We are here to be who we are
Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang on September 29, 1978 (First Night)

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji, Dortmund Guru Puja, 1978

So dear premies, it's again very beautiful to be able to all come together, to be able to understand more, to be able to gather more. Because, you know, in this world, there are so many things that are happening constantly, so many evolutions, you might say, so many constant changes, that it's incredibly hard to keep up with it. It reminds you of a river, flowing very fast, and there's a lot of rocks. And all these rocks are making ripples, and you're standing in the middle and all this activity is happening all around you. And there you are: isolated. Nothing is happening to you.

And in this world, you look at it, just recently a new Pope was put on, and he died today. Then Bruno was saying, "Oh yeah, there was this guy, a long time ago who prophecized that this is what is going to happen, and then more and more and then …" I mean, it was his prophecy.

And you just look, and all the things that are manifesting in this world, every day, pointlessly. Pointlessly because they don't have a real beginning. And pointlessly because their end is so meaningless. Their end is about as meaningless as their beginning was. And as meaningless as they were … had no result.


Just things happened, and things disappeared … and that's it.

And in this life, really to be in this world, and be an aim, be an object of all those things? Is really that's what life is all about?

Since I've come to Europe, I haven't read the Newsweek or Time. To me it was like, so what? And I came, and premies have put some magazines around. I picked them up and I just glanced through them. And all of a sudden, because you didn't read Time or Newsweek, you're not informed of those things. And, all of a sudden you say, "Wow, man, everything is kind of nice." And you pick up all those things, and it's like you got to go back the two or three weeks, and find out, that didn't do anything. Still the craziness was there, still the craziness was going on, besides, in spite if you read it or if you didn't read it. And that's it.

We are sitting in this hall, and there are people who are making plans for a football game tomorrow. And these prople are probably sitting down and the boss is telling them, "Man, you better go out there, and you make it a good game! You make it an interesting game, otherwise you're gonna put me to shame." And the coach is telling them,


"Listen, man, I've put everything in you, you know. Just go out there, have a great game. Do a great job!" And the people are saying, "Oh yeah, we're going to go there and I know my team is going to win!" And all this is going on out there. I don't know how many thousands of people are going to come, to see this football game tomorrow.

And then, that's not the end of it. Ford Motor Company in England: those people are going: "Man, we want more than 5%", and strike. The government is saying, "Man, this is a reasonable offer".

Then in the Middle-East it's like, "What about the peace? What happened? What happened to the Camp David thing?" And then in America … and it's just like everywhere, it's not at one place …

And you just look, look in your heart. And if this is the reason why this whole humanity was created, then I can very strongly say that God made a mistake, the Creator, who created all this, made a terrible mistake. Because this is chaos! This is ridiculous! Not even in the animal kingdom does this happen.

And here we are, you know, with all our Shastras, and with all our books, saying, "Oh man, this is really a precious human life."


What is the preciousness of this human life? I mean, if this is the kind of chaos this whole humanity has to indulge in, you know, you can do without it. But, there is a reason. There is a purpose! There is a very, very simple reason, and we always look too far for that reason. We always look too far away from that reason. And our reason is very simple. We are here to become one! We are here to be who we are, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. And why does Guru Maharaj Ji come in this world? That reason is very simple. Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world to make you who you are, to make this world what this world should be. And again, and again, and again, and again, Guru Maharaj Ji comes.

I mean, that's why people have said, the Perfect Master is the Saviour. What does the Perfect Master save? Save what from what? Perfect Master saves the humanity. Perfect Master saves the mankind from that chaos, that man walks and talks himself into. And not knowing, not understanding, completely blind, we get blinded every day, and every day, and every day, and every day, and every day. It's like a coat. You put on more coats of darkness, and more coats of darkness like painting. More and more, and more and


more darkness, more and more darkness, more and more. And this is exactly what is happening! And this is what keeps on happening. Because there is no solution out there.

This morning I was talking, and I was just saying, "Listen, this world doesn't know what it wants! World has desires, and people go out and fulfill their desires." And now the big thing is, "Be slim!" You know, be really skinny. Or have this, or have that! I mean, it's the same old story. It's the same old constant joke. It's the same old constant thing happening. It's nothing new. And it's just like, here we are.

Okay, so it happened to Romans centuries ago. Okay, it happened to Vikings centuries ago. Okay, it happened to Indians centuries ago. But what about us now, in this century? What's going to happen to us? Are we going to sit there and say, "Well, it didn't happen to this guy, so it can't happen to me." And this is perfectly, normally acceptable, because "Look, this is okay. Craziness has to be there. Craziness is okay, because, look, the Romans were crazy. Vikings were crazy. Indians were crazy. Everybody was crazy. That's okay. Very acceptable!"

Is that it? No.


But, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, what I was trying to say is that out there in this world there is so much craziness going on. And we are saved by Guru Maharaj Ji giving us that Knowledge, by Guru Maharaj Ji giving us that grace, to save us. Save us from what there really is out there.

And I remember, I think it was in Philadelphia, an initiator was giving satsang; and this initiator went on to say that there was this premie, and this premie said to everybody, "Look, I'm going to leave Knowledge. I'm going to stop doing satsang, service and meditation, because everybody tells me that this is precious. And if I stop doing satsang, service, and meditation, then I will know how much I really miss it."

That's exactly what happens in this world. That delusion, that's what we have to be saved from! How many times … you know, you have a car, and in your car you have a window. And if that window was to smash in, if that window was to break, while you were travelling at a very fast speed, that would hurt you. So, how many times do you take a great, big bar, and smash that windshield of your automobile, just to find out if everything is okay or not?


"Oh, I don't know, I don't know if this windshield is okay or not. I don't know if this windshield can withstand this? So I'm going to break it. And by breaking it, I will know."

How many times does that happen? How many times do you say, "Oh yeah, it's really, really nice sitting in this car. So what I'm going to do (and you know, the car is going 100 miles an hour), just to find out, how great it is to be in this car, I'm just going to step out for a second."

Or, for instance, try doing that in an airplane! "Oh yeah, I'm travelling very fast, in great comfort, but I don't know! So what I'm going to do is for about approximately five minutes, step out, and then come back in. And then I'll be able to truly say, 'Yes, this is much more comfortable than out there'." Do we do that? Do we do that in our lives?

I remember when I was coming from Hong Kong a long time ago – and that was from India to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to America – we had a great flight. The door was whistling. The seal wasn't holding the pressurization in properly, and it was really whistling loud. And then there was this guy, who wanted to step out, while the airplane was flying. And everybody was concerned,


because this guy went over there and tried to open up the door of the 747. So Marolyn went up to the captain and said, "Do you really think that guy can open up the door?" And the captain said, "No, it's okay. Don't bother. This has got so much pressure that even if you tried to open the door, it wouldn't open while it's still pressurized."

And so what I'm trying to say is why was this guy so nuts? Why all of a sudden did this guy become such an idiot, that he says to himself, "I'm going to leave Knowledge, to really find out in fact how precious it is." Okay, so now you look at it, you look at the situation, and go, "Yeah, man, that guy must have been really out there. This guy was really spaced out, because that's not the way you do it."

But what about that narrow path that all the scriptures talk about? How much detours do we take away from it? How much do we detour from that narrow, narrow path that we have? How many times? How many times do you just take off, not even knowing, not even saying to ourselves, "Oh yeah, I'm going to take off, because_ I want to find out"? Not even saying that. Just take off. Detour.

And that's what this mankind has to be


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji, Dortmund Guru Puja, 1978

saved from. Because it's not only the point of saying, "Yeah, now I have Knowledge." But since from when we are a child, when we are a little child, a baby, you just see that this whole thing starts to happen.

You know, Daya is at a very, very beautiful age. And she is humble. You know, she makes her wishes known, but she is humble. And she is there. And she has a lot of kindness. She has a lot of love. And to her the Camp David meeting could have gone on for 10,000 centuries, that wouldn't matter to her. You know. It wouldn't matter to her if the whole world was going to play football, if the north was going to play football with the south on the equator. To her nothing matters. To her, herself matters. And of course, she's in that bliss. She can enjoy that bliss, because in her bliss it's total satisfaction. But she is advancing. She can hold up her head. She can look around. She goes towards sound. She looks everywhere. She looks at things that are shiny, attractive – taking away from her own attractiveness, which is inside, which keeps her soothed, which keeps her calm. She doesn't need anything outwards.

And then you look at Hansi. You know, and he is just – tschou – he takes off! Just


literally takes off! He can run, he can really run fast. If you try to keep up with him, you'll have to start running too.

And you look at Wadi. Now you even mention pink to her, which used to he her favourite colour. (Everything had to be pink. If it wasn't pink it was not acceptable.) And now it's not pink anymore. It's yellow or blue, or anything else.

And she's going through this whole stage of where she says, she looks at people and she gets all shy and all freaked out about it. And then you say, "Wadi, what's the matter?" And she goes, "I don't like that guy."

"So Wadi, what's the matter. Why don't you like him?"

"He's too handsome!" (Laughter)

And this is just like all these ideas, and all these concepts, and all these things start coming in. Okay, we can lock her in one room. And Hansi in the other room. And Daya in the other room. And don't mention Peter Pan, don't mention popsicles and don't mention anything that's too handsome or not too handsome, or this or that. A lot of it comes from premies, definitely, from the premies who play with Wadi. They keep telling her this and this and this, constantly. Her brain is


like a computer, and they keep putting in all this information, and slowly it just turns around and comes out. That's the way it is. Hah, people learn other things which are three times as much worse in this world. It's not the matter of you just lock them in. This is going to happen.

But hopefully, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, some day they will receive Knowledge, and they will then be on that track where they are really supposed to be. I'm not saying that I'm going to force them into Knowledge. You can't do that. You can't force anybody into Knowledge. They will have to come to me just like everybody else – come up and ask for Knowledge. And I'm not going to say, "Oh yeah, come here Wadi. Because you're my daughter, you have to have Knowledge!" You can't do that. And this is what I've said quite a few times, that's too bad! Bacause that would be so wonderful. That would be so wonderful! Then all the Creator would have to do is have a great big hand and come down on a Sunday, swoop over the whole world and say, "You guys out there, you are my creation, and you have to have Knowledge, otherwise you're going to die." I mean, that would be incredible. That's the way I wish it were. That if we didn't


have Knowledge, if we didn't have the realization of Knowledge, that we couldn't live another step. After nine years of age, you come to that point, and if you don't have the realization of Knowledge, that's the end of it. But it's not that way. We have that option. And this is why there is another track, in which we can get lost. And that's why Guru Maharaj Ji comes to save us.

But we, why do we always – this is a good question – why do we always prefer the wrong track? Why do we always want in our lives things made simpler, and simpler, and simpler, and simpler, and simpler; so simple that it gets very sophisticated? I mean, it's just like why? Why is there all this mind coming in? I'm pretty sure, a lot of premies have that question: why mind, why? Why another track? Why do we always get attracted to this other path?

And Guru Maharaj Ji has a very simple answer for it: you're a sick person. You're sick! So you go to a doctor, and say you've got a stomach ache. He diagnoses your problem and says, "Yes, this is the problem. Here is your medicine." You take the medicine, you put it in your pocket, and you always have stomach aches, keep having stomach aches. And when you come back home, you


take your jacket off, you hang it in the closet, and you have stomach aches. You keep saying, "Oh man, that doctor, he's crazy! He gave me the medicine. I have it, but I still have a stomach ache."

You never touched the medicine. All you did was accept it from the doctor, and put it in your pocket. That's all you did. Three days later you say, "Man, I'm going back to that doctor. He hasn't cured my stomach yet." And, you know, you reach over, go to the closet and reach over, put on your jacket. Accidentally put your hand in the pocket and go, "Oh what is this?" Pull this bottle out of the pocket, "Wow man, this is the medicine that doctor gave me! Wow, I forgot it in my pocket." You open it up, take a sip of it, close it, put it back, and you're on your way to see the doctor. You get there, and you say, "Hey doctor, I still got stomach ache." Doctor says, "Have you been taking the medicine?"

"Oh yeah, I just took it! Just before I left the house." Then, of course, you were right. You just took it. But that was the only time you took it. And nothing happened. And the doctor just looks at you, and you look at the doctor. But that's the way this life is. I mean,


look at it!

It reminds me of a story that Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji used to tell a long time ago. Actually he used to sing it. And it was a story about this saint who had this very precious stone. And if you touched the stone to iron, it would turn into gold.

And so the saint had to go on a tour, and so he said, "Well, what am I going to do with this?" So he reached over and he knocked on the door of this business-man and he said, "Listen, mister, you know, I have to go and I want to keep this stone in a safe place, so what I'll do is I'll give it to you. You keep it! And on a certain date, at a certain time, at a certain hour, at a certain minute, at a certain second, I'm going to come, and I want to take this stone away. And till then you have the use of it. The quality of this stone is that you can touch it to metal, you can touch it to iron, and it will turn it into gold."

The guy said, "Wow, this is what I really want! This is what I'd love to have. This is what I've always wanted."

First thing he does, he calls up, finds out what the rate is, of the iron. And that day the rate was higher. Iron had just gone up in price, in value. So he said, well, the saint isn't


going to come back for a month. Till then, a month, I got plenty of time, no problems, no bother. I mean, the thing is, if I buy iron at an expensive price, that's a waste of money. If I buy the iron at a cheaper price and then turn it into gold, it will be more valuable then.

So that day he just put it away. Second day he called on them; iron had gone up. Third day, even up. And he was very relaxed. "Well, I've got a month." Not realizing that that month is not a month any more, you know, it's 29 days, 28 days, 27 days, 26 days. You don't call 26 days a month. And to him: "I still got a month. I still got a month. I still got a month." Completely caught in that delusion, he just says, "Oh, it's okay. I'll just wait till this price goes down."

Finally, to his own surprise: a knock at the door. There it is! There is the saint, standing there, saying, "This is the day. This is the hour. This is the minute. And this is the second. I would like my stone back." And can you imagine the surprise? You can imagine, what would happen? You can imagine, you can imagine. I'll tell you why you can imagine! Because to this guy, he completely freaked out like that, just completely berserk, because he was looking for metal everywhere, and


there was nothing metal that he had. He couldn't find anything that was metal.

And the saint said, "No, no, no, no, no, come on, you're wasting time. Let's go. Give me my stone. I have to go." The reason why I am saying that you can imagine that is because it's the same thing with you. You have the stone! You have this body, that has the capability of accomplishing that thing, the purpose of human life. Tell me, is gold more expensive, more valuable in any sense of the word, more than the accomplishment, the fulfillment, the pleasure of fulfilling the aim of this life? No. Can't be. Can never be! And then even more precious, a stone, a tool, which can accomplish something even more expensive than anything else in the world, has been given to us, has been presented to us.

Oh, yes, to me, there's so many concepts, so many outrageous concepts. You know, Bill Patterson, when he graduated, he told me, that his father showed up with a bill. He had all his bills stacked up, all what he had paid for in his whole life, his college fees and everything; he had it all stacked up and he handed it over. He wanted his money back. I mean, if he would have told this to Bill when he was nine years old, "Listen, after you're 18


years old, 19, 20 years old, I'm going to show up with a bill," he would have said, "Keep your money; I'm splitting right now."

But anyway, this concept, you are mine! You are not yourself, you are mine! I'm your father. I'm your mother. I'm your brother. I'm your sister … And it goes on; it doesn't stop at that. I'm your uncle. I'm your uncle's friend. I'm your uncle's friend's brother. (Laughter)

I remember that when the relatives used to come, and a lot of them would come from the village. I got to a point I wouldn't bother finding out who they were, because they would go something like this: uncle's uncle's uncle's uncle. It would go: and he used to live the third house from the fifth street away from where you were born.

And it was just like to me, wow, okay! All these relations, all these things that we have … okay, so you are a father, what are you going to do now? Climb up the beanstalk? What has happened? That life, that life of Wadi, or of Hansi, or of Daya, is their life. It has been given to them, not to me. What my life … my life has been given to me already. And it's not like having 28 fingers. That's it, my life is my life! And their life … his life is his life. He's


going to grow up the way he's going to grow up! He looks the way he looks. He does things the way he does things. And that's it. And that's the way this world is. That's the way it was created. And that's the way it is and nobody is going to charge that.

And the life that has been given to us, what do we do with this life? What do we make of this life? We just simply throw it away. Simply throw it away, because we don't realize the value of this life. Oh yeah, everything else is more valuable.

Man has done more for his body in this world. You know what this is all about? They come here, play hockey. That's so that when they play hockey, and you watch them, it can he comfortable for you. There are stadiums, airports, houses, hotels, apartment buildings. I mean, you name it, man has done it! For his body's comfort! For the external comfort.

What about the internal comfort? What about the cry of his own soul to me, to be one where it wants to? And that is why premies, that is why there is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful opportunity to be able to come together, and have Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan, to be able to be with Guru Maharaj Ji, because he saves us. He


shows us that path.

In daytime, if your lights don't work, what do you do? Nothing. It's okay. You don't need to use your lights. But at nighttime, if your lights go out, you have to do something. Where are you going to go?

When we realize the value of this life, then we realize the value of Guru Maharaj Ji, because then we really understand what he has saved, then we really understand what he has shown. And it's not an easy thing. I know, it's not an easy thing. So Guru Maharaj Ji is here. And I tell time and time again, to do satsang, service, and meditation. Why? Because that's the way I got it! And that's the way Shri Maharaj Ji got it. And that's the way his Guru Maharaj Ji got it. And that's the way you are going to get it. That's it. There is no other things involved.

Knowledge, that peace, that satisfaction, that truth, there is no two … You don't have an option, you know. You can't go up to Guru Maharaj Ji and say, "Oh yeah, Guru Maharaj Ji, I like your third mortgage plan better. I pay a higher interest, but the whole thing is shorter." Or, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I'll do shorter meditation, longer service, and can you please hold off satsang on the side.


I can't do it." Or, "Oh yeah, I'll go to satsang, and I'll do service. Can you please exempt me from meditation?" Or, "Oh yeah, I'll do meditation, and I'll do satsang. Could you please exempt me from service?"

No. Every Perfect Master, every devotee, in the time immemorial – I mean, there's an easy way to put that: since this earth was created – has realized that realization through satsang, service and meditation. I mean, you can have one story after another. You can have another myth after another, because this is the Knowledge. And there is only one way to understand that.

So, premies, I mean, it's just like so incredible, to be able to come again, and tomorrow, there is another satsang. And the day after tomorrow, another satsang. And it's just like then, other premies are going to be coming together and sharing the program. Not this particular one, but other programs, with other brothers and sisters in this world.

And then comes Hans Jayanti. Hans Jayanti is really not too far away. But then comes Hans Jayanti. And that's going to be an incredible program.

And I really would like all the premies to be able to come to Hans Jayanti, because that


is where really everybody can come together and enjoy. And then, after Hans Jayanti, who knows? I'll come back here, or maybe I'll go to Pacific. And it's just like, it's all happening for us! It really is all happening! It's just that we have to open up our doors, you know.

And it's just like, I was just standing in the viewing room there, and Randy, initiator Randy, brought out these cards. And he gave one to Steve, and gave one to Michael, and was giving it to all the premies, so I went like this (Guru Maharaj Ji holds out his hand), "Give it to me too." And I looked at it; and it was a pass. It was a pass, and if you showed this pass to the guys, you can come in and out of the stage area.

And Guru Maharaj Ji has these passes. And he would like all the devotees to have these passes. To be able to come in and out of his world. And we, all we have to do, is say, "One, please!" And to be able to take it and accept that pass. And it was just a very simple pass. It had a … you know, I shouldn't say that, otherwise everybody will get one and … (Laughter)

But Guru Maharaj Ji has these cards, and Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give these cards to everybody. And it's just like, because of the


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji, Dortmund Guru Puja, 1978

delusion, because of the maya, because of not understanding, a lot of people say, "I'm fine, thank you!" Not knowing what it is, what they are passing off. And this is not that time, this is not that thing to do.

There is that opportunity, and we have to take that opportunity. Because without that opportunity, where would we be? What would be our flavour? What would be our understanding? What would be our purpose? What would be our cause?

Here we are, and we enjoy this most beautiful Knowledge, we enjoy this most beautiful thing, because it has been given to us. It has been revealed to us by Guru Maharaj Ji. And what does Guru Maharaj Ji say? Does Guru Maharaj Ji say, "Yeah, because you have just … because you have received Knowledge, that's the end of it, kids, you can walk away from here."

If you are waiting for this ultimate program to happen … like Rich Neel was talking this morning – he was giving satsang this morning – and he was saying, "Oh yeah, and the premies out there they go, 'Oh yeah, if I can still be a devotee for 1977, then I will be so much closer. And if I can be a devotee in 1978, then I'll be so much closer,' and so on


and on." I don't know what all he said. But it's just like, if you are waiting for this ultimate program to happen where I'm going to come out, and go, "Okay, premies, you know, it's all happened!" I'm not going to do that, because even the most ultimate thing is happening. And what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, what I am saying, is even more beautiful, because who could want to stop? I wouldn't want to stop, you know. I wouldn't want to come to a point and say, "Oh yeah, finally I've got a lump on my head. That's it. That's all I wanted." No. Because this Knowledge is a beautiful, beautiful path, and you just go on and on and on. Because there is that beauty, there is that understanding. I mean, it's incredible! And for people who bail out, for people who go like this, "Hah, I wonder if this will hold?" And they go around banging and clicking everything. "I wonder if this would happen? I wonder if this would hold? I wonder how strong my legs are." So they jump off a 30-storey building, to find out.

That's really what happens in our lives sometimes. … But to give that mind a vacation, because that beauty is there! That existence of that beauty is there! And we just


have to let go to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because what is Guru Maharaj Ji telling to us? Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Come to me! Let me put you in my arms."

Always a Perfect Master has said, "Surrender, let go of yourself! Let go from what you're hanging on to! Come in my hand, come in my arms."

And I can just really relate to that. And it's as simple, as a matter of fact, it's like that example I gave you, being in Lunar Park in Rome. And we went on this ride. And I was sitting on this thing, and you know, Marolyn was there, and Wadi was there. Wadi was going like this, and Hansi was happy; and there I was, holding on to this thing like, "Man, if I let go, I'm going to fly off." And yet Marolyn was saying, "It's okay. It's okay. It's okay."

And then when you finally let go, you understand what it is all about. Where you actually start to enjoy the beauty. And this is what happens. When you say, "Oh yeah, I really want to go into Guru Maharaj Ji's world. I really, really want to go into Guru Maharaj Ji's world." And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Okay, are you ready?" And you turn around, and you say, "Oh yeah, I'm ready. But just a


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji, Dortmund Guru Puja, 1978

second, Maharaj Ji," and you grab about fifty suitcases (Laughter) in either of your hands. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "But just a second, premie ji. Wait! You're not going to make it like this. The door will barely handle you not your suitcases. And don't think, you're going in and out, to shuttle your suitcases."

And he says, "It's okay. Well, I'll see when I get there." And you just hold on to these suitcases. Maharaj Ji says, "Wait, you're not going to make it."

"But I can't let go of these suitcases!" Maharaj Ji says, "You better let go! There's everything that you ever need is in this world. More than what you have in these suitcases. More than what you can imagine in your whole life. Dreaming is nothing! Dreaming is like cartoons. And this world is even worse than that." And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "But come in my world, and I'll show you something, the most incredible real-life scenery. No paintings, no movies, no cartoons, just, I'll show you a real-life movie." And you say, "But I'll need my clothes. I need my this. I need my that. I need my mind." Maharaj Ji says, "You're not going to make it through the door!"

And all of a sudden maybe it even comes


to a point when you get tired of arguing with Guru Maharaj Ji. "Oh, yeah," you say, "Guru Maharaj Ji you go first, I'll follow later." Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Okay." Guru Maharaj Ji walks through the door, and you're standing there, trying to juggle in with your fifty suitcases; and you don't seem to be able to fit in there somehow. And then you turn around and say, "This is completely stupid! There should have been a bigger door!" (Laughter)

But this happens! "Why can't I live with my mind? Why can't I do this? Why can't I do that?" This is the way it is.

Randy was giving satsang once, and he said, "You know, our feelings have to be that Guru Maharaj Ji can say anything that he wants to us. Guru Maharaj Ji can say go … I don't remember the place where he said it was. Guru Maharaj Ji can send us to … this really strange place, and it shouldn't even occur to us, that 'Oh Maharaj Ji, what …?' or anything. It just should be … nothing happens. It's just as simple as everything, you know."

And it's just like, Randy is at the residence. And I say something to him, and he goes, "Do you really want me to get that?" All the time there is this constant fusion going on: "Why can't I bring half my mind accross,


it's not going to hurt me? Now I am on top of my mind." And before you know, you get your own ticket out of Guru Maharaj Ji's world. And you go up to Guru Maharaj Ji, and you say, "Guru Maharaj Ji …" Like if you go into Disneyland, and if you want to leave, you can have your hand stamped, so you can come back in. And you have to go up to Guru Maharaj Ji like this – with your hand out. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "What do you want? What are you doing?" And you say, "Go ahead, stamp it!" And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Stamp what?" And you say, "Go ahead! Stamp my hand! So I can come back in. I'm going out." Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Ciao! If you go out, you aren't coming back in. That's it."

And we know that it's not a question of "Oh, but I don't know. I don't know, I'm naive." That's like a guy, who lives in Dortmund, who was born in Dortmund, who works in Dortmund, one day is speeding on the highway. An officer pulls him up – I guess they don't have speed-limit here, but at places where they do have speed-limit – and there he is, driving real fast and the officer pulls him up and says, "You were speeding. You were going too fast. You were speeding." And he says, "Oh, I didn't know." – We all know! We know that


we can't blow it! We know that. Everybody in their heads has got this whole thing, 'Mistakes'. We all know that we can't make this one mistake. What mistake it is, what does it concern, don't know. Just that we can't make this one mistake, because if we make this one mistake, it will be all over for us. And we know that we can't break that cord. Very, very careful. We can't break that line.

When the kids make telephones out of tin cans, they have this thread in between them. And both of them know that if they break that thread the sound is not going to resonate through. And they know it! And there is no ands, ifs and buts about it. And so we do, too.

But we can't always be blaming it on our silliness, on our stupidness, because that's not going to do us any good. What is silly? What is stupid? What is mind? Have you ever seen mind? I have never seen mind! But mind is just there. It's this thing, and we all know it. And we all know that we always keep bowing to it. And we also know that Guru Maharaj Ji keeps saying, "Don't do that! Don't do that! Don't do that!" We're the kind of people – I mean, this humanity is the way it is – that when we know that we can't bring those suitcases through, we open the suitcases and start


stuffing the things that are in the suitcases in our pockets. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, the door is only so big! You can barely get through it, don't stuff your pockets too much! Don't do that!" And you say, "It's okay. It's okay."

But, premies, the mercy of Guru Maharaj Ji is incredible. And it's just like, one thing sometimes Guru Maharaj Ji does, not always – and by sometimes it might be even once in one billion lifetimes, he might call that sometimes – but sometimes, Guru Maharaj Ji, because of his mercy, instead of having the real gates, he puts up another row of gates which are fake.

There you are. And you say, "Oh, man, but I'm going to walk out. It's okay. I can come back in, you know. Guru Maharaj Ji is all-merciful. It's okay. It's okay." And you walk out. That's it. Halfway down you realize, "Oh, no! I did it! I blew it! I'm such an idiot. I'm crazy. I'm stupid." I mean, you say all these things like, "Oh no, I blew it! What can I do?" And it's just like, "What can I do? Help, Guru Maharaj' Ji!" And then who is there to listen to you saying, "Help, Guru Maharaj Ji"? You should have said that "Help, Guru Maharaj Ji" a long time ago, when this


crazy mind was trying to pull you out of that door. And even then it's just like it's all flat, it's done, it's all gone, it's all over almost. You want to resent it, and yet how could you resent it, how can you resent it? It's just like, "Oh, my God!" And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "It's okay. It's okay. If you really understand what you are doing, you can come back, because you haven't left yet. This is just to show you, what it is all about."

It's like that example I gave in Phoenix: That there you are. You already crossed that barrier, you crossed that fence, you go away, and there you are! And you want to cry, and yet you don't know why you want to cry. Who is going to see you cry? What kind of emotion do you want to express? And you don't know anything! And yet Guru Maharaj Ji follows you. That is the mercy of Guru Maharaj Ji.

And yet, okay, you know, Guru Maharaj Ji … you can say, "Oh yeah, Guru Maharaj Ji, you are all-merciful. He'll take care of everything." What if Guru Maharaj Ji decides, that's it!? Do you keep a record? Is there really a grace given – I mean, is there really a thing – oh yeah, because you are 21 years old, you can make three mistakes in your life,


you can blow it three times. I don't know, if anything like that …

We have to be right there, under that constant direction, under that constant guidance of Guru Maharaj Ji. And Guru Maharaj Ji is giving us that constant guidance. We just have to open up our heart. Not to this world. Not to this world. No, we don't need to open our hearts up to this world. It's just, a lot of people say, "Yeah, be open. Be open. Be open." And you look at all these cultural differences that people say, "Oh yeah, if you are open, it's really nice."

Open to a cultural difference? I mean, that's, that's not what opening is for. If you're closed, and it hurts, then you are closed from one thing: and that's Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's Knowledge. And if you have to open up to something, then it's only one thing: and that's Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's this Knowledge. Just to Guru Maharaj Ji! And he'll lead you to the way.

But how many times do we really want to follow Guru Maharaj Ji? How many times do we really want to doubt Guru Maharaj Ji? I mean, so far following is concerned, it's like, oh yeah, let Guru Maharaj Ji go a little bit further. A little bit further. I can see him. I


can see him, it's okay. And then all of a sudden, it's dark. And that's the only reason why Guru Maharaj Ji was going to guide you, because it was going to get dark. And you don't know your way. You say, "Oh yeah, I can see him. Sun is there. Everything is okay. I can see Guru Maharaj Ji." But then, what about that time when that goes? What about that time when that happens? Maybe, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, by Guru Maharaj Ji's mercy alone, maybe he'll flash a little flashlight, and stay there for a few moments, for us to catch it. But what, if that doesn't happen? Who, who in this hall …?

I speak of my experience, and my experience says, that we do not have any tolerance given. We don't even have as much tolerance given as the edge of a razorblade to play around with. And yet, we play around with the kind of tolerance where this whole world is involved, because we merge into this world. We go into this world, and leave what behind? We don't know. And that's what we have to realize in this lifetime, that there is so much mercy, there is so much grace, that it's been provided for all of us, to be here. To be here in this world, to be here in this lifetime. To be alive. To be able to listen to satsang.


And to be able to have that opportunity to be able to do satsang, service and meditation. Because in satsang, service and meditation is the key. And Guru Maharaj Ji. And within Guru Maharaj Ji lies satsang, service and meditation. Because he opens up the key to satsang. And what kind of satsang are you going to hear? I mean; if you want to go out and make Puss 'n Boots your satsang, then it's finished. If you're going to make Cinderella your satsang, then that's finished. That's not satsang.

What is satsang? The company of Truth. And in whom does the company of Truth lie? In whom does the company of Truth rest? In Guru Maharaj Ji. Because he opens up that Truth that is all within inside of us.

And then there's service. Who are we going to do service for? For Guru Maharaj Ji.

And then meditation. Under whose guidance can we really meditate? Under Guru Maharaj Ji. And when we focus on Guru Maharaj Ji, we can get the key to satsang, service and meditation. And from satsang, service and meditation, that's it. That is that thing that's going to take us through, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. And that's what we have to understand.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji, Dortmund Guru Puja, 1978

And the amount of confusion that we live with, the amount of craziness that we live with, Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I'll take all of this away. But let go! Don't hang on! Don't hang on to your fifty suitcases, that are not going to let you go through." You say, "Oh, no, no, no, no, my everything is in these suitcases." And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "No. That's what you think. What you really want, where your everything really is, is on the other side of this door. If you come, you will be able to see, and you will be able to enjoy." And that's how simple it is. That's how beautiful it is. And yet, of course, you can look at it in a very sophisticated, very complicated way, but it is not complicated. Only to mind is it complicated. Only to mind it is sophisticated. Because that is the kind of mind it is.

Oh, yeah, how can you accomplish, you little guy, how can you accomplish the purpose of this life? It's absurd. It's crazy. This can never happen. When it comes to that, oh, you can't do that! When it comes to something else, you are big. You are strong! You can do this! It's okay. That's the ways of this mind.

And day after day, and day after day, and day after day, instead of surrendering to Guru


Maharaj Ji, you try to surrender to the mind. It's almost that power that the mind has, it makes people just turn around just like that, because it's just right there. It's the darkness; it's the emptiness. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, don't fall for that. Don't get caught up in that vacuum. Don't get caught up in that suction. Because that's not where you want to be. You want to be in that light; you want to be in that completeness. And the way you're going to be in that completeness is through me." I mean, how can it be more simple?

So, premies, it's so incredible, to be able to come, and to be able to share satsang. Because what else can we do? I mean, what else can you do in this world? And here, there is something we can do in this world: be able to come together, and have satsang.

This hall: I don't ever think this hall, they ever thought, when they were constructing or designing this hall, that ever the premies would come here and Guru Maharaj Ji would come, and they would all have satsang. Same thing with the bull-ring in Malaga. But it happens. And, I don't know, I don't know if this hall is going to change, if it's going to get blessed anymore or not. I don't know if it's


going to get bigger or smaller. I don't know if it's going to get brighter or darker. But we can become brighter. And we can become bigger. And we can become even more beautiful by just letting go to Guru Maharaj Ji.

I don't know what's happening in the bull-ring. I haven't talked to Spanish premies yet. Probably it's still the same. And yet, that moment, whose heart opened up in that bullring, will have really realized the beauty. Because it doesn't matter, I mean, a bull-ring obviously didn't matter. This hall doesn't matter!

If that was the thing, then this experience would only come here. No. I have held a program in Munich, that was beautiful. We held a program in Essen, that was beautiful. We're holding a program in Dortmund, that's okay; it's beautiful, because the beauty comes from satsang. Beauty comes from premies. Beauty comes, to be able to come together and share satsang. To have that moment, to have that joy. Nothing else makes it happen. And this what we are for. This is why we are here!

And tomorrow, with our luck, maybe we'll have darshan. (Applause)

When I was coming here, we couldn't go … we couldn't leave to the airplane to get here.


It was all fogged in. The ceiling was too low. And it was just like, everything was ready, all the premies had already gone ahead to the airport, and everybody was just waiting, and waiting, and I was waiting and Marolyn was waiting, and the kids … And time was getting closer and closer and closer, and if we didn't leave, the kids would become restless, and this whole thing was going "poof, poof, poof". And I said, "Well, if we can't leave tonight, I mean, today, before twelve o'clock, maybe we can leave this evening." And it was just like, they don't know whether it was going to clear up by this evening. So I said, "Well, maybe we can leave tomorrow morning." And that was this morning.

And I just said to myself, "With our luck, we'll probably leave very soon." And very soon Steve came up and said, "It's all okay." And I said, "Let's go!"

And we were here. And it's just, maybe "with our luck" – it sounds like I'm talking about bad luck; I'm talking about good luck. Because by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, – you know, there is a saying in Hindi: "By this Knowledge, by the power of this Knowledge, all lucks, and good lucks, and bad lucks, are all thrown away; it's the pure straight thing,


as it is, and this is Knowledge. – This is just the way it is."

So, premies, I hope, you really open up and really take something from this program. And, just enjoy yourself in that beauty, in that bliss of satsang, service and meditation, because this is not the time to space out. Oh, yeah, there is a lot of times to space out. This is not the time to space out, and I don't think there ever should be a time to space out but not this time. Just let's flow in that river of satsang, service and meditation. Thank you.