Divine Light Magazine No 10


Satylok Ashram, 15th April 1970

Prem Rawat's eldest brother Bal Bhagwan Ji in 1972

Dear devotees,

Seeing your revolutionary zeal, I am reminded of the days of Guru Govind Singh who said, "With one devotee I will make a million." I am seeing the same thing today and now I understand how it is possible. You are facing so many difficulties and problems in your lives, but look! The path of truth is such a path where no matter what criticism comes your way you always speak the truth and behave as true disciples. The thing that is real cannot be criticised.

It said in an article on astrology in Calcutta I am not learned in astrology, I am only quoting what I have read it is said that on 21st November 1971 the Ram Raja will begin again, the Age of Righteousness, the Kingdom of Peace. Our ideal is to establish peace and love. We want to bind all nations in the thread of peace and love and with this principle we have to establish Guru Maharaj Ji's reign of love and peace all over the world. In this situation, every devotee will have to face a million atheists and conquer them with his love and strength, constantly remembering the Holy Name. Everybody must reap as he sows. The workings of karma cannot be changed, so we should riot think badly of anybody, we should just ask Guru Maharaj Ji to let these people feel the peace and love that we feel. What we have received from Guru Maharaj Ji we should let others have also.

Humanity has fallen to a low level in today's world but good men are trying to raise it again. The message of humanity is beyond nations, it is

universal. Great men are accoladed in various ways but for our Lord Guru Maharaj Ji we do service and pranam. I will explain why we do this, in scientific, sociological and scriptural terms.

If you want to turn a piece of iron into a magnet then you have to put it on the ground and rub a magnet over it. After this has been done thirty or forty times, then the iron also becomes magnetic. It had no magnetic qualities before, but now it has acquired magnetic qualities. Yet the


Prem Rawat's eldest brother Bal Bhagwan Ji in 1972

magnet itself has not lost any of its power. The first magnet, while maintaining the fullness of its magnetic power, also turned the iron into a magnet. People say Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is the philosopher's stone, but we say no. The philosopher's stone turns iron into gold but not into the philosopher's stone itself. But when you put a magnet over a piece of iron, then the iron also becomes a magnet. Guru is the Word and by bowing himself to Guru, by allowing His Word to be rubbed over him, a man will also gradually acquire great spiritual power. The power to walk on water is nothing. It will only save you using a bridge or ferry but that power which means complete peace and understanding is something and that is what you get at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev.

Speaking in a non-scientific way, we can see that man's ego is very strong, and the proud person always looks up and never bows before anyone. But there is a way to overcome pride, and this is the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. So how is grace acquired? Grace is the power which is emitted from Guru and we are receivers. Take the case of the magnet. Put both North Poles together and repulsion will take place, because both are North, both are the same type of charge. So when we do pranam before Guru Maharaj Ji, if we keep our ego and pride within us, our feeling of greatness, then there will be repulsion, because Guru Maharaj Ji is truly great. This is the reason why many people who take Knowledge cannot get grace, and because they cannot get grace they cannot see the Divine Light in its perfect form, and they cannot hear the Divine music perfectly. Why?

Because of the absence of grace. His grace

removes all the pains of the world. But with the help of Holy Name, we can obtain the grace that will enable us to see the Divine Light. In this the obedience of Guru Maharaj Ji is most important. Without it, the source of grace is closed. The secret is that to get grace you have to bow before Guru Maharaj Ji. If you keep pride and deceit in you, then though He gives you the Knowledge, it will not flourish. The Knowledge will be wasted.

From a psychological point of view, the society we live in has some rules and some precedents. Because a father bows before his parents, then his own son will do the same. In the same way we should bow before the supreme Guru. It is a sign of humility and respect, and creates a calm mind and civilized behaviour.

Truth is always victorious. When Christ was crucified, really He was victorious. Because He was the real saviour of the world they dragged Him onto the road, they put a crown of thorns on His head, instead of water they gave Him vinegar. Yet in such a situation, He was victorious because He knew the Truth. Such supreme understanding of Truth is indeed precious and the chances to obtain it in one's life are few, so utilize the opportunity when you can. Really, our relationship with Guru Maharaj Ji should be unbroken. Problems are only there for us to solve, doubts and difficulties are only there for us to overcome. Many problems came in the way of Jesus, but He always solved them. Once, after He had received the Knowledge, He began to question whether He should propagate all the time or settle into a worldly life. Thinking about this He did not eat for forty days and then Satan came before Him and tempted Him. Satan said He should turn stone into bread to satisfy His hunger, but Christ said, "Man does not live by bread alone. Man lives by that Word which God is speaking inside Him every moment." This is true. Man in reality lives on that Word that God is speaking within him. Christ told Satan, "I do not want to test God." We should feel the same way. We cannot buy a car with a penny. Only love, devotion, faith and confidence will win Guru's grace. Do not try to test God, for this the devotee will never do.

Many people are now interpreting scriptures in different ways and this is why Guru Maharaj Ji incarnates. He incarnates again and again to give mankind the true meaning of scriptures and to reveal the Truth. God is beyond the senses through which all worldly knowledge is acquired. This is why learned people cannot understand God. They only misinterpret the scriptures. To know the real Word of God, we should not go to the scriptures, we should go to the Satguru of the time. The Eternal Name of God is not a matter of words which can be spoken and read. The purpose of our life is to know that Eternal Word and to merge into it. When there are difficulties, we need more strength, we need more concentration. So difficulties are good for you. Welcome them and overcome them. They are given to you for a purpose. They are given to you to help you. Remember that everything is the prasad, the holy gift of the Lord. So rejoice and overcome and become strong in the Knowledge of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji.


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