And It Is Divine, Volume 3, Issue 3, June 1976

Each Step Is Our Goal

Durga Ji's satsang to the premies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7 January 1976

Jai Satchitanand, dear premies. It's only by Maharaj J's grace that we're all gathered here today. And I know a lot of you have waited a long time for this to happen. But it's finally here. And we have to realize how beautiful it is that Guru Maharaj Ji's here: that he's come for us. Just like he's come here to South America to give you satsang, in the same way, he's come to this world for all of us.

Guru Maharaj Ji was once saying, Satguru is so important, so necessary for this world, because we need Satguru. This Knowledge that we have within us is with us, it's always been with us. But we would have never, never found it without Satguru - even though it is closer than anything. It's closer than our eyes, than everything that we think is ourselves. We could never, never, find this Knowledge if it weren't for Guru Maharaj Ji.

In the same way, as Maharaj Ji was saying, if I told you to go out and find a man, but I didn't tell you what his name was, I didn't tell you what he looked like, I didn't tell you where he lived, I just said, "Find this man. I have a particular man in mind, and I want you to go find him." How would we find him? We would go out and we would search and we would search and we would search. but how could we even know who to bring to him? It would be useless: it would be in vain.

And this is the way that the world is now. This is the way that man is. Man is searching for something, and he needs something very, very badly, he needs something so desperately. And yet he goes out and he doesn't know what he's looking for. He has an idea, but he doesn't really know. And we can see this in the world today. We can see how this human race is desperately searching for something, but not even knowing what it is. And it is that tranquillity of mind, it is that peace, it is that Knowledge that is within us. But you or I or any of us could never have found this Knowledge if it weren't for Guru Maharaj Ji.

And if we take this Knowledge and we practice it, as Guru Maharaj J has instructed us to do, we will realize that this is the perfect thing that we've been looking for, this is the thing that we've been looking for all our lives. And the more we practice this Knowledge, the more we realize how perfect it is. Sometimes we get kind of spaced out. We go. "Oh, I'm spaced out. I'm just really spaced out. I'm really just .." Well really premies, it's just that we're not practicing. Because if we're practicing, and really practicing, then there's really no time to space out. And Maharaj Ji's given us ways to really keep practicing this Knowledge.

You look around and see that we've been serving our bodies for all these years. We're always serving our bodies, because this is who we thought we were. We thought that this flesh, this personality, was who we were. And so we became a slave to that body, a slave to that mind. We buy our body such beautiful things and we take such good care of it. But what about when we're ninety-five, if we live that long? Is that body going to be so beautiful then? Is there something to be so proud about when we're old and crippled and losing our teeth and hair, and our eyesight? What is so fantastic about that? Is that who we really are? Is that what we want to be? No. Who we really are and what we really are is something that is completely infinite. And this is what we need to know, this is what we need to experience.

The other day we were riding from Sao Paulo, from our hotel to the airport, and we passed a graveyard. And it really hit me very, very strongly. The graves were so immense, so huge. There was so much put into the graveyard - big, huge tombstones. And it just hit me - I could see that these people were very devoted to the loved ones who had died. But is it the body? Is it the body that we love so much? Because where is that body now? That body is six feet under the ground Is that what the family loved? No. It's the life within that body, that which is keeping it alive. And Maharaj Ji has said this over and over and over what is the difference between a dead man and a living man? The living man has this perfect Knowledge sustaining his life. And this is the Knowledge we all need to know. This is the Knowledge we need to realize more and more and more.

Durga Ji Rawat nee Marolyn Johnson I was brought up in a very strict Catholic family And I know there's a lot of Catholicism in Latin America. I can understand in a way what religion means, because I used to go to mass all the time and say the rosary and do so many of the things that the Catholics do. My mother was a very devoted Catholic.

It felt good, in a way, to be giving that devotion. I had an idea of who Jesus was. I believed that he was God two thousand years ago. I was just holding a concept, but it still felt good to just go to church and pray. But now I see that I was just climbing a limited ladder. It was a ladder that had a dead end. It was a ladder that men have made. I can climb to the top of the ladder, but where would it get me? And that's when I realized, "Wait a minute There's got to be something more."

But this ladder that Guru Maharaj Ji shows us, that Guru Maharaj Ji instructs us to walk on, never ends. This ladder just keeps going and going and going and going, it's the limitless ladder. But is not just something that we keep climbing and never reach the goal. Each step is our goal, each step is more beautiful than the step that we were last on. And it's the most beautiful journey that we could possibly take, because it's the journey of eternal life. It's the journey that we were meant to go on. We can climb so many different ladders, but believe me, you know they're only going to go so high. So once we're there, we've wasted all our life, we've wasted all our time, going up a ladder that stops. And then where are we?

But now Maharaj Ji is here. Guru Maharaj J has come, and he's saying, look in your hearts and you will find that ladder that has no limit, that ladder that goes to heaven and just keeps going and going and going. It is our goal. And so it's just very perfect that Maharaj Ji is here now in this world. I look at Maharaj Ji and I realize that he has come to this world for us - only for us. He has to go through very many sufferings to be here in this human body, as we all do. But he has really come for us. So we can't waste that precious opportunity that we have to realize this Knowledge.

Who we really are and what we really are is something that is completely infinite. And this is what we need to know, this is what we need to experience.