Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat November 27

Guru Maharaj Ji

November 27, 1971
Prem Nagar Ashram, Haridwar

You have been hearing about this ancient goal, this ancient mystery of life, the definition which summarizes all the definitions of all the scriptures, the Gita, the Ramayana, the Bible. This is the definition that the mystery of life, of the human life, is the cosmic unspoken Word which dwells amongst all the human beings. The Word which dwells amongst all is the most cosmic and ancient one. Through this Word we are able to survive. We are able to be alive because this Word is fully functioning in us and this Word is vibrating us in a direction, in a way, and thus we are alive. In the same way this Word vibrates in the earth, sky, air, and it is said by Saint Guru Nanak that this whole earth and this whole universe is entirely fixed upon the Word, upon the Shabdh, or upon the unspoken Word.

We should emphasize on one clearly written point in the Gita or in the Bible, that this is a word; w-o-r-d, not w-o-r-d-s; this Word: that means that in this single word, not several words. What is that single Word which cannot be spoken by the carnal lips or which is out of the subject of any carnal matter? What is that Word? At that time, when a man is going to die, at that time all of his body becomes nervous. Something comes and extinguishes all the energy that was making him survive and making him function. He seems to be losing it all and thus he is helpless. His body is losing the functions it is to do; he can't speak, he can't see at times, he can't write. All of his senses go away. At that time if it is word which has to be spoken by the carnal lips, how will it be spoken? At that time, when a man loses all his senses, how will he be able to speak and say a single word?

Therefore it is that type of word which can be spoken while you are sleeping even, walking even, and at every time --sleeping, walking, at night, in the daytime, writing something, talking on the telephone, or anything. Suppose I have been given a name, suppose, "Sohan," and I have been repeating "Sohan," "Sohan," "Sohan." Now this Mr. Sohan--or let's say "Gopal," and I have been repeating "Gopal, Gopal, Gopal, Gopal." And the telephone rings and I say "Hello." In the Gita it has been written, clearly written, that this knowledge, this practice of knowledge is constant, regular. It is always going on. There is never a stop for a single second in this. It is absolutely constant. It is always going on. I will tell you. I am repeating "Gopal, Gopal, Gopal, Gopal," and the telephone rings, "Hello." My gopal is finished. My gopal is stopped. My meditation is stopped. It has to be constant meditation. In this case how am I going to do it constantly? Suppose I am repeating, "Gopal, Gopal, Gopal, Gopal," and I go to sleep. At that time how will I be able to speak this word? How will I be able to pronounce this word? But this is such a Word, even if you go to sleep or even if the telephone rings, you cannot stop it. It is automatically going on.

Prahlada was asked by his mother, "Prahlada, why don't you leave this meditation of God, this Holy Word? Why don't you leave it?" So Prahlada clearly says, and all you who have taken this knowledge can understand it, Prahlada says to her, "Mother, I am ready to leave this Word at this moment, but this Word is not yet ready to leave me. What should I do?" Prahlada says, "I am ready to leave this Word, but this Word is not ready to leave me. And if this Word leaves me I will surely be dead." Now what is that Word?

You know, everybody has been talking about "Word, Word, Word," but they get pretty confused, what is that Word? Until and unless you go to satguru - "sat" means truth; "gu" means darkness; and "ru" means light - until you go to satguru you won't be able at all to find this Word. But once you go to a Satguru you ask him. "Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened."

Go to a satguru and ask him for that Word and he reveals to you that Word. He doesn't make this Word for you in his factory, but he reveals this Word to you.

We have been given a very far-out example that Sir Isaac Newton didn't create the law of gravity. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity. Discovery means the thing which is existing before had to be projected out to the people. That is discovery. He discovered it. He projected it out to everybody. It was a hidden thing, but he projected it out. So in the same way this Word is revealed. This Word is hidden there and then it is just projected to you. You understand it, you catch it, and then you receive the satisfaction of mind because this is a church to our mind.

Now I don't believe that America is so rich, but let's say that America is supposed to be so rich. Or let's take Switzerland - Switzerland seems to be rich. Switzerland is a rich country. Then why doesn't Switzerland have peace? Everytime you walk in the markets the watches are changing, motels are changing, you know, and each day they are working beyond the stage of development. They are not satisfied with one stage. That is why they are going to other stages. Isn't it?

Suppose you want to go to 13 Municipal Road. You want to go to 13 Municipal Road and you find that, yes, this is 13 Municipal Road but then you walk to 14. Are you clever? You wanted to go to 13 Municipal Road, you go to 13 Municipal Road then why are you walking ahead? You have your destination. You have reached

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p23 (149K) the stage where you wanted to reach. There is nothing more that you can develop. There is nothing more than 13 that you wanted to reach. You have it.

If I know God, if I see God, what else would I have to see? There is nothing greater than God. You know, I am talking in terms of energy, not of physical forms. There is nothing greater than God the energetic form. Now that I have known the energetic form then what more is there to see than that? This is it, you know, that's what I like to see. But in spite of seeing this I am going ahead. I am searching more. That means that I never did want that thing. I wanted something else. If I go in search of a gold mine and I get a gold mine what else do I want? I was in search of a gold mine and I have it. Now I must go, dig it, and have it.

In the same way if they have their minds really satisfied, if they have reached the perfect stage of satisfaction, they will not decrease. Really , their soul will be elevated. Their cosmic energy will be elevated, but not their mind. Because mind is the only thing that is making a man unhappy, unsatisfied.

America is technically advanced, sending Apollo to the moon, but is America satisfied? Do you think America is satisfied? Is President Nixon satisfied in spite of doing all that? And if he is satisfied, then why is he fighting in Viet Nam? He should stop this war if he is satisfied; but he is not satisfied at all in spite of it. India, being such a spiritual country, is fighting with East Pakistan. Why?

Now we are solely under the influence of this knowledge. This knowledge has been given by many, many saints who took birth in India. India has been advancing, advancing, advancing, advancing. Now India also has started fighting because India is afraid of losing something. That is, that it may lose the land that India possesses. If India would just surrender and not fight, Pakistan would go, go, and go, and cover all India. But India is afraid, you know, and thus it is fighting. So in the same way everybody's mind is fighting. Every millionth of a second it goes 10,000 miles. Now you know the speed. Every millionth of a second it goes 10,000 miles. And people , saints who have known this knowledge, don't want to fight. They want to be completely at peace. So what is that knowledge that has to be revealed only by a satguru? Without guru you cannot attain this knowledge. What is that knowledge? What is that thing? Is it an orange, apple, banana, lemon? What is it?

So, we must realize that and if we have realized that important Word, what must we do? Not sit idle. That is very, very bad. I wanted to go to 13 Municipal Road, so should I sit down on the way, that's all? I wanted to reach Prem Nagar Ashram and I think there is nothing like Prem Nagar Ashram. That building is not Prem Nagar Ashram. The room is not Prem Nagar Ashram. Prem Nagar Ashram is the composite of land, buildings, spirituality, and devotees. So when I reach the gate, have I reached Prem Nagar Ashram? Should I sit down? I wanted to approach Prem Nagar Ashram. What more should I do?

No, that's not it. That's not the whole truth. That's not the whole function. That's not the whole play I have to play. I have to go ahead. This is my aim - that destination. But as soon as I have approached my destination I have completed my aim. I change my aim. Now I must do in Prem Nagar Ashram whatever I had to do.

A thief goes to a place and the place is named, let's say, Warren House. The thief goes to Warren House and stands by it. Now first of all he made his destination to approach the house, right? He had not made his destination to break the wall, was it? No. First of all he made his destination to reach the Warren House and he has reached the Warren House. Now what should he do? He will change his action. When he was going to the Warren House, he was walking, right? But now, because he has reached the Warren House, he will stop walking. He will change his action. What action? He will take a hammer with care and start knocking through the wall to break it. One action is completed, one destination has been completed, he will change his action. He was walking on the road previously. He changed his action to break the wall. He broke the wall, he changed the action to enter the house, and he again changed his action, he goes to a table where the piles of notes are. He goes there and he again changes his destination. He changes his action. He picks up the notes. He again changes the action, puts them in his pocket, changes the action, comes out, and goes away.

So this is how you have to keep on changing your actions. First of all, search for satguru. Satguru searched, action is completed. Action changes. Now what has to be done? Now ask for knowledge. So we ask for knowledge. Action completed, action changed. Now receive the knowledge; completed, perfect. Now action changes. Now meditation. And meditation--no action completed. No action changed. You go on, then you become constant; then you become perfect. You reach the state of perfection, that is the only thing which you are doing; meditation, meditation, meditation. You are not changing your aims or destinations anymore. Understood?

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p24 (149K) When you have received the knowledge then you won't change your actions or aims. You have to promise now. You have been constant, you have been completely lost in meditation, now you cannot change your action.

That is how you conquer your mind. That is how you can finish your mind, through that meditation, because meditation is the only thing--the only rope which can tie your mind up. That rope by which you tie an elephant is expensive, solid; it lasts for a long time. If you take that expensive rope and try to tie a small, little, tiny ant with that rope, can you tie it? No! You cannot tie it with that expensive, thick rope. And if you take a thin thread by which you tie an ant, suppose - it is not even expensive and it won't even last for a long time - if you take that thread, that can tie the ant. Your big, thick, expensive rope cannot tie the ant, but that little, cheap thread can tie it.

So, our mind is very, very subtle, very, very thin. So this can only be conquered by those instruments which are spoken within us. That is, you cannot see the Divine Light with these eyes. You can only see the Divine Light with the third operation. That is the instrument, that is the operation. You cannot speak the Word, like you cannot speak the mind. That is the instrument to cut the mind. Now it is absolutely cleared away, done, completely finished.

Once the mind is finished, the man is perfect and pure. Man is far-out. The man is completed. The surgery has been completed. The man has been made pure. So, we should try to find out that knowledge - now I am speaking for those people who haven't received this knowledge yet. Find it out through meeting satguru. Because only through the real satguru will you be able to realize this knowledge because he is the possessor of that knowledge. If I don't know French,how can I teach you French? If I don't know Hindi, can I teach you Hindi? But, if I know Hindi, can I teach you Hindi? Of course! Because I know it. So, go to satguru.

Many people may ask a question and the question is how to find a real satguru. Maybe there are 366 satgurus roaming about the world. Take one road and you find a satguru, take a right you will find a satguru. Actually 366 satgurus are there. So how to find a real satguru? And everyone has a long, jumbo board saying, "satguru." How to find the satguru now? Remember one thing if you have senses, look. If you are crazy, no help for that. If you have senses in you and you can feel, then of course there is an identity. When the sun rises, what proof have you that the sun has risen? You don't take a big searchlight, candles: "I don't know where the sun is, do you?" When the sun rises do you take small candles and small lamps to find out where the sun is? Do you? When you approach a real satguru and he gives you this knowledge, then what happens? No need for extra things to find out. Completely free. Perfect.

How many of you have seen Disneyland? In Disneyland there is a hill; there is a small mountain and the road goes like this, like this, like this. Right? You have seen that? It goes very fast. Like this, like this, and that. It takes this turn, that turn, this turn, very fast. Now that road goes so fast, so fast, and takes so many turns, right? But does it fall off? Because it has been completely channelled to the rail, right? That's why it can't go off.

If there is something like a car and it takes a road and goes so fast, automatically it would drop right off. Surely it would drop right off, it goes so fast. Right? And there is a thing in Disneyland where they take you through in a small boat, a big boat really, and it goes through those robbers, those toy robbers. Have you seen that one? So , in that boat you enter it, and there is a deep thing like this (a whirl pool), right? And everyone is screaming but nothing happens. If it were a real thing everyone would fall out. So it has been channelled so much that it cannot go out.

Same way, if we have dedicated ourselves, if we have been channelled to satguru, automatically we will go off. And satguru cannot go off. Therefore, the channel cannot go off. And if we are channelled to that channel we cannot go off. But if he is not the real satguru then the channel is not perfect. If the channel is not perfect, and we are chained to that channel, we are also imperfect and somewhere we will go down. So make your life completely perfect, channelled completely.

Have you seen the art works of Michelangelo? Perfect. Make yourself perfect like that. You are perfect, of course, but there is something making you imperfect. There is a black light making you completely imperfect. Remove that black light and you will become perfect. So I think you have understood now what I wanted to say.

Of course, for those of you who have come from outside, these are our ideas which we have placed just now before you, and you can compare them with any of the scriptures. Because this is not new knowledge which is being broadcast throughout the world, but is the most, most, most ancient knowledge that is being broadcasted now. The most ancient knowledge. And this has been fully described in all the gospels, in the Bible, in the Gita, in the Ramayana, in all the scriptures. So if you are interested in this knowledge, contact us. And every premie who stays here should sit and do meditation. O.K.

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