This planet was made for peace. It contains enough food, enough land, enough sky and enough fresh air to inspire anybody. It is incredibly well designed. It supports a variety of life forms with amazing flexibility and grace. All the little details are perfect. Even the ears of corn are perfect. And from a distance the earth looks perfect too, like a jewel in deep space. It is a marvelous planet, and it is our home.

Yet we have not behaved too well on our planet. We hardly ever stop fighting wars. People are always robbing the poor to give to the rich. We have encouraged personal ambition at the expense of common decency. Even our religions have often been the cause of more misery than relief. We have fought crusades. We have held inquisitions. We have lost our sense of proportion, our common sense. We have set Nature off-balance. We have polluted earth, sea and sky in an attempt to improve our circumstances. And none of this has helped in the slightest. It is time for the pattern to change.

We all share a dream, a dream that one day peace will come on earth. The religions of every people speak of this time, a time when "nation shall not lift up sword against nation," a time when the lion and the lamb shall lie down together. Christ was speaking of this time when he said that the meek would inherit the earth. It is becoming more and more obvious that if they don't come into their inheritance soon, there will be very little left for them to inherit.

On November 8, 1970, a 12-year-old boy addressed a crowd of more than one million people gathered at Delhi's India Gate. He told them, "I declare I will establish peace in this world."

In the three years since he spoke those words, Guru Maharaj Ji has been around the world. He has visited Japan and Europe, South Africa and the United States. And wherever he has traveled, he has left a gift with those who heard him. At the age of 15, Guru Maharaj Ji has already brought peace of mind to six million people worldwide.

We have received the "Knowledge" - the gift which Maharaj Ji brings to this world. We are doctors and schoolchildren, grandmothers and construction workers, and we have shared an experience which has transformed our lives. Guru Maharaj Ji has proved to us that an age of peace is possible, now.

We proclaim to America and the world that Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us a practical way to bring peace to the whole world. The "Knowledge" which he gives is a direct and concrete experience of inner peace and joy. It connects us directly to the sources of love, growth and creativity within us, with our soul itself. It eradicates hatred, greed and fear. It eases the pressures of daily life, and leaves us free to act unselfishly and effectively at all times. Medically speaking, it is an evolution of the human species. It contains a solution to every problem at present facing humanity. And it is practical. One hundred per cent. It works.

Peace is needed. And peace shall be obtained. This November 8, 9, and 10, Guru Maharaj Ji will attend the Millennium '73 festival in the Houston Astrodome and present to the world a plan for putting peace into effect. He will announce the founding of an international agency to feed and shelter the world's hungry. He will initiate the building of a Divine City that shall demonstrate to the world a way for people of all sorts to live together in harmony. And he will start a campaign to spread the Knowledge of soul to all mankind.

Humanity is invited. The peoples of all nations are invited. The leaders of all nations are invited. Inner peace and world peace are both at stake. This festival will be a world assemblage to save humanity. Great prophets have come into the world before now, and we have ignored their teachings. We invite you to come to Houston to hear Guru Maharaj Ji. The Knowledge he brings can bring peace to the world.