before, but now it has acquired magnetic qualities. Yet the


Prem Rawat's eldest brother Bal Bhagwan Ji in 1972

magnet itself has not lost any of its power. The first magnet, while maintaining the fullness of its magnetic power, also turned the iron into a magnet. People say Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is the philosopher's stone, but we say no. The philosopher's stone turns iron into gold but not into the philosopher's stone itself. But when you put a magnet over a piece of iron, then the iron also becomes a magnet. Guru is the Word and by bowing himself to Guru, by allowing His Word to be rubbed over him, a man will also gradually acquire great spiritual power. The power to walk on water is nothing. It will only save you using a bridge or ferry but that power which means complete peace and understanding is something and that is what you get at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev.

Speaking in a non-scientific way, we can see that man's ego is very strong, and the proud person always looks up and never bows before anyone. But there is a way to overcome pride, and this is the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. So how is grace acquired? Grace is the power which is emitted from Guru and we are receivers. Take the case of the magnet. Put both North Poles together and repulsion will take place, because both are North, both are the same type of charge. So when we do pranam before Guru Maharaj Ji, if we keep our ego and pride within us, our feeling of greatness, then there will be repulsion, because Guru Maharaj Ji is truly great. This is the reason why many people who take Knowledge cannot get grace, and because they cannot get grace they cannot see the Divine Light in its perfect form, and they cannot hear the Divine music perfectly. Why?

Because of the absence of grace. His grace

removes all the pains of the world. But with the help of Holy Name, we can obtain the grace that will enable us to see the Divine Light. In this the obedience of Guru Maharaj Ji is most important. Without it, the source of grace is closed. The secret is that to get grace you have to bow before Guru Maharaj Ji. If you keep pride and deceit in you, then though He gives you the Knowledge, it will not flourish. The Knowledge will be wasted.

From a psychological point of view, the society we live in has some rules and some precedents. Because a father bows before his parents, then his own son will do the same. In the same way we should bow before the supreme Guru. It is a sign of humility and respect, and creates a calm mind and civilized behaviour.

Truth is always victorious. When Christ was crucified, really He was victorious. Because He was the real saviour of the world they dragged Him onto the road, they put a crown of thorns on His head, instead of water they gave Him vinegar. Yet in such a situation, He was victorious because He knew the Truth. Such supreme understanding of Truth is indeed precious and the chances to obtain it in one's life are few, so utilize the opportunity when you can. Really, our relationship with Guru Maharaj Ji should be unbroken. Problems are only there for us to solve, doubts and difficulties are only there for us to overcome. Many problems came in the way of Jesus, but He always solved them. Once, after He had received the Knowledge, He began to question whether He should propagate all the time or settle into a worldly life. Thinking about this He did not eat for forty days and then Satan came before Him and tempted Him. Satan said He should turn stone into bread to satisfy His hunger, but Christ said, "Man does not live by bread alone. Man lives by that Word which God is speaking inside Him every moment." This is true. Man in reality lives on that Word that God is speaking within him. Christ told Satan, "I do not want to test God." We should feel the same way. We cannot buy a car with a penny. Only love, devotion, faith and confidence will win Guru's grace. Do not try to test God, for this the devotee will never do.

Many people are now interpreting scriptures in different ways and this is why Guru Maharaj Ji incarnates. He incarnates again and again to give mankind the true meaning of scriptures and to reveal the Truth. God is beyond the senses through which all worldly knowledge is acquired. This is why learned people cannot understand God. They only misinterpret the scriptures. To know the real Word of God, we should not go to the scriptures, we should go to the Satguru of the time. The Eternal Name of God is not a matter of words which can be spoken and read. The purpose of our life is to know that Eternal Word and to merge into it. When there are difficulties, we need more strength, we need more concentration. So difficulties are good for you. Welcome them and overcome them. They are given to you for a purpose. They are given to you to help you. Remember that everything is the prasad, the holy gift of the Lord. So rejoice and overcome and become strong in the Knowledge of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji.



GURU MAHARAJ Ji Nirvana High School,
Lenasia, 30th April 1972.

Because we have received this human frame we possess a great opportunity. In the Ramayana the importance of the human frame is often spoken of. It says in that sacred scripture that the preciousness of the human temple is that only this can lead us to the gate of immortality. In many ways we are like animals. Even animals know what is good for them and what is bad for them. If a bomb drops both animals and human beings will feel fear and try to find safety. Birds also will do the same. In fact the only real difference between the human and the animal world is that human beings are capable of attaining God-realization, or Divine Knowledge.

This Knowledge is knowledge of that Word which is God and which all saints praise. Guru Nanak, the great Sikh Satguru, has said, if we translate His words, "The Word comes first, then after this the whole world comes. The Word is Light and the whole of creation rests upon this Word which plays its soft rhythm in everybody's heart. This Word is so supreme," He said, "is so far out that even Lord Rama could not praise it. Lord Rama saved only one devotee. But this Word saves millions." Only by knowing this Name will we be able to get peace of mind and satisfaction. And I suppose that satisfaction is that thing which people want most in the world. For satisfaction a man spends all day earning money. This is the reason why a man does anything, to get more satisfaction. A lieutenant will be satisfied first, but then he begins to want to be a captain, and after that he wants to be a major. Then when he is a major, still he is not satisfied and tries for a higher post. In the same way a man with a car will want a newer car and a man who has lived in his house for some time will think of building another house.

Actually we all need satisfaction. Everything we are doing today, we are doing it only to achieve satisfaction, to gain a little peace. Suppose a little boy is crying for a toy. It is because he is not satisfied. His mother gives him this toy, then he becomes satisfied. Everything's all right. He laughs and he is pleased with his mother. But after a week or so when the 'oy breaks, again he begins to cry. His satisfaction, his peace, was limited because the thing that created that peace was limited. It was breaking or it was about to break or it stopped having a reaction on the boy.

It is exactly the same for all materialistic things existing in the world which human beings have created. They are all limited. Whatever you buy today will have changed a little by tomorrow, it will have been used. And so on and so on until in the end it is finished, it has no more use for us and then we throw it away. So what we thought would give us peace did not give us peace. Alexander thought I will invade the whole world. He conquered one, kingdom after another. He wasn't just playing with toys; they weren't just small things he was playing with. He was invading kingdoms, big kingdoms. He even invaded India too. But did he get peace from all these conquests? No he didn't. In the end he said, "Bury me with my palms facing upwards to show that I who conquered everything left the world with nothing." He always wanted more countries to conquer, just like a man today wants another car or a bigger house.

If you want real satisfaction then it is the mind that has to be conquered, it is the mind that has to be satisfied, and the means to do this is by using a special Knowledge, a special way, a special system, and this is the system that has been described by all the saints. A thousand suns may rise and there will still be darkness, man will still be in frustration, man will still not know, but when a man finds the Guru then he will have the eternal Light. Three kinds of light - sun, moon and fire can be seen by everybody. Pigs, dogs, donkeys, and men, they can all see these three lights, but the Divine Light is the fourth Light and only human beings can see this, and only those human beings who go to the Master and ask to be shown it. But people give more value to their personal belongings and to their personal ideas than to ideas about God, and this makes them more frustrated, it puts them in greater darkness.

That's why He has always said, "Whenever there is a fall in the true religion, I will come in body to secure and save my disciples, and to kill those people who trouble my disciples and make them suffer." He always comes back. That's His promise. We have no need to be a Hindu and believe in the Bhagavad Gita to accept that we are the sons of God, the creation of God. God is our Father, who created us, and we all accept that it is our Father's duty to secure us and save us. If a fly is trying to bite a small child and the father


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972 sees it, he will immediately kill the fly and save his boy. And if the boy was bitten, he would give some medicine. For security reasons he will even kill the flies, and the boy can play happily again.

So we are infant children. However big we are, still we are infant children. And frustration, darkness, and evil are like flies trying to bite us. And many of us get bitten by coming into the cycle of illusion and darkness. And whenever the Father notices this, if He is our Father, then it is His duty to come and save us. So He has come as Rama, He has come as Buddha, He has come as Christ, and each time He came as Holy Word. Arjuna used to call Krishna Yada – that means friend, just like any old friend. But the moment after he realized this Knowledge he said, "Excuse me, I apologise. You are the gurus' Guru. You are all. You are my Father. You are the Lord. And 1 apologise for calling you friend."

The Knowledge was essential then and it is essential now. The circumstances have changed but the cause of circumstance has not changed. Maybe we have conquered darkness by manufacturing all these electrical products but still the quality of darkness is the same as it always was the setting of the sun. Maybe man is now living in a more polluted kind of circumstance, a more illusory type of circumstance. But the cause of illusion and the cause of pollution is still the same, and that is frustration and darkness inside men. And that darkness can only be removed by a really powerful light. The sun is not strong enough. It cannot light up all the earth at once. When there is day in India it is night in America. But this Knowledge is such that it can remove the darkness from all over the world at the same time.

Then we will be able to see what really is in the world, and what is the perfect thing. It is said that even if thousands and thousands of suns rise, the light will not be able to equilibrate the light of that Divine Light, so bright is it. And it cannot be seen by these eyes which perish with me. But this supreme Light, this far out Light, this psychedelic Light, this most powerful and absolutely Holiest Light in the world, is only visible through the Third Eye.

So, if you want to have peace now, we have to go to the Lotus Feet of the Master of the time, whoever He is. If He is of a low caste, it does not matter. If He is a road sweeper, it does not matter. If He is a King, it does not matter. We have to take the Knowledge from Him. Mira was a princess in India and her Guru made shoes. People used to see leather in His hands and couldn't bring themselves to go near Him. But those who really went deep, like Mira, received the full privilege of Knowledge. As long as we are looking at the outer covering of a thing we will not be able to have the inner vision of it. When we were in England there was an emergency and we had to stop our car to use a phone, and we stopped in front of a secondhand car shop. And there was this Chevrolet Cheval there, which looked very beautiful and Mahatma Ji – not this Mahatma Ji, another Mahatma Ji who was with me – said, "Let's have a look at this car." So we went to see it. It was really fine. The seats were very good, the body was very good, it had a convertible top, everything was nicely planned. It was a really good car. And I said, "Mahatma Ji, let's look at the engine." And so the garage men started the car, and really it sounded just like a motorcycle! So it is good that I never bought that car. People who look at just the outside suffer. And he who looks inside gains the real understanding.

He who judges souls never judges the outer coverings, because every day they can be changed, and this is of no importance. But the soul doesn't change every day. Find that and you will find real satisfaction. Know this Word, this Perfect Word, and make your life really comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.



Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji to questions from Indian people in South Africa, 4 May 1972

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in South Africa in 1972

We have got some press cuttings from different newspapers around the world, mostly from India, which give opposition to Divine Light Mission. Is there any newspaper or higher authority that has actually blessed the Divine Light Mission?

Yes. That is God. The highest authority, God, has blessed us. We are getting more opposition than anyone and still we are existing.

It's God's grace. You are just sitting in South

Africa reading the cuttings, but you should go and see how India really is now. Things are changing.

Do politics and religion go together?

Sometimes they have to go together, they have to be synchronized. Because politics governs the people physically and religion governs the 'people internally, spiritually. So if the two things are synchronized, it is better than both things going in different ways. Gandhi Ji wanted to make the Kingdom of Peace, but that is only possible when the King of Peace is here. If He were here preaching the gospel of peace then the two sides would automatically be synchronized. Actually the best politician is Satguru, and He is the best Spiritual Master too, because He knows politics and He knows everything. Today people think that by putting a gun to a man's head you can make him do anything, but that's not true. Only by converting his ideas can you make him do anything and Satguru has got that thing that converts ideas and that is the Knowledge. So He can serve people better than a politician. First of all He preaches the gospel of peace and once everyone knows it, we can start getting better politics. But what is politics? People think politics is just arguing, but really politics is the best policy for governing a nation. And politicians are people who carry out that policy.

But what about Tibet? Tibet was governed by


priests but now the communists have taken over. So why did that happen?

First of all, what is the word for priest? Pujari, isn't it, and that means a man who does puja, a man who does prayer. He is a priest. Their work is not to govern Tibet. Their work is to do puja for Guru Maharaj Ji, for the Lord of the Universe, who is God. But Guru is something else. Guru gives Light, and when Guru rules, everything is all right. Until now, there has only been one Kingdom of Peace, one Ram Raj, and that was governed by Rama. But if you turn the switch on and the Light doesn't come, then it means there is a fault either in the switch or in the bulbs or in the wire. So if the priests were ruling Tibet and the communists took over it means there was a fault in one of them. There was a fault in one of the connections. And if that fault had been discovered and corrected, then there would have been true religion there. Leave that question anyway, because you are not a Tibetan and anything you do is not going to alter it now. What is done is done. What you need is not an answer for the Tibetan situation. What you need is peace. If you come to me and ask me these political questions, I will say first of all let me preach the gospel of peace and then I will tell you about politics. Because we need peace first. There is too much politics in the world, there are too many politicians, too many political minds. We don't need to ask why something has happened. And if that is what you want to know then I am sorry because I can only give you peace. If I am a cloth merchant, why come and ask me the rate of iron? First is peace. We need peace. Peace is important.

If you were in India during the Indo-Pakistani war, then why didn't you end it?

If I had been preaching to Mrs Indira Gandhi and Mr Bhutto then it would have been alright. But I was not. I was preaching to people who wanted to hear me, who wanted to receive the message of peace. If a bulb is shining in this room, it. doesn't mean that the whole house is lit up.

But if you have a special quality which can bring peace … ?

This special quality is inside, it is spirit, and it can be connected to spirit, not to man's thinking and acting system. First it has to be connected inside. When spirit and spirit are connected then there will be peace. Otherwise there is magnetic reaction.

But what is that special quality that you are claiming to have?

I only preach the gospel of peace and give people this Knowledge which enables them to gain peace.

But your followers claim you are an incarnation of God.

So why are you asking me, "Why are you claiming this?" I am not saying that. It is my followers who are saying it. Go and ask them, "Why are you saying He is God?", and they will tell you.

So you say your only special quality is preaching the gospel of peace and giving this Knowledge?

That's right.

And nothing else?

That's right.

Now I would like to ask, what is the difference between a Satguru and a Siddhiguru.

There is a lot of difference. By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji you can serve the Lotus Feet and gain the Knowledge that gives peace of mind. There are many siddhis, but they don't give you any peace. Siddhis are powers which you acquire but they are lower than Knowledge, because Knowledge is that power that governs everything and that gives power to the siddhis. So what is that supreme power? Remember Satguru is greatest. If Guru and God are standing together, before whom do we prostrate first. It is Satguru, since through Guru we realize God.

So in this world, if you want to argue, there are many things to argue about. If you want to ask questions, there are many things to ask questions about. But the main question is, how to attain peace. Other things are not important,


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

they come and go, but the Knowledge is important because it gives us peace. Knowledge is by itself in me, and by meditating on it I can get peace. Siddhis need something else to react upon. If I want to change the colour of the carpet, then I need a carpet in the first place before I can change the colour, right? But this Knowledge stands alone, it is itself perfect, self-dependent and inside me. It can answer all questions. It can calm that thing inside us that is flickering and making our thoughts go so quickly. Arjuna said, "Lord, I can control the elements of the air but I can't control my mind." So what did Krishna do? Krishna gave him the Knowledge. And this Knowledge is easy to receive and it's not easy to receive. To fly from one place to another is very easy, but if you don't get a plane it is very hard. To get this Knowledge is very easy but if you don't find the Guru it is very hard. Without devotion for Satguru you will never feel the true vibration of heaven, you will never achieve detachment from this materialistic world. But go to the Guru and then it is very easy.

But I have been given the impression that siddhi-gurus can initiate disciples, and then they can progress very quickly spiritually. Is this a fact?

The Satguru is the giver of Truth. Is there anything bigger than Truth? I am just asking your opinion.

No, nothing.

So if our Master is preaching Truth, then He Himself must be the Highest Authority. Right? So that Master has got an excess of grace and when He gives us some of it, everything happens, and we don't need siddhis. Siddhis are connected to our mind and are below it. Mind is the twelfth stage. Before it are the five faculties of perception, the five faculties of action, and the brain. But beyond the mind is the thirteenth stage, and that is the stage of perfect peace and that is where the Knowledge takes you. So you can only be helped when you personally know the Knowledge. I keep telling you but you don't understand me. As long as you have questions you cannot understand. Theory cannot describe it. It is a matter of practical experience.

What do you have to say about Bhagwan Ramakrishna Param Hans initiating Swami Vivekananda?

It was the Knowledge imparted by Ramakrishna Param Hans that made Swami Vivekananda understand all the mysteries. In the Gita, Arjuna asks so many questions, and Krishna answers them. But because of this Arjuna did not say, "Oh Lord, you are the yogis' Yogi and the gurus' Guru. I am sorry I called you my friend and cousin." When he realized the Knowledge he said that. There were many discussions between Swami Ramakrishna Param Hans and Swami Vivekananda, but that didn't satisfy him. The Knowledge itself satisfied him, and I must give priority to that thing that satisfies me. Because what was it that made Swami Ramakrishna Param Hans a guru, a Holy Man? It was not the knowledge of scriptures, because many people today have a good understanding of scriptures. But we are lacking for Knowledge itself.

But how is power transferred from the Master to the disciple?

By grace.

Is there a special system?

Only grace. On the receiver's side it is a question of being a humble disciple, a humble servant. Being learned means nothing in receiving this Knowledge. Merely desiring it means nothing. Guru Nanak had this power, but He didn't give it to His son, did He? His son never had this power. And from the Guru's side it is a question of grace. When we are humble disciples He then gives us His grace. Not before. In my satsang today I am saying many things from scriptures. But I haven't read the Gita. I haven't read the Ramayana. All the knowledge I've got today, I got from my Father's satsang. But only the Knowledge and the grace of my Lord has made me able to preach it. Only Knowledge and grace. Grace is necessary to make the Knowledge active and to make it more glorious. It is like a booster, it is like an amplifier. It is like a transformer. It elevates. I know the Knowledge. The Knowledge is within me and I know the Knowledge of the Word. I know what I am hanging from. I am not hanging from my lungs and I am not hanging from my heart. I am hanging from my spirit, I am hanging from my soul.

And if you want to have real confirmation of


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1972what I am saying, you do not need to read the papers. They don't matter. What I see matters. Papers can print anything. I can publish a magazine today and write anything I want in it. Papers even criticise Indira Gandhi. Even now she has done a great job for India. Still some criticise her. So don't believe anything they write about me, at least not when I am alive. When I am dead you may believe them if you want, but why believe them when you can come to the living thing? Papers are meant to give you information. It doesn't mean they print the truth. But today this illusion has arisen that anything the papers say must be true. First of all papers printed that I was coming in December, but I never came. I had to change my programme, I had some important work to finish. If I were dead it would be different but I am alive so ask me what I say. Do I call myself God? Ask me. Why do you believe papers? I am not printing papers. Papers are being published by separate organizations which might co-operate with me or criticise me. As long as I am alive, ask me. People say I am God, but I don't say I am God.

I have a small question. How does an individual know that he is really progressing on the spiritual path? What signs does he have?

The fluctuations of the mind will start slowing down, then … you should know the Knowledge and then you will see for yourself what the effects are.

Isn't it better for the disciple to act the Knowledge rather than talk about it?

Both should be done. Knowledge should be manifested and practised and talked about, so other people can know about it and receive it.

But can't you let people know about the Knowledge without talking to them?

Well, if you start using signs they might think you are crazy. God has offered us a tongue and with it He has offered us a voice box, so we should utilise them!

What he is trying to ask is can't you send the message without the tongue, like …


It is not a joke. It is a fact! I read about it in a book about Ramana Maharshi, that a journalist went to him to ask many questions and Ramana Maharshi was sitting in meditation, and when he finished meditating someone told the journalist he could start asking his questions. But the journalist did not have any questions. They had all mysteriously been answered.

Maybe that was Ramana Maharshi's method of communication.

No, I wasn't talking about that. I am just suggesting that disciples should manifest the Knowledge in themselves by the way they live, and nothing more.

You see how illusory the world is. Why don't you try to experience what you are trying to tell me. First you cannot express anything until you have experienced it. If I am sitting in my chair and suddenly the door opens and air blows and windows start banging I get frightened don't I? I think who is there? And then I run out. See? It is a matter of experience. We must know what we are experiencing. And when we are experiencing peace and we want to express it to somebody we


must use our tongues to do it, mustn't we?

To a certain extent, maybe.

I am just asking you to answer yes or no.


Look, if you are sitting with your friends, the same friends you sat with before you received Knowledge and you are feeling some peace because of the Knowledge. They can tell you are more peaceful but then you should give them some more information about it, about how they can receive the Knowledge also.

But I think you can only feel the vibration when someone isn't talking. If they are talking I can't feel the vibration.

Look, Guru talks and people who want to feel the vibration of His presence always feel it, but only those people who want to, feel the vibration. A walkie-talkie reaches those people who are tuned into it. The radio reaches those people who are tuned into it. Right?

Guru Maharaj Ji, would you say something about the humble duties of our mothers, sisters and wives, the ladyfolk of this country.

They need to obtain this Knowledge and get peace of mind like the men. There is a different understanding of this in the East and the West. In the West a couple is together and then they are divorced. They really need a settled mind. Then all misunderstandings will disappear. When you understand the value of this body, then you will understand the value of your mother and your wives and your fathers and everyone.

But some people are saying that to spread this Knowledge they must leave their husbands and their work, must leave this, leave that and even forget Lord Rama.

Who is putting this statement?

Those who haven't any shame.

Bring them!

And another thing is, Guru Maharaj Ji, who amongst your disciples are those worthy to reveal your Knowledge. Can anybody do it?

Those people who have realized it, who have received special permission and who have grace. No-one else is capable.

Suppose I already have a Guru, does that mean I should reject him?

Without True Knowledge your true nature can never be revealed to you. If you are satisfied with the water from one tap then there is no need to go to another tap but if the first tap is useless for you and does not satisfy your thirst, then you must leave it and go to another tap.

What about Vivekananda and Ramakrishna?

I respect Rama and I respect Krishna. They were the born Lords of their time. More than, respect, we should pray to them. But today what we really need is Knowledge and for that you need the Perfect Lord who is present at this time.

Does that mean that you are claiming to be the only Guru in the world?

If you have received the Knowledge from me and you have achieved perfect satisfaction, yes, for you I am the only Guru.

Do you want to be the Guru for the world?

Have you been inside my body, have you been inside my brain, so that you can understand what I want? No, you are creating imagination. You can do that in algebra but this is not algebra. What I want is to serve humanity. I am just a humble servant of humanity and I want to preach this Knowledge just to help them. Today so many wars are taking place. They are not helping anyone. They are destroying nations. Bombs destroy hospitals and important places. What I want to do is to preach peace.

Are there other Gurus in India like you?

Why don't you go and search?

This is a very basic question to ask, you should not avoid it, otherwise there is no point in discussing it with you.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

I am telling you straight, I am not joking with you. Now tell me one thing, will you believe what I say?

We will only believe what we think is true.

Then why bother to ask me anything? Now listen. Many gurus can say they are perfect so what is the method to realize which is the real one and which is artificial. If there are two types of fruit before us and they are the same in all respects but one is artificial and one is real, then how can you test between them? Only by tasting, isn't it? That's what I want to tell you. You should test all these gurus for yourself. Finding the Perfect Master and obeying the Perfect Master is not a small thing. It's not like buying a new car and if it goes wrong throwing it away and buying another. Following a Perfect Master is a whole-life thing because you are going to believe in Him for ever because perfect things last for ever. So don't believe me. Even if I say I am the Perfect Guru, don't believe me. If you really want to know you should say to me, "If you are a Perfect Guru, give us Knowledge." And if you are completely satisfied with the Knowledge, I am your Guru. Only by eating the fruit do we understand that the lemon is sour and the apple is sweet.

Somewhere in the magazine, Maharaj Ji, I read that you are the only Supreme Power who can lead one to the Light of God and other gurus aren't important. Now what experience have you had of these other gurus that you can utter these words?

But I never said that. Show me where it is written. Everything I say has a foundation. Yes, the question is, what is the purpose of all other teachers who are on the earth now? And I answer, when there is a tree, beside that tree are many weeds and these weeds are unnecessary. So when the gardener comes he takes them all out. What are they doing there? They are just there. When this tree really grows into something they will abolish these weeds. It will be very powerful. These weeds are unnecessary, they are just wasting one's time. People go to them and it takes five years for them to decide, "No, he is not a true master, let us look for something else", and they go to somebody else and they waste their time again, they waste five years unnecessarily. There is no use in this. To waste five years of your time is always unnecessary if there is only one Master. So, isn't that true?


If there is only one Master, everybody can rush to Him. If these weeds were not there, then the Perfect Master would stand out and everybody could go to Him and receive Knowledge without wasting time. But these weeds distract people and they stop people from coming. The trouble is, people are so suspicious nowadays because everything is so artificial.

But aren't you saying you are the tree?

No, I don't say I'm the tree.

Let me tell you what I think. I may be wrong but I think you are saying to your disciples that you are a tree and there are a lot of weeds around you, and one day you will wipe those weeds out and you will be the spiritual master. That's what I think.

That's what you think.

That's what I think, but I may be mistaken.

Let me explain. First of all I know this business from beginning to end, because I have been giving all the answers. This happened in London ashram didn't it? This is our magazine and it has quoted what was said and you can go there and ask the people. Now this man was my disciple when he asked this question, and my answer to him is fact. If I am a weed, then it is still a fact. And if I am a tree, then still what I said is true. But if I say I am a tree and you have realized me, you have asked me for my fruit, you have taken it, you have eaten it, but you have gained nothing, then you will know that I am not the tree. Now you are more intelligent than me in a worldly sense, so you must know what's right and wrong, and you have created the impression in yourself that I am trying to be a tree. But let me say that I never try to be a tree. I am what I said, a humble servant of humanity and that is very clear.



Satsang of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Johannesburg, 29th April 1972

Every satsang is just a discussion on one subject and that is True Knowledge which brings peace of mind. Many great saints got fantastic experiences from this wonderful Knowledge and just wanted to spread it to all people. In every age a great saint like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed and Christ has taken birth on earth for this purpose, to give this Knowledge to other people because, in their time, the truth had declined, spiritual understanding had been lost. As far as spiritual matters go, they were ages of darkness.

Now in the same way, an age of darkness is again here and the Perfect One has come on earth again to plant the seed of Truth. His presence is most necessary because of the strength of the opposite forces which are working in the world, attracting man with his weak and fickle mind. Against truth there is always un-truth. Against love there is hatred. Against peace there is war, and so on. There are also so many subtle forces working in a man's mind to make him search for satisfaction in places where it has never existed.

People today are so sophisticated they have become foolish because they cannot believe that the Perfect One is here. Even if they have some religious feeling, some inner understanding of the truth, they cannot conceive of the Living Master. In other subjects they will not be satisfied with something that is dead, with something that is past. If in India we abandon the government of Indira Gandhi and start trying to follow Mahatma Gandhi's ideas, the result will be failure. If you only read the scriptures properly you will see that they all talk about a Living Master. No scripture exists which does not talk about True Knowledge, or divine experience, being imparted to a disciple by a Living Master.

We read the scriptures without understanding what they are saying. Indian people read the Bhagavad Gita and in this Lord Krishna, the Living Master of His time, said clearly, "Don't recognize me by my external appearance for this is perishable. My true form has no beginning and no end. And you, Arjuna, cannot meditate with these external eyes. For how can you see the imperishable with that which must die? How can you behold the infinite through the finite. But I can open up your Divine Eye with which you can see my Divine Form."


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1972

So how are we going to recognize God if He comes on the earth? Are you going to ask to see His identity card or passport? See if it says, "Name … God. Occupation … Generator, Operator, Destroyer." That is foolish! Or are you going to recognise Him only if He fits in with your mental picture of Him, what you have picked up from the scriptures and other impressions, what you imagine Jesus or Krishna looked like? But even two Christians will have different impressions of what Jesus will look like. So what will be recognised by one will not be recognised by the other. But the test of the Perfect Master will be that which is undeniable to everybody and that is the experience of Himself which He can give, and that is the True Knowledge.

All over the world people follow the same daily routine. They go to work in the morning and come home in the evening. That's O.K. You have to work to support yourself. But many people use their daily routine as an excuse for not realizing anything about spiritual truth. We don't work twenty four hours every day. We can always spare a few hours for devotion but people spend their spare time on worldly pleasures and when troubled they complain to God.

Believe it or not the fact is that God is supreme and pure, the people are lying on a bed of ignorance and dreams and doubts. They expect God Himself to come, they pray for it, they ask for it, they announce about it, but when He comes they fail to recognize Him. And not recognizing Him in His physical form, they cannot recognize Him within themselves. People have forgotten their Creator. What is the Name of your Father? Does anybody here know what He looks like? There's going to come a time when you are going to be asked, "Who is your Father?" What reply are you going to give? Nil. Born without a Father.

Every Master has said that people should know the Holy Name. They advise everybody to become wise and to recognise how precious is their life. And that's what I am trying to make this world understand. Know how precious life is, and then know how precious is that which gives us life. Know that Divine language which men did not create but which the soul always speaks. Every soul speaks the same language. Know that language of love which swells within the human temple.

It is said in the Vedas, the Indian scriptures, that when the Dark Age comes the only thing that can save a man is constant meditation on the Holy Name. So we are so lucky to know that Holy Word and to have got it at a discount. I am prepared to reveal this Knowledge at any time so it is up to you to take this golden opportunity. If you don't seem to make progress with this Knowledge do not blame Guru Maharaj Ji. You have it in your power to conquer the egos and doubts in the mind. These are the thorns, but the Knowledge is the rose.

I don't mind the difficulties that are being put against me. Whenever He comes to the world the Perfect Master has to tolerate many difficulties. I have come to spread this Knowledge and that is what I am going to do. Understand this and believe it. Are you hesitating to receive this Knowledge? Why? It is very simple Knowledge. It will give you complete peace of mind. It will give you infinite bliss. Do not complain later on that you were never told about this Knowledge. Again and again, I do nothing but to tell you all to take this Knowledge.

Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat's Divine Mother, Shri Mata Ji'

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