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To See God : "Guru Maharaj Ji is giving us a better understanding of the Bible."
Questions to Bal Bhagwan Ji : "The Word plays its part in the creation by descending and ascending from latent to potent and from potent to latent, whereby the action and the reaction neutralise and exist as essence like the plus one and the minus one, that is negative and positive electron and positron both collide to annihilate matter known as anabolic and catabolic process in metabolism."
The Answer to the Big Problem : "Our capacity is small; physics is small. To see beyond physics, we need paraphysics, or metaphysics……Because God is doing certain things which we cannot do."
This Energy is Immortal : "Guru is the potential manifestation of the kinetic energy of the cosmos!" …"When a devotee, behaving like an iron piece simply prostrates before the Satguru, the Satguru, like the magnet, induces spirituality into him, and he also becomes a magnet, he also becomes spiritually enlightened."

To See God

The following discourse was given by Bal Bhagwan Ji in private. (Who is Guru Maharaj Ji, Page 273)

Why are we not united? It appears that people who claim to understand the Bible have not actually understood it. That is why today we find different denominations with their own versions of the Bible, each claiming to be the way, and believing in one God, or Jesus Christ. Our disunity reflects the fact that we have not the proper understanding to understand God. History tells us that great massacres have taken place under the name of holy crusades, and that the great churches, have not remained as churches but have become political tools for the exercise of power and wealth. To sum up, there is no evil which has not befallen us in the name of religion.

Jesus, our Master, gave us the commandment to "love our neighbours as we love ourselves." Why then is there enmity and antagonism between Catholic and Protestant, and why today are they waging war in Belfast, shedding the blood of innocent people, who are like puppets dancing to the strings of religion? How would Jesus Christ feel today, to see his children piling up the same wealth which he himself told them to distribute to the poor?

Such deeds clearly show how much we understand Christ, and how much we have followed his way. But even in this desperate state, we have room for hope.

For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, neither hid that shall not be known. Luke 12:2.

Today we are in such illusion and darkness, but we still have the promise of Christ who will send us a comforter.

But when the comforter is come, who I will send unto you from the Father, He shall testify of me. John 15:26.

In this verse the word "He" shows the comforter is a person; and further on, Jesus Christ himself says, Nevertheless I tell you the truth, it is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you, but if I depart I will send Him unto you. John 16:7.

As Saint John the Baptist came as the predecessor of Jesus Christ, so will be the comforter of the second Christ. The whole world is waiting for the Christ to come, but the question is, once Christ came, he was crucified. If he comes a second time as he has promised, will there be a second crucifixion? The Jews and the Rabbis who were devoted to their scriptures, read from them that Christ would come. He came and he went, but the world didn't recognise him. The same cause (whatever it may be), will also keep the Christians, who read the Bible and the prophecies of the Second Coming, from the Christ who will appear again. Because if you put your attention to this verse you will understand a new meaning.

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, this is the spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already it is in the world. John 4:3.

Have we accepted that Christ is come in the flesh? If we have, then we are of God, and if not then we ourselves are antichrist. Imagine how many antichrists believe that Christ is still not come in the flesh. Do we include our name in the list? And if we believe that Christ is already in the flesh, then where is he, what is his address? And if we do not believe that he can come in the flesh, then the Bible condemns us as antichrist, and we ourselves are the Devil, no matter if we may imagine ourselves to be the most devoted Christians. And as the Bible declares, even now the world has antichrists, for there are people who still do not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

Saint John writes of the Word turning into flesh, the Word which was in the beginning. That Word is God, and God is the one for whom Jesus Christ said, "Thou shalt serve the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve." What is the Word which was in the beginning ? Some say that it is Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ declares himself to be the son of God, and if he is the son of God, then how can the son be born before the Father, who is God?

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1.

Some people say the Word is the Bible, and if it is, then was Genesis an illusion? Because in Genesis there is no mention of the Bible being before the entire creation. Imagine: How could St. John, Matthew, Luke, and the people who wrote the Old Testament have existed before they were born !

So the Word is something else. It is a reality beyond the conception and imagination of the mind. And here Guru Maharaj Ji reveals the Knowledge of the Word to us. If someone helps and guides us to know and to love God, if someone reveals to us the holy Knowledge of the Word, and if someone shows us light in our hearts, do we not owe our reverence to him ? What Guru Maharaj Ji is doing is not taking us away from our Lord Christ or the Bible; he is giving us a better understanding of the scriptures. To us he is hope in desperation, and light in the darkness. He is the Word turned to flesh which raises itself to speak about the glory of the Word. Who else can reveal the Word to us except that flesh which is the Word, or the Word which is turned into flesh?

The light of the body is the eye. Therefore, if thine eye be single thy whole body will be full of light. Matthew 6:22.

This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. John 1:5.

That was the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. John 1:9.

We have all come into the world. What is the light that has lighted us? How can our eyes be single, so that our body shall be full of light? What is that light which is God, for in Him there is no darkness? Surely that light is not sunlight, for there is darkness in the night. How can we be true Christians without understanding the above quotations, which are the central theme of the Bible? Why can't we accept him, he who has come to give us the understanding to understand the Bible and answer all the questions above?

Nobody can deny the fact that life demands satisfaction. Whether we are atheists or orthodox, satisfaction is a must that we have to achieve. Satisfaction is God's gift to man. Life remains a vacuum without God, and thus remains a question. To people who know satisfaction, life is an answer.

Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5.48.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.

First of all one should have Knowledge from Guru Maharaj Ji and afterwards all the accessories will be added to him.

I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. Matthew 22:32.

There are many prophecies about the Lord and daily we pray that Thy Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus Christ himself makes it clear that the Kingdom of God never comes with observation.

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there ! for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21.

In the Bible it is said that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and when the time really comes we turn away our faces and reject him who comes to us and for us. Sincere and true seekers have the never ending desire to know God.

Ask and it shall be given you seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7.

But are we really finding? Are we really seeking? And above all, are we really asking ? The reality is - No. We are doubting. Is it good to start spiritual lessons with a doubt?

For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Matthew 7:8.

But what happens to a man who doubts? Nobody can even imagine. Many people who want to recognise Christ by signs should be aware of the fact that no signs will be given to this generation.

And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign ? Verily I say unto you, there shall be no sign given unto this generation. Mark 8:12.

It is written in Revelations that Jesus Christ will come as a thief.

I will come on thee as a thief and thou shalt not know what hour I shall come upon thee. Revelation 3:3.

So we should prepare ourselves in advance to receive him when he comes as a thief.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:5.

If we have seen God then we are pure in the heart. Seeing God is the sign of purity, and if we have not seen God, then how can we lay claim to purity of heart? We should at least try to find out how many of our Christian brothers who go to church daily have seen God. The question that troubles my heart is this. If these noble men have already seen God, then why do they confine themselves and the people to rituals? For there are many who believe that God cannot be seen, and the rest believe that if you see God then you cease to exist. Here comes the contradiction - for Jesus says, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."

Acquiring purity in heart and also living are both necessary if we are to see God, because we can only see while we are alive, and not when we are dead. And if it is true that we cannot see God, then why did Christ ever make this statement ?

That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. John 3:6.

God is spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. John 4:24.

The worship of God can only be done through the spirit, and Guru Maharaj Ji reveals the Knowledge of the spirit to us. For even Jesus says, "And who so shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me." (Matthew 18:5.) People who receive Guru Maharaj Ji who is fifteen years old and is a little child, fulfil the above verse.

For ye shall know that truth and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32.

For 2,000 years we have been showing the Lord's death, but while we live, our Lord is of the living and not of the dead. He has come to give eyes to the blind, for it is his Knowledge which makes us know what he is. For it is his light which makes us see him, Let us now all join together to receive him and to understand him through his Knowledge. Think - he who comes as a thief and goes away will have nothing to lose. We will be the one who loses the golden opportunity, like the rabbis did 1,973 years ago. Let us remember our past to better our future, and receive the one who has come for us.

You know truth is bitter, very bitter when it comes to taste. But that's the way we have to accept things. People thought that Jesus Christ would come as a king and when he came as a carpenter's son, only those truly of him received him with love. Let us now see how many people stand up to receive him who has come for them. As the sun rises from the east to the west, may he bestow his grace on you and give you courage to accept the divine Knowledge.

Questions to Bal Bhagwan Ji

What is the cause for the individuation of the soul out of the original one supreme?

Illusion (maya) is the cause for the separation of the soul from the original one Supreme. The cause for the darkness is the negation of light. Similarly the nescience (ignorance) of the knowledge of the atman is the cause of individuation.

How does it continue from incarnation to incarnation?

The individual soul has to take births after births to achieve oneness with the Supreme one which it is destined for and to achieve the highest goal of self-realisation. If the negative and the positive aspect of atma remains and dualism persists, then the illusion is natural and inevitable and it has to pass through countless lives. Just as blind is to suffer blindness, diseased is to suffer disease, similarly individual soul devoid of spiritual knowledge is to suffer incarnations in search of it. Just as it is only a good doctor who can cure the diseased and his blindness too and free him from the suffering caused by blindness, similarly it is only a Sadguru who can free the individual soul from the cycles of births and deaths by the knowledge of Holy Name and Divine Light, but ah! some devoid of faith and grace shall continue revolving in the cycles of births and deaths ceaselessly.

How does it realize its oneness with the Supreme one?

The atman realizes its oneness with the Supreme one when the negative and the positive aspects disappear through meditation and consciousness of the mind and body is lost. The atman in meditation attains the state of perfect bliss called 'turiya' and rises above the mundane existence. This state of mind cannot he achieved by leading an epicurean life. This oneness and unity with the Supreme one is brought through by the Holy thread of the Word or Sabad Brahm only and cannot be brought by using narcotics like L.S.D. and hashish or opium. The atma realizes itself by its own well-directed efforts with the grace of Guru, and by cutting asunder the curtain of ignorance becomes one with the Supreme. The Supreme is itself self-illuminated in the form of Divine Light and when atman visualises that Divine Light it becomes radiant and immortal and enjoys the Holy Nectar. The Supreme is itself everlasting by the heavenly harmony and music. The Divine Music is the essence of life manifesting itself as the Word.

What is the history of the Word, that is, in what state did it exist before the creation of the world?

The Word in its primordial state existed as the soul of life of the 'Vaishwanara'. The Word is uncaused and is cause of creation. There was only Word in the beginning in its latent form. When it manifested in human bodies it dwelt among us in its potent form. Vaishwanara is God. The Word was with God means that the Word was the soul of God where the body of God was creation. God was conscious of the knowledge of the Word and the Word itself was inseparable from God. So the Word was God. The Upnishadas believe that the Iswar is immortal. So Word which dwells among us is immortal and is in the potent form. In its potent form in the human body, it energises the body and gives life to the mind and organs. After death it is in the latent form as it has no body or object to provide life with. Latent form was the primordial form. We are not conscious of the latent form because it is not potent. If man realizes the potent form, he, by practice, can realize the latent form too.

How did the Word play its part in creation?

The Word plays its part in the creation by descending and ascending from latent to potent and from potent to latent, whereby the action and the reaction neutralise and exist as essence like the plus one and the minus one, that is negative and positive electron and positron both collide to annihilate matter known as anabolic and catabolic process in metabolism.

How does it manifest as the life of living things?

The Word in its potent form manifests as the life of living things and it is here only that we can realize it. By knowing it in potent form and meditating upon it we can know it even in its latent form.

How does it manifest as the Spiritual Master? Are Perfect Masters incarnations of each other or are they successive disciples of each previous Master?

The Word is associated with 'Siva' and 'Shakti'. According to Indian philosophy and religion, it is believed that 'Siva' and 'Shakti' both have manifestations and are present in every age The Word incarnates as the Spiritual Master at the prayers and intense love of the devotees. Lord Krishna in Gita declares that when any devotee (bhakta) offers anything with intense love, then He the Supreme Lord, the Word, bodies forth by subjugating the 'Prakarti'. Thus the manifestation of the 'Spiritual Master' is not temporal but Divine. The Perfect Master manifests Himself again and again to destroy the evil and enlighten the people on the path of righteousness. The Perfect Master's manifestations are same as the countless images of man standing in-between the two parallel mirrors. So, to take the jivas out of the clutches of maya, the Perfect Master can manifest Himself as many times and in as many forms as He likes. He only knows what He is.

How does the love and compassion of Almighty Father manifest itself for the created beings?

The love and the compassion of Almighty Father manifests itself for created beings in the form of grace, and Guru is grace. Guru is the living symbol of Universal love and compassion. In Him resides the soul of all. It is only by His grace that the true Knowledge can be attained and knowing is the first step to love. First know then love.

What happens to the Jivatma (a) when it is imparted with the Saba at the lotus-feet of Satgurudev, (b) when the self sees the wondrous Divine Light reflected in the mirror of a mind made bright by devotion and wisdom, and (c) when the mind is absorbed in the Name?

(a) When the Jivatma is imparted with Sabad Brahm at the lotus-feet of Satgurudev, it knows the media to be one with the Lord and, with practice of the Name and an indifferent attitude towards the world developed by detachment, merges in the Word. Tulsi Dass, the mystic saint and poet, says that it is only through the meditation on Name that the form of God, that is Divine Light, is visualised and Vishwarup is seen. Words are empty to express that form (Vishwarup). Only the devotee knows the wonder of it.
(b) When the self sees the Divine Light, it overwhelms him with happiness and finds its true form. The seer and the seen become one and the same Jivatma gets liberated and attains perfection. (c) When the mind is absorbed in the Name, a man rises above opposites and attains tranquillity of mind and gets immune to worldly attachments and there is no point of return from that perfect state.

What is the test of a 'teacher' who is competent to be a true Spiritual Master?

In fact, a true Spiritual Master needs no test, just as the sun needs no other object to illuminate it. The true Spiritual Master is known by the Knowledge He imparts. Truth bears no testimony, so a perfect Guru too. As stone walls do not make a prison nor iron bars a cage, similarly mere outward show does not make for a real teacher. His crystal-like clear path shows His absolute truth which cannot be limited by time and space. It is a law of nature that a true disciple will always find a True Master. Be true and sincere and lo! - He is before you. Love Him and He will manifest Himself for you and will come to you to bless you. Man's intelligence fails to understand the greatness of such a Guru. It is only His grace which can unfold Himself on us.

What is the infallible technique which He should impart to His disciples?

The infallible technique which He should impart to His disciples should be the universal one, supported by the earlier Masters and experiencable instantly within oneself. Every Master and religion believes that God is within us. If God is within us, then it is logical to say that His Name and Form is also within us and, therefore, the infallible technique is the technique of meditating upon His Name and Form. The Guru must give us the practical experience of it and the Knowledge of the Name and the Light is thus the only technique which is perennial and infallible.

The Answer to the Big Problem

Bal Bhagwan Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, gave this satsang in Los Angeles, April 27 1973.

I shall first of all tell you a small anecdote so that you can understand better the situation of the world: what actually is happening in the world, what we have achieved, what we have acquired, and in what state we are living.

Once there was a city, and in that city there were many many mice. Actually, that city was a city of mice. And every day a cat used to come and eat the mice. So they had this fear, they had a very very big problem. Like we have a problem of pollution, and we have a problem of accidents and robberies and so many things, so this was the highest problem in that city, that the cat was coming and eating all the mice. This was the burning issue in that city.

So they had a big convention called the 'World Mice's Convention,' a very very big convention; all the mice attended. Many intellectuals were there, and they were discussing this problem and they were tackling it from different angles. When they could no longer think, they utilized all the computers to get some answer, some solution.

Ultimately the solution was that they should tie a big bell around the cat's neck so that, when the cat came, the bell would ring like a like a fire-brigade engine, and they would know that the cat was coming. They were very very happy, and they said, "Yes, we have found a solution, and we are satisfied. We all understand that this is the only solution to the problem."

One old mouse was sitting and watching the whole thing. He said, "My dear fellows, your solution is that you will tie a bell around the neck of the cat. And the solution is a very good one, the answer is very good. But the thing is, who is going to tie it? Who is going to go to the cat and tie that bell?"

This same situation we can see in the world. People hold the Bible and say, "Read this book and you'll get peace." "Bring Christ into your heart and you'll have peace." This is what they say. But how can we bring Christ into our hearts?

I have studied the Bible, and I was overjoyed to read that Christ promises us that He is going to come before us again, here, in this world. He says, "I'll come, and before I shall come I'll send you a comforter, and after the comforter I'll come again." Now you people have houses, and if any guest is coming, if your brother is coming, if your sister is coming, if your husband is coming, you decorate your house, you decorate your room, you put some furniture there, you put a bed there. If your guest is coming, then you arrange certain things for him.

Now if Christ is going to come, what have we arranged for Him? I have been to so many churches, and I have not seen even a chair for Christ. Yes, He is going to come, surely. But where is He going to sit? How are we going to receive Him? Yes, everybody says He is coming, but to what depth do we believe in it? Do we really believe in this, or do we just simply repeat like a parrot? A parrot says so many things, but he doesn't understand.

Once there was a sage who taught a parrot to say: "The bird catcher will come he'll throw the net, and he'll try to catch you, but don't eat what he throws in that net."

So when the bird catcher came, he saw that the parrot was speaking: "The bird catcher will come, he'll throw the net, he'll throw the food there, but don't eat the food…" And the bird catcher was surprised - what is this?

Then the seer said, "Throw your net, he doesn't understand what he's speaking." When the net was thrown, and the food was thrown in, the parrot was tempted by the food, and he stopped talking and simply ran into the net. So what do we say? We don't always understand.

Once I met a priest, and I said that in the Bible Jesus Christ says, "Blessed are those pure in heart for they shall see God." "They shall see God" is very important, because God is our Father, and the duty of a worthy son is to see his father first of all, to know his father. So I asked him, "But can we really see God? If we can, then how?" So he told me, "No, no, you cannot see God. Only after death can you see God." I said, "After death how can we see God? If we can see after death, then that is not really death because we would still have eyes to see. And that is living; that is not death. How can we see when we are dead?" The real answer is purity of heart: if we are pure in our hearts then we can see God.

The question is, how to be pure? For instance, I have a coat. And this coat is made up of one-hundred percent cotton, so the company says this is pure cotton. Pure cotton means one-hundred percent cotton.

So purity means that if you know yourself one-hundred percent, who you are, what you are, then you are pure. So actually, Jesus' saying to be pure in your heart means to know yourself completely. This is why Socrates says, "Know Thyself."

Jesus also says, "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself." But first of all, to love, we must know whom we are loving. So before loving ourselves, we must know, who are we? Actually, who are we? If we know who we are, then we can love our inner self.

You see, people think that we are body, but that's not correct. There was a great sage in India who wanted to renounce the world and become a saint; he wanted to meditate on God. So he brought his family together and told them, "I'm going to leave the world now. You take what you want from all my kingdom and all my property. I want to distribute everything that I have, and I'm going to a jungle and meditate there."

So the wife and children and servants said, "No, no, we are not going to leave you. We love you so much."

He said, "No, that's not correct. You say that you love me. What am I? I say that I love you. But actually, if you were to die, I would lift your body, take it to a graveyard, and bury you there. So when I say that I love you, actually the secret hidden meaning of that sentence is that I love that thing which is in your body. Because when that thing which is in your body departs from your body, I take your body like an envelope, and throw it away."

When you receive letters, you take the letter out and you throw away the envelope. So this body is the envelope. Inside this body is the letter which is spirit which is God, which is soul. And actually we love that soul. But many people love soul without knowing soul, and that is the sign of impurity, because we don't know what it is one-hundred percent. What is it? Just saying "soul" will not make us realize what is soul. You must understand this.

So to understand soul one-hundred percent is the first goal to achieve in purity. That is why Guru Maharaj Ji gives you a method, He gives you the means, gives you the technique to become pure.

How to become pure? For instance, my hands are dirty, and if I want to wash my hands, I will not go to muddy water and wash my hands, I need pure water. So to wash my hands, I need pure water; similarly, to wash my heart, to make it pure, I need something which is already pure. And what is it? The Knowledge of God is the purest thing on earth, and by receiving that Knowledge, by coming in contact with that Knowledge, we can also become pure.

The effect of Knowledge is like a magnet. An iron piece goes before the magnet, the magnet runs over it, and by coming in contact with that magnet, the iron piece also becomes the magnet. When a man comes in contact with this Knowledge, when he experiences this Knowledge, he also becomes divine; he also becomes perfect. He becomes pure. And when you become pure, then Jesus Christ says that you shall see God.

So that is why Guru Maharaj Ji says that we must meditate. We require food for the body - every noon and evening we eat because food is essential for the body. In the same way, meditation is essential for your spirit. Jesus says, "Those who are born of flesh are of flesh, and those who are born of spirit, are of spirit." And, "a man can never never enter into the Kingdom of Heaven unless he is born again." So all of you have to take a second birth, and a second birth is the birth of baptism. We must be born again: we must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Many Christians say, "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done…"

What is "thy Name? " "Hallowed be thy Name?" What is that Holy Name? We are speaking of it, but we don't understand it.

The whole situation is like this. I ask an unmarried girl, "Please sit down and meditate on your husband." Now how can she sit down and meditate when she doesn't know which boy is going to be her husband? She doesn't know that, so she cannot meditate. I say that I have a beautiful house in India, "Please sit here and meditate on it." How can you do that? You have to see the house first, and after seeing the house, then you can meditate on it. People say, "meditate on God." How can you meditate on God without knowing God? You have to have Knowledge of God.

In the Bible the apostles give us four definitions of Cod. They say God is spirit, God is love, God is the Word, and God is light. So these are the four definitions that we get of God from the Bible. Now, understand one thing. Any man who says that God is light, any apostle, whether Saint John or anybody else who says this, why does he write that God is light? Why doesn't he write that God is darkness? Why doesn't he write that God is a candy? Why doesn't he write that God is a microphone? Why only does he say that God is light?

The answer is that he realized it; he experienced it - but not after death. He didn't die and then see God and then write that God is light. No. Saint John was living in the time of Christ, and when he was living he wrote that God is light. So how did he know, how did he see, how did he realize, how did he experience that God is light? That we must understand.

This is what Guru Maharaj Ji tells, us how God is light. And you can see light. Many people tell me that light is understanding. "Light is understanding. Go is light, and in Him there is no darkness."

So they explain that God is not light; God is only understanding. But if I say that you should shine this light, it doesn't mean to switch on understanding. It doesn't mean that. The first meaning of light is light, just light.

Also it is written in the Bible that "When thine eye be single, thy body shall be full of light. " That actually means that when your eyes are single, your body will be full of light. Because we have these two eyes, and these two eyes are attached to the retina, and the retina is attached to the optical nerve. And all those optical nerves meet at a point, at a junction. And that junction is exactly behind the third eye, the inner eye. So actually man has two eyes: one is the spiritual eye, and the other is the material eye.

So we must know the technique to make our eyes single. Jesus says in the Bible that if your eyes be single, your body shall be full of light. So the problem is how to make our eyes single. This is revealed by the man who knows that secret. And he is called the Guru, because "g" means darkness, and "ru" means light. The man who reveals the light from the darkness is Guru.

Actually, as science is expanding, many many truths of religion, many many truths of spiritual things are borne out. For instance, many people say, "Oh, science doesn't prove God." Science has a limit. Anything which comes under a microscope, the microscope sees. But anything which cannot come under a microscope, the microscope cannot see.

There was a scientist who opened the Britannica Encyclopedia and read that whales and sharks live in the sea. So he took a test tube, went to the sea, and filled it with seawater. Then he examined it, trying to see where, where are the sharks and whales inside that water?

Similarly, our capacity is small; physics is small. To see beyond physics, we need paraphysics, or metaphysics. "Meta" means beyond; beyond physics. Today people have discovered that the smallest particle contains the greatest amount of energy, that is, an atom. Such a small particle, try to think, such a small particle, and containing such a huge amount of energy! Where is that energy stored?

We look at an atom, and we say, oh, the center is the nucleus, and around it all the electrons are revolving. But the question comes, what makes them revolve? I am not making them revolve, you are not making them revolve. Then who is making them revolve? And that pulsating thing, that thing which is making them revolve, you say is God. Because it is doing certain things which we cannot do.

But to understand God, you must have Knowledge of God. As Saint John in the Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." What is that Word which was God?

If I go to a hospital and ask a nurse to please tell me thc doctor's name, and she says "doctor," I know that he is "doctor." But I want to know his name. Many people ask, "What is the Word of God?" And somebody says, "The Word of God is God." I also know that the Word of God is God. But what is that Word actually? What is the meaning hidden in that? Guru Maharaj Ji reveals that Word.

Because, what is word? I am speaking words, and all these words, ultimately, if you examine them, all these words are the vibrations of your vocal cords. The Word which was in the beginning, the Word which was with God, and the Word which was God: that Word itself is the primordial vibration. There was no mouth there, and there were no vocal cords, but there was a primordial vibration, which we call breath. Now that primordial vibration must be understood.

For instance, we start from New York and want to go to L.A., but we stop in Denver. If we stop in Denver, we won't go back to New York and start our journey. We have stopped in Denver, so we'll start from Denver. Similarly, according to the theory of transmigration of soul, it is said that people have many many lives. And ultimately the human being has achieved a certain point where he has flesh, where he has consciousness, where he has capacity to be conscious of God.

So we have all achieved this state. And after this state, we mustn't go back; we must go forward. It would he foolish to go back to New York and start over. No. We must continue forward, walk forward, and try to understand what is beyond everything.

So dear premies, we have this wonderful opportunity to understand, to be conscious of our own consciousness. In this world we are conscious of this microphone, we are conscious of these chairs, we are conscious of this body, we are conscious of so many things. But are we conscious of consciousness? No. That man is perfect who is actually conscious of his own consciousness. Guru Maharaj Ji actually gives you that secret, He reveals that secret to you. What is that secret?

Once a man asked Guru Maharaj Ji, "Are you God?" He said, "No, I'm not God, my Knowledge is God. " And actually this knowledge is God because this Knowledge is the Knowledge of the Word. The Word which is God.

See, we all believe that God is omnipresent, that He is everywhere. So if God is everywhere, He is also inside out hearts. And if God is inside our hearts, can we really experience Him there? Have we experienced Him?

We say that television waves are everywhere, but can we see those waves? You are sitting there, and in this room there are many many television and radio waves, but can you hear them? Can you see them? No, you cannot see them. You can see them when you have a television, a picture tube; then only can you receive those waves. Similarly, we can understand that divinity inside us only when we have a receiver, when we have a technique to receive it. And this technique is revealed to us by Guru Maharaj Ji.

George Harrison wrote a song, "My Sweet Lord," in which he has a beautiful Sanskrit hymn: "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, tas mai Shri Guru Vai Namaha." It means that Guru is Brahma the Creator, because Guru gives you the second baptism. And by giving you the second baptism, baptism of soul, He actually creates you. "Guru Vishnu" - Vishnu is the God who sustains you, because by taking care of you, He sustains you, He looks after you like a mother. So Guru is like Vishou "Guru Devo ,Maheshwara" - Maheshwara is Lord Shiva who destroys. He destroys all evil, He destroys darkness, He destroys our doubts.

But Guru is even more than these things. Guru is Sakshat Param Brahm, which means that Guru is the manifestation of the Divine secret. And what is that? The Bible also says the same thing; it says that W0rd turned into flesh. That Word which was with God, that Word which was God: that Word was turned into flesh. This is not what I'm saying, this is what the Bible says. This is what Saint John says. So the Word turned into flesh, and only that flesh can reveal that Word to us. Nobody else. If you go to many many gurus, if you go to anybody else, they're not going to reveal that Word to you. Only that flesh which was made from the Word can reveal that Word and can reveal that divine harmony to us.

So that is why we have to choose and look, look, look; search, you see. Unless you search, you cannot find. Saint Kabir says, "I wanted some pearls, and I sat on a beach. Other people who wanted pearls dived in, and they got pearls. But I was sitting on the bank and never got anything." So to search for pearls, to get pearls, you have to dive in. People who want to acquire something, who want to get Knowledge of God, must dive deep into their hearts. And there you can find the pearls of golden Knowledge.

So dear premies, you who have been given this Knowledge have a wonderful opportunity to meditate and to do service. Ahead of us is the Millennium Festival in Houston, and Guru Maharaj Ji has given us this opportunity to serve Him. Millennium, as you know, is going to be celebrated in the Houston Astrodome, and it's a very very big place and a very wonderful place. Rennie Davis says that he's going to have a pilgrimage. For instance, 1000 cars will start from Philadelphia, and they'll go toward Houston, so it's like a Mecca, you see, a journey to Mecca. Soul Rush '73.

America was founded on a gold rush, but we are going to have a Soul Rush '73. That means, second baptism; rush for that. And let's see how many people experience the flow of Soul Rush, the flood of Soul Rush. Do they really want soul, or do they want gold? The choice is between gold and soul. Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters at a time. You cannot serve God and mammon; you must choose between two. So let us see how many people in this 1973 make a decision whether they want God or gold. This must be decided first of all, and then we can go ahead.

So dear premies, tell people about the Knowledge you have received. If we hesitate to speak about God, then God will also hesitate to receive us. It's vice versa as you sow you shall reap the same thing; as you sow you shall reap. So if you hesitate to talk about God, then God will also hesitate to receive you, He won't say that you are his, He won't claim you! So we must open out hearts and speak to the world. Tell them frankly about what we experience, and tell them and write to them that they should also have this experience that we have. This is not a matter of talking. This is a matter of experience, because before they had the Bible, they were not reading the Bible. The New Testaments were written after Christ. At the time of Christ they had the experience, they had the experience of Pentecost. And that same experience is given to us. I think now someone will sing a song. Thank you very much.

This Energy is Immortal

The first discourse given in the West by Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, Denver, July 1972.

Dear devoted premies,

I am here by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, and now I am speaking to you, giving satsang, the thing for which we have gathered together. Satsang has a very significant and a very great role to play in our lives.

I have come from such a long distance and you also have come here from very far places. The whole thing is just like a tributary. There is a tributary and there is a distributary. Now this tributary is where all small streams, canals, brooks and rivers join with the main stream, so this is a meeting point for us.

Now, the Guru Puja Festival is coming, and all the premies are joining up together for the noble cause, for the noble satsangs that we are going to hear from Guru Maharaj Ji. I am also here. So all these small streams join with the main stream and flow towards the sea. Our efforts, our small services, are joining together and flowing towards Guru Maharaj Ji, our Source.

In India, Guru is said to be the highest manifestation of the Supreme Authority. He is said to be a manifestation of the Supreme One. He is the potential manifestation of the kinetic energy of the cosmos. I will explain these things to you.

What is kinetic energy? The energy in motion, the energy which has no position. When a body is moving, when a body is falling, the body is said to be acquiring kinetic energy. In science, we study this. Similarly, when the Ultimate Reality is latent, it is said to be absolute and also in the kinetic form. But in the kinetic form, we cannot comprehend it. When that kinetic energy takes a potential form, it takes a position and that position is called the Guru. For instance, take a coin and place that coin here just above the earth. When you leave that coin, that coin due to gravity will fall towards the earth. That falling is due to kinetic energy. When that coin just simply rests on the earth, simply stays on the earth, it is stationary there. Then that coin is said to be acquiring potential energy because it holds a position. Similarly, that Supreme Authority, omnipresent everywhere, is in ourselves also. When that Supreme Authority takes a manifestation, that manifestation is called a potent manifestation with all potential powers and is called Guru.

That is why the great saint Sankaracharya said, "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo-Maheshwara, Guru sakshat, Param Brahma, tas mai Shri Guru vai namaha."

This is a Sanskrit mantra which means - Guru Brahma; now Brahma is said to be the Creator, like we have the Son in Christianity. We say the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen. The Son is representing Brahma - Brahma the Creator. Now He says Guru is the creator because Guru is giving spiritual birth to the people who are in material bondage. Guru is our Mother, Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, the Preserver, the Sustainer. Now this is the Father because, you know, the work of the father is to look after the family, to look after the children. So Vishnu's work is to sustain, to preserve. Then there is the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, known as Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. So there is only difference in words, but the fundamental idea is the same, because you know, in Hindi, for water we say "pani", in English we say w-a-t-e-r. But you see, the empirical H2O, the formula, is the same. You may have different words for one thing, but the empirical water formula remains the same.

Similarly, the idea, the fundamental idea of God and His Knowledge in Hinduism and in Christianity, is the same. There is no difference.

Guru is everything, because Guru gives you spiritual birth, Guru gives Knowledge of the spirit. And how does He give it? Because He is the potent manifestation of the kinetic form. So by this Knowledge, by His wisdom, we realize Him, we see Him.

We have two eyes. Now these two eyes are connected with our optical nerve and they meet at a connection point. Those optical nerves join the retina and the brain at a single point. That is why when you see an image by these eyes, they are synchronised together: Now similarly, to see the worldly phenomena, you have got two material eyes; actually, they are not two, they are one, because the optical nerves meet at one point. And for seeing spiritual phenomena, we also have a single eye which is called the third eye. That is why in the Bible it says, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." That means, if you single out, if you concentrate by Knowledge, by the technique of spiritual insight, then your body shall be full of light.

So, how to concentrate, how to synchronize the eyes? Now, that is called Knowledge. One thing I will tell you, concentration in meditation is a must. Like this man is taking my picture with the camera. Now, if the camera trembles in his hand, the picture will be blurred, won't it? Now, if your mind wavers, the spiritual experience will be blurred, giving no pure experience. So your mind should be as steady as the camera. If not, you can't have the spiritual experience. To have the spiritual experience one should have a steady mind.

For instance, I give you a gun and there is a target. Now one thing remains, and that's to shoot. You have to aim the gun at that target. If your gun shakes you miss the chance, you miss the target. Similarly, the target of our life, the goal of our life, the aim of our life, is God. Now if our mind, just like the gun, shakes, trembles, we lose the target, we miss the target. So the gun should be held very steady and the bullet goes to the target and hits the target.

This mind is the bullet, and that mind from your self goes to the Supreme Self, Cosmic Consciousness, and stays there. So I mean that one must steady his mind so that it unites with Truth.

Now we are having the Guru Puja Festival and you should work for it, because by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, we have collected together and now through this festival we can see how many devotees we have. We can also see how much power we have and we can have certain improvement in the Divine Light Mission so that this Knowledge will go to the common man. This Knowledge is for the common man, this is for everyone.

People think the Divine Light Mission and Christianity are different. No, there is no difference. The Divine Light Mission is making Christianity universal. We are giving a universal appeal, a universal explanation to Christianity, to all religions. If the Truth is in Christianity, very well. If it is in Buddhism, very well. If the Truth is in any religion, any way of life, we have to worship that Truth, and that's our aim.

Now for instance, I tell you there was a saint known as St. John. He was the last apostle that witnessed Christ, and what he wrote is very, very important to us. If you read his gospel, you read, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Now you see, in the beginning was the Word. There are many, many explanations given to this, but I will explain the whole thing to you in the way I know it by the grace of my Guru.

He says, "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God." Now, first of all, we take one sentence, "In the beginning was the Word." In the beginning of what? In your beginning? Before my beginning, before the beginning of the entire Creation, there was the Word. Now remember before your beginning, before my beginning, there was the Word. Not words. It is singular. That means one unit. Each and every word is a vibration, the words I am speaking are also vibrations. So "In the beginning was the Word" means that in the beginning was the Cosmic Vibration. All the Cosmic Vibration, all of ourselves, our soul, which is part and parcel - all these consciousnesses have come out of that Cosmic Consciousness. So, in the beginning was the Word.

Now any vibration in action has energy, so it means, in the beginning was Word. That shows, that signifies, that in the beginning was the power to create the creation, and power was with God. Because God, without the power to create, cannot create anything. Like, this is a great hall. Without bricks, without mud, how can you make this hall? Impossible. Without colors, how can you make a painting? Impossible. Without the power to create, you cannot create. You have to have the power to create and God; there is no difference between the two. Like I have got power, I have got power to speak, I have got power to see, I have got power to understand. There is no difference between my power and my own self. They are one and the same. Similarly, God has the power to create and there is no difference between the power to create and Him. So the Word was God.

Our Mother source is the Word, which was in the beginning. That Soul, the Word, never had a beginning but was before the beginning. Lord Krishna says, and it is a universal fact, that anything which has a beginning has an end. You see, you see a film, and you see the beginning and you see the end. This house has a beginning; this house will have an end. This body also has a beginning, and you will see the end.

But one thing for sure is this - that Word never had a beginning. What is that Word? We study chemistry and by the knowledge of chemistry we know that there is a law of conservation of energy which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Anything that is neither created nor destroyed is immortal. Now this energy is immortal. By the knowledge of science, we know the sum total of all energy remains the same - is constant. Scriptures call it Soul, scriptures call it Spirit, or the Atman, or the Brahman, and say that Soul is immortal. Spirit is immortal.

What is Soul? Soul is a four letter word, s-o-u-l. Now, "S" stands for subject, "O" stands for of, "U" stands for universal, and "L" stands for life: "Subject Of Universal Life." And it is really the subject - it is really the subject that you have to perceive, that you have to know.

There is no difference between science and religion because religion is defined as realization, as experience. It is said that true religion begins where philosophy ends and it is very, very true. Like, if you are talking of water, you cannot drink water. If you are talking of food, you cannot eat food. And when you eat food, you cannot talk about it. You cannot do talking and eating together. Similarly, when you philosophize something, you cannot experience it. But when you stop philosophizing, when you stop the talking, then you come to the experience. It is said that the devils can quote the scriptures to you. But I say the devils cannot reveal the scriptures to you. Only a Satguru, a Perfect Master, can reveal the scriptures to you, and not the devils. Like a tape recorder - a tape recorder can also recite the scriptures. A tape recorder can also recite the Bible, but it cannot reveal the Bible to you. That is impossible. Only an enlightened soul, a Perfect Soul, can reveal the perfectness to you. I have also read the Bible, and one thing I read - that Jesus said in speaking to His disciples, "Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for they shall see God." That means we can see God. It is possible to see God. Jesus Christ is saying that we can see God. Now He said this because He Himself saw God. He Himself perceived, visualized God. He was enlightened. That is why He was talking of the possibility of seeing God. And He was telling people to be pure in their hearts. Be pure in heart and then you can see God.

And how to be pure? That is the question. Now this is a microphone. There is metal in it. If this metal is iron, and if this metal is 100 per cent iron, no carbon, then it is pure. If this cloth is 100 per cent cotton then it is pure cotton. If this pencil contains 100 per cent carbon, then it is pure carbon. For anything, the sign of purity is 100 per cent of what it is. If you know your soul 100 per cent, then you are pure. Purity can be signified by total knowledge of anything that we are talking about. So that means, if you know your soul, you are completely, 100 per cent pure.

I have talked to many priests, many, many fathers. Once I spoke to a father. I said, "Please tell me what is the Word that St. John was talking about." He said that the Word is Jesus Christ. I said, "Very well." Jesus Christ said that I am the Son of God. He declares Himself to be the Son of God. And if you substitute Jesus Christ for the Word, then the whole thing reads as: "In the beginning was Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ was the Father and Jesus Christ was God." So I said, "I have a doubt there." And he said, "What doubt?" I said, "How can the Son be born before the Father? It is impossible. The Father comes first, then the Son comes afterwards. So now, what we are saying according to you is that the Son comes first and the Father after Him."

He was puzzled, he said, "Then what do you say about it?" I said, "the Word is something else."

That Word is the Word of God. In China, that Word is called Tao. Tao also means Holy Word. In the Upanishads, it is called the Brahmanic Word, the Manifestation of God. It is called a dumb word, d-u-m-b. Dumb means you cannot pronounce it, it is already being pronounced in you. It is already being uttered in you. Unpronounced Word, for which you don't require a tongue, for which you don't require a vocal cord. It is actually - it is You, actually. So that is the empirical outline of life.

So one thing for sure is that we must have Knowledge of the Self and that will be given to us by Satguru who knows everything, who knows what we are. Enlightenment is called "Buddhahood" There was a boy called Siddhartha and then he got Wisdom. He was said to be Buddha. So, Siddhartha plus Wisdom equals Buddha. What is that Wisdom? If that Wisdom is added to you, you also become Buddha, which is enlightened. So that Wisdom will be given to us by the Wise One and that is Guru Maharaj Ji.

So we should go towards the Guru. One thing I will tell you, in the Indian philosophy, scriptures, they tell of the proper way to approach a Satguru. Now they say if a devotee should go to a Satguru, he should humbly prostrate before the Lotus Feet of the Satguru. Now why is this? The western mind can question about this. By the knowledge of science, we know that in order to magnetize an iron piece, we first of all put that iron piece horizontally. Now that iron piece is kept horizontally and a magnet is brought and that magnet is simply kept in touch with the iron piece by being revolved over it and thus kept in touch. By that movement that magnet induces magnetism into that iron and that piece also becomes a magnet. Now, when a devotee, behaving like an iron piece simply prostrates before the Satguru, the Satguru, like the magnet, induces spirituality into him, and he also becomes spiritually enlightened. That is a scientific phenomenon, a phenomenon which we can comprehend. A devotee also prostrates before the Guru because he knows that his life is a dust particle. He knows that he is from a very low level and only the Guru can elevate him.

The work of the Guru is to give salvation to the people. What is salvation? Salvation is a ladder which joins manhood to Godhood. You climb this ladder, you go to God. So this is the connecting ladder, and Satguru is the source. And another thing: in order to fill a bucket, will you put the bucket on top of the tap, or underneath the tap? Naturally, to fill the bucket, you place the bucket underneath the tap. Similarly, to get Knowledge from the Guru, you place yourself un-derneath the Guru, and this is the whole idea behind the Indian philosophy, explaining the way to approach the Satguru. That is why we prostrate before the Satguru, in order to be infused with spirituality.

We will discuss many things later on, because there are countless things to see. Guru Maharaj Ji has provided, has given, this opportunity, and I believe that the day will come when all of us will get this Knowledge and collect together, because, you know, the Spirit is One. Soul, the Spirit, this Atman, is neither Christian nor Hindu nor Muslim nor Buddhist. Soul is soul. And God is neither Christian nor Hindu nor Muslim nor Buddhist. So our point is, our idea is, that we must connect this soul to God and to nothing else. The whole purpose of life is this.

God is omnipresent, but where do we connect? How do we connect? You have a Denver radio station. Now, this radio station at present is broadcasting a radio program. But can you hear it? No. Why can't you hear the program? Because you don't have a radio. Those radio waves are omnipresent, they are everywhere, but we cannot tune in without the proper receiver. That receiver is the Knowledge. It is the technique of spiritual insight. By that technique one hears the omnipresent Harmony that is being sung by God. And that is God.

My idea is this, that we must know our essence. See, I'll give you a question. The question is this, "What is the difference between a living man and a dead man?" If you subtract a dead man from a living man, what is the difference? The difference is soul, and that difference is to be realized. Because the difference is the essence in us so one thing for sure is this, you must have Knowledge of the Soul. That is why Socrates said, "Know Thyself". One must know that which we are. I will tell you one thing, I saw a dollar note, and on the back of the note it was written, "In God we Trust." There are two persons, one man I know, the other man I don't know, and if you say, which man will you trust? I will choose the man I know. Without knowing a man, how can I trust a man? It is impossible to trust in a man without knowing him. So in the saying "In God we Trust, " how can you trust in God without knowing God? The Knowledge of God is compulsory then, because without it you cannot speak about trusting. Trusting is a thing which you have to do in practice. It is not a talk. It is not a lecture. It is not a song. It is a practical thing. So similarly, if you trust in God, you must know who God is, and that you know by the Knowledge.

And I will tell you one thing: all the scientists are in quest of truth, and in the search they have taken an atom. An atom is a very small thing. Now this atom they took, and they disintegrated this atom, and what came out? Light. When they disintegrated the atom light came out. This means the light was inside the atom, because only if light was inside the atom could it come out. Only if light is inside can it come out. So when you break the barrier of materialism, when you break the barrier of material limit, that light comes out.

Now, by the knowledge of science, I know that your body contains billions and billions of atoms. Now all these atoms must contain the light. So that is our actual form, our real form is light. And that is why all the scriptures say that God is Light. That is why Moses, on top of the mountain, saw Jehovah, and Jehovah said, "Close your eyes;" he closed his eyes and saw a huge flash of light before him. Mohammed Sahib, the prophet of the Muslims, also saw the light. You go to the Vedas, in the Vedas you find "Vergo Devashya Dhimahi," meaning "Light, O Light, I worship you." That is, all these things are pointing to one thing, that God is Light.

Now one thing I tell you, if you take a particle and vibrate that particle, if the vibrations are between 20 cycles and 2000 cycles, you have the audio range. After that you go to radio waves. After that you go to micro waves. After that you go to X-rays, where the particles are very fast in vibration. Then, after that there comes Light. This vibration is from the Cosmic Vibration and it is the Word. "In the beginning was the Word."

In this creation the only difference between solid and liquid is that in solid the particles are jammed together and in liquid they are moving free. It is the vibration that is causing the difference. If you simply block the particles, jam the particles of water, the water will turn into ice, and it will become solid. [t is the vibration that is causing the difference. If you understand this vibration and go in harmony with this vibration by the Knowledge of God, by the Knowledge of your Self, then you can tune yourself to God.

Now, if there is a house and a thief knows that there is a diamond kept in the house, a very precious diamond, then what happens to that thief? He will have no sleep day and night, for he will be thinking and planning how to steal that diamond. Each second, he will be spending in order to plan how that diamond might be stolen. Similarly, if you know in your heart that you contain a very precious diamond, the Divine Word of God, then, to know that Word you will be thinking day and night. There will be no sleep if you are a very, very true, very genuine seeker of this Knowledge. Because there is curiosity and there is sincerity, and there is a difference between the two. Any man who is passing by can see these lights lighted up in the church. He can come here, to see out of curiosity, but he has no sincerity. We want sincerity and not curiosity. God wants devotion, He never wants curiosity. He reveals Himself only to people who are sincere, people who are devotional.

There is action, meditation and satisfaction. Karma and Knowledge, Karma and Gyana, are very, very important. Karma means action, Gyana means Knowledge. Now both are very, very important. There is a bird, and a bird has wings. If you cut one wing the bird will not fly. Similarly, Gyana and Karma, (Knowledge and Action) like the two wings of a bird, are very important in life. We have to work together, because Work is Worship, and Knowledge is Divine. And by applying those two wings, we can fly over this ocean of materialism. Not without the two wings. So we must do action, perform our duty, perform our worldly obligations, and at the same time we must meditate.

A car running without a driver will crash. Our lives, unsecured, unguarded, uncontrolled by the Supreme Authority will crash. We need somebody to guide us, somebody to guide our souls, to secure our soul. For that purpose, Guru Maharaj Ji has come to the western world.

Now the time is coming, the time is fast approaching when religion and science will come together. Einstein, who was a great scientist, said, "Religion without science is deaf, and science without religion is blind." You see, the blind man and the deaf man are together in worshipping the same Truth, but without this Knowledge they cannot visualize, they cannot receive this Ultimate Reality.

So, one must do service, one must be humble and one must be devoted to the Revealer of the Ultimate Reality. Once Jesus Christ was sitting at supper and a lady came to the Lord and she brought very good perfume. She took the perfume and by the perfume she was washing the Holy Feet of the Lord. And there were many, many persons who criticized and objected, "Why is she spending such a huge amount of money just washing the Feet of the Lord?" Then the Lord said, "You can have money after I go, but now you can use the money in my service." Service to the present Master is very, very important. That is why this is a beautiful opportunity for all of you. You must do your best to take the benefit of this opportunity to serve Guru Maharaj Ji.

Now I'll tell you, I'll give you one example. Have you seen the bees? If you study the bees, you will know there is a mother bee, called the queen mother, and there are her workers too. Now all these bees fly around and collect honey and store that honey in their hive. Bees are collecting, collecting, collecting, working day and night just to store that honey. And there is the queen mother bee in the hive controlling everything. We have to resemble nature. Maharaj Ji is the Queen Mother Bee and we should, like bees, go on collecting, go on working for this Mission, go on spreading Knowledge, clearing people's doubts, and encouraging the true meditation. That is our duty. So we must realize our position in this nature.

I am very, very happy to see you. I came from Delhi, a very long distance. It was the longest journey I ever had. I didn't sleep for a day and a night, and it had some effect on my health. But never mind, I will just be cured. Know that you should move for the service of the Lord. That is very, very important in your life, for how can a soldier fight if he is in his home? Impossible. Fight like a soldier, day and night, ready for service. Mata Ji has told me to convey Her blessings to all the premies here. She is very happy, and very often she used to tell me about all of you. When I came to Frankfurt, I was told there are seven ashrams in Frankfurt and about 400 premies there. Then I came to Paris, I was told there are 4 ashrams there. I came to London, and 3000 premies there. You see, the number is growing very fast and to observe discipline, we should have some planning, family planning, so that the whole thing works very easily.

Everything is being prepared for the cosmic plan and we have to move about as God wants us to move. Blessings to you. Maharaj Ji is coming shortly. So we will have a song now, a devotional song.