Westminster Hall, England
Guru Maharaj Ji

on the eve of departure of the jumbo jet, the springboard for the India sojourn.

Central Hall Westminster
London, England, November 2, 1971

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Today I am going to tell you a story and this is a story of a great saint. He was walking by and he saw a scorpion was drowning in a lake. He was so kind that he went and tried to secure him from the water. He took the scorpion on his hand. The scorpion took a bite and the saint felt this pain and he left the scorpion. Again he went in the water and saved the scorpion but again the scorpion bit and the saint left him. Again he picked up that scorpion and again he was bitten, but again he took the scorpion. There was a farmer who was observing this process from a long way away and he said, "Saint, why are you doing this? This scorpion is your enemy. He is trying to bite you and everytime he bites you, you leave him then you again go and pick him up." The saint said, "Dear farmer, he is teaching me a lesson. It is his duty to bite; it is my duty to secure him. He is teaching me a lesson that if I am securing him even, he is not losing his duty due to whatever you call love or affection. He is not forgetting his duty. He is always ready to do his duty even when I am securing him. He is teaching me a lesson and so how can I leave my duty? My duty is to protect him."

Today I can clearly see the pain of this world. This whole world is drowned in pain, and why? This is a very clear reason and practically everybody knows it. India is limping. India cannot walk straight. The western countries cannot walk straight. Why? Because India has a long, long spiritual foot, but a very short materialistic foot. The western countries have a very long materialistic foot but a very short spiritual foot. When these two walk, they cannot walk straight, they cannot walk straight. They have to limp about. When these two things will be equal there will be the kingdom of heaven. Just imagine, America was able to send so many Apollos to the moon, but did it get that peace? Was America satisfied? Now, if it is satisfied, then why is it fighting with Vietnam? It is not satisfied. Why? A rich man came to Christ and asked him, "Sir, can I know God?" And Jesus Christ told him some commandments and said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to know God. Why? Why is that? Can you say that God is not a good judge? No? God is a perfect judge. Then why is that? Because as soon as a man gets proud he is completely merged in doubt. As soon as a man gets rich he is completely submerged in pride. No man has time to think about his father, about this perfect path.

We all have come into this world, and we have this beautiful body. We are so lucky really that we are present in this world. We are the fortunate ones to be in this world now. Then the question arises, "Why am I so unsatisfied?" What is the thing that is troubling us so much from inside? This is our ego, our ignorance toward the Holy Word of God. This knowledge is so beautiful that if I am a Christian I can take this knowledge and still be a Christian. If I am a Hindu I can take this knowledge and still be a Hindu. If I am a Muslim I can take this knowledge and still be a Muslim. If I am a Sikh I can still be a Sikh and take this knowledge also. This knowledge is something like that. It is like mercury. If you take mercury in dirty water, take it out and it will still be shiny. It won't be dirty. Put it in sand, it won't be dirty; it will shine. This knowledge is like that. Wherever you take it--any religion, any way of life, any sort of thing, wherever it goes--it makes a man pure.

You have to be pure in heart, pure in deed, pure in thoughts, but remember friends, it is very easy to say this. It is very, very easy to say this. Be pure in heart, be pure in deed, be pure in thoughts. But how to be pure? Who is really pure in this world? The Holy Word of God is really pure and know it! We have to know that Holy Word of God which is absolutely pure.

We have to be like a lotus flower, like a lily. This lotus flower is found in India and many other countries also. This flower grows in water, in dirty water, but it never touches this water. It is always away from this water. If the water level will rise, the level of this flower will also rise. We have to be all like a lotus. This materialistic world is rising but we have to be still higher than this materialistic world. We can't touch this materialistic world because as soon as we start touching it the vibrations of imperfection start touching us and make us imperfect.

I have brought something very beautiful, extremely beautiful. I cannot describe it from a place, because I have not the idea of duality--east, west, south,or north. India is not out of the world. India is in the world. London is not out of the world. England is not out of the world. England is in the world. So I have brought this thing from a part of this world and this thing is so fantastic , this thing is so beautiful that it makes you realize the aim of your human life--your original aim, why you have come into this world. You must have seen my posters and these posters say, "Know the aim of your human life." Now what is the aim of the human life? To eat, drink, and be merry? Is it? No? Then what is the real aim of the human life? Why human has come here? Even if you believe in the theory of evolution then you will come to a point when man exists. But why does man exist? Only because he has certain aim. He has a certain duty.

He has an aim in his life which he has to complete. This aim is to realize the Holy Name of God. If you take the Bible it is written that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." If you take the Guru Granth Sahib, it says, "There is a Word. Due to this Word sky, earth, sun, moon, everything else exists, and this Word is in ourselves." Then you read the Koran, and in the Koran it is written "Paknour," "Holy Name." What is that Holy Name? You take Gita and it is written, "a Word which cannot be described, which cannot be spoken by mouth." Just because the mouth is imperfect. This mouth is not capable. This mouth is not perfect enough to pronounce that Name. So this Word cannot be spoken. Otherwise I would be glad to speak this Word in front of everybody,

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on television, on radio, in the movies. Just everywhere, but it cannot be spoken.

How to realize this Word? We all know now that this Word is important and due to this word everything exists. Christ, Ram, and just every saint describes this Word. Now, how to realize this Word. Because this Word is the wisdom. This Word is the way. Now you can judge that this was said in the Bible about the Word, in Ramayana, in Gita, in Koran, and so on. So imagine how old this Word is. How ancient thisWord is. How far-out this Word is which is recorded by all the saints. But how to realize this Word.

Today you can go press the button and the elevator will come, door will open, we go stand in, press the button, door will close, you will go up, door will open, you go out. In a car you push a brake, move a gear, press the accelerator, car goes. This knowledge is not like this: You put the coin in, press the button, the knowledge comes out. Then how to receive this knowledge? This knowledge is not available in subway stations or in railway stations as many cigarettes, as many biscuits, as many types of things that are available in boxes. You put the coin in, press the button and the desired object comes out. This knowledge is not in books either. It is described in books, but it is not in books. Then where to find it? Should we say that this knowledge has disappeared now? No. The Gita says this knowledge cannot disappear. As soon as this knowledge will disappear the world won't exist.

Then how to find this Word? We have to find this Word by a teacher, by a guide--a guide who is perfect and who can teach this perfect knowledge to us, a perfect guide who can guide us. Like Mahatma Guru Charnanand Ji just told that you need a burning lamp to light a hundred other lamps. So in the same way, you need an enlightened perfect master to enlighten you and make you perfect also. If the master himself is not perfect, how can he make you perfect? You need master.

The young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Now, where do you find a master. You cannot find him like you find a servant. You can't find him in theaters. Where can you find him then? Where is he, this hidden man? Where is he? You have to find him. How to find him out? A very easy test. You have to take a test to find him out and the test is very simple. You have to take his knowledge and test it. If this knowledge gives you peace, well and good, go ahead. If not, leave it and try to find another way.

But if you may think that I want to change your religion from Christian to Hindu, then you'll be surprised to know that I am myself a devotee. I am not a Hindu. I am not a Christian. I am not a Sikh. Then who am I? I believe in one reality and that is a pure religion. The word "religion" has been started from the word "realization," and the realization of God is the pure and perfect religion. There is a glorious sun, not the sun you see in the sky but a sun which is within ourselves, which is much brighter, much, much, much brighter than the sun you see in the sky. When the sun you see in the sky comes out it only dispels the darkness, but when this sun comes out it dispels the darkness and the ignorance both. It is much brighter than the sun that shines out. It is all within us, it is just within us.

There was a man, and in India those people used to go from their homes and they used to earn money. Then they would come back and live. So there was a man who went outside to the foreign countries and he earned quite a lot. He had 500 pounds and he was going back to his house and a thief saw him. The thief saw he had five hundred pounds and he came up to him and said, "Sir, may I accompany you. Where are you going?" The man said loudly, "I am going to my home, and this is my home," and he told the name. Well the thief said, "I am going there, would you mind if I accompany you?" The man said, "No! Come along."

These two travelers started walking. They went to an inn and the man who possessed the money went down to take his dinner and this thief started searching. He started searching for the money. He searched in his pockets, on his bed, under his pillow, but he couldn't get a single penny. He thought, "This man is making a fool of me, but yet he hasn't got a penny but he says he has five hundred pounds." They were again walking and the thief said, "Sir, how many pounds have you?" The man said, "Well, I have five hundred pounds." They again came to an inn. They stayed in the inn and this man again went downstairs to take his dinner and this thief again searched. He searched below his pillow, under his sheet, in his clothes, but he couldn't get a single penny. Again he thought that this man was making a fool of him.

Finally they came to the home and the man who possessed the five hundred pounds took out of his purse five pounds and said, "These five pounds are for you. You may have them." The thief said, "No thank you sir, I don't want a single pound, but can you answer my one question?" "Yes." "Sir, I am a thief. Now that you are securely home I am not going to steal from you. I am a thief. I was after your five hundred pounds and now I know that you have five hundred pounds because you have showed me this. But can you tell me where you used to keep this five hundred pounds when you used to go to dinner?" The man said, "I used to keep this five hundred pounds under your pillow!" This thief never searched under his own pillow. He used to search under others and he never could get the money.

This is the same condition of the world. The world is searching for it outside. The world thinks, people think , God is man. People think God has ears, nose, teeth, and he rises early in the morning, brushes his teeth, washes out his mouth and he is an old man so he brushes out his beard also. But no, God is energy. God is perfect and pure energy, and that is why scientists say that energy cannot be destroyed and cannot be created. This is knowledge. This is the Word of God. They said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." So this is the perfect and pure energy and it has no creation and no destruction. This is the Word. This is God. He is under our pillow and if we search for him outside can we get him? You can't get him.

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It is a very practical thing this Word. It is a very, very practical thing. People try to search for it outside. How can they get it? God is inside. Today, people want love. I can truly and sincerely tell you, this knowledge is overbrimming with love. This knowledge is, you know, I cannot explain how much love that it does contain, though there is so much love, that if you take the water of the whole sea, the sea will be short and the love will still be more. If we take every human man's weight, add them, and we add to love, love-this knowledge of love--and this knowledge will be still much greater than the people's weight. This is it. This is the love , a thief cannot take it from you. This love is so much, nobody can cut this love, you can experience it whenever you like. This Holy Word of God, you can meditate upon this Holy Word of God while you are sleeping also. You can meditate, you can sleep, you can eat, you can talk, but still your meditation will be continuing along.

Many people, you know, I have seen in India, they talk about Gita and then they say well, they haven't got this knowledge and then they say this knowledge is such a thing that it goes on regularly and it cannot break and then they take a garland and start counting it. You know like that. They are a business man and they are counting their rosary and then the telephone rings. They take the telephone and they say "hello" and the speed of their rosary slows down because their mind is involved in the receiver and then they ask you what is the matter, and they say to you, "Sir, we have gained 70,000 pounds," and he is so overjoyed that he throws his rosary to one side and throws the receiver aside and starts jumping. Now where does his devotion go? Where was his meditation? The meditation was broken. Is that meditation?

No. That rosary actualiy can help you in some way, in some physical way, or something like that. But is it the perfect and pure meditation? I can do yoga. I can be in perfect health or shape. I believe that yoga can help me to a limit, but is yoga the perfect and pure thing? If suppose today I have my legs, my hands, my body is perfect and I am doing yoga and tomorrow I have an accident and have my hands broken, my legs broken, then how am I to keep my legs behind my neck? How will I be able to move my hands and back? How will I do that? The perfect meditation should be continual. It shouldn't have a break in between. How will I be able to do that? So realize such a Word, brothers, that it may extinguish your ego. Never stop. There should be non-stop meditation. It should always be going on. Realize who you are. Realize the aim of your human life.

Today, the guitar is played. We love it. Today, rock and roll music is played. We love it. Today, jazz music is played. We love it. Classical music is played. We love it. But there is a music going on inside of yourselves also, and God plays that music. It is such powerful music, so symmetrical, and so beautiful that on the first strike man's mind is concentrated upon it. No question arises that the mind should be fickle. A million powers on this side, a million powers on that side and man cannot be removed from this meditation, this meditation is so perfect.

If you take a rope by which you tie an elephant and if you tie a little ant by that big thick rope, this big thick rope is so expensive, isn't it? You try and tie a little ant by this huge rope, can you tie it? You can't tie it. And if you try and tie an elephant with the string you tie an ant with, can you tie it? You can't tie it. The elephant will move like this and the string will break. So then how? You need the little string for the ant and the huge rope for the elephant. If you use them symmetrically they can solve your problems.

So brothers, your mind is so small, you know, it is the smallest thing in the world and it flows very quickly. It has more speed than electricity, more speed than anything. Today, I see that a jumbo jet, a 747, goes 580 m.p.h. and this jet is standing before me and I am standing before the jet and my mind has already reached Palam Airport, India. The jet hasn't started to leave yet, I haven't boarded, my luggage hasn't been taken, my ticket hasn't been checked in, but still my mind has gone to India, it has landed also at the Palam Airport and now my mind is trying to find a taxi back to my home. This is mind. Now how are you going to control it?

There is a tank of water and not a drop is leaking from this tank. You give a man an oxygen cylinder and put him on this tank and he welds up all the sides so that no air is going inside, no air is coming outside, no water is coming outside or going inside and from this tank water is not leaking; but man's mind is. It is still leaking. He is either thinking of the Eiffel Tower or thinking of Disneyland, Los Angeles. The water is not dropping from the tank, not a drop, but his mind is still leaking.

So how do we control this mind, by a rope, thick like an elephant's rope? This small knot can tie it?. No. You need knowledge to control your mind, tie your mind up, because this mind is so small, so tiny, so invisible, and thus you need this knowledge, and I am here and I am offering you this knowledge without taking a single pence. A special discount, an absolute discount, not a single penny is being charged, and this knowledge is so, so--how should I explain it--even scriptures weren't able to explain this knowledge because this knowledge is the topic, the subject beyond our mind, beyond our brain. The brain can't think how to operate the mind to this knowledge. This very empty brain--mind is very, very limited, very limited and this knowledge is unlimited.

Brothers, here is this knowledge and this is free for you, no charge at all, and so peaceful that when you know it, when you realize this knowledge, you will say, "Oh, this is fantastic." You really will feel it. There was a king. Somebody came to his kingdom and said, "King, I want to sow a tree of mangos in this country." The king said, "What is mango?" The man said, "I have brought a whole box full of mangos." The king said, "Well what is a mango?" The man said, "A mango is a little or big yellow thing, juicy, (he made a picture of it), it is like this, and this, and this." The king said, "I don't understand!" Then he gave some pictures to the king and the king said, "I still don't understand!" The secretary came and he tried to explain, "Sir, I have also eaten a mango. A mango is sweet, it has color, it tastes something like that and something like that and you have to leave the skin and eat the flesh part of it and it is very good." The king said, "I can't understand." Again the next secretary came, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth went but the king couldn't understand. The seventh secretary was clever. He went and took a mango, washed it, cut it, and offered it to the king and said, "This is the mango!" The king ate and said, "Yes, now I understand what a mango is! Now I have realized it myself. I have understood it."

I am describing the knowledge, that it is something like this and something like this and it is far-out and this and that but you cannot understand it until you

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p06 (12K) personally receive it. Receive it and then you will see how good it is for yourself and it is so beneficial. Then you will understand what the real juice of this mango is.

Today many scientists are trying to discover so many things, but are the scientists happy? Are the scientists really happy? No? Why? Because they can't know it. They cannot know this knowledge by their sensitive instruments.

Today, suppose, Mahatma Ji comes to me and begs me for food and I give him this food and he goes away. Then tomorrow again he will feel hungry and again he will come to me and beg for food and again I will give it to him. He will go back again, he has a full stomach. The next day again he will be hungry and after I give him the food again he will be again hungry, but I will go on and he will start feeling hungry again. But if I teach him a technique he won't come back again to me. Today people think, well, take a few pennies from your pocket and give it to this beggar and then … NO! It is not done, he will still beg. If he is satisfied for three days then on the fourth he will beg. If you really want to help him, teach him a technique. Teach him a technique so throughout his life he is completely satisfied and he no longer has to beg. Then you will help him.

Your mind starts thinking and you say, "That is better than that. That is better than that," and your mind says yes, and your mind is not satisfied. After a few seconds again you start thinking because it is so subtle. It is so flickering; flickers, flickers, flickers. And then the next second you say God is very, very holy; this is God; God is very high. And the mind says, "Yes why not?" And it is satisfied for a few seconds and then again starts thinking; flickers, flickers, flickers. It is like that man you are giving two pennies to daily, but is he being helped? No, not at all.

How to help him then? Completely satisfy your mind that your mind rises no more because mind is the creation of man not of God. Remember this always-your mind is a creation; memory is a creation of God. This memory he has given us, these tape recorders, this is a gift of God--memory. But not mind. Not mind. Mind is a thing which has been created by man, because two things are meeting each other. Your soul tries to hit and come out, not to come out really but to give this spiritual spark. Your soul wants to give out this light, also this peace inside. Your soul wants to come out.

But outside it is very carefully covered within ego and pride and so many things. So as it tries to come out it is beaten by these covers and something is produced. A holy thing hits against an unholy thing and another thing is produced and that is ignorance, a complete vacuum, and that is your mind. But if you remove all your carnal sins--ego, pride, doubts--from you then you will be completely satisfied. This knowledge will shine out of you.

You take a stone and throw it up in the sky. It will again come back. Why? Maybe it is due to the control of gravity. Because the stone is part of this earth. See, rivers flow from all over and go to the sea, merge within the sea and are completely finished, nothing more to do. Because the river is part of the ocean. Until it goes and meets the ocean it is not satisfied. But when it meets the ocean it is completely satisfied. When you burn a lamp and the fire goes up because it is part of the sun and until it goes up and meets the sun the fire is not satisfied. In the same way, the soul is a part of God. It wants to go and meet with God, have a perfect communication with God, but it cannot. Why? It is not because your body is stopping you. It is not your body, it is your ignorance, your mind.

People are so unhappy today that they go and commit suicide. They think this body is what is stopping their soul from going and having a perfect communication with God. That is not it. Your body is not stopping your soul from going there. It is your ignorance that is stopping it. So, just try to understand what I want to say. People may think that I am Indian so we shouldn't receive the knowledge. You know, you are not receiving me. If you are receiving me, then yes, you have a duality in your heart--black and white. But you are not receiving me, so no question arises of black and white. You are receiving my knowledge and knowledge has not got any color. So receive my knowledge, not me. This knowledge is so holy, so perfect, that wherever it goes and hits, it makes it perfect. Wherever it goes and again hits it makes it perfect, wherever just one spark of this knowledge shines out. It is absolutely perfect.

So that knowledge I have. I took this knowledge from London to America. I passed through customs. The customs people opened my suitcase, checked my clothes and all my luggage, everything. I was laughing and so this made those people very suspicious. What have I got? I was laughing because they were checking my luggage but I still was smuggling, and what was I smuggling? This knowledge. They were not checking me, they were checking my luggage and I smuggled it in and spread it among many, many people. I have satisfaction. I have love. I have devotion to give to people, to scatter to people.

You may be surprised and say why is this knowledge free of charge? Just try to understand. A man can live without gold, but he cannot live without food, and food is much cheaper than gold. He can live without food for a day or so, but he cannot live without water which is still cheaper than food. He can live without water for an hour or so but he cannot live without air which is absolutely free. So just understand because this knowledge, because this air, has been recommended for you; air is the fuel for you -- the requirement is absolutely free. This knowledge is recommended for you. This knowledge is fuel for you. Because we must understand it, because you must know this knowledge, you must practice this knowledge. It is being made absolutely free for you. So , do not think that is of less value than your stereo tape recorder or something else. This is still much more valuable. Once you receive this knowledge your heart leaps and is so much filled with devotion and love. Love, not towards this mater-

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ialistic world, but love towards God, who is your real father, whom you have forgotten and whom you must realize.

So don't see my body. That I am a small boy, what can I tell you or what is that? See there may be small boy who can drive a car and there may be an old man who can't drive a car. So, his skill is more than that old man's! So don't say this. Our bodies are short, but not our memory, not our skill. Our skill is yet more rich. So just try to understand what I want to explain to you about that Holy Word, about that knowledge.

You have to be sincere, you have to be pure in heart, and how do we become pure? You know purity is not like that, that we can go to the drug store and say, "Please give me a cup of purity." You take it, you drink it, and you are pure. Purity is not like soap that you buy from the market, "Please give me a cake of soap of purity," and you take this purity soap and rub it on your body and you become pure. This purity is not a tablet that you go to a doctor and say, "Doctor, can you please give this tablet of purity," and you eat this tablet and you become pure. It is not like that. Purity is obtained through this knowledge, through this far-out thing, through this very thing.

So today that is why we have not even feet to keep us in balance. We stand crooked and people think that we are drunk. But no, we are not drunk. What should we do about it? Take knowledge! And you won't stagger anymore. You will be perfect. Then you will be guided by right; perfect guidance will be given to you. Just realize the purpose of your life, why have you come into this world. Why? You know, I can dedicate my head, put many types of cream into my head, many types of oils, many types of things, but does that bring purity or peace into my head or mind? No. Why? Because that is not it. It is something else that would bring peace.

Now I won't refuse to give you this knowledge. I am always ready to give you this knowledge. I am always happy to give you this knowledge. I don't lose. I gain. I am a servant of God and I have completely devoted myself to God, and how was I able to do this? Not by going to a place, putting my hand there and saying "Oh God, I am really devoted; I am your servant." And so on and so on. I never did that. How to become an instrument of God? Just experiment. Realize what that thing is that is stopping you from being an instrument of God. I experimented and I realized it was my mind. I said okay, I took this knowledge and meditated and all this mind came out. When it came out I thought I was a completely different man. To realize this knowledge even I have to go to a guru. Guru is a Hindi word and you may be surprised to know that "gu" means darkness and "gu" means light. That is called "guru." In English you can translate this "guru" into "teacher" or "guide"--a guide who can take us away from the darkness of this materialistic world into the bright light or the holy light.

To my disciples I am talking as a guru, but to those people who are not my disciples I am talking as one human being talking to another human being. If you want to receive this knowledge you will be given the address. Please come tomorrow and please try to come tomorrow because we are leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we all are leaving, 353 people are leaving. We have chartered a 747 plane from here to India and 353 brothers and sisters are going in this plane-full of divinity, not because it is Air India, but because everybody going on this plane is filled with this knowledge. So this is a divine flight and we are all going in it and we are very, very fortunate. This is the first time, first plane that is flying for a spiritual purpose with so many passengers to India.

p07 (48K) Then there is a very jumbo function in Delhi. 1,500,000 people will attend. 15 lakhs of people are expected. Then there is again a function in Bihar, Putna,where we expect the same amount and more. We have booked three grounds and if you want, you can make an airport there they are such big grounds, and people are going to stay on these grounds. They are going to experience this divine bliss.

So, if you are interested in this knowledge please come tomorrow from 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. onwards. Then come and you can realize this knowledge. By all means the door is always open for you. It is never closed, always opened. So you can come and share this knowledge free of charge. People drink wine and they say "cheers," but when you share this divine wine, this divine nectar, it is really a cheer, really something to be cheerful about. Because it is Divine Nectar. Nectar is Nectar. I am trying to finish because people have to go a long distance and it is quite a cold time now.

If a man is clever, beckon him and he will come. But if a man is crazy, you will have to say, "Please put your left foot first, then your right foot, then your left, then your right, keep your nose directed towards me and then walk left, right, left, right," and he comes towards me. But if he is clever I will just beckon him and he will come to me. I have given you all the hints that I wanted to give about this knowledge and if you are interested then you are welcome. If not, you are most diswelcome. If you want it, you are most welcome for this knowledge. It is for you.

Now, I have received it and it thereby becomes my duty to share it with you. Well, I can't explain. Unfortunately this knowledge cannot be spoken by mouth otherwise it would have been my pleasure to tell all the people here. But is is not like that. So I can't tell you. But if you want that I should tell you this knowledge come then where I am staying and the telephone number is 562-26142. Come then and the address will be given to you. You can talk to me if you have any doubts, questions. They can be very easily erased from your mind. If you want to receive this knowledge then you can easily receive it. May God bless you all and may He shower His divinity upon you all to give this whole humanity the intelligence of mind to develop and to erase illusion, delusion, and pollution from this world. Thank you very much.

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