Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji

Ram Lila Grounds, Hans Jayanti Festival
Delhi, India
November 6, 1971

Only great souls give satsang. I am a little soul. Really. My name is Bal Bhagwan--Bal means "little." Yes.

Where is Maharaj Ji? You have left him, huh? (Guru Maharaj Ji had remained in London for four days after the jumbo jet had flown to India.) So we have to import back on Guru Maharaj. Import him back.

Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the divine knowledge, and really, if we have a sincere desire we can learn and know that, what that divinity is. First of all, in order to understand that divinity, we have to read and study the scriptures. Now, one thing I'll tell you. In chemistry we have a law--the Law of Conservation of Energy. Energy is indestructible. Nothing can destroy energy. Energy is neither created nor is it destroyed. Now that pure energy which cannot be destroyed is abiding in our heart as soul. S-O-U-L. There are four letters. "S" stands for "subject," "0" stands for "of," "U" stands for "universal," "L" stands for "life." It is the criteria!

You see, that knowledge of soul is given to us by our Guru Maharaj . The range of that divine Word is from zero to infinity. Infinity. And divine Light you see, the holy Harmony you hear, and the Nectar you drink--it is actually the composition. Like this is a pole, the pole is standing on the ground, that ground is zero and the pole is so high it is limitless, and that is infinity. So the knowledge of the infinity is given to us by our Guru Maharaj. Yes, and thirteen (the age of Guru Maharaj Ji at the time) in Hindi means Tera. Tera means "yours only." Yours, yours, yours; nothing is mine.

In Patna we have arranged a Universal Convention on Psychic Peace for you fellows--all the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji. And we will celebrate the Holy Christmas with Guru Maharaj Ji, really with Christ. A mass with Christ. And I hope Santa Claus will come there and give special gifts.

And I think six laks of people--six hundred thousand-- will come there too in the conference, the congregation. And I hope all you people will come there because you will be benefited by divine satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji. You see, I am so busy now that I cannot talk to you. And this subject, you see, we can describe this divine knowledge in various terms: physically, chemically. This is paraphysics, something beyond physics. And this is also metaphysics, after physics. And in order to realize what it is, we have to surrender ourselves. See, Maharaj Ji told me that the one who planned and designed the English Railway, the underground railway, completely surrendered his complete life, his whole life, for that design and particular planning. Similarly, to study this divine knowledge, we have to surrender our lives and see. He is with the divine camera and spiritual film. Yes.

So now be ready to receive Guru Maharaj Ji tomorrow both externally and internally. I heard that you people danced before Guru Maharaj Ji. And Maharaj Ji said, "Be happy!" before he left you. So Maharaj Ji is conquering this world without a sword. This is really non-violence.

In the test tube, when you mix some solute, some chemical, so there is a degree of that proportion of mixing, when you mix it completely, it becomes saturated and nothing more can mix. It is the limit Yes, when you actually mix yourself with the divinity, there is alimit, and the limit is that you become limitless. And this can only be understood by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. Yes. It is impossible without the grace. Grace is just like a magnet. You cannot see the forces of magnetism, but you can only feel. You can only feel.

I heard there are Chinese premies also. You can classify this revolution as Cultural Revolution. Cultural is not enough for spiritual eyes outside and inside both.

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You see, first of all we have to study our past and then we have to act now to define the future and Guru Maharaj. You see, he complained to me that all you premies (devotees) have left him and he's lonely there. Feeling very lonely. And the same condition is yours. The same thing as Lord Krishna and the gopis. See, there are two types of persons. One type is bad persons and the other is good persons. Now, they both give sorrows only. When a bad person comes, he rubs you and you feel very bad. And then Guru Maharaj Ji comes, a seer, he gives you so much love that when he goes away from you, then also you feel sad. So they have the same qualities, same virtues--good and bad.

One thing I'll tell you. I think you have seen many movies. So when you see the virtual image on the screen, your sentiments are aroused. You feel sorrow. pleasure, and you life laughs when you hear a joke. So all those sentiments are aroused when you see the film. Now, if you turn your head and if you turn it towards the projector, the source, there are no sentiments aroused. The source is the divine knowledge, the source is the Guru Maharaj. So the reflection, what we see by the reflection , by perceiving the reflection, we have good and bad, virtues and vices, happiness and sorrow. But if we turn our head back towards the source--that's the projector--nothing is there; no feeling is there. So if we turn our head towards the source, the criteria, the cause of all phenomena, we rise above the feelings, above sorrows, and above happiness because every action has an equal opposite reaction. The reaction of happiness will be sorrow, and sorrow will be happiness. But if you rise above happiness and sorrow, you will be liberated. Liberated, yes, really liberated.

At first there were few premies, and the premies used to sit around me, around and before me only. And now there are many premies. So, few premies are standing there and if there will be many more premies then far away they will stand, and one day will come when they will not be able to see me but they will only be, they will hear. But the science has television--by television you can see. There are two televisions--one you can purchase from the shop, and the other you have inside. That is television.

In India we prostrate before our Guru Maharaj Ji. And really, it is something wonderful, and those who have been to many gurus, many saints, now realize by the grace what they have received--they have received that which is something of their own part. They have received themselves. So it is really wonderful to see you people here and I think you'll kidnap me. You'll smuggle me out of this country.

First of all, Guru Maharaj Ji has served us by giving us hands, limbs, such a good face, our body. He has served you first and now in turn you have to serve him. See, we are not immortal. Our earthly coil is mortal and we have to utilize the short span of our life in such a way that not even a moment or even a second is lost in the tempest. But each second is utilized in propagating the divine knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji, and in tasting it, knowing it, and feeling it more and more.

Now you are of the Divine Family. What do you want now? Nothing? Satsang--I told you, see, I am little soul. Great souls give satsang. Mahatmas give satsang. How is Fakiranand? "Fakir" means "beggar," and "anand" means blissful"--a blissful beggar.

See the white light, or the sun light; it is composed of seven colors; it is known as spectrum. Now, that light can be only distinguished by a spectrum, by a glass piece. In order to really see the colors we have to have a means, a glass piece. Without that our naked eye will not be able to visualize the seven colors of the white light.

Similarly in order to realize the Divinity we have to have the means. And that means is knowledge. Without that knowledge, you cannot see what is there before you. And really you are graced. You need no blessings now. You are already blessed. Can there be a greater blessing than the blessing of knowledge? No.

How is Maharaj Ji there? I see the reflection on your face--the reflection of the divine Light. Yes, it is shining. I think you have polished your face with the wax. There are very many grins.

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