1972: This Precious Diamond

The man who teaches us perfectness, we call him Perfect Master. He teaches us perfectness. But what is perfectness in this world?

That is beyond this intellect of man. That is beyond time, that is beyond space, that is beyond imagination. No artist of the world can create or imagine a picture of that time, of that Knowledge, of that Light. Our senses are limited, and when we think of light, the most we can do is to see the light of sun, and whatever we will imagine about light, we will think, this light is round, or this light is square, or this light is rectangular, or something like that.

And our imagination for the light, for the glory of it is only limited to the sun. Because that's what we see daily, and we think there can be nothing greater, because when we look toward it, it is so glorious, it's so bright. Now, this sun has been shining since ages and ages. And there was a time when sun did not exist. John says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." There was a time in the beginning when sun was not there, moon was not there, fire was not there, nothing was there. Only the Word existed, the Word of God, only primordial vibration, but from that came these five elements that have created this human form - air, ether, water, and so on. And now the most interesting thing, the most interesting thing in this hall is, what is the Word? This Word cannot be spoken by these lips, because these lips are finite.

That Word has no beginning and has no end. It's the energy. It vibrates within all of us and due to that energy we all survive. Now there are many saints that have explained the same thing, but in different circumstances, different places and different languages. And today, first of all we must see what is our religion, first of all, let me take a popular example or a present example - an example that is going on right now, in Ireland. I was told the beginning of the fight was something else. It was a domestic reason, and then suddenly this war grew up, and now it has come to a point where it is a religious war. Hitler wanted to conquer the world. He came to all these places, apparently his war became a religious war. He said Jew and that and that. Then again Akbar and all those kings came from those places, came into India, their aim was to conquer India, and it became a religious war, again it became a religious war. Now what I want to tell you today, what is religion? If religion is the creator of war, then we don't need these religions. We need that religion that is the real religion and real religion is realization of God.

These religions have been existing for so many thousands, thousands of years. (I don't mean a particular religion. Here I'm denoting all the religions.) And why, I have to be very frank here, I can't favor or I can't decide any of it, because the time has come where daily we see these movies, "The Day When the World Ended." We see all these atomic bombs being produced. Recently they have been able to invent a bomb that has got a T.V. camera on its nose, or it's being controlled by a laser beam. It shoots where the laser is being sent to. They just target it to a very important building, where they are trying to target. One bomb will be enough to explode the whole building. One bomb will be able to explode the whole aerodrome. Now, why are we doing all these things? Scientists don't know that we are creating these things to destroy other people, but we will also be destroyed. And this world of this nature, of this beautiful nature.

Actually I came to Montrose two times before, and I always came by airplane, and this time I thought, let me come by car. i thought, and I was told that the drive is very, very beautiful. And I came, and 1 saw and it was really beautiful. I had never seen something like that, really beautiful. Such a beautiful thing, and it's only the subject of one bomb, and the whole bomb can destroy it. Why, why do we need all these things? Because we think this is the source to our inner satisfaction.

This satsang was given at the Guru Puja festival in Montrose, Colorado on July 25th, 1972.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Young Perfect Master First of all everyone wanted to realize this Knowledge. Everyone wanted to know God, and God was there, God was not disappearing. God was there, God was omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and He was everytime. And man tried to know Him, he tried to understand Him. And he went to many different people, and he tried to understand. Today same thing is going on. Many young brothers and sisters are trying to realize God, by different methods.

Now, what is the true God? If God is in ourselves, and we are operating on something else, we won't be able to cut it. I have got the apple in this hand, and I have got the, let's say, banana into two halves. Will I be able to cut the apple by cutting banana? Never, never in my life. They are two different things. Everything that man is trying today is artificial, is subject to worldly affairs, and God is not. That's why he always tries, he loses everything. Always he made attempt, every time he loses. God is subject to the Knowledge. To realize we need a third eye, we need this divine Word, we need this divine Knowledge. I am not talking about a word that I took out of my pocket, or I am not talking about something which is unique and new, but I am talking about that thing that has been written about in the Bible, that has been written about in the Koran, that has been written about in the Gita, in all the scriptures. This Word has been described. What is that holy breath that vibrates in us and makes us alive? What is that Word?

See the air is flowing, beautiful. Water is beautiful. Green tree is beautiful, colorful, beautiful. Blue sky, beautiful. This earth and this stream rolls by and has got rocks in it, very, very beautiful. Because everything is very beautiful, right? And these are the merciful things that God has given us. So then how to realize God through these things? If suppose I want to check something in the engine, right? Now actually the fire, the combustion that is created, and the pollution, the smoke that comes out is out of the silencer, right? I want to check something in the engine, that means I must go through the silencer. I must enter the silencer, and go right in the engine where the combustion takes place. No, I can't do that, because if someone starts the car, and even everyone is hoping that he can't get in the silencer, silencer is such a small thing. So, how to get, how to make the car okay? Actually that's the process, isn't it? No. Open your bonnet, open your hood, and you'll find the engine, and your car will be okay again. A man has been trying this process. What? He has been always trying to go through this hole, this little hole, the silencer, and he tries, and he wants to go back to the engine where the combustion is taking place, and he wants to go there and see the spark plug and take it out, he can't do that. He has been trying so many different things to take it. He may say, if I broke the silencer up, maybe I'll be able to get into it, and he's making these bombs. He wants to destroy the nature, that's what he wants to do. So what is the real thing that can lead towards the real path? Always a master came. This is unique, and very, very interesting.

If there is a father, supposedly I am a father, and there is a fire burning here, and my child is crawling towards the same fire, right? And he is very near to the fire and almost he is in the fire, and I am still watching him, am I a father? I have got no right to say to myself I am a father, because if I am a father, I have got many responsibilities on myself and one of these responsibilities is to protect my child. Don't you think that we have already entered this


fire, where it is getting out of control? Everyone is coming, a bullet comes and shoots you. No one cares for human life. Haven't we entered this fire? It's a very, very, bad fire we have entered. And God can still watch, do you think? That the human race will be destroyed and God will still watch? He is the father? If He is going to watch, and the world is being destroyed, He is not a father. Something else, but He is not a father. But no, God has manifested Himself, because if He manifests Himself after one year, it will be too late.

Many people say, "We don't have peace, we can't see light." One man was asking me the same question, "I can't see light," and I told him, "Sun is so glorious, and one sun is enough to give the whole world light, but a thin covering, a thin layer of clouds makes the glorious invisible. You can't see it." Well, this sun, that glorious sun, is still present now, shining over India, but just a revolution of the world, has made the sun go down. if a man goes to outer space, thousands of miles from here, he will be able to see the earth and the sun, and the sun for him will never set. Because he has reached such an elevation that there is no chance of any object getting before him to stop the view of the sun. If we can also get that point of elevation, that there is no obstruction before us and that perfect light, always we will be able to see it, it will always be there, within inside us.

There has been a saint, and his name was Brahmananda, and he talks about these things and he says, I saw a great wonder. What was that wonder? That a man who had no legs, climbed all the way upstairs, and he went to this nectar, this well right in the center of the whole heaven and he drank nectar from it, not water, not H20, but nectar. And then he said a deaf man who can't hear anything, listens to this music, and gets with the melody, he just puts himself in the melody. Then he says, a blind man sees this castle, beautiful castle, adorned and shining with these bright diamond lights, and he sees this castle which is without a foundation and he describes it though he is blind. And ultimately he takes the whole thing out of it and says only those people who have realized this Knowledge can understand what I mean to say.

So, understand that Word, if you can go into that, if you can realize it. See, when you sail, you never try to go against the direction of the wind, do you? You always try to go the direction the wind takes you, and that's much faster, so, go the same direction. And then it takes you with it. Always understand this thing, that there is a vibration that is common to all of us. I have realized this vibration, and you can also realize it. And Jesus came into this world, he gave this Knowledge to people, Krishna gave this Knowledge to people, Rama gave this Knowledge to people. But now we must look for a new master to again show us the light. Because sun comes and goes away and we don't look for the light of that twelve hours which came and went away. We look for the new rising sun. Sun is there, but it rises in a new way, in a new, beautiful way, and we look for that.

This Knowledge is completely true. I have experienced it. And you can also experience it, that's the most I can say. And those people who have already realized it, understand it. Many people think "Oh, it's something like some other thing." It's like this. A frog from the sea came all the way down, and it was too late, he couldn't go back home. He met a frog from the well, and he said, "Okay brother, let me stay" and so on. And they went in the well, and he gave him some room. They had some dinner, and this frog from the well said, "Well, I know you are from the sea, can you tell me, how big is your sea?" And then he didn't say anything. Then the frog who belonged to the well took a small circle and said -This big?" And he said, "No." Then he drew a little bit bigger. And he said, "This big?" He said "No." and he went on drawing circles and apparently he went to the edges of that well and said, "This big?" And he said ''No, it is much bigger than that,'' and he said "It's impossible. Your sea cannot be bigger than my well, because I've experienced it," and so on. But then when he went there, he saw something that was infinite. But I've experienced this thing and it is infinite, it's infinite. This frog from the ocean was very sure that my sea was infinite because he had seen it being infinite. He had realized it, realized the sea being infinite. And I have realized this Knowledge being infinite.

This is the greatest thing that I have brought to you. And so thank you very much and blessings to all the premies.