The World Of Knowledge

Finnish subtitles are being added to Visions videos shown in Finland, using rented equipment. Following detailed research, the necessary equipment will soon be bought so translations can be done on an ongoing basis.

The search for a Knowledge center continues in the UK, where there are nearly 850 aspirants. Other European countries are also looking for a suitable property. More than 200 locations have been investigated in recent months.

Two separate events were happening in this mid-European city without either organiser knowing of the other's existence. A call for better communication was heard at a recent conference and the matter is now resolved with centrally coordinated events.

New for 1998 is the national association, Evolution, founded and based in Lugano to spread Maharaji's teachings in Switzerland.

The recent change to "foundation" status for Elan Vital in Slovenia has made it easier for local organisers to work more effectively. Current activities include regular events in five cities, where the total number of aspirants is 40, and the distribution of videos to nearby Croatia and Bosnia, as well as translation of them into Slovenian, Croatian, and Bosnian.

Since January 1991, 211 new guests have attended video events, held regularly in four cities. Videos are translated into the local language, Serbian.

Israeli audiences can now watch videos of Maharaji with Hebrew subtitles, thanks to a new system developed locally–no longer the complication of noisy oral translations. Subtitles are created using customised, user-friendly software and recording equipment. Israelis are happy to offer this solution to other countries that are interested. Filming of desert scenes and other nature views has begun in Israel for use by Visions in video production. It is hoped to shoot more footage in future.

Connect 2000, Elan Vital
Connect 2000, Elan Vital

New Delhi
Maharaji's November visit is anticipated by a great many people including thousands of aspirants who attend both video, audio, and magazine events in the more than 1,500 centers across the sub-continent.

Events are planned in Kathmandu for this coming November. The number of aspirants has been growing steadily since Maharaji's last visit.

South Korea
Things are starting to happen here. Two video presentations a week are attended by an average five people. And now one of them is preparing to receive Knowledge. Each month more interested people attend these events.

A Mandarin soundtrack will be added to videos shown in Taiwan to make it easier for audiences to understand. To date, translation has taken the form of subtitles.

Living on a remote island has not prevented people in Kauai from enjoying all that Maharaji offers. The community of around 20 people participate in three video events a week and receive frequent visits from passing instructors.

French Polynesia
Fourteen people have Knowledge on the island of Tahiti. Together with four aspirants they enjoy occasional visits from passing instructors and several managed to see Maharaji at international events last year.

Oregon, USA
Video presentations are shown regularly throughout Oregon's, rural communities, towns and cities. In the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon 20 people with Knowledge gather twice a week, traveling from Ashland, Medford, and other places. In another city one lone person organises regular introductory events.

Trinidad & Tobago
At the May event in Curaçao one person from Trinidad and one from Tobago received Knowledge. The man from Tobago was unknown to people with Knowledge in the region until he appeared in Curaçao. He had heard about Maharaji from a German friend and prepared for Knowledge by listening to audio-cassettes.

La Tierra, Argentina
Local volunteers have been hard at work upgrading the site in preparation for future events. Much of the work has been horticultural: planting new trees and maintaining the rose and vegetable gardens. Designs for a Knowledge center and housing for personnel are being drawn up, as are plans to improve roads and drainage.

Plans for the next Amaroo event at Ivory's Rock Conference Center, near Brisbane, are under consideration. Élan Vital, Australia, hopes to be able to house many more visitors in the center's scenic I,300-acre grounds. This would allow guests, who traveled from 61 countries for the last event, to enjoy the beautiful environment in a more relaxed manner, without having to transfer each day from and to local hotels and campsites. Instrinsic to these plans is the development of the site's facilities.

Video events are popular on the exotic Fijian islands. Already over 100 aspirants and 120 guests have attended in the first four months of this year. They take place in 23 locations, including small outlying villages. In the capital city of Suva, videos are shown four times a week. Being close to Australia has its advantages. Last year, 42 Fijians were able to see Maharaji at the Amaroo event and five people received Knowledge in 1991.

Connect 2000, Elan Vital
Connect 2000, Elan Vital