Raja Ji gave this satsang at a public program in Denver, Colorado in the Auditorium Theatre on 20 September 1975.

Dear brothers and sisters, this world is quite a thing, I think. Every day we make things, things are being invented towards a certain direction - supposedly for peace, supposedly for our own growth - but, really, they just bring us frustrations. Really they make us even more unhappy.

Just as an example, they came out with the Concorde and everybody was really happy. We could do New York/London in three hours, and how fantastic it was. What a marvelous invention it was for the French and the British.

But now there are problems. When it breaks the sonic boom, it makes a hole in the atmosphere, and it will be very bad for the earth. So that jet, in spite of its benefits, is a frustration; we can't really utilize it completely. And it's just about the same with everything. You know? We want something, and the mind says, "I must have this," "I must have that," "I must have this." But what we really need is peace of mind. Peace.

Egypt and Israel were fighting, and then they stopped. But that's not peace. It's the stopping of war between two countries, between two nations. Yet even though wars stop, and, say, the United Nations really works and there is no war, that's not peace. Peace has to be experienced by every one of us, not by complete nations. First everything has to start at home, and that's within us. We have to experience peace within us. And we can experience this peace by the beautiful meditation which Maharaj Ji shows.

The meditation he shows is an art. It's not a new art; it has always been here. In the time of Jesus Christ it was here. All the different scriptures describe the same thing: the Holy Name, or the Word, or whatever name they call it. And that's what we have to realize; that's what we have to concentrate on, that's what we have to meditate on - the Word.

Once we can attain that, through meditation, we can be at a very beautiful place. Our consciousness will rise; our level will be much higher. We won't be playing any more games with each other. We will at least be honest with each other by saying what we think. That's the state we have to come to in order to understand what this meditation is all about, and what Guru Maharaj Ji is all about.

Maharaj Ji makes receiving this meditation very simple for us. It's nothing difficult. In the past, if we really see, it was very difficult. A person had to wait, and do this, and that, and this, and that. Now it's much more simple. All we have to do is go with a childlike heart, and he will give us the peace we have always been looking for.

You know, you could be sitting in a restaurant having some nice food, and see somebody really good-looking. You think, "Wow." You just keep on looking at that person, and that person sort of looks at you. She is attracted to you, you are attracted to her, and it starts. Maybe you invite her to your table, or you go to her table, and it carries on. You are quite happy about it, and soon you think you love her.

But, is it real love? What happens after one year? You find her boring, and she finds you boring. She finds you are the same old Mr. X or Mr. Y, and you think she is the same old Ms. X or Ms. Y. You are bored completely, because that wasn't the real love.

What we have to experience is real love, which is inside of us. We have to open that. We have to experience this Light that is inside us. That Light was always there. When a child comes to this world, he has this Light. It's the nature of a human being to like light, because that's where we come from - Light. But, momentarily, we are closed from it. So that's what we look for, to experience some light. That's why we sleep at night and get up during the day, because that's our real nature, to be in light. But we have to find that real Light, which is responsible for the creation of the whole universe, and which is inside of us.

We have to seek it. We have to go to Guru Maharaj Ji and ask him for this gift of meditation, and he'll reveal that Light to us. It's nothing he gives to us; it's always there. He just reveals it to us. That's the proper word - reveal. He reveals Knowledge to us, and we are happy. Then he says, "Okay, all systems go," and we can really attain that Light.

All we have to do is meditate. What Maharaj Ji gives us we always have, and all we have to do is follow the path, meditate on it, concentrate on it, try to bring our mind in focus, and try to attain oneness with that thing which he shows us. Because the thing he shows us is what we have been looking for, the main source.


We want something, and the mind says, "I must have this," "I must have that," "I must have this." But what we really need is peace of mind. Peace.

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Once we attain oneness with that thing, we are okay. We know our real source, we know where we come from, and everything can be fine. We can live in this world together; we can have a perfect family. You know, we have a small one, but it's not much. There are only one million people in this family. That's not even half of India's population. So we have to increase this family, because that's what we have to attain - a place where there is complete peace, a world where people love each other, a world based on love. The axis of the world should be love. We have to base it on love instead of atom bombs, because that's what everybody needs - love.

By attaining this meditation that Maharaj Ji gives to us, we can love, because we know the true source of love inside of us. We can completely keep on giving love, because we know the source. I can only give you a certain amount of love, but because I know the source of love, I can always go and get some more and give it to you. That source is infinite, and I can always keep on giving it to you. And you can do the same thing once you find the source of love, the vibration from where everything is coming, the thing which is running us, which when it goes away from us we are called dead. Maharaj Ji shows us that thing, and that's what we have to meditate on, that's what we have to realize.


All Maharaj Ji really wants is people loving each other, and trying to make this world a place where they can be really happy, a place where people treat each other like human beings. And this meditation can do it.

Maharaj Ji gave this beautiful festival in Essen, Germany. It was really beautiful, because there were all these people - the Italians, the French, the British, the Danish, the Scandinavians - and in spite of the language barriers and the cultural barriers they have, everybody was experiencing the same love, because everybody had the same source, everybody had experienced the same thing. It was very easy for them to be together.

It's like, when a conference gets together for an AAA convention, everybody has a common interest there. Everybody is a member of AAA, so everybody can get together, and they can talk about certain things. The same way there. Everybody wasn't a member of anything, but everybody had experienced the same thing. Each person had experienced something which everybody else had experienced. And he was happy because he had attained a certain realization, which a lot of other people there had, too.

They couldn't really communicate so beautifully. I was speaking English, and other people were speaking in Italian or French, but still they could get the message. Even though the language was not the same, the sense was still being communicated because the love was there. What they were trying to communicate was love, and it was understood. That's what we have to achieve - a state of the world where we can easily communicate without any problems, without anything in between us. And we can only do it by attaining this meditation.

All the different scriptures in the world say that we have to attain that. That's why we have to break the different language barriers. And all we have to do is receive this Knowledge, receive this meditation, and it will really help us a lot.

Love is everything we are looking for, really. That's where it's at - love. So we try different things, we really get into certain things, like booze, or women, or whatever, hundreds of different kinds of things. We think, "Okay, that's it. Let's get high on this, and let's get high on that," or "Let's get into this." But after a time, we get really tired of it.

A really good example of it was Onassis. He was really rich and he was doing everything. He was a billionaire, he had everything, a beautiful yacht, beautiful cars, something none of us have. All of us think we would be very happy to be in that state, if we had all that. Then we'll say we're in paradise.

He had everything. And then his son died. Everything he was doing was actually for his son, so when his son died, he was really unhappy. It was quite a blow for him. He said, "What am I doing now? For whom I am making it?" If you have been following the whole story, everything really went downhill for him then.

At that point, what he needed was love. He didn't need money. For him, he had been through the whole trip.

hat he needed was some love. He needed the source of love, something to meditate on, this Knowledge. But then he passed away.

A lot of people think, "Okay. Maybe I can make a hundred thousand dollars and then I can retire in a farmhouse somewhere and I'll be happy." But they attain a hundred thousand dollars, retire to a farm, and they are still not happy. They want to do some more. For this person, he had attained everything he wanted to; he had just about attained everything he himself dreamt of having. He started from nothing and attained everything himself. He had the world's most beautiful yacht, and everything, but that didn't mean anything to him. He was tired of it. And then he just passed away.

That's how so many of our lives are unless we attain this beautiful Holy Name, this Knowledge, this meditation. Just a blank life. We come in this world, do our thing, and go away. Finished. But why we come in this human body in the first place is to attain a certain thing, to know where our source is.

And it can be really simple. All we have to do is look for it. It's got a very simple test. The simple test for this Knowledge is that you are happy; you are what the young generation calls "blissed out". You are satisfied. You don't want to say, "Okay, I have this, no, maybe I should have that, no, maybe I should have that." That's all irrelevant.

What is relevant for us, then, is being happy, and making sure other people are happy, too, sharing this experience of happiness with other people. That's what we have to achieve. It's very easy. All we have to take is that certain step of making sure we really want it, and like Maharaj Ji says, "If you take one step towards me, I take hundreds towards you."

In Denver, Maharaj Ji is a big figure. And it's very easy for us to get into, "Oh, he has all these cars," and, "Oh, he has all these material things," and, "Oh, he has all this," and, "Oh, he is all this." But, you know, for him, a beautiful Rolls Royce is just a big chunk of metal. He doesn't care. For him it doesn't really matter. I have experienced this for myself. I am quite close to him, and I can see that it doesn't really matter to him. All he really wants is people loving each other, people living in this perfect world, and trying to make this world a place where they can be really happy, a place where people treat each other like human beings. And this meditation can do it. It has certainly done it to me, and done it to the friends I have, and I think it can do it to every one of us. All we have to do is try to attain it.

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I am telling you that I have realized this Knowledge and it has done something for me. I have really been benefited by it. So it's a beautiful experience, I think, for you to have, too.

It's funny, you know. Once you get into this Knowledge, it's always there. It's happening constantly. Even though we don't realize it sometimes, it's always happening. You are eating, and you are still doing it; you are sitting, you are still doing it; you are sleeping, you are still doing it; you are driving, you are still doing it. So you can really easily concentrate on it. peace, to realize it ourselves.

It's a very subtle thing, but it's always there, it's always happening, and you are with it always. All you have to do is realize it, and meditate on it. Realize it. That's all. And that's all I have to say, really. Know that Word, know that Holy Name, know that Light, know that source of peace which is inside us. That's the only way we can attain If I came here and said, "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to give you a big lecture on how clean we should dress," and I was terribly dressed myself, you'd laugh at me. You'd say, "Look at him. He is not doing it for himself, and he is telling us to do it." In the same way, that's what I am telling you, that / have realized this Knowledge and it has done something for me. I have been really benefited by it. So it's a beautiful experience, I think, for you to have, too. And then you can really help Maharaj Ji in his cause of making this whole world a beautiful family.

I think that's all I have to say. Thank you very much.