1999 & beyond

The revision of this year's event schedule is currently under way, not only to overcome logistical difficulties with the original schedule, but also to better represent world-wide event needs for the remainder of the year.

Some events have had to be cancelled or rescheduled, and new events, particularly later in the year, are being added.

"More efficient venue research and the allotting of time slots, well in advance, is now under way for 1999, and also 2000, to avoid similar difficulties", said Norma Wilshaw, of Elan Vital UK, who helps coordinate the planning of these events, in conjunction with representatives of the other host countries

"Currently India operates with two specific time blocks, one in April and one in November. Adopting this same approach for all regions, where countries regularly invite Maharaji to address local audiences, should help to stage the number and type of events which are needed in each town and city.

"A major part of the planning process", explained Norma, "is working with instructors to help the host countries prepare for events so that as many people as possible, whether new, with Knowledge, or aspirants, can benefit from the schedule."

Check with your national information phoneline for the updated schedule.

Exciting perspective in Reunion

Video events with French translation happen every Saturday in St Leu on the west coast of the volcanic island of Reunion and five events a week are held in the main city St Denis in the north.

Connect 2000, Elan Vital

Local organiser Jacques Thomas is pleased about developments on the island. "Working as a team with South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar and Angola is an exciting perspective for us and a chance to learn how to be more in synch with each other."

This tropical island is just 40 miles long by 30 miles wide and is situated 750 miles east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

News from the USA

Connect 2000, Elan Vital

Nearly 2,000 people heard Maharaji describe the "realm of Knowledge" at the May 30 Long Beach event.

"When we become complicated, we ask that question: where did this come from? The answer to this is: next time, when you take a breath, try to figure out where it came from. That's what this is about.

"This is about acceptance, not interrogation. It is about something that has already been created… Now it needs to be understood, now it needs to be appreciated. And that's the realm of Knowledge."

The following day, 94 people received Knowledge.

Now, across America, the next events are eagerly anticipated. A short report follows:

People who practice Knowledge may be the only people on earth who answer time questions by giving the name of a city. (When did we talk last? Denver. When are you seeing Maharaji? Miami.) By this system of measurement a lot of Americans will be having plenty to do this summer.

Miami. Denver. Atlantic City. Chicago. From the Windy City in the north to Miami, again, in the far southeast, July will find Maharaji traversing America.

For Maharaji, July in the USA is just him picking up speed on his way to events in Africa, Europe, Nepal, and India.

The ones in July have Americans consulting their maps. "Atlantic City is the closest one," explains Ron Greenspan, who lives in southern Virginia. "It's about four hours by car and I already have seats. I'd like to make it to Miami, too."

"There's so much that needs to be done," says Ted Levitt, who was the event manager at Miami in May and is managing the preparations there for July. "There's video, lighting, sound, translation, ushering, seating, construction," and a myriad of other things all of which translates to a wealth of opportunities across America to be in synch.

When's a good time to get involved in what's happening? Any time before half past Miami.

All across the Caribbean

In four Caribbean countries - Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago - and four Central American countries - Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama - people are now able to attend regular events where up-to-date videos are shown. These small gatherings, often in people's homes, now happen in increasing numbers in cities, towns, and villages throughout both areas.

Visions International in North America sends videos direct, with Spanish translation, to Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. From Guatemala, videos are sent to Costa Rica, although they can take up to two weeks to arrive due to the slow postal system.

Since 1997 a simple communication network has been set up so that information about international events and participation opportunities can be shared.

Twenty aspirants

It is hard for many Central Americans to travel to see Maharaji, partly because of lack of resources and difficulties in getting visas. Twenty aspirants in Nicaragua still have no idea when they will receive Knowledge.

Happily, in May this year, people received Knowledge at a two-day event in Curacao - some of them from the Caribbean islands. Several people from this region managed to travel to the recent Miami event.

Any news from where you are?

Please send any news from your town, city, or country to:

Visions International
PO Box 4918
Thousand Oaks
Ca 91359-4918

Fax: +1 805 495 3165

Connect 2000, Elan Vital
Announcing the next event in Nepal

Calling from mountain tops and across valleys is a traditional means of communicating in the southern part of this rugged country.

These announcements bring people together for mostly audio events.

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