Dear Editor: Do you foresee articles on growth in and applied use of the Guru's teachings rather than general introductory discourses on what is Guru Maharaj Ji?

This would make it a valuable text that I would want to read regularly. I feel your social reporting is already covered by other leading mags.

However, in previewing the latest issue I spent a blissed out hour - your impact was divine!

With sincere thanks,
Mr. Darryl B. Holland
Bronx, New York

Dear Friends, I've read your very fine magazine. I haven't all the issues, but the ones I have I've kept for references. I've tried to turn people on to the Guru's message, but this part of the country is still too far behind. I have not received the Knowledge but a good friend of mine has. The change in his character before and after is beautiful. I believe I'm beginning to understand. I don't want to by-pass something beautiful, such as peace. I need more information about this Knowledge and how to prepare myself. I want to experience God more than anything else on earth. I've read plenty of philosophy and philosophy of religion, scriptures and other holy writings, science in relation to theology, and it all converges into one path. That road is to everlasting peace with God; all we have to do is pursue that journey. So please be generous with your Knowledge to someone who asks, knocks, and seeks the truth. Thank you.

Your brother,
Jose Paul Lopez
Selma, California

Dear Friend, Please know that every publication of And It Is Divine … makes me feel happy! Heaven only knows what kind of mission will shine light into the darkness of this peoples' world. It feels like everyone is involved, though.

I do not believe, however, that Guru Maharaj Ji is a Messiah. I do not understand. And I cannot accept the Perfect Master implication. But I do believe understanding is the realization of Knowledge … inevitably the result of experience. And I believe the only way to understand is to communicate, simple - open - practical - natural.

Bud Bero
Panther Gap, California

Dear And It Is Divine, I am always very eager to purchase the latest copy of AIID but often find it very corny and sometimes dumb. Really, I don't feel that this magazine is something I can comfortably show my parents. The world out there doesn't know the difference between "emotional" and "love". They should not have their emotions reflected back off the magazine.

The photographers hold a great responsibility. They should do much meditation. They should be careful not to reflect themselves in their photographs.

Hoping to see something a little bit more easy to handle.

Peter Font
Sydney, Australia

Dearest AIID, I just wanted to let you know how very beautiful and of superior quality the latest And It Is Divine is. In my opinion, it is the finest that has ever been produced.

The satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji is, of course, always perfect, and the editorial matter is evolving toward a sublime quality, but it is the art and graphic work above all that makes this number outstanding.

Please give my compliments to all who worked to put this issue together, especially the art staff. The rendition of Shri Maharaj Ji on page 37 is the very best to this point. It is a masterpiece.

The color is superior, the layout is superb. You should all be very happy that your work is manifesting in such a wonderful way.

Your brother in love,
Michael Bergman

My dear friends, In the past year or so' have become so very overjoyed with the mystical magic of Charles Cameron's articles in AIID. Charles is a beautiful writer - I must commend him. I am currently at Indian Ridge Treatment' Center, a work and school release program which is part of the Adult Correc. tion of Washington. The staff of AIID and the beautiful premies there in Denver have been very kind to us here. You have given us a subscription free.

I wish you all divine bliss and light. Keep in tune. And reply if you can.

From all of the cosmic children here,
Much love,
Your eternal brother in service,
Ronn Balda
Indian Ridge Treatment Center
Arlington, West Virginia

Dear Sir, I am a Japanese boy and I'm living in Lima, Peru. I don't know how to speak Spanish and I'm just learning English, but with your magazine I have found that it doesn't matter if I don't know any language at all because it is teaching me that love is the best means of communication. I don't understand much in your magazine, but the little I do, I think is a lot. I have gotten permission from my parents to go to satsang once a week. I don't understand what they talk about, but I like it there. (This letter was translated for me by my English teacher.)

Mahoto Yoshida
Lima, Peru

Dear Editor, I first read about Guru Maharaj Ji when premies of Divine Light Mission came up into the Jackson Co. Jail in Kansas City with literature.

Guru Maharaj Ji is a "match" struck in a cave. Run quickly to him and cling to him tightly. He knows the way out of the darkness.

Love in the Light,
Herbert C. Dover
Fulton, Missouri 65251

Dear Sir, a friend here gave us the opportunity to read your most inspiring magazine. We feel there is a most worthwhile message you are giving and we would like more information. We bless you in your most worthwhile efforts.

Most Sincerely,
Ralph T. Shuberg
Yarnell, Arizona