p30a (34K) "It was a great joy to see so many premies together, because it was not like any group of people being together, but it was a group of people who had really understood something in their lives … There was a lot of love there … There was a time when we were dancing together and then the expression of this joy was nearly too much."
- John Wetherby, Switzerland

"He had a message for all of us which was very clear and strong in terms of what we have to do, of what he's here for. It's such a personal feeling that every premie has when he sees Maharaj Ji. Whenever I go to see him, the relationship I have with him is very clear. It's based on trust, on happiness."
- Peter Friedli, Switzerland

"A lot of premies felt that we have to be more united. We have to meditate more, to do much more for this Knowledge and with this Knowledge. First of all we have to start acting as a united body, so we have to be more conscious of ourselves as a community. The presence of Guru Maharaj Ji, his words, gave us a really important push."
- Giordano Grenzi, Italy

"It seems that after a certain amount of time we always get caught up in the carousel of life. For me then, it becomes a necessity to meet Maharaj Ji, because he's the one who each time has managed to focus me on the sublime goal of my life."
- Bjorn Dahren, Sweden

"In Hamburg I realized that Knowledge and the practice of Knowledge is the most important thing in my life and that it has to be for all the other premies in the community as well, so that a community can really manifest."
- Wilfried Fink, Germany

"Things are moving. There's a lot more understanding of our interdependent need: the need to communicate with each other, the need for real feedback, the realization that every single premie has a consciousness and that DUO doesn't have a monopoly on consciousness or understanding - it needs the contribution of every premie to do its job effectively. If people withhold that, then the collective consciousness is limited. Now people are inspired to become more and more a part of Guru Maharaj Ji's work."
- Peter Vowels, England

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p31 (77K)

"We really start feeling that love, then we really start understanding a lot of things, then we start knowing that we're just not something out of somewhere, but we are a part of that Knowledge. We are a part of that peace and in this lifetime we can be where there is complete love, where there's love inside and there's love everywhere. In fact, we can create an environment which will fulfill us completely."
- Guru Maharaj Ji, Lisbon, Portugal, 14 May 1976