What's The Trouble?

A Very Young Maharaji:September 22, 1967, Prem Nagar, India

Dear premies, its really sad to see people celebrating religious holidays without understanding the significance behind them. They don't understand the message that every saint or prophet has brought, and yet they celebrate their birthdays as festivals.

Have you ever really known the purpose of man's existence? It is to know God. But where can God be found? He can't be found in trees or buildings, in religious assemblies or temples. We say that God is everywhere, but if we haven't seen Him first within ourselves, we can never see Him elsewhere. Only one who has seen and known God within himself can see God in buildings, temples, books, rosary beads, and so on.

Some people call Him "Ram," but they don't know His true form. What is the meaning of "Ram?" He who resides in every atom is "Ram." People haven't known Him within themselves, and yet they say, ''He's here; He's there; He's everywhere!" What is His true form? Aren't we all eager to know His true identity?

It is said, "My form is such, that even the brilliance of one thousand suns can never equal it." If His form is so magnificent and if we have such a desire to know it, what's the trouble? Know Him. Know His Name. Even though God is One, He pervades everywhere. So what is His real form? If you want to know His true Name and want to see His true form, then take refuge in Guru Maharaj Ji. When you have this Knowledge, you will not need to know anything else. You will know why this human body has been given to you.

If someone wants to know something, he will consult someone who already knows about it. For example: if some electrical work needs to be done, you will go to the person who knows how to do it. You will get hold of an electrician. You won't go to just anyone. Those who seek God will have to go to someone who already knows the true Name of God. So, leave your arrogance and indignation behind. You sing hymns and listen to sermons every week, but what do they tell you? What do all the great saints say? They tell us whether this world is true or false, and how God pervades it. So think about it and find out the answer.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Young Satguru circa 1967
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Maharaj Ji the Young Satguru and Perfect Master circa 1967
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Young Satguru circa 1967
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Guru Maharaj Ji the Young Satguru and Perfect Master circa 1967

And all premies should practice meditation. Guru Nanak said, "Meditate upon the Holy Name yourself and inspire others to meditate also. In this way, you will definitely attain liberation." A student first completes his own studies. Only then does he become a teacher, and teach others how and what to study. First he must acquire his own skill and certainty. In the same way, Guru Nanak tells us, "First you should meditate. Do not feel ashamed, just meditate. Because you don't have to do anything, really. Liberation is attained by itself."

When a boat is at sea, it faces many dangers -- it may get caught in a strong current and sink. But if the boat reaches the other side successfully, whoever is sitting in the boat also reaches his destination. It is the same with this human body. We have to take advantage of it and do what we have to do with it. So we have to protect it and take care of it. If it is destroyed before the right time, our life is wasted. We have to make maximum use of this body. And how are we to do this? "Do meditation yourself, and inspire others to meditate, too."

First you meditate, and then when you're strong and firm in it, you will have no trouble getting others to meditate, too. That's it -- it's not necessary to do anything else.

If a man has an orange, he doesn't eat the peel, he eats the juicy fruit inside it. Yet this whole world is busy trying to find pleasure in external things. So what does Guru Maharaj Ji do? He eliminates the anger, malice and pain that this world is full of. When a man gets bitten by a poisonous snake, someone must suck the poison from his body. In the same way, Guru Maharaj Ji comes and gives satsang, and all the poison inside us is removed.

So remember to practice meditation. My blessings to you all.