We grew up tapping feet and clapping hands. We yearned to swing and break loose on the dance floor, exploding with ripples of joy as our muscles tensed and relaxed to the driving rhythms of rock and roll. We danced welcoming the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Now, sunrise! The age is upon us. Blue Aquarius is with us, big band brass and reeds, a string section, guitars, percussion, organ, moog, piano, sixty pieces all told, directed and conducted by Bhole Ji, brother of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Derek Jewell of the London Observer heard the band's debut in Hammersmith Odeon. He rated them "good … excellent … gospel, soul, blues, rock, jazz … You can hear James Brown, Ray Charles, Elvis, Isaac Hayes, the Platters, Satchmo, Pink Floyd and the Eurovision song contest right in there … polished solos stream fluently forth…"

Their Stateside opening night in Houston brought twelve thousand people to their feet for a standing ovation. Commented one fan, "they could play through an atomic explosion, and the explosion would have to hold its horses." Another described the band as "harmony, peace, and the nonstop energy of love."

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Blue Aquarius is the unfathomable twenty-year-old Bhole Ji. We asked some of the band members just what Bhole Ji does for Blue Aquarius, and the answers were as remarkable as the music: "He is the sun, we are just planets." "The thing that comes out of him is the thing that's within us all, trying to come out," they said. "Playing with Bhole Ji has given me an appreciation of everything on this planet."

Blue Aquarius plays federal penitentiaries in Texas and Oklahoma. Blue Aquarius plays Soul Rush, a contemporary Gold Rush, except "this time the gold is inside, and can't be touched by moth or rust." Blue Aquarius plays the three day Millennium Festival, and a thousand years of peace to follow. Blue Aquarius plays all for Guru Maharaj Ji.

Blue Aquarius and the non-stop energy of love.




Blue Aquarius Band