Christmas Satsang
Guru Maharaj Ji


This Christmas satsang was the last satsang Guru Maharaj Ji gave to the group before everybody left for their various destinations. During the satsang, the lights for all of the festival grounds went out--the work of traditionalist opposition party. After this an angry mob attacked, throwing stones and fighting, trying to disrupt and end the program. Guru Maharaj Ji remained very calm and continued speaking. Due to the violence, though, the Westerners were unable to leave when the program was ended and had to wait several hours until buses arrived.

Satsang delivered by Shri Guru Maharaj Ji
December 25, 1971 -- Patna, India

Dear Premies:

Happy Christmas to you all and I hope you have enjoyed your day, because it is a spiritual day. The birthday of Christ is a spiritual day. So let us join and negotiate something about this main spiritual thing-- that is satsang which has brought you. By the kind grace of satsang you have been able to overcome your difficulty, overcome your confusion, and you have been able to come here to this spot.

So the main thing is that you will be leaving in four days. On the 29th you will be leaving. So first of all remember this point I told you previously when we were in London. Remember and do meditation regularly. This is very important. Some people will be going back and doing some service for the ashram, or doing some service for the government, any of you doing anything; but remember this: you must do meditation, you must do meditation constantly. Try to give satsang to those people , try to talk about this knowledge that you have been learning. Tell them, be frank, there is nothing to be ashamed about. That this is true, maybe these people can't realize it, but tomorrow they will be the first persons for the realization of this word, that yes, really it is something. So try to spread this Word, that yes, this is something you need, something you require. Everybody knows it, every foreign man, every man. Maybe he is Indian, maybe he is American, maybe he is Japanese, maybe he is Chinese, maybe he is Russian, anyone he is; but he requires something and he understands this. But what does he require? What can suit him? He has never understood what that is. He understands, he knows very well, yes, we want something. We really need something very badly. But what? They don't know this Name, no one has told them this Name, so they don't know. They can't even guess about this knowledge. They can't, so that is why.

Maybe you have been reading the Aquarian Gospel and so many books. Clearly there has been written in the Gita the "unspeakable Word." Nobody could guess this. How could it be unspeakable? If it is a word it must be able to be spoken. How this is - you have realized. Then how can they guess about this Word? And if you have known this Word then it is your first and foremost duty to spread this Word, to tell people that yes, you really have to be increased and you must know it.

If one man is blind and you want to do something for him, show him the path. If you hand over yourself to that blind man, no doubt he will go in the well and take you also. No doubt he will go in the well because he never sees anything. He just sees the darkness. So don't hand yourself over to this crazy mind. It is very bad to hand over yourself to the crazy mind. You know, I was reading the theory of a scientist and he described how an accident takes place. He said, "A car is going 50 m.p.h. and suddenly somebody comes and tries to cross the road. You have very powerful brakes, but, " he says, "the speed of the car is more than the thinking power of man. In the meantime the car continues and hits the man." In the same way the theory really comes together here. What is going on in this world is going on in such a rush that a man can't even understand what all of this is. He can't even think about what is happening. So, he closes his eyes and he is driving the car. If it goes well then it is okay for him. If it crashes, if it hits a wall, that is okay also. If you have to stop instantly then you will realize that you need this power. You really need this knowledge.

Now Mataji will be coming soon and if it is at all possible I will be coming with you on the jumbo jet.

The main thing that you have to do is practice this. Service is the main idea for you. This is the main service for you. This is the very main service.

This is a notice: You must stay here. You musn't go alone like that. You will be given first service to go back to where you are staying, okay. Don't go by yourselves. You will be given first service to go back, so I think you have understood.

Increase further. Do meditation and you will see what happens. You sow the seed today and after many, many months you get the ripened fruit. As soon as you sow the seed you don't get the ripened fruit, it takes some time. Do this meditation and the ripened fruit will come to you. Spread this knowledge and don't be lazy because Mataji will be coming very soon. Don't be lazy at all. People who have come from Canada must prepare Canada. Janet is programming for Nova Scotia and some people here are from there. Arrange a big , beautiful, jumbo satsang in New York like this program if it is possible. Some of you are from Boulder and Denver. Try to arrange a program there and then I will send a couple of mahatmas for America. You can even tell them to do prachar (propagation) there. Divide them into certain parts of America, into districts, to begin the important spreading of this knowledge.

I hope you have enjoyed yourselves here. You have been seeing and hearing little bit of craziness and that is also very natural. Error is evil and to forgive divine. Don't be confused by that, it is but natural. Craziness prevails in every man and you can not shew it away by this program here. The best place; everyone has come here, big people, small people, every type of people have come here. That's why they want to show their craziness here. No problem at all because you have such a firm faith, such a firm foundation that nothing, no air, nothing can shake you. So be firm, be erect.

Thank you.

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