Every Little Bit Counts
Helping support events around the world

The wind is calm, the sky is clear. Reaching out to hearts that are calling him, Maharaji flies to yet another country, which has invited him to attend an event.

Since he first traveled to London some 27 years ago, Knowledge has spread throughout the world, from Kuala Lumpur to London to Brisbane to Los Angeles to Santiago to Tokyo.

Careful plans

Each country carefully plans the event to which Maharaji is invited: the city, the venue, the budget, the set-up. Whether one hour or three days long, each is treated with careful consideration and willing work, day by day, around the year.

How is all this supported financially? Since there is no fee for Knowledge and no admission charge to the events (in those cases where there is a seat reservation fee, this pays for no more than 30 per cent of direct event costs), contributions cover the rest. Each contribution, no matter how small, helps support events attended by Maharaji, and video events, which now take place in over 80 countries around the world.

These contributions may also help support the preparation of international events, and conferences, at Knowledge centers in Australia, Argentina, India, and Nepal, where thousands gather each year to listen, learn, and enjoy.

Directly involved

More and more people find that financial support is their opportunity to participate, a way to be directly involved in the support of international tours and events.

"When I go to work in the morning," says one long-time contributor, "I concentrate on my business and feel that part of my effort each day goes right to where my heart wants to go."

"When I attended the event in Mauritius, I was deeply touched by the appreciation of the people there that Maharaji would cross the world to be with them," says another contributor, "and I felt joy that I could be a part of making that possible."

Though we all wish we could do much more, even the smallest effort, combined with many, makes it all happen.

In the United States: Elan Vital Inc. a nonprofit charitable organisation, accepts contributions which are tax-deductible for US citizens, by cash, checks, automatic bank withdrawal, and credit cards for one-time and recurring charges.

In the United Kingdom: an international special fund of Elan Vital also receives contributions towards the cost of international tours and events.

In Europe and other countries: individuals contribute to Elan Vital Foundation in Switzerland.

In Australia: an Elan Vital international conference account accepts contributions from all over the world to help support preparation of international outdoor events.

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