Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Go and Ask God

Answers from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Fernbank, London, 28th February, 1972

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Any questions you want to ask?

Maharaj Ji.


The voice from the sky, could that be our father?


Yeah, a voice.

Mmmm. I couldn't really understand you.

Some years ago a voice spoke from the sky and many people followed that voice. I did and I thought it was God. What was it, do you know?

See, if it was something really universal then I would have also heard it in India! Because God is universal, He is for all and everyone. He is in Africa, He is in England, He is in America, He is in India. He is at the North Pole and He is at the South Pole. Maybe there was a voice and that could be anything. But besides that, we have to believe in that internal voice that Jesus speaks about in the Aquarian Gospel. See it on page 131. The Aquarian Gospel! Jesus very clearly says that there is a light within us and He described some beautiful things. Swami Brahmanand in India has also described these things. So that is the universal thing we have to know, and that is for everyone, that is something very original, that is what we are teaching now, and it was being taught at the time of Jesus also. And even before then. So we are preaching about that, and of other voices I cannot say. But about the internal voice that I have heard and which is working in everyone, at every time, at every moment, I can say. So there is your voice – that voice came and went away – and there is the voice that is


always, always with us. And that voice is very beautiful, it is a music played within us. So we believe on that voice, and everyone has to believe on that voice because that is what is true. That voice can be heard in India, South Africa, the North Pole, the South Pole, and anywhere you go.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I surrender to you completely, now?

If you are hungry, and you take some grass, you will say this is not food, and you will kick it out. But suppose you are offered chapatis or a banana, and you kick it out, thinking this is not a real banana. You are making a mistake. You have to eat it fully, only then will your hunger go. Same way, only when you go into this Knowledge are you surrendered.

Maharaj Ji, what service can I do?

Well, according to Krishna, talking about this Knowledge is the superfine service.

How can we find out what is our own particular service?

Everyone has a particular service. There are many services. As in a school you see English, Mathematics, and Science, but extra to these basic subjects you can join a photographic club or another sort of club. And in this Divine school there are many types of clubs, there are many services in an Ashram. What is an Ashram? It is a place, a centre, from which we can broadcast our ideas. It is a kind of broadcasting station. You can tell people who come there about this Knowledge or you can go out from there and tell them. Because everyone must know about this Knowledge. When we know it, we must bring the same opportunity to our fellow brothers and sisters, so that they also might know it. Then they will be able to get rid of their egos and their great minds. Now their egos are just flowing about anywhere, like on the moon where there is no gravitational pull. Mind is so uncontrolled. People should be given the opportunity to understand the real Knowledge so they can bring their minds under the control of the cosmic gravity flow. This is the real service and within this service are many services. Come to the Ashram, come to the programmes, and you will start realizing what service you can do.

Maharaj Ji, what are dreams?

You see, when you sleep you lose your memory. You don't know what you are doing. Sometimes peoples' mouths open, sometimes people start talking in their sleep. Some people suddenly get up and start walking, and in the morning, if you tell them what they were doing, they say, "No, I was not walking at all, I was sleeping." So what is a dream? This is a dream!

This is all the dream! It seems so fantastic, it seems so beautiful, but one day everything will be abolished and nothing will be left.

Before I came to the Ashram, certain dreams seemed important to me, they seemed to mean something to me. Sometimes there seemed to be something divine in them. How does this work?

Yes, before you came to Knowledge you were having these dreams, but now you have reached Knowledge, why bother about them? It is very beautiful if you had dreams like this. Divine dreams are very beautiful.

Maharaj Ji, I'm in school and it's very hard for me to do my school work and to practise the Knowledge fully.

What about me? I was in the same position. I was in school too, but I was practising this Knowledge. You can do it. Where there is a will there is a way. No will, no way!

Guru Maharaj Ji, will everyone reach enlightenment within one generation?

If we try, yes. For first everyone must decide there is something to be known which they do not yet know and then they can start searching. Because, yes, there is something else. If you take a boy and put him in the first class without letting him know about the second, third, and fourth classes, B.A, M.A, and so on, and then you take him out of the school, he will say, "Yes, I'm a first class student." Because he thinks that his class is the only class. But if I tell him, "No, you're wrong. I'm from 2B. I've got more knowledge than you," then his search will start. As long as there is a will, there is a way. If you keep searching you must reach your destina tion. If you search more and more, ultimately you will reach His Feet, He who is love. Your heart becomes guileless, for you are with love and devotion, because you have reached a Perfect Master, a True Master. And then we can attain enlightenment. But it is up to us, we must go and tell people that there is something even greater than what they know. Because now people are sleeping, and we have to wake them. Many people are like plastic. They take pills to go to sleep, they take pills to wake up. To become fast they take pills, to become slow they take pills. To feel hungry they take pills, to get rid of hunger they take pills. These people are plastic people, so what can we do with them? They are sleeping. They have no knowledge of what they have to do. We are the people who have already wakened, so it is now our duty to go and waken them. Ultimately they will all know.

Guru Maharaj Ji, is embarrassment a matter of pride? Why do we get embarrassed?

A man has an ego antenna, which reaches such a great height that automatically it starts catching what is called pride. Actually, pride is far out, far away from man. But a man gets into so many ego trips that very slowly he is always rising. And he gets up to such a great height, an embarrassed height, where he gets caught in pride. And then he needs a saint to come who can unentangle him and bring him even higher, to a place where there is no pride at all. That's why saints come.

Maharaj Ji, where does emotion come from?

What type of emotion?


Emotion between people, something you can't explain.

You yourself don't know what you mean by emotion, you are not even understanding your own question. Understand that first, then ask.

Some people say you are a divine incarnation, and some people say other things about you. What's the truth?

You yourself must realize what is the truth.

What about our relatives that don't take the Knowledge, how can we save them?

There is only one way to survive, and that's by taking the Knowledge. You cannot survive by talking about survival. It has to be a practical thing. So, one way, one truth, one God. If God had been stereophonic, there would have been two outputs and two inputs. There would be two paths to realization. But God is not stereophonic, God is one. And this is it. If you think there are other ways you must try them.

If we pray for them, will it help?

Why pray? Go to them practically. Negotiate with them on the subject of Knowledge. Tell them this is the problem and this is the solution. Ultimately man will understand.

Guru Maharaj Ji, why did God create all this in the very beginning?

Go and ask God! God created this earth for a purpose, and instead of finishing that purpose, we have started to do something else. If I have got a very beautiful Rolls Royce and keep it on a steel turntable outside my house which turns three times a day so every– one will see it, what will happen to that car? Is it being put to its proper use? If you start opening it up and try to understand how it is composed, are you putting it to its proper use? No. We must realize its proper purpose.

God is Almighty and we are imperfect. God is perfect. How can we understand the workings of the perfect thing if we have got an imperfect mind? Just imagine how big the sky is, so big, so how can we see the whole sky with two eyes? Actually we try to understand God's creation, but we can never understand until we have this Third Eye. Then we will fully see it. But first we have to realize that we are imperfect, while God is perfect and always was perfect and always will be perfect. So how can we realize His aim in creating the world? And when we have realized it how can we fulfil it? That is the perfect thing that we have to do. And we cannot realize the purpose with our mind because our mind is very limited. We can reach the moon with our mind but that's just a technical thing. If a man is really so clever, then why does he die? Let him live for ever and ever if he can.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what happens if somebody takes Knowledge and doesn't practise it?

If you don't practise this Knowledge you will get rotten inside. There is so much energy contained in this Knowledge, just imagine how much harm it will be able to do you if you know it but do not use it properly. Once you know such a perfect Knowledge, what else is there apart from meditation? have what is so difficult about it? I have seen people in aeroplanes go for a whiskey or a glass of rum. They take a sip and maybe after one or two minutes they take another sip, and after fifteen sips, fifteen minutes have passed. In those fifteen minutes they could have done meditation and got something useful and valuable. How much time do we waste like this? Why don't we collect it together and use it for meditation? Just a few minutes, or just one or two minutes, we can take these opportunities to get higher and not to waste our energy in other things. So when we have got such wonderful Knowledge we must be meditating,

Guru Maharaj Ji, will you take away my pride?

Do meditation and automatically you will rise so high that you will leave pride behind. An ordinary man hasn't got any wealth and so he does not have any pride. But one day, he becomes the owner of something and then he thinks, "Oh, I am the owner of something that nobody else has got," and then he has become proud. But if he takes this Knowledge he will go somewhere where pride can never come.

Doesn't your ego become proud when you feel you are a self–realized person?

No. As you realize this Knowledge you leave pride and ego behind, and you go towards the perfect state.

If you reach a level where you are beyond your mind, people will start calling you mad.

People! People are mad! That's why they call others mad. If everyone is wearing green glasses, and one person takes his glasses off and sees the world as it really is, he can tell the others, "This world is not green, everything has got a special colour." But they'll call him crazy. Because if the majority of the people are crazy and not clever, they will automatically think they are the clever ones and the rest are crazy. But why need you


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 worry when God is with you? What about Mirabai? They gave her four cups of poison and said that they were water touched by the Holy Lotus Feet of Satguru. And she really thought that they were cups of Holy water, so she drank them, and they were poison. But the poison turned to nectar. And they put snakes in her basket and said, "These are garlands for your Guru," and she believed them. But as soon as she put her hand in the basket, garlands came out. So when God is with us, why be afraid of people? What can people do to us? People are not as high as God. God is Almighty, but people are not almighty. The worst they can do is to kill me or to kill you. And then?

So try to understand that God's world is even more beautiful than this world. This world is in darkness but God's world is all light. To go into that world is a wonderful thing.

But if we feel like this, we will be fed up all the time with this world?

What is courage then? What is courage? What is courage?

Courage means facing the world.

Face it then. And if today people are not understanding what you are telling them, if they think you are crazy, if they say you are absolutely mad, tomorrow they will understand you and will pray to you as their teacher.

Maharaj Ji, what is devotion?

Devotion is the flow of love from a devotee to his Lord, and Darshan is seeing the Lord's physical form.

What is faith, Maharaj Ji?

Faith is belief. If I believe you, I have got faith in you. But real faith is only with the Lord. Nobody is ever faithful but the Lord. Everyone deceives except the embodiment of Truth.

Does the light become dim if you do something wrong?

It only becomes dim if you are not practising it. It is all practise.

Is life as difficult as it sometimes seems to be?

Life is a tide, float on it. Go down with it and go up with it. But be detached, then it is not difficult.

Maharaj Ji, some people say it is not good to eat meat?

If you eat meat you will find you get more angry and impatient, and that is harmful to you. I have heard there was a time when saints told people to eat meat, but at that time there was no other food. Today we have got plenty of food so there is no need to kill animals. How many animals are being killed because we eat them? Very many. If the animals have died in a natural way, then it would be 0.K, maybe, but then animal doctors won't allow you to eat them.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is love?

Love is something that cannot be spoken of. It can only be experienced practically, and real love is only between the Lord and devotee. But today everybody is misusing it, loving their car, loving their house and so on. Well, just try and experience the original and real thing inside yourself. This love is only for God, nothing else in the world, only for the Supreme Almighty, because only He is capable of receiving love. Do you understand?

Guru Maharaj Ji, I have often wondered what is the relationship between man and God after death?


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973Die and see.

Can a man and woman be married and also be devoted?

Really, if you want to ask me something, ask about the Knowledge. Why ask about these other things? I think I'll have to start a marriage council for these things! You see, I am the Master of this Knowledge, so ask me about the Knowledge. That is all.

Guru Maharaj Ji, Jesus Christ performed many cures. Can you do the same?

At His time, there were not so many doctors, that's why He did that! But I am curing mental sickness. If you have got mental sickness, come to me. And when you do meditation, you become so natural that any other diseases you have are automatically cured. That's why I tell you this Knowledge is very practical. It makes people natural, they stop being plastic, they become natural and the best way of ending disease is by nature.


Guru Maharaj Ji, are you permanently in God consciousness?

Yes, I am permanently in God consciousness.

Are other Gurus in God consciousness?

Maybe they are. If you want to know, go and find out! I am in God consciousness and I do not bother whether anybody else is or not. But I am bothered about you, about all ordinary human beings. I want them to be in it. But when we say guru, that means he has to be in God consciousness, because that's what it means. Gu means darkness and ru means light. The man who is going to take you away from darkness and put you into light has to be in God consciousness.

Guru Maharaj Ji, if we meditate does it mean that after death … ?

Don't think of that time, O.K? Take advantage of this life you have at the moment. When you die, then think about that. O.K?

Is the breath of grace permanent?

Yes. Permanent grace is the only kind of grace.

I have Knowledge and was meditating upon it but then I stopped. Now I am finding it very difficult to start again.

In India some boys take a matchbox and they take the tray out, and take out the matches. Then they make a hole in it and join it with two matches and a string to another tray, then you can talk into it and you can listen. But if the string is broken or a knot is tied in it, it won't work. Or if the string is touching anything, also it will not work. It must be just straight and free. If it is loose also you cannot talk.

But how does one join the string when it is broken?

If you are trying to tie a knot in it, you will not be successful at all. But Satguru has got a special machine for mending this string, and this is His grace that will join it together again, exactly the same as it was before. If He sees someone really trying to mend that string, He will come and help them and make the string the same as it was before.

Maharaj Ji, can you get Knowledge from smoking pot?

See, suppose I am living on the moon. I am not getting any hashish, I am not getting any drugs, not even a cigarette. So suppose God comes to me at that time, and says, "You must receive Knowledge." Do I say, "God, I haven't got any hashish to smoke, so how am I going to get this Knowledge?" There is only one way to receive this Knowledge and that is not by hashish or anything like that. Why? I'll tell you. Because hashish is a physical thing. You smoke it into your body and you smoke it out of your body. Its effect is a physical effect. It affects your mind after affecting your body. And any


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973 process that must be applied through the body will not take you there. You can't find yourself with hashish, you can only lose yourself.

No, man you're wrong.

Let me tell you. This smoking charash has only started recently here. In India they have been smoking it for a long time, so I know about it. These sadhus, if you ever see them, they completely lose themselves. They think about different things, things come into their mind, but all these things are external, it is not the Knowledge. Of course, you get an experience, but if your car is going at 90 m.p.h. and it has a power brake and you put it on suddenly, so that you hit your head and you see light and hear music, you might think, "Oh this is divine light," and so every morning and evening you take out the car and do this. But that's not divine light. That's just a physical experience.

But when I have a good smoke, I think of love. That's all I think of.

Then continue to smoke if that is what you want. But thinking of love is not experiencing love.

But everybody who smokes, they love, you know? Those who don't smoke, they cannot love.

Maybe, but I don't smoke.

You don't smoke and you still love? Maybe you're special.

It would be far out when you get this Knowledge, because it will give you a greater experience. It will take you higher than hashish. These plants come from nature, but this Knowledge is nature. By smoking you can experience something, but with this Knowledge you will experience everything, and you don't have to smoke anything.

But Maharaj Ji, I heard that when Shiva came down, He was supposed to hold some hashish in His hand.

So you also do that. Get some hashish and take a parachute. Shiva was perfect. There was a master once, I think it was Govind Singh, who ate some fishes, so His disciples also started eating fishes. So He asked them, "Why are you eating fishes?" And the disciples said, "Because you are eating them." So the Master took the fishes alive from his body. So please don't ever compare yourself to the Perfect One. Because you are not perfect.

If you give grace, Guru Maharaj Ji, can you take it back?

Have you seen a radar? A radar throws out rays, they hit the aeroplane and then they come back. So I throw my grace out on you and if you don't want it it gets reflected back. There is nothing more to say about it. If you need it, take it, if you don't need it, give it back to me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, does thought alone create Karma, or does it have to be put into action?

Thought is the foundation of Karma. A thought, or a desire, comes into you. As long as it is in you, it is not harmful. But because it is a thought and a desire, one day it will burst out. So it is harmful also. When you desire something or think of something, then Karma starts, and then action starts. Suppose I want to steal a lamp from this room. It is not harmful, because I am not stealing it. But it is harmful because as long as I have this desire I might steal it, I might fulfil my desire. So it is advised that you should only think those thoughts and have those desires that are helpful to you.

Is there any way to wipe out a desire once it has started, or has it got to go the full way?

You cannot wipe it out, but


you can put a gate there which can let good actions come out but not bad actions. This is one of the good things about meditation, that it only lets good thoughts and good actions come out.

Maharaj Ji, is there any limit to our spiritual development?

When you become perfect, that's the limit. The question is, how to become perfect.

How do we become perfect, Guru Maharaj Ji?

Maharaj Ji, could you tell us what is Karma?

Action. O.K?

Yes, but I mean good and bad Karma?

You should ask about consciousness, not about Karma. What is the purpose of consciousness? It is there just to indicate to you what is good and what is bad Karma. The consciousness. Maintain it by meditation, and make it stronger. Because it is consciousness which tells you what is good and what is bad, and the stronger its influence on you, the better your Karma. It really is something au tomatic, it is something really superfine that God has given us, and that is consciousness. Really it is a wonderful thing.

Guru Maharaj Ji how long will it be before the world knows the Knowledge?

The time when the world has to know this Knowledge is not far away now. It's quite near.

Maharaj Ji, what is being done about getting Knowledge into politics?

We are trying our best for the politicians to know the Knowledge. They'll get it, because politics is what keeps them busy, but if they stopped thinking with a political mind for a second, then they'll need Knowledge. Remember, politics are not bad, only when they are used in a bad way are they bad. Real politics is convincing everybody without fighting. That is political skill.

Guru Maharaj Ji, can I rely on my heart for sound judgement?

No, rely on consciousness. That will give you good judgement.

Can you tell us something about the Devil?

Well, it is just the opposite of what is good. When you realize what is good, then you will realize what is the Devil.

Guru Maharaj Ji, what is a lila?

It is something you have to experience practically.

What about re–incarnation?

You see, there is a cycle of life which all saints have described. I'm just telling you what saints have said. They say that a man does good or bad things. If he does bad things, he goes to hell, where there are 8,400,000 forms of suffering. But those who have known this Knowledge go to that place from where they do not return and that is the place of God Himself. If I do good actions all my life, I'll go to heaven, where I reap the fruit of those good actions, but when the fruit is finished I have to return. So, also, when the fruit of the bad actions is finished, then I must return. This is the complete cycle.

Maharaj Ji, what is the function of imagination?

What function can imagination possibly have? It is useless and it comes from darkness. It is a spaceship, an automatically controlled spaceship that takes you wherever you like. You can imagine you are a king and you'll be a king. A king can imagine he is a beggar and he'll become a beggar. This is imagination. It is useless.

If we imagine we are perfect devotees, do we become perfect devotees?

No. It doesn't work like that.

Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I get Knowledge, when I have doubts?

You must clear the doubts first. If you take your car to be sprayed a new colour, the painter will first of all remove the paint that is already there, then he will make it smooth, he will take out any dents. Then he will paint it, then he will polish it and make it more shiny. The more he polishes it the more shiny it becomes. O.K? Same process here. We are painted dark and Satguru is the painter and He paints us white, and that is light. His paint is like radium that shines forever. But first of all He takes away all our old paint by satsang, and this makes us smooth. Now our doubts are our dents and he removes them. Then meditation is the polish that makes it shine. If you want to make your car shiny, do more meditation. If you don't do meditation, you will become dull and you will eventually reach the same stage where you were before.

Maharaj Ji, will you forgive my sins?

This Knowledge is very powerful, it will take away all your sins.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji – Divine Light magazine Guru Puja Special 1973