Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master 1971 December 2

Guru Maharaj Ji

December 2, 1971
Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar

Dear Premies:

Now that you have understood what the knowledge is, there is a simple fact of practice. Everything requires practice. Maybe it is driving a donkey, maybe it is driving an airplane, maybe it is driving a ship, maybe it is driving a car, or maybe it is driving a scooter or cycle--anything. Everything in the world requires practice. If these small things require practice, no doubt this important thing will also require some practice, practice, practice. You require practice--attending satsang and doing service, because service is the most important thing. Why? Because service is the most important means by which you can be directly linked, more directly than any way, to Guru Maharaj Ji.

That is why if you read the ancient records you will find in the olden days, in ancient days, the saints used to keep their pupils for years and years, for two years, or three years. And the pupils cut wood for them, or this, or that, or this or that, and then afterwards when the saints were very , very pleased with them, then they used to reveal this knowledge to them. Because it has been made very easy for you now, it still occupies the same importance as it was occupying previously. That means because this knowledge is given to you now in a short period of time, that does not mean that you just have to forget the importance of this knowledge. This knowledge is the most important thing.

When Swami Vivikananda went to Chicago to the World Religions Conference, he said, "Nothing can be holier and higher than the Name of God." Why? Because, suppose you have thousands of dollars but they are locked in a box and the lock costs, let's say, $4.00 or $5.00, and the key costs probably 500. The lock is there but the key is missing. You cannot open it. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in the box but you cannot use those dollars because you haven't got 500, I mean, you haven't got the key.

This knowledge is the easiest thing, O.K., but its work is the hardest work. This knowledge is a very easy thing, but its work is very hard for you. It is easy to go from here to the moon, but what about further than the moon, across the blue sky and right to heaven to God, to where God is staying? It is probably possible. But this knowledge communicates that place. This knowledge is so powerful, its catching power is so powerful, that it communicates with that guy who is sitting right in heaven whom you call God. This knowledge is the means, is the method, because the human man will try to take the easiest means. This is human nature, that whatever the easiest means is, human man will try to do that.

Thus, in the same way, this knowledge has been made easy for you to understand it, to realize it. But even then it requires practice. See, the whole world has been created out of vibrations, and the source, the primordial vibration, is this Word. If you clearly listen, if you can, sometimes when there is no sound at all, not any sound - the birds are not chirping, nothing is going on - and you listen very attentively to the air which is blowing, you will hear this Word. Very attentively, if you listen to the air, you will hear this Word.

Once I had a bamboo stick, a thin bamboo stick, and I was standing on my roof, and I was taking the stick and swinging it very fast, very fast, and a sound was coming. I was thinking it was very funny. I was doing it several times, so on and on, I was doing it. Then when I received the knowledge I realized what that was. That is why all the vibrations, all the vibrations of air, have been coming out of this world.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master 1971 At night in my room, air comes and passes sieves and it makes that noise, it tries to whistle. The primordial Word. All the things that have been created from the primordial Word do contain some essence of the primordial Word. Take a brick--a brick has this primordial vibration in it. Take air--air has this primordial vibration in it. Take sun rays--sun rays have the primordial vibration in them. And as soon as this vibration is taken out, they are done; nothing is left. The whole world is based upon this Word, because this is the first source of the world to be created. This was the fundamental basis for the whole world to be created out of -- this Word. From this Word came the whole process of creation. Because of this word, God was able to create the whole universe. If this Word was missing, God wouldn't have been able to create any of it. The Word is such a powerful thing that when a little bit of it comes into a thing, the thing becomes alive. So this Word has to be deeply realized.

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When a man goes deep into this Word, even if you cut his head off, he won't know it; even if you burn his body, he won't know it. Because the main source of his body, the main thing of his body which was making the senses alive in his body, was carried away by the Word--up. Once it has been carried away-up then there is nothing that again is creating the senses in a man. If you punch him, he is feeling pain? If you are burning his skin, he is feeling pain? No. He won't feel it because the thing that has been making his senses alive has been carried right up into such a place where it is not coming into the body. The body is there, alive, but there is nothing in it. So that is why many saints, when people burn their bodies or torture their bodies, they don't even move; because it has gone up; it has been merged.

The first thing is light. What is that light? What is it composed of, that bright light that is brighter than a thousand suns it is so bright? Sometimes it is so much that it really is too much. There is a music that is being played without a guitar, without a tabla, without a sitar, but there is still music. The Ramayana has said about the human life, about the aim of the human life, that "All human beings, men and women, listen to me attentively. Who has created this body? God who has created this body- -you have forgotten him. That is really ugly of you. You are really the worst persons because you have forgotten the name of your creator. What can be worse than that, to forget the name of your creator? What can be worse than that? I can't think of anything worse than that, to have forgotten the name of your creator." Then it says people are sleeping in the caves of wealth but they are again foolish because it was created by someone.

If you go to the source you will find everything. If you take one plug from here you will find only one connection, one outlet, right? You want to operate one tape recorder, or three tape recorders or four tape recorders. You can't operate them all because there is only one outlet. You can only operate one tape recorder. If you go to the main power house, there are thousands and thousands of outlets; any amount of tape recorders you want to play, you can play. People who are sleeping under the blanket of wealth think that wealth is the source. Someone has created that wealth. If you go to the source, you get everything - as much wealth as you want. People think that this world is itself it, and that is why some people are believing the theory of evolution. But the theory of evolution does not conflict with God, the creator, because God has created, and the theory of evolution says it existed by itself. So remember the basis; don't forget the basis of this universe.

Whenever a surveyor comes to a building he first tries to see the basement, the foundation of the house. If the foundation of the house is good enough , the house is very good. If he comes into this hall, he will look at the pillars. He will look at the pillars because the whole house is based upon the pillars. So remember, in the same way, the Word is our pillar and we are based upon this pillar. Don't forget your pillar, because you are based upon it, being common to it. You are uncommon to it. One saint says that it was very funny that a fish was thirsty in water. This was very funny because there was water all around him but he couldn't drink it. Quite funny.

In the same way, being common to the Word, right from the beginning when the child is born until the end, he is repeating the Word. The Word, being common to the Word, he acts as if he is uncommon to it. Being common to the light, he acts as if he is uncommon to it. Being common to the music, he acts as if he is uncommon to it. Being common to the nectar, he acts as if he is uncommon to it. And this is the nature of the world. Why is the world crazy? Why is the world frightening? Because the mind is projecting the mind's projection on you. When the mind's projection becomes very, very hard on a person, it almost makes a man like a stone to crack. To crack. That is all man has in his mind - to crack.

This main Word must be carefully utilized, and you have to go right on the track. Then you will be able to know who he is. But if I only see a man's feet I won't be able to know who he is. If I see all of his features and he is standing before me and I am seeing him whole, I can understand who he is. You are repeating the Word, right? But when you go into the depth of the Word, you understand it because when you go right into the depth of the Word you can see the full features of it. So everybody will be given a chance to go through the knowledge review. Don't bother, because the rest of the very attentive and very cosmic satsang will take place in the knowledge review.

Now go according to your schedule. Thank you.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master 1971
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