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Brotherly Love newsletter

Bhole Ji"By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji we have received this Knowledge. He is so wonderful to us that He has given us this Knowledge. Without this Knowledge we are nowhere in this world, so we must now meditate on this Knowledge and serve Guru Maharaj Ji. If a tree is planted and we don't put any manure or water on it, it will die. It's the same thing if we don't meditate on this Knowledge; it's no use for us. So we must meditate and serve Guru Maharaj Ji and we must now tell that they may know about who Guru Maharaj Ji is and what Knowledge He gives. In the Gita, Lord Krishna gave this Knowledge to Arjuna; only he could know who Krishna was. The rest of them, they never knew. So only when we have Knowledge do we know who Guru Maharaj Ji is. The rest of the people don't know, but if they have this Knowledge they will also understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is and how He has come to save mankind in this world."

Bhole Ji

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji we are resuming the publication of 'Brotherly Love', the monthly newsletter of the Pennsylvania region. The whole idea behind the newsletter, is to keep us tied together by communicating to each other through it. In other words if we use 'Brotherly Love' as a medium to exchange our ideas and to pass on information, then it serves as a beautiful tool of Guru Maharaj Ji in enabling us to unite. It is said that a tool is only practical when it is being used, in service. In the same way, this newsletter is a tool that will serve us all if we utilize it. It is Like a telephone, in that it transmits and receives. Brotherly Love will keep us up-to-date with what's going on in D.U.O., locally and nation-wide. It will pass on the divine lilas of the Holy Family and, of course, their holy satsang will be in each issue. This is an example of how it will transmit. As a receiver, Brotherly Love will print any ideas you may have on propagation or other service, any songs, poems, or artwork that you might wish to share with your brothers and sisters, and any messages or advertisements that can simply bring us all closer together in the realization of the Knowledge. It's completely up to you.

Jai Sat Chit Anand.

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love newsletter



As we experience the transformation in our lives that meditation on the Holy Name brings we start to become increasingly aware of the tremendous potential of the Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji has given US. We can see how this Knowledge not only uplifts us but it also uplifts the people we come in contact with. Just by contacting other people, premies can transform their lives.

Our Lord has given us agya to work with community social service groups. These are people who have practically dedicated their lives to serving humunity. They only lack the means, the one tool necessary to really change human society. By our example and willingness to work with and cooperate with them we can show them that such a tool exists.

As our community grows in service, we will be able to take on many more social service projects. Hospital, Convalescent Homes, Homes for the mentally retarded; all these people are just waiting to be exposed to the love of premies. Music, dancing and skits are disguises for the love which will enter these institutions. It's really so simple. We just have to be ourselves and we can be a service to so many disadvantaged brothers and sisters in the world.

If you would like to participate in any social serivce project, please contact Gene at D.U.O.


Philadelphia Weekly Satsang Schedule

Monday: - City Line Ashram 6388 City Line Ave. Phila., PA 19151 TR7-8187

Tuesday: - City Line Ave. Ashram
- P.L.A. - 8826 Frankford Ave. 7:30 P.M. 335-1044
- Married Couples Satsang - Call the Goldsteins at 879-8593 for more information.

Wednesday:- City Line Ave. Ashram
- Byron Lee
1509 Allegheny Ave.

Thursday: - City Line Ave. Ashram
- Bill Mitchell
6364 Germantown Ave.

Friday: St, Lukes Hospital
Contact Gene for information
- City Line Ave. Ashram

Saturday: - Community Satsang at Germantown Presbytarian Church.
Sunday: - Community Picnic
Location is at Valley Forge Park unless otherwise announced.

The phone tree has been reduced to just the premies who want to be on it. The purpose of the phone tree is to inform by phone all the active premies what is currently happening with activities and information that they should know about. If you are not on the phone tree and wish to be, please contact Tommy Lovatt at D.U.O. Also please report any changes of phone numbers or addresses.


Brotherly Love newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At this time in the world we have a unique opportunity to show humanity how a Divine Community can exist. The opportunity is ours for the grabbing for the Divine Love of the Holy Family is already ingrained within all of our hearts. The thing is, is how to show this wonderful flower to the world in a way which can benefit everyone.

One of the most basic needs to keep a human being healthy is food. And to be offered the best food at the most reasonable prices out of love; for the enjoyment of love is truly a rare sight to see. But it is possible if premies unite and utilize the opportunity which is being offered, to share through the means of a food co-op. There is an existing structure to work with called the Rainbow Food Co-op Group.

This is where DUO comes in with one of the new services being offered; but one thing to remember is the most important letter in the DUO abbreviation - "U". Don't delay; it's for you.

Any questions on becoming a member and/ or the operations of Rainbow Food Co-op Group, please contact Paul at the DUO office.

Jai Sat Chit Anand.

Brotherly Love newsletter


Brotherly Love newsletterDRY CLEANING and TAILORING SERVICE

By Grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Shri Hans Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Service is now in operation at the DUO warehouse. Initiated by the Third World Prachar, the actual dry cleaning is to be done by the Red Lion Cleaners and Tailors of Philadelphia, at wholesale cost per pound. This service is open to premies and their families only at present.

Premies desiring dry cleaning should bring their clothes to the warehouse, Friday afternoons between 4PM and 7PM, Saturday mornings 9AM to noon and Sunday afternoons from 2PM to 5PM. For pick up by Friday, all garments should be received by the service no later than the preceding Sunday, as delivery will be made to the Red Lion every Monday morning and picked up every Thursday afternoon.

Cost to individual premies will be calculated at a 5 percent markup over wholesale cost to pay for materials and transportation, thus making the Shri Hans Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Service self-supporting. Service by premies will, of course, be voluntary.

Once again Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us His Grace by offering this practical service to the premie community. Let us work together to make this and all other DUO services an example for the rest of the world to follow.

For information about Shri Hans Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Service, contact Bill Mitchell at 438-1657.


Brotherly Love newsletter

Jai Satchitanand brothers and sisters,

By our Lord's Grace, the dance ensemble have finally settled down in our home. Now a more rhythmic way of life and propagation will follow. We're being given an incredible opportunity to prepare the life story of Lord Buddha in dance drama. This time many premies will be able to work with us as we sing and dance the glories of Gotama Buddha in his search for en- lightenment. It's going to be a blissful opportunity for any interested premies to participate. The performance is on May Sth, Sunday afternoon, in an outdoor theatre, in Wash. D.C. The whole day will be a celebration of life. Three premie bands will perform: PLA from Phila., Rainbow Riders from N.Y., and a new soul group from Wash. D.C. The Dance Ensemble will perform a variety of dances finishing with the Buddha ballet. There will also be much much satsang. As with all our productions, when holding auditions or trials, the thing we look for most in not technical ability alone like an ordinary company would either in the music, dance, or acting. Rather some other quality is far more important. That is devotion. Devotees are the perfect puppets. We can be taught to do anything. Nothing is impossible for the true devotee. Guru Maharaj Ji once said that great devotees are like great actors, that they can change their roles and characters at any time and play every part perfectly.

Jai Satchitanand

Divine Light Dance Ensemble (sic)



An ashram has now begun in Wilmington and is starting to function in the community. We are beginning programs in old age homes and drug rehabilitation centers, and volunteer service at the Wilmington Medical Center. Also we are working with the Opportunities Industrialization Center to train the underprivileged for jobs. One of the leaders of the Delaware OIC was so impressed that he wants to feature the Dancers and the PLA band in the Delaware area.

We need your help in any of these projects or in any way you can. For the more we come together as a community the more we can ac- complish. If you would like to help in any of these programs call Chuck 652-1650.

We are only a few now in the ashram and welcome anyone interested in living in the ashram. Contact H. in Philadelphia or Donald in Wilmington.

Soon we will be connected with the organic grocery in Philadelphia and will be able to supply the Delaware premie community with low cost pure food.

We have satsang nightly and soon will be having regular premie dinners and picnics, and invite all to come.

"Even though we are small, even though our efforts are very, very small, they will all flourish into a big, big tree Don't worry."

Bal Bhagwan Ji



In Pittsburgh, the County Mental Health and Retardation Agency funds the South Hills Community Service to council youths who are drug abusers or potential abusers, others with emotional problems, and many who simply feel no direction in their lives. The Agency administration feels meditation will bring about the control and peace which we all need. They have requested Divine Light Mission to participate in their various programs. Twice a week premies attend "rap" sessions and counciling groups. The response to satsang has been excellent and a specific day is reserved each week for this purpose. The assistant director and a counselor want to receive Knowledge and are connecting us with more rehabilitation programs, citizens' groups, and city government meetings.


There is going to be a new premie center in Clarion County that will be supplying love grown, fresh organic vegetables to the Rainbow Grocery. We have about seven acres of land that we'll be farming this summer, with love and grace from our Lord.

Since it is part of the Pittsburgh DUO Community, the Clarion Center will function on an ashram schedule, offering satsang to the town and state college located there. In addition, premies wishing to visit the farm as a temporary service and meditation retreat are invited to come up beginning in early June. More details on that later.

Help plant this seed, make it grow!!

Tom Kirschbaum Clarion Center



Reading Weekly Satsang Schedule

Monday: Hamburg Premie Center
144 State St.
562-3103 7:30 P.M.

Tuesday: Albright College
The Campus Center Meeting Room #1
488-6100 7:30 P.M.

Wednesday: Hamburg Center
Thursday: Albright College
same location

Friday: T.V. Weekly Satsang Program
Suburban Cable T.V. Co.
Channel 5-live- 6:30-7:30P.M.
Anyone interested in going on show contact Steve Clofine at 488-6100.

Saturday: Divine Light Farms
R.D. #1, Bernville, PA
Group Satsang and meditation
7:30 P.M. 488-6100

Sunday: Pot Luck Community Dinner
Divine Light Farms
5:00 P.M. 488-6100

Any premie interested in going to the homes of invalds and helping to care for them one or two days a week contact Divine Light Farms.



Divine Light Center

548 Bosler Ave., Leymone, PA

By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, Harrisburg has a new center. The Harrisburg center is now located at 548 Bosler Ave. in Leymone. 717 234-7617. After the first of June the center will be located on a 3 acre site which includes a large modern split level home with a swimming pool, a 1 acre garden site and an acre fenced in connected to a barn. This center is within a few miles and easy access to Harrisburg.

Satsang is held every evening at 8:00 at the Leymone center. We are also holding Sunday dinners at 7:30 in the evening. We have done programs for area colleges and have shown the films "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji" and "Satguru Has Come". We have many programs and events planned for the community coming up. Service by the premier of our area is needed in order to support the propagation and services which are occuring.

Jai Satchitanand,




South Jersey has a small premie house in Sommers Point where about 5 premies live together and hold regular satsang programs.

In the Cherry Hill area the Leightons have satsang every Tuesday evening and on Friday evening satsang is held at Bemal's home. They have been reporting that so many people come to satsang that soon they are going to have to hold it in a nearby church hall. For any information concerning South Jersey activities, please contact:

The Leightons
118 Mohawk Trail
Medford Lakes, N.J.
609 654-2573

Bemal Sengupta
#7 New Amsterdam Apts.
Marlton, N. J.
609 983-6286

Gorden French
19 Gulf Mill Rd.
Sommers Pt., N.J.
609 927-0146

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter

Bihari Singh is a close devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji who, until last year, spent every day with the Lord from the time of Maharaj Ji's birth in 1957. Bihari Singh is now in India giving satsang to large gatherings. In this letter he expresses a premie's deepest heart's desire to be with the Lord.


February 28, 1974

Jai Satchitanand.

By the eternal grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji I have been spending my hard days of life in His Memory. You are all blessed for you are enjoying the darshans & the fruit of service to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and other Divine Personalities. You have a good earning of meditation due to which you enjoy the pleasures of the Lilas and Darshans of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and the Divine Personalities, all the time. I do not know when Shri Guru Maharaj Ji will sanctify this poor creature by His Holy Darshans. I do not understand it. I think you might be knowing that without the Darshans of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji what is my condition.

Yesterday I returned from Bihar. I attended many satsang programmes in several cities there. During the period of three months about six hundred aspirants have been initiated. Wherever I attended the programme, by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji people in a range of five


to ten thousand gathered to listen satsang. To Sing the praises Of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and tell satsang is the only support for me and there is no essence in any other thing. Wherever there was a programme in the day time I used to sing the glory of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and the whole night would remain with Him. Hardly would have there been any such an unfortunate night when I didn't have His Darshan in meditation. It is all the grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. But you know without physical Darshans of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji this life is nothing. When I feel very much uneasiness, I wish for His Darshans and then remember you devotees that how fortunate are my those brothers and sisters who have His Darshans daily, listen to His nectar-like voice and visualize His Lilas. How impious my eyes are that they only shed tears for want of Darshans of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji but even then do not have them. All the devotees in India remember Shri Guru Maharaj Ji very much and without His Darshan people have realized the difference between living physically near to Guru Maharaj Ji and far from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. When I receive letter from you I feel so happy that I cannot express it in words because they tell me excellent news about Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. If you please send me letters from time to time that will be a source for leading my life happily.

Please convey my Dandwat Pranams at the Holy Lotus-Feet of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Jagat Janani Shri Mata Ji, Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Shri Bhole Ji, and Shri Raja Ji. Please also convey my Jai Satchitanand to all brothers and sisters there.

Waiting for your letter

Your brother,

Bihari Singh
(Dandwat Pranam is a full body lying on the floor face down prostration)

Brotherly Love newsletter


National News

Divine Times and And It Is Divine are expected to be back in business very soon.

"Guru Puja will be celebrated in the United States for North America on July 4, 5, and 6. (Guru Puja will be celebrated in Copenhagen for Europe on July 2, 3, and 4.) A definite decision as to a location for the festival is being considered now, and all details will be released as soon as a decision is reached and Guru Maharaj Ji has approved the plans.

"It is intended to make the Guru Puja festival take place along the most economical lines allowing all the premies to be with the Lord and have His Darshan. All money to finance the entire project will be expected to be raised before we begin.

"Due to the high cost of fuel and the energy crisis, chartering aircraft for international movements has become practically impossible and financially unsound (therefore, the two festivals)."

National Headquarters in Denver reported that the financial crises of D.L.M. is getting better due to the efforts made in fund raising by the cities around the country. They said that only if these efforts and sacrifices continue it is possible to be out of debt by the end of June.


Brotherly Love newsletter


Q. Is there going to be a cataclysm or big event in the world?

A. The biggest event is that you are alive. God has given you so many things and that is the biggest. If you cannot understand that, forget it, man, there can't be anything more after that. He is sustaining you. And when that little think (sic) that makes the man survive leaves the man, everything is just no more for him. All there is in this whole universe is for that one little thing. God has given you that and that is the biggest event in our lives. If you think there is going to be a big miracle, well, it's happening right now! It's not going to be a magician's trick. For a man to breathe, it's too common, you know? But he has to understand that, "Look! It's not common," it's more than that.


Q. Someone once said in satsang that if it weren't for the premies You could give peace to the whole world but that we were not cooperating with You. Is this true?

A. Part of it is truth. I need your cooperation. Premies have to cooperate with me. But people are not getting this Knowledge because of the premies, that is not true. What are premies? They are that person that they were except that they have this Knowledge and they have peace of mind. Since they have it they are like a big big big huge family that knows the little secret. Now the family members have to help each other to spread this Knowledge.

This is like a family and the family is working picking up junk. When they are children they all help their father picking up junk. You understand what I mean? This how they should be. Like premies when they receive Knowledge, they are just growing more and more. When they grow and understand this, they should cooperate with me to give people this Knowledge,

Q. Is the amount of grace a person receives dependent upon his own effort?

A. God helps him. You have to make a way for the grace and then grace will come. It's like there are five people standing, watching you, and you car is stuck. They will only want to come and help you when you have completely given up. Understand? If you have a little bit of your own energy, forget it. Use it first and then it's grace That's an important thing - not to cheat.

Q. Why is the press so critical of you?

A. If you have red glasses on, how do you see this room? Not blue. You've got to see it red. That is the way the want to look at it, so that's the way they look at it.


Q. How do you get into meditation?

A. That's the point, you get into it and stop bothering. Because if in this room everyone said, "Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet," and just kept on saying it, I bet on one thing - this room won't be silent. That everybody has to just step. That's the way it goes.

Q. I read once that you said the highest thing was to be under the agya of the Perfect Master. How do you do that?

A. Meditation - that's the only thing you can do. Realizing more of the Supreme Being.

Q. Can we experience Darshan inside of ourselves in meditation?

A. Yes. But I think you should stop bothering about that and start doing meditation. That will bring you to that point.

Q. Guru Maharaj Ji, I feel myself withdrawing from relationships with people. I'm afraid I'll become cold.

A. You won't become cold. You'll be able to open much more. You have just gone in to make the hold of love bigger … when you come back you can give much more love to people. I don't know all your questions but I have an answer for all of them. Meditation. How do I know answers to your question? Meditation. So I believe in being self-progressed. Okay? Please keep doing meditation, because it's what you really need. Maybe some people think I am talking a bunch of bologna - I'm not. Means we really need it. It's something you will understand later on when you are across that stage but you will just understand how much you needed it. Thank you.

Brotherly Love newsletter




For the first time ever, Mata Ji celebrated her birthday - March 25th - with the premies in Los Angeles. At the last minute money was raised to buy Mata Ji a present and people were mobilized to decorate the hall.

More than 500 premies packed the satsang hall on Larchmont Blvd, then Mata Ji came and played with the premies, wearing a party hat, blowing party horns and squirting Her devotees with Silly String. A heart shaped cake was brought out and Holy Mother blew out all candles with one puff, then cut the cake. Members of Blue Aquarius and Titan played music and Mahadini, a magician from Santa Barbara, performed slight of hand wonders for the Honored Guest. Throughout the party Mata Ji laughed and smiled the smile that only Holy Mother has.

At the end Guru Maharaj Ji and Bhole Ji appeared at the door near the stage. Maharaj Ji didn't sit down saying, "I heard you singing happy birthday and thought I'd come up and wish Mata Ji a happy birthday." Someone handed Him a can of Silly String and he doused everyone near Him with the plastic thread - including Mata Ji who He left almost completely covered in a web of pink string.

After the party Mahatma Satyanand told the premies that Mata Ji never revealed Her birthdate before and never celebrated the occasion. "Mata Ji's birthday is everyday," he said, "No, its every hour, no its every minute, no it is every breath."


Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji are in India, giving the premies their love and Holy Darshan. They celebrated Baisaki on April 15th.

Guru Maharaj Ji and Raja Ji are expected to be in Denver soon, but presently their whereabouts are unknown, except for them being inside.

On April 19th we received a telex from Joe Anctil, the P.I.O. for Blue Aquarius. It said that Shri Bhole Ji had disbanded the group and that further details about Bhole Ji's plans would be forthcoming.

Brotherly Love newsletter



Any premies wishing to announce anything in the classified section please get in touch with Tom Lovatt at D.U.O.

Shri Hans Educational is looking for people seriously interested in becoming a teacher in the Divine School. If you are interested in taking a six-week course conducted by the Denver Teacher Ashram, please contact Joy at D.U.O. for applications … as soon as possible.

We have lots of service to offer premies on Saturdays. It can be anything from selling flowers to doing office work. Those of you who go to school or work during the week, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Service is equally important as satsang and meditation in practicing this Knowledge. Just come at around 10:00 A.M. to the D.U.O. office and there will always be lots to do. Don't pass up this opportunity on Saturdays. For more information on service, contact Joy or Gene at D.U.O.

We need seamstresses to volunteer time; we need artistic painters and set designers; we also need green energy for the new costumes. If you have any of these or wish to offer your services, contact Ricardo at Spruce St. In love and service under our Lord's Lotus Feet, the gopies and gopals of Divine Light Dance Ensemble.

Any ideas on propagation or programs contact Gene at the D.U.O. office.


Any premie interested in devoting themselves to sing the Glory of our Lord in the new forming Divine Choir out in San Fransisco

can do so at this time. Simply write a letter to Bruce Kaynes, 3301 Kempton Ave., Oakland, Calif. 94601.

Any premie wishing to have mechanical work done on their car for a low price please contact Alan or Tom at the warehouse.

Whenever you hear reports about Guru Maharaj Ji in the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, no matter how slight the mention, please contact Gene at the DUO office with information on where you saw or heard the mention and what the content of that mention was. With a lot of people keeping a watchful eye, we will have more complete information on hand to pass on to all.

P.L.A. needs full time road men and premies to do service. Call Danny at 335-1044.

Any artist, cartoonist, poets, etc. who would like to submit their work to Brotherly Love, please contact Tom at D.U.O. Also any unique photos of the Holy Family would be helpful.

Premie with vehicle is needed to do goforing service for the D.U.O. office and the ashrams. Please, if you have any free time during the weekday especially, contact Tom or Joy at the D-X.0. office.

As D.L.M. activities and productions grow more each day, the D.U.O office is now in need of another typewriter. If you have one you can donate, please bring it to the ashram or the D.U.O. office.


By the Grace of Almighty Lord, the Chicago Ashram is now in full scale production of the most out-of-sight baragans this side of the Ganges. We are making, on a mail-order basis, custom sized, hardwood, curved baragans with turned legs that sell for $12.00 a piece.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Each one is hand-crafted and finely finished. The screw fastener is guaranteed for one lifetime and the curved ends are reinforced to insure them from cracking.

We are also making hardwood, slightly curved baragans, with turned legs for $8.50; and for $6.50, the same top as the $8.50 model, but with a straight leg.

Brotherly Love newsletter

The $12.00 baragan is the best in both design and durability. I have had Knowledge for over 2 years and in that time I have haf 4 baragans; they have all broken at the fasteners or the wood has cracked. These models are imperishable.

Brotherly Love newsletterFor a proper sized baragan, sit in music meditation position and measure with yard stick from arm to floor (arm parallel to floor)

We are here to serve each other. I hope the baragans aid in our efforts to med-

If you wish to have one of this blissful baragans please give your order to Brad Wallock at D.U.O. EV7-8288.

Brotherly Love newsletter

In KING OF HEARTS a gentle young soldier (Alan Bates) is serving with Scottish forces in France during World War 1. The retreating Germans have hidden a gigantic time bomb in the central square of a charming French town, and Bates is assigned to find the bomb and disarm it. The townspeople run away and the inmates of the local asylum, accidentally let loose by Bates, take over the empty town and use it as a stage on which to act out their fantasies. During this interlude Bates gets caught up in the fantasy world of the lunatics and has to decide for himself whether their unreal world or the rational world at war is more meaningful.

Divine Light Mission has bought many seats for the Wednesday night May 15th, showing of the movie King of Hearts down at T.L.A. Cinema Theater located on 334 South St. This event will raise money for DLM and will also bring the community together on that night so we can enjoy watching an excellent portray of Divine Light Mission. If you are interested in going, tickets will be on sale at programs, the ashram, and the D.U.O. office. Tickets Will cost $2.00 each and we hope that all premies will buy one for themselves and their friends so we can all come together and watch this beautiful movie.



Since Brotherly Love is a regional community project, the cost of its publication must be supported by the community, To help cover the cost, each monthly issue of Brotherly Love will be sold for the price of 25¢ a copy at programs and by subscription.

Subscriptions for Brotherly Love will be a 6 month period at the cost of $2.00, which will include the cost of first class postage every issue. This will also include the Brotherly Love news bulletin, which will be a bimonthly, 2 or 3 page, mimeograph current news report that will be mailed out to all subscribers. The bi-monthly Brotherly Love news bulletin will keep you up to date on all the current Divine Light Mission and Holy Family news during the middle of the month.

This first issue of Brotherly Love will be the only issue mailed out to all premies on the mailing list. After this, in order to get future copies of Brotherly Love sent to you in the mail, you must subscribe. This is a great opportunity for you to receive inspiring satsang and pictures of the Holy Family, to know what's happening in Divine Light Mission locally and nationally, just to experience the love of your brothers and sisters coming from the Grace of our Guru Maharaj Ji.

If you are interestd in subscribing to Brotherly Love monthly and bi-monthly, please fill out the form below and send it with $2.00 for a 6 month subscription to Tommy Lovatt at the DUO office.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Agya Made Simple

1. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do to-day.

2. Constantly meditate & remember the Name.

3. Leave no room for doubt in your mind.

4. Always have faith in God.

5. Never delay in attending Satsang.

Brotherly Love newsletter

Brotherly Love newsletter