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1973: I Challenge This World

Ladies and gentlemen, in this world we come and we are a little child, we are crying, Mummy showed us a little toy, a little ball, and we like it, we start laughing. She shows us a little bigger one, we see it and we start laughing and more and more we get into it. And so there is a point where we are completely involved in this illusion. That's what it is, it's really an illusion. And then, once we are really into it, forget it, it's really hard to get out of. All we think about is money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money.

But, there is something more than that. There is something superior, something more fantastic than that illusion which is existing in this world today. And that's this Knowledge, that's that perfect harmony, that we have to be in, that's that perfect peace that all the saints have talked about. No matter who it has been: Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, whoever it has been, they have all talked about this perfection, they have all talked about this Knowledge. And it's an individual experience.

This is what we have to understand and recognize in this world today. And if we can understand that little point, that really all humanity is missing is that perfectness, oh boy, I'll tell you something, there is going to be perfect harmony in this world, it's going to be beautiful. I can bet you that, no doubt, because I know what there is gonna be if anybody realizes this Knowledge, if then he understands what this is, if he meditates on it, if he realizes it more and more. I can challenge all the intellectuals of this world, I can challenge all the scientists of this world if they can comprehend with their finite brains what this Knowledge is, if they can understand what I talk about. I challenge them to, because they just can't. It's an individual experience that they have to realize themselves no matter who they are. And then, it's just fantastic, it's just far out, no matter who they are.

That light that shines without the sun, that light that is self-effulgent within inside of us, that primordial vibration that is sustaining us in this human body, what is it? To understand it, to comprehend it, I challenge all the people of this world, except premies, because they have understood it, they have recognized it. I can't challenge them, they'll answer me back, I'll lose my bet on it. But the people who haven't, I can bet on, because they don't know what I'm talking about. It's just too far out for them. They say, "Wow, ain't that fantastic, but I guess it is too far out for me." Listen, if it is, why don't you understand it, huh? Why don't you realize it? Why don't you feel it within inside your heart? There is love in this whole world and we are missing it. Can you just believe that? I think it's incredible. Because that love is right there.

The people who have understood this Knowledge can really feel it within inside their hearts, they can really dig it. And people who haven't, forget it. For them it's a big question mark. But listen, it shouldn't be a question mark, because the answer, that love is right there. That love that we want to feel for everybody is right there. But we gotta open it up. And how? By meditating, by being one with that perfect harmony.

See this microphone? If this microphone was facing towards those people, it wouldn't be able to catch me so clearly, it wouldn't be able to amplify this voice so clearly. But because it's facing directly towards me, it can do a beautiful job. Same thing. Same thing right here. Because our minds are unfocused, because our minds are just completely scattered into this world, we cannot comprehend, we just cannot focus on that perfect love and perfect harmony. But when they are focused on it, oh boy, it's really beautiful, it's really gorgeous, it's incredible. And because it is and people have recognized it, people have understood it, then they understand more and more of it till they reach to a point where there's perfect harmony.

This is what you have got to get. It's inside of

This satsang was given at the Hans Jayanti festival in Houston, Texas on November 9th, 1973, in the Astrodome.


you, and understand it, because if you are going to look towards the future in this world, I can assure you one thing: forget it. You ain't gonna get it there. Future is somewhere else. Our future is within our hearts, it's towards the Perfect Master who can guide us to the nzost beautiful place in this world. And that person, now I'm not telling you who he is, I can just tell you one thing: if you want the Knowledge that I am talking about, you can come to me and I can give it to you. I'm not saying I am Perfect Master. If you come to me, I'm your godfather, you come to me, I'll give you Knowledge that you need, that you want to understand.

I can make you the richest possible man in this world. You want to become rich? I can make you the richest possible man in this world. I am the richest possible man. Mind you, I don't have the currency of dollars or pounds. I have the perfect currency which is called Knowledge. I am rich in that, and that's all that matters to me. Because that's going to last forever and ever, and it's going to grow and grow. Pounds go down and dollars go down and all the currencies go down, but this currency that 1 deal with never goes down.

People think I am a smuggler. Well, you bet I am a smuggler. I smuggle peace and Truth from one country to another. The currency I am talking about, oh boy, it's too big, it's really rich, and I smuggle it. Jesus Christ was a smuggler too. And Mohammed was a smuggler too, and then Krishna was a smuggler too and then Ram was a smuggler too, and I am smuggling the same Knowledge. I don't say I am Perfect Master, I'm a smuggler. I went from Italy, Copenhagen, Germany, France, all these countries and came to America so many times, and carried this Knowledge with me and still nobody charged me anything. That's beautiful, that's a good job.

It's within inside of me. One saint says you cannot burn it, a thief cannot steal it, wind cannot blow it. This Knowledge, it's beautiful, it's fantastic, and you know something? You better receive it, you better get hold of it, and as soon as possible, and i'm telling that to you because of your own good, you see? Because of your own personal good. It's going to help you, it's going to make you rich. Want to become rich? Rich in anything? It's going to make you rich. It's going to make you fantastic, it's going to make you blissful, it's going to make you lovely, it's going to make you just everything you want to be and even more than you can comprehend. It's beautiful.

Many people say, "You are a fake, you are anti-Christ." You know what I do? Give 'em a big smile. They don't know what they are talking about, they're probably drunk or something. Because, man, when anti-Christ comes, it's going to be too professional, too professional. And it's on their heads and they don't know if it is or not. Because this is what has really stopped them from being open to everybody, and to understand, because what I'm saying, try it, give it a try, what's wrong in that? If you like it, carry on. If you don't like it, beat it, get off it. What's the problem in that, I can't understand.

All the people who said that I am fake, don't bother about me, maybe I am fake. Forget about me. Talk about Knowledge, huh? Take this Knowledge, understand it. It's beautiful. Why do you have to consider me? Many people say, "Oh, you are fake." Man, all I can do is to just give 'em a big smile, that's all I can do. I can't cry at that, I can't, because what they are talking about, they don't know. Here I am talking about it. I'm not even considering myself to be in the whole subject, and they think, "You are fake." It's like a cloth merchant is showing you all the cloth for your suit and then says, "Oh I like you as the cloth," and he's just going to go like that, he won't give you a big smile, more like, "I think I better call an ambulance and send you to the mad hospital. I am not a cloth, I'm the one who's showing you that. So don't call me anything." And that's the exact condition here.

What am I saying, what have I got to say? I just want to make you realize God, I just want you to know who God is. I just want you to be in perfect harmony. If you are, well and good, continue. Why look at me? If you are looking at me because this is what really there is, it's like if a wife is not satisfied with her husband she's definitely going to go find another husband for herself. But if a wife is really satisfied, why is she going to look around? And that's the exact condition here. If a man is satisfied with what he has and is really satisfied he is not even going to look around for


anything. But if he is not satisfied, then he is going to pass comments, "You are a fake and you are the Truth." Because he is looking 360 degrees around, he is not satisfied what he has got, he is looking for something else. And this is what this practical Truth is.

Because what I am saying, that's what matters. What anybody else says about me, that doesn't matter. What I am saying matters, and I am telling you the facts. I ain't a Perfect Master. If you want to see the Truth, if you want to recognize the Truth, if you haven't recognized the Truth and if you do want to, come to me and I can show you the Truth and I can establish peace in this world. I can. It's very possible. It's just too easy to accomplish peace, just give Knowledge to everybody and do it. But just look at your mind, just think about it. People are saying, "You are anti-Christ, you are this and you are that." What shall I tell them, yes or no? The only thing I can tell them is, "Brother, look for yourself who is anti-Christ and who is not. You better treat me as a human, not as anti-Christ." I am a human. They can see with their two eyes. And if you are human, and if you are a brother, please have some love for me and consider, as a brother, what I am talking to you about, 'cause a brother better listen to a brother, that's it. That's all the deal is about.

And if you want to know this Knowledge, if you want to recognize it, you are most welcome, ladies and gentlemen, you are most, most welcome. You can recognize this Knowledge, you can realize this perfection and peace in your life, in this lifetime, in this very lifetime. You can. And if you realize it once and you get into it, I don't even want to say what's going to happen to you next because you better figure it out for yourself what's going to happen to you next, it's just fantastic, it's just so blissful. Because you are there, you want to go to your destination, you're right there. It's like taking a ride from L.A. to Houston in a 747, man it's really a drag because it's such a long flight. But imagine if it was that electronic device where you go into this little booth which is like a telephone booth, you take your luggage in there with you and there are all these switches, you put your American Express card in it and it checks out your credit, if it's okay for you to pay a ticket in, the green light comes on and you press that button wherever you want to go and suddenly the electronic device comes on and transfers you to electronic rays, and there you are flippin' off in the wires and there you are de-materialized, then materialized again. And it's like, it's like that.

I'm offering you this beautiful gift right in front of you. It's within you. The only process it takes is revealing you that Knowledge, to make you understand about this Knowledge. And it's completely beautiful. When we meditate upon it, oh, it's just beautiful, it's more than beautiful, because we go into that perfect harmony. Everything completely synchs, it's synchronized to more than we expected. It's gorgeous, it's beautiful. That point of perfection is all lighted up and waiting for us. We just go in there, peek our heads in there and see it. It's light, and light, and light and light, and light and light and light. It's more than I can talk to you about.

And I guess that's as far as I can go explaining about this Knowledge and the rest is up to you, up to you to understand it. Just try it, please. That's all I say. Just try it once, and please, a 15-year-old kid, who's going to be 16 this December, is just asking you one thing to do, just one thing, for the sake of this whole world. Not for my sake, I am fine, I got it, I am meditating on it and I am beautiful. Everything's fine with me. All that matters is, I am requesting you to understand and meditate on it. And once you try it I can bet you 900,000 percent you are going to like it. If you really meditate on it you are going to like it. I'm requesting to this whole world to understand it and to recognize it. What I'm talking about is that real peace that we all have to find out one day.

It's not my Knowledge, but it's all my Lord's Knowledge - the people who have understood it, they know. It's like a little joke for them. Because what I am saying to you now was said to them before they received it. And that's the little joke I am playing. For them it's a little joke because I am talking about the same thing that I talked to them about. And they realized and now know how fantastic it is. But you also have to know. So, for my sake, for your sake, for the sake of Almighty, and for the sake of peace on this earth, please will you realize this Knowledge? Thank you very much. And God bless you.