Peace In Our Hearts

Satsang of Shri Raja Ji - 16 July 1973 Alexandra Palace

Dear Premies,

The Guru Puja Festival has just now ended. Everybody will be moving away, some today, some tomorrow, some the day after tomorrow, and this campsite will be just empty then. And it's the same thing with the world, you know. We have stayed in the campsite and the man who owns the campsite, if we behave nicely, he will remember us for his whole life, if we do something good for him. It's the same way with the world, you know. We come in the world and go. People come, people go. The whole campsite was empty and we filled it, then it was empty again. But it's what we did there that matters. If we have realized what to do, very nice. But if we haven't realized, we have to realize it. And the way to realize it is through a certain technique, a certain channel, and for that you should go to a person who can give it to you. If you go to a man and you are very thirsty and you ask, "I want water," and he says, "OK. Sit down," and he gives it to you, you'll taste it and say, "Thank you." It is a practical thing. This is the quality of it, you can taste it, you can touch it.

So that's the thing. We have to go to a Perfect Master to get the Perfect Knowledge, to get the satisfaction, to get everything we want. And once you have realized the Knowledge we have a duty to meditate on it. Because once upon a time we were looking for something, something was missing from us. We knew something was missing from us and we were looking for it. Now we have found it. We know what we were looking for. We have achieved our aim. But just to achieve the aim is not enough, you know. There is a duty also. If somebody has an aim in life to become a doctor, when he becomes a doctor there is still something after the aim. If somebody has an aim to become a President, and he becomes a President, still it's not enough. He has a certain duty to perform.



And the same thing is with us. After achieving our aim we now have a certain duty to perform. And though everything is done by Guru Maharaj Ji, we have to play a certain part. So now we have to play a certain part. What is our part, do you know? To propagate this Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji in whatever way we can. This is it. We must use what God has given us. In India, you know, if somebody doesn have a job, he will say that he is a road inspector. And he walks on the road, you know, finding jobs. We say he is a number eleven bus; two legs - one and one. It is not fast, but it's a good bus, very smooth-running. So we can spread the Knowledge by number eleven bus. By whatever is possible. Maybe it is different from personality to personality. OK, if I have my own channels I'll use them. If I am a teacher I'll speak to other teachers. Tell them that we have found something which is stilt missing from them. They also know that but they have to realize it. And this can only happen when we do it, you know, when we talk to them. We have to do it. It won't happen by itself, you know. We have to do it, that's all.

And by the Grace of Maharaj Ji we, most of us here, I think, have received Knowledge and that's the main thing. Because, you know, there can't be peace in the world unless there is peace in our hearts. And once there is peace in our hearts, there is peace in the world,

Thank you very much.