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Discourses of Shri Bhole Ji, brother of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji

Bhole Ji

Today, Guru Maharaj Ji has come into this world to impart the True Knowledge to those people who want to know it. He does not make us follow any religion, though whatever religion we belong to, He makes us follow the true path which the living Perfect Masters showed to the people of their times. This magazine is printed so that people may read the lectures of Guru Maharaj Ji and of other people who have experienced this True Knowledge within themselves.

By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji we have received this Knowledge. He is so wonderful to us that He has given us this Knowledge. Without this Knowledge we are nowhere in this world, so we must now meditate on this Knowledge and serve Guru Maharaj Ji. If a tree is planted and we don't put any manure or water on it, it will die. It's the same thing if we don't meditate on this Knowledge; it is no use for us. So we must meditate and serve Guru Maharaj Ji and we must now tell others so that they may know about who Guru Maharaj Ji is and what Knowledge He gives. In the Gita, Lord Krishna gave this Knowledge to Arjuna; only he could know who Krishna was. The rest of them, they never knew. So only when we have knowledge do we know who Guru Maharaj Ji is. The rest of the people don't know, but if they have this Knowledge they will also understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is and how He has come to save mankind in this world."

"Today, in this materialistic world, man is not satisfied with what he has; he wants more and more. He wants such a thing that will quench this desire of wanting more and more, and that is the True Knowledge of God, by which he will understand that these materialistic things are nothing. The day he dies, he will not be able to take the materialistic things with him. The thing that he will take with him is the Knowledge of God.

Shri Bhole Ji

Do our Duty
Satsang of Shri Bhole Ji, School of Architecture, Paris 19th June, 1972

Dear premies,

It is the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji on us that we have got this Knowledge. Before I give satsang, I will sing a bhajan.

(Bhole Ji sings "Apne hasti")

Guru Maharaj Ji has given us this Holy Name. We must meditate on this Name because it is the only true Name in this world. Supposing we get this Knowledge and we do not meditate, it is of no use taking this Knowledge, because if you grow a tree and you do not put manure and water on it, the tree won't grow. It is no use to plant the tree if it does not grow. So if you want to eat the fruits of the plant, you will put manure on it and you will put water on it so that it grows, and then you can eat the fruits. So similarly with meditation. The more satsang you get the more meditation you do, then you will get the deliverance of this Name and then you will feel more happy, more cheerful in your life.

Lord Krishna gave this Holy Name to one man only, Arjuna, but Guru Maharaj Ji is giving this Name to everybody. You must practice this Name, you must practice this meditation so that you don't forget the Name. If you do not do meditation, you will forget it because if you don't practice something you forget it. So the same way, if you do not meditate, you forget the Name, this Holy Name which Guru Maharaj Ji has given us.

Today there is fighting all over the world because men don't have the true Name. If they had the true Name there would be no fighting between each other and there would be peace in this world. It is your duty to do satsang and bring more people to Guru Maharaj Ji so that they will realize this Knowledge. You will be doing a very great thing for the people if you give them satsang, then they will know the true Name that they are searching for. Then they will be able to come to Guru Maharaj Ji and they will get this true Name.

Today Guru Maharaj Ji has gone to Africa. There they have a problem between black and white people. Guru Maharaj Ji has gone to solve that problem. With this Name one fellow does not feel that he is separate because of the color of his skin, but he realizes soul, which is the same in everyone. We are one in the true Name and those who realize this become friendly towards each other, they become brothers in this true Name.

No one on this earth can solve this problem, except Guru Maharaj Ji, because He alone can reveal the only true Name which can make all men feel in their hearts that they are brothers. We realize that what we are is the same thing because of the true Name that Guru Maharaj Ji gives. Only this Name can make all men equal. There is no other name which can do so.

So you see, we must feel great gratefulness for Guru Maharaj Ji who has given this true Name and whose grace is upon us. And so we must meditate because He has done His duty by giving us the Name, but if we do not meditate then it is our fault; we have not done our duty. So we must meditate so as to get the true Name's impression in our mind, then we will feel cheerfulness after our mind is fixed on the Name. So you go to many people and give them satsang and then bring them to the ashram, so that Bai Ji may give them Knowledge that they may also become your brothers in this Knowledge. They will, in their turn, do satsang to some others so that this Name will be spread among everybody in this world.