When a twelve-year-old boy announced, "I declare I shall bring in the Golden Age of Peace to the whole world," not very many people believed him.

Guru Maharaj Ji was there to help: "I mean to say something, and I mean to say meditation." - Prem Nagar 1971.

"I am leaving for Patna. Maybe we can have a couple of hours in Patna to talk, but it is very busy there. So regularly do meditation. This is a very important point. Maybe you do not understand it now, but when you leave me, when I am away, then you will understand how significant meditation is.

May Guru Maharaj Ji bless you at a single moment, and may you stand erect and go. My blessings are always with you and grace too. So go along, don't be afraid of anything in the world. A man who has got my blessings has nothing to be afraid of in the world. Don't be afraid."

Guru Maharaj Ji spoke to His disciples:

"There is something that people need, something they require. Everybody knows it, every single man. Maybe he is Indian, maybe he is American, maybe he is Japanese, maybe the is Chinese, maybe he is Russian; but he requires something and he understands this. What it is that he requires, he has never understood. He knows very well that, yes, the all want something. We really need something very badly. But what? He wants to know the Holy Name. No one has told him, so he doesn't know. He can't even guess about this Knowledge.

If you have known this Word, then it is your first and foremost duty to spread this Word, to tell people that, Yes, they really have to he elevated and they must know it. Craziness is prevailing in every man. There is no problem. You have such a firm faith, such a firm foundation that nothing, nothing can shake you."

The first years of Millennium are apt to be unsettling.

"When you start to clean a room at first the dust is thrown all about. We see more dust in the air, and it must seem uncomfortable and confusing. But soon the dust settles and everything becomes crystal clear."